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30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 8. Your favourite anime couple?

Okay well, I don’t like to pick favourites, but I do have one, but I’ll list a few as well…

Oh and this may contain spoilers for some people, I don’t know, just a warning though.

Inuyasha Pairings. 

Inuyasha x Kagome.  These two, are of course, my OTP. They are a perfect pair. Kagome, unlike Kikyo, never wanted Inuyasha to change for her. She believed he was perfect just the way he is… And he really is. Kagome’s really fucking lucky.

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Fuck you Kouga.

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When they finally kissed!!!

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Sango x Miroku. They are, of course, an odd couple. But they are also perfect for each other, and Sango keeps Miroku in line. Haha. But really though, they made adorable babies.

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Sesshoumaru x Kagura. I really wish Kagura hadn’t of died. They would have been perfect… She really cared for him, and at her last moment, you saw he cared for her too.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I hated this…

Sesshoumaru x Rin (GROWN UP OF COURSE). Of course Rumiko left this up to the viewers to decide… It’s pretty split between the fandom that they’re either going to be future partners, or if Sesshoumaru was more of a father figure to her. I’m torn on it too… But since Kagura died… They’d make an awesome couple. OF COURSE WHEN SHE’S AN ADULT AND CHOOSES TO BE BY HIS SIDE!

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Rin x Kohaku (if Kagura hadn’t died). If Kagura hadn’t of died, this would have been perfect.

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Kyoukai No Rinne Pairing

Rinne x Sakura. Of course I ship them, that’s like asking me if I ship Inuyasha and Kagome…

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Gotta admit… That ^ was adorable.

Ranma ½ Pairing

Ranma x Akane. Two, in denial, love birds. Such a sweet and funny pair.

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Shakugan No Shana Pairing

Shana x Yuji. They’re perfect, I didn’t care for Yoshida at all.

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Vampire Knight Pairing

Kaname x Yuki. Yes they’re related, but they’re vampires. So shush.

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Although I’m not opposed to Zero x Yuki, I just prefer Kaname.

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Naruto/Shippuden Pairings

Naruto x Hinata. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. SUCK IT NARUTO x SAKURA SHIPPERS! WE WERE RIGHT! … Coughs Sorry, I lost my cool there… Let’s continue.

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Temari x Shikamaru. Aren’t they just perfect together???

Cardcaptors Pairing

Sakura x Li. Young love… So cute.

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Ouran High School Host Club Pairing

Haruhi x Tamaki. Perfect for one another.

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I have many more, but let’s stop it here…


“So, let’s put it in a time capsule and dig it up when we’ve grown up. Romantic, right?”

Rin: renew
Haru: mangosirene
Makoto: ofbaskerville
Colossalcon 2015

(Posted a small version of these but I got so few pics with these lovely ladies in fem!Free I had to post the full versions)

anonymous asked:

hi, so do you still insist on this 'rinharu is canon' thing even tho according to your 'ship captain' utsumi, haru and MAKO are each other's other self while Rin's other self is Sousuke? :3 + that without swimming rh wouldn't be even friends? hopefuly you'll appreciate mh one day bc it's much closer to being canon than rh ever was... s1 maybe looked a bit like rh was a thing but then they got a clue and realized mh+sr is the real deal :) happy holidays anyway! hope you'll see the mh light soon!

Hello, firstly I don’t have anything against MakoHaru. They have a beautiful friendship. And that’s all. Friendship.

Yes, lol, you shouldn’t take my captain serious… Haha! I didn’t what to put… And uh, I like how the mh fandom ignores utsumi when it comes to RH:

“In the case of Haruka and Rin, the two, who used to be nakama together in the past, had completely changed by the time they had reunited. And yet, because there exists, at their root, a part of them that is charmed* by the idea of swimming with nakama – in the end, no matter how far apart they are, no matter how much they clash, they end up returning to each other. I am personally fond of relationships between those who are rivals, yet friends, and so I was appealed* by the passionate relationship between these two.”

