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Do you take prompt? What about Stiles having a secret crush on Derek but when saw him, taking care Scott's son, he fell in love.

I’m not much of a kid fic person, so this took me a while, but I tried. Hopefully it’s kind of what you were angling for!


“Do you think I’m ready for fatherhood?” Stiles asks, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. He’s not freaking out about this. He’s not.

Boyd says flatly, “Stilinski, you’re twenty-one years old. You’re supposed to know how to use a condom by now.“

Stiles’ hand spasms and he accidentally squirts a huge glob of ketchup on his mound of curly fries. Fuck. He has the ideal ketchup-to-curly-fry ratio down to a science, and this is not it. “No, absolutely not what I meant. It’s just. Did you know Derek had a kid?”

Boyd meditatively takes a bite of his burger. “No. But the nice thing about Derek is that he doesn’t go in for personal talk.”

Stiles shoots him a weird look. Of course Boyd would think that was nice. Stiles, though, has been trying to break down Derek’s walls even just a little bit for months now—sitting with him in class, sharing his notes, studying with him in the library and getting late-night waffles together afterwards, little by little pulling Derek out of his shell. He’d thought he was getting somewhere, but obviously not, not if Derek failed to mention this kid even existed.

Which he does. Stiles knows, because he can see him right now, over by Prof. Martin’s pool. Apparently his name is Jamie.

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Grown up birthday parties are so dull and boring like no I don’t wanna go to a bar late at night and drink and dance in a place full of strangers, I want to spend an afternoon having a nice picnic in your garden with our other friends, I want to pick flowers while we tell each other small secrets, I want to go on swings and roll in the grass, I want to eat candies and watch the sunset sitting somewhere quiet. That’s my kind of party.

Strawberry Ice Cream On A Winter Day

For @forfutureglory - miss you, bean 😘

The front door closed with a foreboding sharpness. Steve winced, lacing his fingers together. Holly grinned up at him. “So what are we gonna do, Stevie?”

It was a Saturday. A perfectly good Saturday, which he could have spent with Nancy and Jon—maybe down by the quarry or in his house, watching movies and eating too much popcorn. But what was better than quality time with Holly Wheeler?

Nothing, surely. He’d been honoured to accept the offer of babysitting. Karen and Ted Wheeler were working on their marriage, according to Nance; a weekly date had been ordered as some sort of mandatory counselling homework. Steve hated the idea of turning spending time with a person into work—you should just want to be around them, drawn together by crazy cosmic forces, or just dumb luck; happening to stumble upon one another and realise that their presence was the most perfect thing.

Steve hummed, tapping his toe and chin. “I suppose… make a gigantic fort and stuff our faces with ice cream.”

Holly squealed, clinging to his leg. “You’re my best friend!”

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Yukimura: An adult, huh… Well, that is… An adult, an adult, right? What’s an adult?
Chibi Sasuke: Lord Yukimura, why are you muttering to yourself?
Yukimura: Ah, Sasuke… What do you think an adult is?
Chibi Sasuke: An adult? Hmm… Wouldn’t that be someone who can do anything on their own?
Yukimura: On their own… That’s…
Chibi Sasuke: Ah, you’re unable to answer questions alone, huh?
Yukimura: I haven’t been an adult all this time…!?

Soy Luna 3 will probably be during their vacations. Considering the initial locations (I JUST SAW A FEW PICS AND IM ALREADY EXCITED) and the fact that 6 main characters will leave the Blake and part of them will go to universities…


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Sasuke was never much of a party person. It was a myriad of disasters waiting to happen, what with the hordes of people, thundering music, and enough alcohol to kill a blue whale. What was a quiet, reserved introvert supposed to do? Have a conversation with the only interesting thing in the room, the counter? Sasuke doubted he’d even know any people at this place, it was some club that his housemates wanted to spend the rest of the night at. Sasuke was new to the city, he’d moved out to it, across the country from his small hometown, in order to start university. There weren’t any prestigious schools back home, you see, and if Sasuke had any hope of making it in the competitive world, he’d have to suck it up and figure out how to make it in the city life. Luckily, his major was psychology, where his career goal was to become an adolescent psychologist. His work and study loads were often too hefty for him to have any downtime, much less social time.

