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Details - IMAGINE: Being Best Friends With John Shelby And Talking To Him Before He Marries Esme Part Two

Warnings: Long Imagine, Hints of Smut, Language


Through the dark steam the first face to greet me, as I step off the train, is the face of my favourite Shelby. Aunt Polly. I rush over to Poll and hug her as hard as I can. Even though I wrote to her every other day, it wasn’t the same as actually getting to see her.

Oh Y/N, my sweet girl, I’ve missed you. You’ve gotten so much more beautiful in the past 5 years,” Poll gushes.

The same to you Poll, you haven’t aged a day.”

You should’ve visited earlier Y/N, we’ve all missed you. Finn the most, he missed having someone to play with. Oh, and my so Michael has made his way home to me,” Poll laughs.

You let out a small laugh as well, remembering just how much you’ve missed the Shelby’s.

Poll, that’s amazing about Michael. I can’t wait to meet him. I’m surprised Arthur and Tommy managed to dress themselves without me,” You chuckle.

You’ll meet him tonight, he’s staying with me obviously. It took a while for them to learn, trust me.”

Polly and I walked all the way from the station back to her house, where I would be staying for the week I was visiting. You looked around Birmingham, around the place you used to call home, and memories just kept popping up, some good, some bad. Thankfully, Polly didn’t bring up the sensitive topic of John Shelby.

Unfortunately your plan of avoiding John for a couple of days, at least ‘till you get prepare yourself for seeing him, failed.

Poll had arranged a massive dinner for all the family, in honour of seeing you for the first time in 5 years. It wouldn’t have been too bad but Esme had come along as well.

You’d met Michael before you even started unpacking and you thought he was a wonderful young lad. You could tell he would really fit in with the family and it was the happiest you’d seen Poll in a long time.

Arthur and Tommy were ecstatic to see you and both gave you huge hugs.

You’d avoided John when he walked in the door and hadn’t spoken to him since.

Despite having grown up, you still saw Finn as the little 11-year-old and you wouldn’t stop fussing over him, but he was patient and let you because he’d missed you and enjoyed seeing you happy.

It wasn’t until Poll called everyone for dinner, that you were forced to face the man you fell in love with.

By the time you got to the table you saw that everyone was already sat down, which was unusual as they were never there when Poll called them. And the crafty little shit’s made it so you had to sit next to John.

Luckily, Michael was also sat next to you so you got to know him some more.

Dinner was going well, you’d spoken to everyone but John and got caught up on everything that had happened since you left and the tension between you and John was slowly disappearing. Until Poll brought up the one topic that hadn’t been brought up yet.

Alfie, the guy you had seen until recently.

So, Y/N, how’s it been going with Alfie? Last I heard, you’d been on amazing third date.” Poll said and every Shelby man looked in your direction.

You’re guessing Poll hadn’t told them judging by the looks on their face. You couldn’t blame them, they were as protective of you as they were of Ada.

Who’s Alfie?” John asked glaring at the table.

Uh, we stopped seeing each other actually.” You said ignoring John’s question. Every Shelby man relaxed yet John stayed tense.

Oh no, why’s that? I thought you said he was a lovely man.” Poll said sympathetically.

He was. To me but then he found out I knew the Shelby’s and that I was practically a Shelby and we got into an argument. I started it though because I didn’t want him doing a deal with you guys and he didn’t care that you were family and it got too far. I told him we were done and well, he didn’t like it but he let me go. But, I had his men keeping an eye on me. God knows the earache I’ll get when I go back to London.” You explain.

Wait, you were seeing Alfie Solomons? As in Jewish gang leader, Alfie Solomons?” John asks bitterly

John, surely you knew I mean she’s your best friend.” Poll says.

You’d think that but considering she hasn’t spoken to me in 5 years I kinda forgot I had a best friend at all.” John says snidely.

You try to swallow the huge lump in your throat but it doesn’t seem to disappear. Everyone had quieted down and were now staring at you. Only Poll looked understanding, you’d told her what had happened between you and John in the letter explaining why you’d run away to London.

The boys looked like they were ready for you to start yelling whilst, Esme just glared at you for hurting her husband.

I don’t feel too good. I’m going to go lie down.” You whisper before fleeing the room.

Now look what you’ve done. You could have at least let us have one meal with her.” You distinctly hear Poll scold.

Instead of going to you room, you grab your coat and walk out the front door letting it slam behind you. You didn’t know where you were going and let your feet guide you, you stopped walking when you reached the river bank.

