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AU where John and Dave get married and adopt a kid would be perfect

also they would probably both make dad jokes a lot so it’s a double bonus:

Child(looking at John): “Dad, I’m hungry.”

John(smiling): “Hi hungry, I’m dad!”

Child(sighs and turns to face Dave): “..Daddy, is he joking again?”

Dave(replies with a straight face): "Nah, he’s dad. And you’re hungry.”

Okay, this one is for @emrysaaryn and the anon who requested kind of the same thing.

This is part 2 to my other imagine:


It had been weeks since Ivar had left to sail to England with his father and every single day you had prayed to the gods for his save return. Although he had told you about his mother’s vision, you kept holding on to a fragile straw of hope that he would come back to you. Visions were not always what they seemed to be and most of the time could be understood in many different ways, you had told yourself countless times. So you spent long hours sitting on the beach, hoping to see sails on the horizon. Like most days you had come to the spot where Ivar and you had spent the last day before he left, where he had kissed you for the first time, where he had told you that he loved you. Tears began to cloud your vision. You tried to blink them away and shook your head, you knew you couldn’t go on like this. It was time to speak to Queen Aslaug, something you had not dared to do before, fearing that what you would hear could destroy all your hopes.

The queen smiled warmly at you as you entered the great hall.

“Y/N, I’ve not seen you in a while.”

“Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Of course. Come, take a seat.”

Aslaug had always liked you. Seeing that you and her youngest son were close friends, she had always treated you like a daughter.

“What is it you want to talk about?” She asked with a motherly smile on her face, but in her eyes you could see the same sorrow that you were feeling.

You shifted uncomfortably. “Before he left, Ivar told me that you had a vision, that there would be a storm, that the boats would sink…” You trailed of.

You saw the pain in her eyes and felt horrible for making her go through it again. For a moment she closed her eyes and said nothing. Then see looked at you.

“Between you and Ivar is more than just friendship, am I right?”

That totally caught you off guard and your mouth fell open in surprise. How does she now? Apparently your reaction said more than any words.

“I know my son. I see the way he looks at you. And I was there as you said goodbye to him as he left. That morning it was quite obvious that his affection for you is mutual.” She smiled at you but quickly became serious again. “Do you love my son?”

You just nodded shyly.

“Good. He deserves to be loved.” She sighted. “To come back to your question, it is true, I saw a storm. And every day I pray to the gods that I am wrong this time.”

“Have you ever been wrong?” You couldn’t stop your voice from shaking.

She gave you a sad look and shook her head.

“And did you…” The words were sticky in your throat. “Did you see Ivar… die?”

She shook her head again. “No, that’s why I’m still hoping. I saw him fall into the water but I never saw him drown. We should not give up on him.” A weak smile appeared on her face. “It wouldn’t be the first time Ivar surprises us all.”

This moment the door flew open and one of the guards stormed in.

“My queen, we are under attack.”

“By whom?”

“It’s Jarl Ingstad.”

You drew your sword and already were halfway to the door, as Aslaug grabbed you by the arm.

“No, I’m not going to explain to Ivar that you died while he was away. I will surrender to Lagertha. It’s the only way to prevent more of our people from getting killed.”

Only minutes later you followed Aslaug, who was carrying the king’s sword, through the streets of Kattegat. You tensely watched as she surrendered and asked Lagertha to be allowed to leave in peace.

As she went past you Aslaug put a hand on your shoulder and nodded at you. Then things started happening faster than you were able to comprehend them. The queen fell to her knees, an arrow in her back. You screamed in shock and ran over to her, just in time to prevent her from falling to the ground.

“Y/N” She said weakly and placed her hand on your cheek. “It’s okay. Don’t give up hope. Take care of Ivar for me.” With that she closed her eyes.

Through a wall of tears you could see Lagertha, the bow still in her hand and burning anger rose in your chest. You gently laid down Aslaug’s body and got to your feet. Without you even noticing, your sword appeared in your hand. You moved quickly to reach Lagertha but you were stopped by a wall of shieldmaiden. They were way too many to give you any chance at success but the anger had clouded your mind and you were way beyond reason. You came down on them like a thunderstorm, blood and tears covering your face but in the end there were just too many of them. You were pinned to the ground and disarmed. You had thought they would kill you but instead you were locked up in a small hut. Exhausted and forlorn you dropped onto the bed. It was only then that you realized the pain in your side. You looked down to see your shirt blood soaked. As you pulled it up you could see a large cut just under your ribs. With a groan you dropped back on the bed.

It had been days and you were still locked up in that hut, at least they hadn’t come to kill you yet. Ubbe and Sigurd had come to visit you a couple of times and one look at the beaten up Ubbe had been enough to let you know that he had shared your fate. Most of the time you felt terribly alone and missed Ivar even more than before.