So, he had to ask himself, why had he allowed his housemates to drag him all the way out here to some club he’d never heard of? Was it because Karin kept begging him to get out and enjoy life? Was it to make Suigetsu stop teasing him for being so introverted and shut in? Or, was Sasuke hoping this single, cautious venture would get his friends off his back? The answer was, ding ding ding, all three. The chances were slim, but hey, a guy can hope, can’t he? Karin said she’d been to the club a couple of times before, though it was fairly new, and she swore up and down it was a cool place. Flashy lights, good dancing music, great drinks, and an assortment of people to mingle around. For Karin, it sounded great. For Sasuke, it sounded like a nightmare. A bunch of sweaty bodies grinding against yours, a headache from the booming music, and hardly enough air in the room for everyone to breathe, nightmare. Sasuke had gotten used to hearing that he should “leave his comfort zone” and try new things, but for god’s sake, wasn’t moving hours away from home all on his own to start a demanding new life enough? That was a pretty damn far leap out of comfort for anyone!

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recently i’ve seen some talk about how Eva changed so much after season 1, from a “sweet girl” to a “party girl” or similar phrasing and i’m confused? like she wasn’t a party girl before and isn’t a sweet girl now? and that those things are mutually exclusive?

there’s a lot of things in season 1 that told us Eva was a party girl, yes once we switch to noora’s pov and especially isak’s pov we get less of Eva’s day to day life and only see her in social settings (mainly just parties by season 3 for a whole lot of reasons) but that doesn’t mean she’s acting out of character from season 1

the show started off with establishing Eva as someone who like to go to parties, it’s even mentioned in her trailer, her old friend group goes to parties and in the first episode we see her get tipsy from wine she stole from her mom (she mentions this later) that she’s hiding in her room and going to the revue party

she has multiple motivations for going to that party and drinking of course but her wanting to go because its a party and wanting to drink are apart of that

she posts on her instagram a lot about being home on a friday/saturday night while everyone is partying because she’s not use to being in this position, she’s not use to not going out, she not use to being alone, it’s eating her up so she tries to make jokes about it to cover up just how lonely she is, thats part of the main conflict of her season how her entire friend group just dropped her, she was never someone who liked staying home and in bed all the time, she’s clearly a very extroverted person and thats part of the reason she dislikes what her life has recently become

then every time the girl squad goes to a party it’s because Eva arranged it, yes it’s her season so it’s about what she’s doing but none of the other girls ever set up a party even though Vilde and Chris were certainly interested in doing so and Sana was doing that whole ‘master plan to make the group popular’ thing (Noora was just along for the ride)

the problem is that she never gets to have fun at these parties because of the drama in her life, not because she doesn’t want to party, remember this moment? 

she’s very uncomfortable with the situation she’s found herself in and therefore can’t get into the party, she can’t have fun and let loose like she’s able to do in season 2 & 3, this happens at the halloween party too because she’s freaking out about Jonas cheating on her and then again at the girl power party because before the party really gets going Vilde needs their help, all of the parties are very plot relevant and a bunch of shit happens where they get cut short so there’s no time for Eva to just be the party girl she is, and yeah she has this thing against weed and drugs and thinks Jonas is a stoner because he smokes some times but then when Jonas calls her on it?

she literally responds “you can’t compare those” like the little shit white girl partier she is

and then of course we have this iconic line, like not a party girl where??

Eva ends season 1 in a good place thats the point when we see her again afterwards she’s happy and comfortable with her social life and her friends and that’s why we see her more open and comfortable at parties, not because it’s a new trait but because she’s no longer in the same situation she was where she was upset at herself and her life and having a lot of internal struggles 

skam of course isn’t perfect, nothing is, but i’ve never found Eva’s characterization from season 1 and onwards to be unrealistic or without reason, maybe it’s just because i’ve grown up in a similar party crowd (because we all know skam focuses on a group that’s really into the party scene) but it all totally made sense to me, especially when you consider that fact that Eva is 16 in season 1 and it’s just a fact that (if you are in that scene) you go to more parties and bigger parties as you get older and know more people who can buy alcohol and such, this is true about everyone in the main cast, they are all going to more parties now because they have more opportunity 

but none of what i’ve mention in this post takes away from the Eva who is a loving, supportive, and caring friend, just because she’s getting wasted more doesn’t mean any of her “sweet” characteristics are gone, yes we see less of her thats just how the show works but that doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned who she is, there’s literally no reason someone can’t be both a “party girl” and a “sweet girl” and i hope Eva as a character can help teach people that 


