Being lost in a different place does not help you find yourself. But thereafter, the difference in your walk. How you bend and un-break; the ways you look at loss and see your way out of it. It is something that grows into you and never out. A nature in your blood. Bloomed.
—  T.L.R

Sometimes I feel like polyamory is like breath work. I can feel my heart clench up and the fear takes over for a second. Then I remember love goes as deep and is as strong as my breath. With each deep breath im reminded that I love people’s love and want the best for everyone. Including me!
And the increased oxygen to my brain doesn’t hurt. 💜

Things to do That Aren't Self-harm/drugs

*make cute playlists and send them to your friends
*cut up sheets of paper (instead of yourself)
*eat ice cubes
*message me
*Listen to Shane Koyczans poems (you won’t regret it)
*cuddle with your pets/stuffed animals
*binge watch Bobs Burgers
*see how much water you can chug in one breath
*take a bubble bath
*do your makeup and put on a cute outfit
*make a list of all the things you have to look forward to
*organize your room
*surround yourself with good friends


A white man asked a black C-SPAN guest how to fight his own racial prejudice. Her answer was perfect.

When Heather McGhee, president of the public policy group Demos, got a question from a caller during her appearance at C-SPAN, it was not about the progressive ideals her group is known for. The question, instead, was about a different issue — directed, seemingly, at McGhee’s race (she’s black).

The caller presented a surprising, open admission of racism on national television — and, even more surprisingly, it came with a request to help address that racism.

McGhee thanked the caller for his honesty and question. Then she explained how all Americans of all races can help solve the subconscious racial biases that study after study have found almost all of us have.

You have to have a level of acceptance towards the fact that things will change. Those who once meant the world to you will be mere strangers, places that were once familiar will become distant and the things which once felt like home will become uncomfortable for you. Where this may be something that is sad to recall and reminisce on it will become clear that you have grown. You have new familiar grounds, new places that make you feel more secure than ever and better people in your life than you ever imagined. Accept the fact the times have changed and so have you.

Changes are not bad by Amy Kennedy


I never told you that you helped me grow into myself. And not in the way I was afraid of, you didn’t place my vines the way you wanted me to grow. You let me grow freely, and I will forever be grateful for you.
—  You gave me a safe and stable environment to grow in and you may not be mine anymore, but I will never forget the hands that planted these seeds that are still growing within me.