One day you could hear that something was going on outside but from your small window you couldn’t see anything. You thought that maybe they were coming to get you now but after a while it got quiet again. Maybe half an hour later the door was opened and Ubbe and Sigurd came in.

“Hey, can you…” You trailed of, not trusting your eyes as behind the two brothers Ivar entered the hut, two servants at his sides helping him in.

You felt your heart skip a beat and tears of joy and relief shot into eyes. As his ocean blue eyes found yours he smiled at you. You ran over to him and crashed into his chest. He took one arm from the servant’s shoulders and wrapped it around you. You held onto him as if you were scared he would disappear again and started to sob into his chest.

“You’re here. I was so scared. I… I thought you were dead.”

He stroked your hair. “Shhh. It’s okay. I’m here. I’ here, Y/N.” He put his hand under your chin and gently made you look up to him. With his thumb he rubbed your tears away and pulled you into a kiss. It wasn’t like the last time he had kissed you, when it had been soft and shy, this time his kiss was passionate and demanding. You could feel something had changed, Ivar had changed. But for now you were just happy to have him back.

As you broke the kiss, you could see Ubbe and Sigurd staring at you. Sigurd looked totally taken aback but Ubbe had a warm and maybe a bit amused smile on his face. You shyly bit your lip but Ivar just ignored them. He reluctantly let go of you as the servants helped him over to the bed. He sat down and reached his hand out for you to come over to him. You sat down next to him and as he wrapped you into his strong arms, you wished you could stay like this forever.

“I have missed you so much.” He whispered into your ear.

You smiled at him. “I’ve missed you too.” Then you got serious. “Ivar, there’s something I need to tell you.” You took a deep breath. “Your mother…”

“I already know. My brothers told me.”

You didn’t miss his angry glare at Ubbe and Sigurd but when he turned back to you his eyes were full of affection. “I heard you fought for her.”

“I’m afraid I wasn’t much of a help.” You admitted.

“At least you tried, that’s what counts.” He said with another angry glare towards his brothers.

“So you think we didn’t do anything, little brother?” Ubbe asked in an annoyed tone.

“If you tried so bravely to avenge our mother, then why is Y/N still locked up in here and you are not?” Ivar shot back.

“I don’t know.”

“Then why don’t you go to Lagertha and tell her to release Y/N?”

“Why don’t you go to her yourself?” Sigurd asked.

Ivar’s eyes narrowed. “Because if I go to Lagertha, I will cut her heart out with a rusty knife and you two keep telling me to wait with that. So you better go.”

You could see that Sigurd wanted to say something in response but Ubbe put a hand on his shoulder and after a moment they left the hut.

Ivar crawled up to the head of the bed and leaned his back against to pillows. “Come here.” He said.

You laid down next to him and rested your head on his chest.

“What are you going to do now?” You asked, not sure if you would like the answer.

“I have to avenge my mother.” He paused. “And my father.”

You looked up to him and he nodded sadly. “Ragnar is dead. Killed by king Aella.”

You wrapped your arms tighter around him. “I’m so sorry, Ivar.”

He caressed your cheek. “Just promise me you will never leave me. I couldn’t bear to lose you too.”

“Never.” You whispered, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“It’s good to see you again, Inquisitor. It has been too long.”

You had practically grown up with the younger sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. After Ragnar had left when his sons were still pretty young, your father Floki had stepped in and taught them to hunt and fight. So you had spent a lot of time with the boys when Floki took the five of you into the forest or told you stories about the gods. Sometimes even Björn would join you but he also had his own family to care for now. You had become good friends with all of them, but since Ivar and you had always been a little bit cast out – him for not being able to walk and you for being a girl and the youngest of all - you two had gotten extra close. You knew he could act like a brat but he never had towards you.

One day the brothers had planned to go hunting on foot. Ivar obviously couldn’t go, so you decided to stay behind with him. Out of boredom you went to a little beach hidden in the woods not too far from your house.

“Would you teach me to swim?”, Ivar asked as you reached the water.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Do you think you can do that?”

“Of course I can.”, he said, sounding a bit offended.

“Well then, why not.”

You spent the next few hours in the water. It was not easy for Ivar but he refused to give up and in the end at least managed to keep his head out of the water by only using his arms.

“I think that’s enough for one day”, you finally said. “Or we will fall asleep in the water and drown.”

You got out of the water and dropped against the small bank between the beach and the woods to let the sun dry your bodies and remaining clothes.

You had fallen asleep and when you woke up the sun was already low.