An Anniversary for You ~Night Party~

Following from the ‘Day Party’ part of the story, Ryoichi is still carrying you in his arms, princess-style and he announces to Shields that he’s come to take you away. Yamato and Yuzuki step forward ready to stop him when the lights go off again! Ryoichi then escapes with you to the back staircase and up to the roof where a helicopter is waiting! Yamato and Yuzuki give chase but are too late… 

Inside the helicopter, Will is waiting for you and you’re taken to the Tres Spades Hotel. Will takes you to one of the rooms where Eisuke is waiting with a team of beauticians and a red ballgown. They give you a makeover and your makeup is more elegant and sexier than the pure and innocent look Akito gave you earlier. Will then comes back to escort you to the ballroom where the other Noir members are waiting. You think that the atmosphere of the Noir’s party is more grown-up than the Shields’ party. 

Noir reminisce about the past year during which Ryoichi steps closer to you as if to kiss you. You close your eyes but nothing happens. When you open your eyes again, Ryoichi just laughs and remarks that your face is now as red as your dress, and adds that you’re fun to tease~ You’re then asked if you’ve been to the Tres Spade Hotel before. You say you have and it was the first time you’d witnessed a Black Market Auction which really scared you. Eisuke smirks and says you shook like a frightened puppy then.

After that, you hear a familiar voice call out to you. Ryoichi says he has a surprise for you. Everything goes dark then you find yourself in some sort of time and space warp with Leon. Leon says Noir had asked for his help. 

The next thing you know, you’re on Shin’s pirate ship. The entire crew greet you and wish you happy anniversary. Then you’re whisked off to another place - in front of a restaurant where Takuto is waiting for you. You have a meal with him. Then it’s off to the next place - a live concert! Haru is performing on stage. He sees you and dedicates his next song to you~! The next place is a bar where you have drinks with Nomura, then to a shrine where Miyabi gives you some sushi he’s made just for you. The last place you’re sent to is the ‘demon house’ where Kakeru and Haruhito are waiting along with a few of the other demons. Then Kakeru and Haruhito each take one of your hands and take you for ‘a walk in the sky’. You soon find yourself high in the sky with an amazing night view of the city and you spot the Tres Spade Hotel. Then the demon duo say it’s time for you to go back. They fly you above the hotel and suddenly let go of your hands!!

Fortunately, Saizo is there to catch you! Yukimura and Subaru then rush up to make sure you’re alright. You’re then led back down to the ballroom where the all the Shields and Noir members are now assembled. Yamato hurries over to check that you’re unharmed. Then you and Shields find out that it was Ryoichi’s plan all along to get Shields and Noir together to celebrate your anniversary… (Couldn’t you just have called Yamato or something and planned this like a normal person, Ryoichi…?)

Anyway, now that all that is out of the way, the joint Noir-Shield’s party starts and everyone is soon enjoying themselves. Ryoichi again pretends to try to kiss you just to make Yamato jealous~ :3c Yamato stops Ryoichi but refuses to admits he’s jealous. Then Edward suggests it’s time for a group photo! Kota gets the camera ready. Everyone starts the countdown but just as the camera is about to snap the photo, Rabi flies in front of the camera and completely ruins the shot…! Yuzuki gets really angry at Rabi but you just laugh and think this is the best anniversary ever. End!

Wrong Number Part 3

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Part One      Part Two

Note: I hope you guys like this, i took it in a different direction. 😘

Warning: Mentions of illness.