This is where you always came for peace, it’s only normal for you to come here to calm down after what happened with John at dinner. So, you sat down, not caring that your dress would get dirty, and you tried to remember all the good times before all this mess happened. You must have been there for hours but you didn’t care.

I knew I’d find you here, everyone’s gone home” the familiar voice says behind you.

You turn around and see him standing there, and just like that, all your feelings come rushing back. He wasn’t wearing his Peaky or his coat and you could tell he’d run here as his breath kept coming out in short pants.

What are you doing out here, John?” You asks whilst staring at the floor.

I practically ran all around Birmingham looking for you, then I remembered you liked coming here when you were sad.”

What are you doing out here, John? Why are you running around looking for me instead of being with your wife?”

Why Y/N, why? Why did you write everyone but me?” John asked, pain seeping into his voice.

You didn’t answer but it didn’t matter because John carried on, letting out everything he’s bottled up for the past 5 years.

Do you know how much that hurt? Everyone rushing into the Garrison in the morning, half dressed, saying they couldn’t believe you left, reading out your goodbye letter to them. Where was mine?! Why didn’t I get to know why you left?! I was your best friend and you abandoned me with not even a goodbye! Every other day Poll would update us on how you were, once a week Arthur and Tommy would say you write them. That was the only way I knew you hadn’t bloody died! I loved you and you left and took my heart with you. I loved you and I thought you loved me too. We were going to have a life together, I was gonna make sure, then you left. What happened?! Why did you leave me for some violent Jewish gang leader?! What did he have that I didn’t?! Tell me why you did it! Tell me why you left me!”

John broke off into tears and all you did was continue to look at the floor. A couple of minutes later, you finally spoke up.

Alfie had nothing that you didn’t. In fact, you had things Alfie didn’t. I didn’t break up with Alfie because he made a deal with Tommy, that was some bullshit story I came up with. I broke up with him because he wasn’t you. Just like I only ever went on one date with any guy in my entire life because the entire date I found myself looking for things that weren’t there. Looking for things I loved in you. That’s when I realised I couldn’t love any other man because they weren’t you. I broke up with Alfie because he told me he loved me and I couldn’t say it back because when he said it, I saw your face, not his.” You confessed.

You did have feelings for Alfie but you knew you could never love him, not like you loved John. John didn’t say anything but he sat down next to you and placed his hand on yours. You carried on talking, telling him everything. “I didn’t write to you because it was too hard to think of words to say to you. I didn’t know how to tell you that I regretted leaving. I didn’t know how to tell you how much pain it caused me to leave you and the family behind. It was all to difficult to put into words so I didn’t write. I know it was selfish but I thought if I didn’t talk to you then my feelings would go away and I wouldn’t have to think about you and Esme, because every time I saw you with her it killed me. I didn’t write you a letter to say goodbye because I couldn’t ever imagine saying goodbye to the one person who meant the world to me. I didn’t say goodbye because with you, goodbye never existed. You were always there by my side no matter what, and so saying goodbye to you was too difficult and it didn’t seem possible. You’re right, I should have said goodbye, in person, but I felt that if I did, I’d never would’ve had the strength to leave and let you live your life with the woman you married. So I ran, in the middle of the night because I was a coward. I didn’t visit for this exact reason, I couldn’t face you after what I did, and because my feelings for you John, they never left. I love you and it kills me because I have to see you with her. We can’t be together because you’re married and I will not stand in the way of that!” You finish breathing heavily.

You’d kept that bottled up for years and it felt good to finally let it all out.

John blinked, stood up and brushed himself off, grabbed your hand and pulled you up with him.

God I’ve missed you,” he whispers and takes your head in both hands, forcing you to look at him for the first time in 5 years. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do this again.”

And with all that pain and hurt said, he kisses you and despite everything, you kiss him back. The kiss gets more heated as he slips his tongue into your mouth and pulls you flush against him, his hands sliding to cup your ass in both hands.

We kept your house in case you ever came back,” John murmurs in between kisses, “I’ve the key, if you want to-” John trails off suggestively.

Well then, Mr Shelby, what are we waiting for?” You tease and pull him along.

John lets out a moan at you calling him Mr Shelby and happily follows you to your old house.


Clothes were strewn everywhere as you and John finally stumbled up the stairs and into your old bedroom. No words needed to be spoken, how you felt was sown through the kisses. The only sound in the room was your moans and they reverberated around the room, you giggled as John’s breath tickled your neck but that soon turned into a moan as he found your sweet spot. John looked up at you and smirked. You smiled up at him and started removing his vest and shirt, you couldn’t help but gaze at his undefined muscles, John catches your eye and smiles at you.

