Over the years, I’ve developed a theory about the lifecycle of successful platform companies, like Twitter now, and Microsoft in the 90s. Often the companies don’t make the transition from scrappy startup to BigCo in a sensible way. Microsoft acted like a small company even when they dominated the PC software industry.

My theory is that companies should recast themselves as an investment banker and distributor. Twitter, as a public company has access to capital that a startup doesn’t. And clearly they have the distribution (social graph) that Meerkat wants.

So an alternate approach might be:

The advantage is a competitive market, instead of just another feature.

Big companies on their own rarely innovate at the pace of a market.

The risk in doing it the way Twitter is doing it is that eventually this approach will force a competitor to rise up. Maybe not this year or next, but eventually there will be a big idea, bigger than the platform, and users will be thirsty for something new they won’t be able to get on Twitter.

Had Microsoft taken this approach, I think Google would have grown up in its ecosystem and Microsoft shareholders could have participated in the growth.

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This time 2 years ago I was just beginning my lifestyle change. My dad had just passed away and the reality of being the man of the house settled in… My back and shoulders are getting large and although this is a physical product of my training, its also a metaphor for my transition into the anchor and backbone of my family. I will continue to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually until I am strong enough in every aspect to be the type of man my father was.

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Just because I liked something at one point in time doesn’t mean I’ll always like it, or that I have to go on liking it at all points in time as an unthinking act of loyalty to who I am as a person, based solely on who I was as a person. To be loyal to myself is to allow myself to grow and change, and challenge who I am and what I think. The only thing I am for sure is unsure, and this means I’m growing, and not stagnant or shrinking.
—  Jarod Kintz
There’s actually no such thing as an adult. That word is a placeholder. We never grow up. We’re not supposed to. We’re born and that’s it. We get bigger. We live through great storms. We get soaked to the bone. We realize we’re waterproof. We strive for calm. We discover what makes us feel good. We do those things over and over. We learn what doesn’t feel good. We avoid those things at all cost. Sometimes we come together: huge groups in agreement. Sometimes we clap and dance. Sometimes we look like a migration of birds. We need to remind ourselves—each other—that we’re mere breaths. But, and this is important, sometimes we can be magnificent, to one person, even for a short time, like the perfect touch—the first time you see the ocean from the middle. Like every time you see the low, full moon. We keep on eating: chewing, pretending we know what’s going on. The secret is that we don’t. We don’t, and don’t, and don’t. Each day we’re infants: plucking flower petals, full of wonder.
—  Micah Ling

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this is apart of the #Strenght portion. the temp is #slower to concentrate on the #concentric #contraction and #eccentric contraction to help #hypertrophy #growth . Most people do this lift fast and don’t get any #gains because their temp is wrong. Temp 111 2 1 2 or 31 3