Sunlight beamed through the crack in the curtain, illuminating the dust particles floating through the air.
You groaned and rolled over, pulling the covers of your head.
Your phone rund loudly and you groaned again, sitting up and grabbing it.
“What?” You growled into the phone, holding  it to your head and running your free hand through your hair.
“Goodmorning sunshine!” You heard Julian laugh through the line.
You sat back in the bed, your head resting on the pillow and your hair pooling around your head.
“Jujuuuuu!” You groaned into the phone, closing your eyes.
He laughed again.
“Where are you, (y/n)?” He asked cheerily.
You looked at the clock next to your bed. 7.36am.
“Julian its seven fucking thirty.” You said, playing with your hair.
“I know. Where are you?” He asked again. laughter in his voice.
You sighed and rolled over, eyeing the hotel room.
“Vegas.” You said as you yawned, lifting a hand to your mouth.
“Come to Charming.” Julian said through the phone.
You rolled your eyes.
“Why Juju? You miss me too much?” You purred into the phone as you stood up, and headed to the kitchen, grabbing a mug and making a coffee.
“You know i do boo!” He called and you laughed.
“No, really. Come home, I uh, I have news.”
You paused, spoon full of coffee floating mid air in your hand.
“What news, Juju?” You asked, curiosity thick in your voice.
“Come here and find out.”
He hung up the phone and you pulled it from your air, frowning at the screen.
You dumped the spoonful of coffee in your cup and added boiling water, stirring as you sent a text to Julian.
Fuck you, ju. You hit send and leant against the bench, raising the strong coffee to your lips in both hands.
You heard your phone go off and you looked down at the screen, rolling your eyes at the message from Julian.
See you soon boo.
You sighed and placed your coffee on the counter, heading for the shower.

Six weeks had passed since you’d left Charming and thoughts of Happy still played on your mind.You had stayed in the small town another week after you met Happy, staying with him every night, fucking like rabbits. But it was a morning when you woke up and he wasn’t next to you that you realised you were falling for him. You had packed your bags and left, leaving only a lipstick stain on his mirror to remember you by. You didn’t do feelings, you didn’t do love. You didn’t want anyone holding you down and the thought of falling in love with Happy scared you. You really liked him, he was sweet, he was caring, loyal. He was hot as hell and he made you moan like no one else ever had. But you had always been independant. You were a tornado, ripping through every town you visited, wrecking havoc and moving to the next town, leaving burning ashes in your trail.
You didn’t know how to love, and Happy deserved to be.. well, happy. You couldn’t give him that, you couldn’t give him a stable life. You knew you could be loyal, but you weren’t what he needed. He needed someone to ground him, and how could you, when your wings carried you every where you went. But it didn’t matter how many strangers you slept with, how much tequila you drank. Everyone you slept with left you feeling empty, because they weren’t his hands on you, weren’t his lips. It wasn’t his voice or his eyes and you knew you were fucked. He was on your mind constantly, and you found yourself missing him when you lay awake at night. You were in love with him, hopelessly in love with the Tacoma Killer. And you’d left him, not knowing what else to do.

Two days later you walked into the bar on Main St, Charming.
Julian sat at the bar with his back to you, and you snuck up behind him, covering his eyes with your hands.
“Guess who, mother fucker.” You said in a low, gruff voice.
He laughed and you moved your hands, letting him see you.
He turned and hugged you, a grin on his face.
“Lookin good, (y/n)” He smiled at you.
“I know.” You winked and sat down on the stool next to him and ordered your tequila.
“So whats the news too important to share on the phone?” You asked, raising an eyebrow and thanking the bartender as he passed you your drink.
His face fell, and you furrowed your brows, a frown forming on your face.
“Juju, what is it?” You asked, your voice quiet and serious now.
He sighed and looked at his hands, a sad look crossing his face.
You put your hand on his knee, squeezing gently.
He looked up at you, his eyes filled with pain.
“Im sick,(y/n)” His voice was sad and quiet. “Glioblastoma multiforme, i have a brain tumor.”
Your heart stopped and you froze, staring at your friend.
“What?” You breathed, tears stinging your eyes.
“Its stage 5. I.. I don’t have much time.” His voice cracked as he looked at you and you stood wrapping your arms around him.
“Juju.” You said, your voice full of pain as you hugged your best friend, your only friend, really.
He hugged you back, squeezing your body to his tightly.
You ran your hands through his hair, tears falling down your face.