Like what you see?” John teases.

You know I do.”

John starts trailing kisses down you and then he reaches the hem of your dress and pulls it up.

This has to go.” John chuckles.

All you could do is nod in anticipation.

John pulled your dress off so you were just left in your slip and you took off his trousers. Before anything else came off John started kissing in between your thighs and then finally, he slipped his tongue into your heat whilst reaching up to grasp your breast. You moaned and arched your back whilst John groaned into you. Before you had the chance to cum though he stopped what he was doing, pulled his boxers off and pushed into you. You both groaned together and you were in pure ecstasy. John moved faster and you soon came undone. Then, you pushed him so he was underneath you and you climbed on top of him. You buried your neck in his face to muffle the screams but it didn’t work to well and soon you were gasping John’s name.

Hours later, you and John were exhausted but thoroughly pleased. You never felt happier and looking over after at John and his shit eating grin, you knew he felt the same.

We should have done this ages ago.” John laughs. “I couldn’t agree with you more.”

I never want this moment to end.” John confesses.

Me either.”

You hear the front door open and then Poll’s voice rings out. “John, Y/N, are you in here? We’ve been worried sick. Esme is frantic. John? Y/N?”

You and John rush to put your clothes on but by the time Poll opens the bedroom door, you’ve only managed to get your slip and stockings on and John has his trousers back on.

What the hell?!” Poll screams but then she registers the situation and sees John and you. “Fucking finally, I’ve been waiting for this for bloody ages.”

John had left to go to talk to Esme, but not after making sure Poll wasn’t going to tell anyone what she saw, at least not until he’d sorted some things out. Poll said she wasn’t going to tell anyone because she’d been waiting for you two to get together for years.

But after a while, what you did with John had finally sunk in. You had slept with your married best friend and you were going back to London at the end of the week. You couldn’t stay. It was an accident but never a mistake.

What are you going to do now?” Poll asks you.

I don’t know Poll. What can I do? He’s still married, no matter how we both feel.” You sigh.

Do you regret it?”

Not one single bit.”

You bury your head in your arms in shame, and then you let out a couple of sobs, wipe your eyes and sigh again.

Poll, I’ve made up my mind. I’m leaving for London in the morning. I’ll go before everyone wakes up again.”

So, you’re going to run away again? After you just visited? For the first time in 5 years and you’re leaving us again!”

I have to. It’s the only way to make sure I don’t ruin their marriage. I’ll give you my address this time Poll. You and Michael can come and visit me.”

I’ve known you long enough to know that once you’ve made your mind up, there’s no changing it. Go but don’t leave us for so long again.”

I promise you I won’t. I’ll leave John a letter this time as well.”

At least let me walk you to the train station this time Y/N/N.”

Okay Aunt Poll. Thank you. For everything you’ve done for me over the years. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.”

Polly didn’t say anything but she wrapped her arms around you in a huge hug and both of you let out small sobs, not wanting to admit that this was really the end of your time with the Shelby’s. They were your family and you loved them.

It was a dark, miserable morning when you left to go back to London. The weather outside reflecting how you felt inside. You woke up earlier than you told Poll because you had to leave the letter for John, and you never enjoyed goodbye’s. After you left the letter for John at the Garrison, you went back to Poll’s to get your stuff and you quietly snuck past the living room to the front door.

Where are you going this early in the morning?” You hear Michael’s voice behind you, “And with all your stuff? Surely you’re not leaving already. I just met you.”

Michael, what are you doing up?”

Don’t avoid the question Y/N. Every time Mum spoke about you there was always sadness in her voice, when she told us you were visiting she was so happy. But now you’re leaving, why?”

You’re gonna fit in so well with this family. You don’t understand though, I have to leave. I can’t stay here.”

Is it because of John? I saw the way he looked at you and you looked at him. He never looks at Esme that way.”

You’re a smart boy Michael. It was lovely to meet you and I hope to see you again but I have to go. Give Poll my love and just be careful, being a Shelby is dangerous. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

You go to walk out the door but something Michael says stops you

You’re like a daughter to her, you know. My sister and I got ripped away from her but then she got to take care of you. You became a daughter to her.”

You couldn’t help but let some tears fall. Poll had always been the mother you never had and you had so much love and respect for the woman.