“We better head home”, you said and stood up but before you could go to pick up the rest of your clothes Ivar grabbed you by the wrist. You looked at him in question but he didn’t say a word; he just pulled you back down and towards him. You came to sit in his lap facing him. He still didn’t say anything and just looked into your eyes. You felt a shiver going down your spine. Slowly, he raised one hand and pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. As his hand came to rest on the side of your neck you could feel he was shivering too. Softly he pulled you closer. As your lips touched his other hand went to the small of your back, pulling you even closer to him. You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. It felt good, it felt somehow right.

When he broke the kiss, he leaned his forehead to yours and kept holding you close. You had your eyes closed and almost startled when he finally spoke.

“I will go to England with my father. We’re leaving tomorrow at first light.”

You smiled. “I will come with you.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Why? A raid to England. Ivar, that’s what we’ve been dreaming for all of our lives. Both of us.”

He sighted and you could see that he was very uncomfortable. “My mother had a vision”, his voice was almost a whisper. “There will be a storm, all of the boats will be destroyed. That’s why you cannot come.”

You looked at him in shock. “Then why are you going? Ivar, I love you. I think I have for quite a while, I just couldn’t admit it to myself.”

He smiled a sad smile. “I love you, too.” He looked down. “But I have to go. You know why.”

You nodded and fought against the tears that were swelling in your eyes.

“Did your mother see you drown?”, you asked in a shaky voice.

“Maybe I won’t, now that you taught me to swim.” He tried to smile but wasn’t convincing at all.

“I just found that I’m in love with you and now I might lose you.” A tear escaped your eye and rolled down your cheek. Ivar rubbed it away with his thumb and looked you straight into the eyes.

“Listen Y/N, we will be together. Either when I come back or someday in Walhalla. But we will be together. I promise you.”

I really hope you enjoyed. This is the first imagine I ever wrote and I’m not a native english speaker, so don’t be too harsh on me.


Some of you asked if I had a masterlist. I don’t because I have only written a few imagines so far. But I realized that everything I’ve written so far could count as different parts of a longs story. So I made a list, bringing them all in order:

Part 1: Falling for Ivar

Part 2: Ivar coming back from England

Part 3: Your first time with Ivar

Part 4: Floki finds out about you and Ivar

Part 5: Going to England

Part 6: Jealous Ivar

Part 7: Sacrifice Ceremony

Part 8: Captured by the enemy


i was like “let’s draw bear and mouse as children” and i cried profusely the whole time



I don’t know what to do. The groups I Stan and the fandoms I’m a part of are getting so hectic nowadays that I can’t even properly process anymore (and I’m slowly going broke).

-Teen Top. Maknae…you killed me. This is too sudden! You look so grown up! You are younger than the other producers but you are a senior. Lol
-Vixx just had their first win. Starlights, for never failing to give the dorks a win, good job!
-B.A.P. released skydive MV, album with dope tracks made available, had their first showcase. Babyz, stay strong and alive. :)
-KNK released their comeback photo teasers and damn it! They look so good! Kimchi’s blond!
-Up10tion had their first Fanmeet and was deemed successful. Sunyoul and wooshin were in a skirt….again.
-Monsta X keeps on giving. Vlive vids and constant SNS updates are killing me.
-Shinhwa opened their Vlive channel and is about to have a comeback (?). Eric is too cute in 3MaD.

Yep. I’m slowly going mad, madder even. Help me.

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I just became aware of the fact that Ciel hasn't even gone trough puberty, he's thirteen, still has a kiddy voice and he's as tiny as ever, he doesn't even show any signs of actually growing older, actually it seems to be going in reverse. He looked allot older in the beginning of Kuro and seems to have steadily grown younger. (I am aware that it has to do with Yana's art style.) That's some shonky business right there.

That’s also something Sebastian likes to comment about a lot. At least the thing about his height.

And others noticed as well:

There are flashbacks of when his parents were still alive and he definitely looked younger then, but since he has made the contract he hasn’t developed much (physically).

But don’t worry Ciel, your time will come. XD

Oh my god but if the whole Jody Mills’ House for Wayward Girls spin-off isn’t already a fantastic enough idea IMAGINE THIS:

Dean/Cas in the final episode. It’s all good and big and dramatic, but then the show ends so we really don’t get to see anything of them as a couple of whatever. Which makes sense, Supernatural isn’t really meant to be about romance, or at least not functional romance.

But then!!! We get the spin-off focusing on Jody and Donna and the girls there! With Claire as a major character or even the protagonist! And because of that, every now and then they’d have to bring up her dad(s), right?? Not as major characters, just like guest stars a couple of times a season or something! And we’d get to see Dean and Cas taking care of her and occasionally Sam as well and get little glimpses into their lives together and because they’re not the focus they could just be cute and domestic and we’d hear about little squabbles or everyday things and ohhh my goddddddd I need this in my life.