The door slammed shut behind you and you threw your bag to the floor, sobs taking over your body and you fell to your knees.
Your best friend was dying.
You didn’t have many friends, the way you lived, moving from town to town every few weeks never really gave you the chance to build those bonds. It had never bothered you, but your loneliness washed over you as you sat on the floor, tears streaming down your face.
Julian was your only constant, the only person in your life who had stayed a part of it. You had grown up with him, partied with him, he knew you better than anyone else. He was your rock and whenever times got tough, and you had moved on from the last town, Julian was the person you called, the person you came to.
And now, you would lose him. He had told you that the doctors had said there weren’t any treatment options, he was too far gone and he should live his last days as full as he can.
You had seen the pain in his eyes, the fear. He was never scared of anything but now he stared down the barrel of a gun, waiting for the trigger to be pulled at any moment.
You vowed to stay in Charming, you would stay with him for as long as he needed, as long as he had.


The air was warm as the sun began to set, and you walked into the lot, a gentle breeze running through your hair.
You felt nervous and scared, what if he didn’t want to see you? You weren’t used to feeling nervous and you could of hated him for doing this to you. Only you didn’t hate him, you loved him.
The lot was empty, except for the line of bikes and you walked to the clubhouse door, taking a deep breath as you pulled it open.
The familiar smell hit you instantly, along with the song of old rock ballads and laughter.
You walked in slowly, taking in the scent and the sounds, eyeing the room.
Tig saw you first and he grinned, standing up and running to you.
He threw his arms around you and you smiled, breathing in the scent of leather that had drowned you for the last six weeks.
“Hey beautiful! Long time no see, doll.” He grinned at you, his eyes running over your body.
“Hey Tiggy.” You smile at him. You had become close with him over your short stay in Charming. You got on like a house on fire, making dirty jokes and laughing together.
His arm swung over your shoulder and you walked with him to the bar, the rest of the club welcoming you with smiles.
Happy wasn’t there, and you didn’t know whether to be relieved or dissapointed.
Chucky passed you a tequila before you could ask and you smiled at him, truly thankful.
The club had welcomed you and it was everything you needed right now.
You sat and talked to the boys, laughing with them for a while.
Juice turned to young spoke lowly.
“He misses you.” He looked at you, his knowing eyes burning into yours and you nodded, a sad smile on your face.
Juice squeezed your knee and stood, heading to the bathroom.
The doors opened and in he walked, dangerous and sexy, toothpick in his mouth.
A blond man with short spiky hair was behind him but your eyes stayed focused on Happy.
He walked towards the bar, not noticing you yet.
His eyes looked over his brothers and soon fell on you, making him freeze midstep.
His face hardened and you gulped, your earlier nerves coming back.
You stood and walked towards him, the room falling quiet as the brothers watched the two of you.
His dark eyes swallowed you and you stood shakily before him, his jaw clenching.
“Can we talk?” Your voice was quiet and weak, and you cursed yourself silently.
He nodded and grabbed your wrist, pulling you outside.