You can’t leave her Y/N. She might be a strong woman but I don’t think she can handle losing you again, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to leave her anyway.”

You drop your suitcase and you hug Michael.

I’m so glad Poll has you. Welcome to the family and thank you for making me see sense.”

So, you’re staying?” Michael says hopefully.

Yeah I am.” You look around and smile.

You and Michael were sat at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and some biscuits when Poll comes running down the stairs like a madman.

Michael! She’s gone! Y/N’s gone! Her bed’s empty and so is her wardrobe and her suitcase is gone! Michael!” Poll started yelling.

Michael and I were just smirking at each other when Poll came rushing into the kitchen.

Michael, didn’t you hear me? We need to get to the train-” Poll stopped short when she saw you sat there with a grin on your face.

What the fuck? Don’t you grin at me Y/N Y/L/N! I thought you’d left me again. What made you change your mind?!”

Your wonderful son did.” You smile.

W-w-what?!” Poll spluttered. “He- what?!”

He really is your son. He made me see that I couldn’t leave my family behind. Especially not the woman I see as my mother.” You stand up and Poll wraps you up in a tight hug.

I’m so glad you’re staying. I’ve missed you so much.” Poll cries.

I’ve missed you too. And I’m staying permanently, I’m going to get the rest of my things from London and I’ve moving back into my house next door.”

Thank fuck for that.” Poll laughs through her tears.

Knocking could be heard from the door and so Michael went and opened it.

Polly!” John’s voice yelled out.

In the kitchen!” She yelled back. “I’ll take Michael and leave you two in piece.”

Aunt Polly! She left me! Again!” You could hear John crying.

He comes storming in the kitchen but stops when he sees you stood there. “Y/N/N, I thought you left me again. Except this time you actually left me a letter.” John laughs bitterly.

I was leaving. I had my suitcase packed and I was leaving but Michael stopped me and I realised, I can’t leave you and Poll again. ‘Cause no matter where I go, I’m always going to want you and so I stayed for you because I’d rather be your friend than be nothing to you at all.”

John still has tears streaming down his face but they’re not as much as before.

Esme and I are getting divorced.” He finally speaks up.

What? John, you know that’s frowned upon!”

I don’t care. I love you, not her and I am going to make sure I end up with you. So, Esme and I are getting divorced. She agreed it’s the best thing for all of us, she hates the Shelby life so she’s going back to live with her family tomorrow. And then, you and I can be together for the rest of our days.”

Oh, John.”

You stand on your tip toes and kiss him like there’s no tomorrow. John pulls away and gets down on one knee.

Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” John asks.

This was it. The day you had waited for, for years. The day you had dreamed of since you were just a little girl. Your wedding day. You were finally getting to marry the man of your dreams, everything was perfect. Michael was walking you down the aisle as he had become the closest to you over the years, you had him to thank for all this happening.

Poll pulls your veil over your face and makes sure your dress is wrinkle free.

You look beautiful sweetheart.” Poll says.

You really do.” Michael assures.

Do you think he’ll like it?” You ask nervously.

You’ll give him a heart attack.” Michael jokes causing you to giggle.

Thanks Mikey.”

Anytime Y/N/N.”

It’s time.” Poll announces. “Are you ready?”

As ready as I’ll ever be.” You say.

You nervous?” Michael grins.

Surprisingly, no. Not after everything we’ve been through together.” You say confidently.

Poll takes one arm and Michael takes the other and you walk down the aisle, to the smiling man at the end of it, the man you will call your husband. After all the 'I Do’s’ and vows, you all go back to the Garrison to celebrate and that’s when you have your first dance as husband and wife. He holds you closely and twirls you around.

I love you Mrs Shelby.” John whispers in your ear.

I love you too Mr Shelby.” And that, was how you and John got your happy ever after.

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anonymous asked:

If Finn is 17 now, why does he still so short?

Finn seems to gradually get taller throughout the series.

Episode 1, “Slumber Party Panic”

Episode 179, “The Pajama War”

Finn has definitely gotten taller since the series started.

But Finn’s nearing adulthood.  Let’s compare Adult Finn and present-day Finn from Episode 120, “Puhoy!”

Ideally, I would use production models to make this comparison.   I took these Finns and resized them so that their faces/hats would be roughly the same size in order to make this comparison.

unedited screen caps: (adult) (teen)

Clearly, at this point in the series, Finn had some ways to go before he reached adult height.

However, he also would have been 15 when “Puhoy!” aired (April 2013)

And “Pajama War” aired January of this year—so Finn was nearly 17.