“I believe that [Haruka and Rin] form the core axis of ‘Free!’s story, and I have such deep emotional attachments to them that, if I wanted to, I could talk about them for ages .”

❝When I tried to think about what on earth could move the heart of a boy like Haruka, who’s awkward and never really gets agitated over anything, I realized that it would have to be something out of the box, or it wouldn’t work. But maybe something as big as going to Australia would be sufficient to awaken something within him. Haruka has never really left his hometown, has lived there his whole life, so he’s probably never really seen what “the world” really is. And I felt that if Rin had just taken him to visit some famous pool in Tokyo, it wouldn’t have been enough to really shake Haruka—but Rin himself would probably choose to take him to the place where he’d grown up, Australia. For Rin, Australia was a place filled with a lot of harsh memories—but they weren’t all bad, and he saw and experienced a lot of things there, so he’d want Haruka to see those same things. And I feel he was the only one who could do that for Haruka; its as a very “Rin” approach to the issue.❞
Utsumi: And also, about scenes I wanted to see in Episode 12 [of ES], in the bathroom of the hotel room where Haruka and Rin stayed, [the shower] is all-glass! I thought it would have amazing impact if on top of the double bed there was an all-glass shower!

Nishiya: Really gives it that overseas foreign feeling huh (haha).

Utsumi: I really wanted to see Haruka and Rin being shocked by that! I wonder how they’d reach! But of course, there’s a door attached. All you have to do is shut the door, but it still makes you feel a little uncomfortable! …Is this common overseas?“

I like how the majority of the MH fandom pushed Rin to Nitori on the first season then slapped Rin to Sousuke on the 2nd season but never stopped bashing Rin.

Maybe they realized that MH and SR is only a beautiful friendship and that RH is the real deal. (:

Thank you. I just came to Sweden today, hope you enjoy your holiday too!

Rin taking care of little Rin

I was thinking that grown-up Rin would have liked to be there for his little self when he was in Australia, telling him “all will be OK!” so I did this… idk really hahah!

I want to do a background, so I’m probably going to delete this later.

(sorry if I wrote something wrong, my English is not that good… orz)

ayamielle  asked:

Rin Matsuoka (✿ ♥‿♥)

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER :D Give me a character and I will answer:
  • Why I like them

Rin holds so much pain inside him. He’s in so much pain from growing up without a father to having his dreams almost crushed at such a young age, but with the help of his friends he overcomes so much of it. It was so amazing to go through Free! season 1 because I had such an emotional high when everything fell into place for Rin. He is such a flawed character but he’s perfect in every one of his flaws.

  • Why I don’t

There’s nothing I don’t love about Rin. 

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)

Episode 12!  Rin sobbing all over Haruka’s damn face, Cherry blossom petals, “Rin, come!”, slobbery sappy wet-chested hugs and “Haru, you showed me the best sight ever!”

  • Favorite season/movie

So far season 1! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Favorite line

ロマンチックだろう? Romantic, right?

UGHHHH I really want grown-up Rin to say this to Haruka at least once, even if it’s in a teasing way.

  • Favorite outfit

This boy makes as many good choices as he makes bad outfit-wise XD

It’s really hard to choose which is my favorite but I’ve always really loved this one:

Then again he looks pretty damn hot in just his legskins:

  • OTP

Sharkbait 5ever

  • Brotp

Flutterbuddies and now I’m SO EXCITED for Sousuke :D

  • Head Canon

The dolphin figurine they all got from Iwatobi SC Rin used to have on display all the time, but after he lost to Haruka in the race they had 1st year of middle school he put it away in a box in the back of his closet. It wasn’t until after the relay race 2nd year in high school that he dug it back out and started displaying it again.

  • Unpopular opinion

This is only unpopular with people that don’t like Rin, but I think every one of his flaws make him a perfect character. 

  • A wish

I want him to swim with Haruka in that pool filled with cherry blossoms! 

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen


  • 5 words to best describe them

Gorgeous muscular shoujo princess crybaby

  • My nickname for them

リンリン (Nagisa it’s perfect)