The door shut behind you and Happy sat on the picnic table, elbows on his knees as he twirled his toothpick across his lips.
You sighed and walked closer, sitting down next to him.
You stared down at your lap, playing with your hands nervously.
This wasn’t like you. You weren’t sure what was happening to you. You were always confident, always pulling every ones attention to you and you bathed in it, loving every second.
But here you sat, staring into your lap, unable to look at him.
“Im sorry.” You finally said, breaking the silence.
He turned to you, his dark eyes burning through your soul.
“Why? Why did you leave?” His voice was low and raspy, just like you remembered.
“I.. I dunno, Hap. Im not good at..This.” You gestured between the two of you. “I don’t do this. I don’t know what Im doing. I had to go.”
Happy stared at you, his toothpick twirling between his lips.
“I didn’t know what to do.” Your voice was quiet and you saw his face softened.
“Why are you back?” His voice was quiet and his eyes ran over you, taking in every inch.
Tears stung your eyes and you blinked to hold them back.
Your mouth tried to form words but nothing came out and your body shook as you began to cry.
Happy looked at you, alarmed and wrapped an arm around you. You leant into his chest, drowning yourself in him as you cried.
His fingers ran through your hair, comforting you.
You looked up at him and he saw the pain in your eyes, the loneliness from all your years on the road catching up to you.
“Hes dying, Hap.” You whispered, as more tears streamed down your face.
You had bought Julian to the clubhouse last time you were here and Happy knew who you meant.
He knew he was your best friend and he knew how much Julian cared for you. Julian had made him promise to protect you, and the pain that you were feeling ripped through him.
“Come here,” Happy said, pulling you into his lap.
You wrapped your arms around him, burying your face in his neck.
“Its okay, baby girl. Its okay.” He cooed at you as you sobbed, his fingers tracing around your back.
You pulled your head back and looked into his eyes.
“Im sorry i left, Happy. I.. I l-love you. I didn’t k-know what to d-do.” You whispered.
He stared deep into your eyes, like he was searching through your soul.
“I know. I love you, too.” He whispered, his eyes softening.


You had always hated the smell of hospitals, and know you hated it even more.
You hand clutched around a bouquet of flowers as you walked down the corridor. Sadness surrounded you but you forced a smile onto your face as you opened the door and walks into the room.
“(y/n)” Julian smiled at you, his voice was quiet and weak.
“Hey Juju.” You smiled back at him, moving slowly and sliding into the chai next to his bed.
You lay the flowers on the table and reached for his hands, your eyes studying his face.
His skin was pale, his eyes empty and he looked tired. You fought back tears as you looked at your friend. Four months had passed since you’d arrived back in Charming and his health had been deteriorating rapidly. You spent all your time with him, Happy would drive you to see him and he’d even sit with you both, knowing how much he meant to you.
Things with Happy were good, you were even dating. You didn’t know how to be a girlfriend but that didn’t really matter, cause Happy didn’t know how to be a boyfriend. But you loved each other, and you made each other happy so you spent most of your time together getting drunk, smoking weed, watching cartoons, and fucking. It worked for you.
You had never stayed in one town this long, but you kept your promise, visiting Julian daily and doing whatever he needed you to do.
“Promise me something?” Julian asked, rubbing his thumb across your hand.
“Anything.” You smiled at him, squeezing his hand.
“Promise me you won’t let them play Nickelback at my funeral.”
You laughed, throwing your head back, trying to stop the tears from flowing.
Julian grinned at you and you met his eye.
“Promise me you’ll stay here.” His voice went serious and you couldn’t stop the tears.
They slid down your cheeks as you nodded.
“Promise me you’ll stay in Charming, with Happy. You deserve to be loved, boo. Promise me you’ll stop running.”
“I promise.” You said, a sad smile on your face as tears flowed down your cheeks.
“And (y/n)?” Julian asked. “I wasn’t kidding about Nickelback, I will haunt you if you play them at my funeral.” He grinned,  his playful spark in his eyes and you laughed.


A year after Julian passed you sat on the floor of Happys dorm, in only your panties and his Samcro tshirt, his crow tattooed proudly across your thigh.
Happy walked into the room, smiling down at you.
“Whatcha doing, mami?” He asked you, his voice thick with love.
He knelt on the floor next to you, his head resting on your shoulders as you flicked through old photos.
His hands reached around you and he laid his hand on your bulging belly, stroking it gently.
You kissed his cheek, looking back at the photos of when you were wild and carefree.
“Your beautiful.” He whispered in your ear and you smiled, leaning into him.
“I love you, Happy.” You said.
“I love you too, (y/n). And i love you, Julian, my son.” Happy said, his hand strong your belly gently.
You smiled widely, surrounded by love for your little family.