Because we can’t compare the heights of adult Finn and Princess Bubblegum, and because there are some style and model variations per episode, we can’t say for sure how much Finn has grown between 2013 and 2015.

BUT, we can say that he is growing, and maybe by now he is full grown.

So to answer your original question:

If Finn is 17 now, why does he still so short?

Short compared to who or what?  

The only way we can know if Finn is still growing is if we can compare 17 year old Finn to grown up Finn, and it is hard to do that unless they appear in the same episode.  Heck, there are height variations WITHIN THE SAME EPISODE»

I just mentioned that there are variations episode to episode, but I will make a 2015 comparison to grown up Finn, just to see what will happen…



Caveat: more evidence of same episode height inconsistency (featuring the 2 screencaps I’ve used from “The Pajama War”)

Nothing’s perfect but

At least we know Finn has grown since the series started, and he’s probably full grown by now.

a/n- This one was SO hard to write because in my own little Rinn universe, Finn and Rae have two boys! I hope this is alright! (I got the feels from a post about wet Finn playing bartender with pool water *drools*)

Finn knew boys. He understood them and how their minds worked as he had once been a young boy, so when his rowdy sons played Cowboys and Indians, he got why they beat the hell out of each other. He also understood why they thought bugs and worms from the garden were acceptable gifts for their mum (Rae did not, but she managed to keep a smile every time they gave her one).

His little pumpkin was another story.

She was a tiny little thing, delicate in a way that had made Finn so scared to hold her when she was born (but he did because he was desperate to feel her tiny little heartbeat against his chest, especially when she was sick). While the boys piled on Finn at every given chance, she held on to her mummy’s leg and smiled shyly at Finn until he scooped her up, shrieking as he tickled her.

The little pumpkin came shuffling into the living room where Finn was helping the boys put together a train set, a pink crown set haphazardly to the side of her head, hugging the bear Finn had bought her last week (he was deliriously happy that she so thoroughly loved something he picked out just for her all by himself).

“Where’s mummy?” She asked, moving closer despite her brothers’ protests of You’ll ruin everything, Tix!

Finn hoists her over the mess and into his lap. “At your Gran’s.”

She fingering the necklace he’s worn since he was 15 and Finn is always so shocked at how much she looks like Rae. “Will you have tea with me then?”

“You want tea?”

She shakes her head and slips off his lap, taking his hand. There’s a moment of pause when Finn has to separate the boys a bit (“Jere hit me!” “I did not! Dad kicked you!” “HE DID NOT!”) and he tells them to behave as the little pumpking leads him up the stairs to her room. She’s got her stuffed animals all in hats and her clothes sitting properly at her little table with tiny place setting before them.

“I want to have a tea party with you, Daddy.”

Finn know nothing about little girl’s tea parties. Were there rules? A dress code? Rae didn’t leave him instructions on this one. But her sweet little face is peering up at him, mouth drawn in a frown like she’s afraid he’s about to say no. “Er, alright. What do I need to do?”

She hands him a little tea pot with owls on the side. “Can you get tea?”

“Like… real tea?”

She looks at him as if he’s the dumbest creature alive and he shifts under the obvious judgement of his four year old. “Mummy gets it from the tap.”

Of course. He takes the tea pot from her. “I’ll be right back.”

He shouldn’t be nervous, but he is. It’s only his daughter and a tea pot of water but it’s a big deal because in a few years she’ll probably hate him when he tells her she can’t see some guy (he clutches the edge of the counter and his chest. What if she dates some like Chop?) so he better enjoy this now.

He fills her little tea pot with a fizzy drink and arranges a few biscuits on a plate (the boys come snooping about that time and hug his legs until he gives them both one… they argue all the way back to the living room about how got the bigger one) and sneaks past her room to pull on a blazer, hoping he looks dashing enough to impress his four year old.

She’s delighted and smiles at him over her tea cup, the same way Rae does when he says something particularly sweet in the morning. The stuffed animals are left forgotten as she tells him about her kittens (they’re fine but Porky doesn’t want to wear the bow tie she made him) and how Uncle Archie let her feed the ducks at the park and her favorite color (it’s yellow) and her how she plans to be a ballerina baby doctor in space when she’s all grown up (Finn figure he better start padding her Uni fund now). She tells him about her dance class and how soft the grass is at Uncle Chop and Aunt Izzy’s house and how much she loves her bear and him and why was he crying?

