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Evanesce of Ruin | M

“We can finally be together, now.” His happy tone was soft, lowered even, inching closer to you while resting his hand on your thigh.

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Précis; Love or lust, a mystery to all; and a broken meaning to one.

Note: Inspo from my best friend’s experience! *cries* I’m a horrible person lmao | Words ➳ 8.8k

Genre & Warnings: Angst & a sprinkle of fluff. Smut.

Like an ocean’s wave rolling onto the sand as they both intermingled before the water came crashing back to it’s home, is something that heavily contradicted within your life.

Broken words, fruitless promises and a devotional mirage painted with deception behind a thin foggy layer was something you didn’t even bother to acknowledge; only believing in the words he muttered to you while he kept you in his arms, only thinking positively and never even giving a second thought on how cruel the world could actually be when it had your feelings on the palm of it’s hand.

And here you were, dropping your bag on the floor of your apartment while releasing a sigh of relief, only ever wanting to sink into the confines of your bed with your lovely boyfriend by your side. It was past midnight, and you could only yawn as you walked down the hallway of your home, soon hearing persistent soft tapping against the walls from inside your bedroom. Frowning, you began to walk faster down the hallway, wondering why your roommate had the audacity to bring someone into your room to fuck on your bed..or whatever they were doing.

Once you reached the bedroom door, you had imagined ripping the door knob off and blasting it open, only for your hand to hover over it. Your heart sank, the voices muffled behind the other side of the door surely not sounding like your roommate at all; and you could only imagine what could be on the other side. But it was impossible, right? It had to be someone else, you wanted it to be someone else but the worry began to overwhelm you and before you knew it, the anticipation crawling throughout your skin turned the doorknob before you softly pushed the door open.

Peeking inside, you could only see the alabaster glow from the moon seep through the sheer curtains, illuminating the shimmery bodies intermingling with one another. Legs spread open before him, his head stretched all the way back while laying against the headboard with shut eyes as his mouth was opened, breathy moans swimming past his lips. He held onto her waist tightly as she bounced on his lap, her breasts ricocheting within the air as one of his hands quickly reached for one before he would smother it in his hands as if it were silly putty.

She was vocal, that was a fact that was implicated into the air and your bed was moving slightly from the conspicuous licentious commotion happening upon it’s fluffy tousled blankets and tangled sheets. Breath caught in your throat, you felt tears beginning to overcloud your vision but you willed them away; quickly reaching for the light switch before you were all blinded by the luminous glare.

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i have a serious medical bill to deal with – it’s a mistake and just a bunch of health insurance red tape but it’s still up to me to follow up and fix it and it feels like a rock sitting on top of me not letting me move. like it’s affecting my credit and i probably couldn’t buy a car rn if i needed to. meant to do it before moving back to texas but now it has to wait til i get back so this is just an elaborate note to self so i get it done sometime in july. 2017. it’s pretty old. like 2 years of bullshit. then i need to take myself to the doctor without fear of incurring more bullshit bills. yeah it’s stopping me from going to my own docs which i pay for. health insurance is such a scam. there are more details but i can’t get into them just now or i’ll just get pissed at myself instead of enjoying my funky george michael playlist. also i have to do so many linens today cause my friend who is housesitting our place is coming over.  why do we have so many this is a two bedroom condo not a hotel. i seriously need to purge. this is my number one goal for the summer. and finish my article. and get a job when this texas gig runs out. which is in two months. really i should have put a “read after” thingy. 

a list of things that happened in tonight's episode

1) i’m 100% convinced that jude and connor were playing footsie under that table

2) connor’s dad still pisses me off but he’s a cool multi-faceted kind of character and i’m kinda getting into it, they could really go places with his storyline

3) donald is love, donald is life fight me on this

4) I might be mistaken but I didn’t see a single fucking basketball in that whole 40 minutes ABC family

5) nothing. literally nothing else happened in this episode. the plot did not progress in any areas other than AJ’s scene in the last 30 seconds. THIS EPISODE WAS ONE BIG FLATLINE I CAN’T EVEN HNNNNGGG YOUR UNPRECEDENTED GAY CHILD CHARACTERS CAME OUT JUST LAST WEEK AND NEITHER OF THEM SAID A WORD TO EACH OTHER


I’m glad that Taylor Swift is becoming more of a feminist and embraced her body & started showing skin and ditched the whole “women shouldn’t have to show bodies to be ‘grown up’” bullshit like hell yeah women should be allowed to show their bodies (to their consent) and not feel ashamed of it. Good for her. I’m not praising her for being an actual human being, it just bothered me so much of how she used to say that showing your body was wrong or whatever. I’m glad she’s over that.

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will grown ups 3 have Shinji Ikari in it??

Great question! If Grown Ups 3 features anime, it won’t be your entry level bullshit!  Grown Ups 3 stars funnyman Adam Sandler and living legend Kevin James. Grown Ups 3 hits theaters July 10th, 2015.