I just realized that one of the biggest tragedies of the marauders era is that it has to be separated from the age of the golden trio
•lily and James were supposed to live and love much longer and their deaths are really when the marauders era ends
•what the marauders era should’ve been is that short period of time they lived before harry
•before quidditch in the backyard while lily read a novel or tended flowers
• before cooking as a family (and burning things as a family cause they got in a food fight)
•before bed time stories about their Hogwarts days that seemed so exciting that Harry spouted almost the same line as James had years past when he was asked what house he wanted (“Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my father! And my mother. And my uncles.”)
•before visits to the Weasley’s and the Longbottom’s to see Harry’s friend and so James could have long talks with Charlie about Quidditch
•(and to the twins about pranks but that was behind Mrs. Weasley’s back and therefore a secret)
•along that vein the twins should’ve known who the marauders were the second they got their hands on that map
•because they should’ve grown up going to parties or dinner and hearing “pass the salt moony” or “grab me a beer pads”
•harry should’ve grown up going to diagon alley with his rich ass godfather and getting spoiled not living in a literal cupboard and getting hangers for birthday presents
•Neville should’ve grown up with the best parents that poor boy possibly could’ve had because they made him feel so safe
•like rly attacking Alice and Frank Longbottom or anyone they loved truly would’ve been a death wish
•Draco should’ve recognized Harry that day in Madame Malkins because they grew up going to some of the same high class pure blood balls that James hated and was honestly thankful when he wasn’t invited because of his wife’s status but at the same time was pissed and so was Lily so they always went and were on their best behavior when they did go
•Harry should’ve known that his mother could light up a room with her smile and his father could electrify it with a wink and together they could’ve made the whole place explode with envy over this beautiful family
•Harry should’ve known the most archaic pure blood traditions that even Ron didn’t know because James might’ve really hated the whole pure blood culture but he was also a Gryffindor and understood honor and pride and the importance traditions hold in life
•Harry should’ve had those visits to the zoo and to football games because lily might’ve been a witch but she would not turn her back on a culture she had loved and lived and fought a war for, damnit
•he should’ve been getting letters full of tips from Sirius on getting girls and prank ideas from Lily and Quidditch strategies from James and homework help from Remus
• anyways the marauders era shouldn’t have to be a completely separate time and I hate it

I was tagging something the marauders era and I got rly mad so here are my feelings lol this post was not meant to get this long

brush contact, i: surveillance

on ao3

honestly i’ve wanted to write a spy au for a g e s and finally just sat down and started. the first two chapters are relatively simpler than the last two, so those might take longer to get sorted.


brush contact (n.) - a brief moment where two agents ‘meet' and quickly exchange information, documents, and/or equipment

Adrien really wishes that his father would inform him when there are new additions to the security detail. There’s something incredibly terrifying about being grabbed by the waist and yanked under a table. It’s more terrifying when it’s not someone you have mentally prepared yourself to be yanked around by.

“Cambric or calico?” he whispers to her.

She shushes him.

He shifts away from her. “Seriously, cambric or calico?”

“Seriously,” she hisses back, “I need you to be quiet. Now isn’t the time to talk about my fashion choices.”

Adrien rolls his eyes and inches closer to the table cloth, ready to run the moment he needs to.

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Pen Pal

content: Dean is twelve years old when he asks Castiel to be his pen pal, not knowing that it will change his life completely. (x)

word count: 5377



“Hey, Cas, you wanna be my pen pal?”

Dean grins brightly at the slightly older boy in front of him who hid himself in a quiet corner of the Winchesters’ garden with a heavy book and ignored the grown-ups enjoying their barbecue party since the moment he arrived with his parents about an hour ago.

“What?” Castiel asks confused, apparently contemplating if he misheard Dean.

“Pen pal,” Dean repeats, dropping onto the ground right next to the other boy. “You know, exchanging letters and that stuff.”

“I know what it means,” Castiel counters. “But … why?”

Dean shrugs and starts to pluck some blades of grass. “It’s just … a stupid school project,” he explains. “Our teacher thinks it’d be good for us or whatever. She wants us to talk to kids from different countries.”

Castiel blinks. “I’m sitting right beside you,” he reminds Dean as if he seriously believes the other may have not noticed that. “And I was born here. I grew up here.”

“I know,” Dean rolls his eyes. “But you’re moving. I mean that what this party is all about, right?”

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