When Rae gets home, the train set will be rolling (and for the moment, the boys aren’t hitting each other). The little pumpkin has her arms wrapped around Finn’s neck, telling him all about her best friend Catie and he’s so enthralled he doesn’t realize Rae’s hom until she kisses his cheek.

“How was it then?”

Rae rolls her eyes. “Still grossly in love, they are. Have a nice day?”

Before he can respond, the little pumpkin tightens her grip on his neck and exclaims, “It was great! Mummy, I have the best Daddy in the world!”

Rae thinks Finn’s answering smile could put the sun to shame.

animenutcase  asked:

So how has Adventure Time gone downhill?

I meant to answer this with a reblog to that one post several weeks ago, but shit happened.

And then I put this in my drafts and kept forgetting about it.

So I’m gonna put it out now.

This is mostly a personal thing, so feel free to disagree with me.

But really I think what first got me was Red Throne.

I mean I was cool with FP breaking up with Finn, because hey she could use some development. I just hoped they’d get back together again because dammit that boy deserves to be happy and it’s not like he has any decent alternatives (at least at the time).

And she overthrew her dad! Awesome!

Kinda wish we could’ve seen that actually take place, but whatever. (or maybe I just forgot)

And then RT came about and she got poisoned and then dad broke loose and promised to marry her to some new douchebag.

Okay, she needs Finn’s help?

Cool, maybe they can get back toge-

>Finn acts like a nuisance and fucks everything up, right from the start no less so you KNOW where this is going and can’t do a damn thing about it

>Cinnamon Bun is suddenly badass out of nowhere even BEFORE he got “fully baked”

>Flame King and Flame Lord don’t actually do anything at all worthwhile to stop the heroes

>And this takes place after both Finn respecting their breakup when she ascended and told him flat out she didn’t want to get back together AND if I’m not mistaken, the dungeon train episode where he learns that he can’t hide away from life no matter how painful it is

>Making this whole episode not only painful, but pointless

>And on top of everything else it’s rushed as fuck and really could’ve done better as a two-parter, especially if we’re just going to reinforce the romantic status quo instead of adding anything substantial to it like Finn at least showing he’s not as much of a tool as she might’ve thought.

It was just a massive waste of potential and yet the Staff of the show apparently thinks it’s one of their best episodes.

I mean Cinnamon bun being strictly a knight and not her potential love interest as it was implied helped a little, but not much. 

And then the show apparently started to confirm the “Princess Bubblegum actually IS a borderline sociopath as opposed to an ultimately good-hearted ruler who has to make hard choices” in Rattleballs when she casually destroys all her robot guards when she could’ve just yknow


Like how the (then-)current Rattleballs turned out.

And Lemonhope’s adventure would’ve been far better if he was actually as heroic as he was built up to be instead of a selfish little asshole.

Betty was a good episode, and I loved the whole twist where the reason Simon never saw her again was because she got sucked into the future by his future self. That was pretty damn clever.

But it definitely could’ve been better as a two-parter where could’ve learned more about both her AND the mushroom war and where Finn and Jake themselves could’ve actually done something cool.

But the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was that FUCKING BEE.


After YEARS worth of foreshadowing and buildup

and an absolutely beautiful season finale (or was it an opener? I don’t even remember) where he FINALLY loses his arm, finds his dad, AND stops the Lich…

Finn acts like a chode to get a date and gets his ass kicked over some bee who only wants him for the flower on his arm. The same arm that they could’ve used for any potential millions of wonderful storylines and character development possibilities.



Oh and to add insult to injury, apparently he thinks he has to try shacking up with Peebs again EVEN THOUGH THEIR AGE GAP IS WHAT STARTED THIS SHIT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I could’ve forgiven all the other painful attempts at preserving status quo (i.e.
“Peebs is 13 now- OH WAIT NOT ANYMORE”, “Jake’s a dad now- WOOPS NO THEY’RE ALL GROWN UP NOW” “Finn has a new girlfriend- HAHAHAHA NOPE”) since they didn’t have the level of buildup this had.

But this?

This was  gigantic slap in the face to not only the fans, but storytelling as a whole.

That’s pretty much when I finally gave up and stopped following it as closely as I had before.

And just when I think it can’t get any worse I learn this…

Nothing quite like having what was once your favorite show having a CHILD RAPIST voicing a beloved, plot-integral, and much awaited character!


God they weren’t kidding when they said Rebecca took all the good shit with her went she went to go make Steven Universe.

Goddammit Pen Ward, take back your show and for the love of GOD fix this mess!