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I buy myself exactly 1 adorable, indulgent outfit a year and here’s this year’s! Almost all of my clothing budget goes to replacing black work clothes or cosplay, so most of my cute clothes are 4+ years old at this point and my recent cute stuff is acquired a piece or two at a time around the holidays. So I have nowhere to wear this yet (and I need to iron it!) but I couldn’t resist the twirl! It’s such a grown up Alice in Wonderland dress! Also you can’t see my shoes in this, but they’re really, really adorable too (andddd about 5 years old too whoops!) .
ALSO! Much love and thanks to my #ModCloth stylist, Alainia, who helped me find the blouse! I fell in love with the full look but for the life of me couldn’t find the blouse shown with the dress and she found it in about a minute! So thank you wherever you are, Alainia! You helped me look adorable! 💕
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Modern AU - All Grown Up series » Alice Liddell (Alice in Wonderland)

The higher you are, the harder you fall. Or so they say.

Always playing second fiddle to her older, perfect sister, Alice was wildly curious in her youth. Disappearing from her home for hours on end, she eagerly enjoyed exploring the deep and dark crevices that the world had to offer. This did not change as she grew.

After a particularly harrowing experience of which she does not talk about, Alice made friends with the “wrong crowd”. A scruffy guy, never seen without a top hat. A redhead girl who called herself the Queen of Hearts. Identical twins that only ever talked in riddles. One trip down the rabbit hole and she was hooked. It didn’t take long for her to lose the ability to distinguish between hallucinations and reality. Suddenly there were time-telling white rabbits and talking cats, tea to make you smaller and cupcakes to make you larger. The once loving and gentle girl turned to a casually cruel woman, only looking forward to her next high.

artreider  asked:

Wayhaught babysit Alice who is 2 almost 3 and is in love with watching Frozen, Harry potter and kids songs on YouTube.

Thanks for the prompt!

“Let it go, let it gooo”

“Oh god, not you too!” Waverly teased as she walked into the kitchen to find Nicole singing to herself as she cleaned the dishes from Alice’s lunch- macaroni and cheese with hot dog bits, always a crowd pleaser with the tot. The sound of Harry Potter getting into numerous shenanigans drifted into the kitchen from the other room where Alice sat happily in front of another one of her favorites.

“I can’t help it. She’s watched that movie a hundred times, and she’s listened to that song on Youtube so many times I think she broke the replay button.” Nicole whined just a little. But the smile on her face betrayed the obvious affection she felt for the little girl.

“Hmm, maybe you should…let it go?” Waverly continued to tease. Nicole rolled her eyes and gently swatted Waverly’s hip with the towel she was using to dry the dishes.

Waverly laughed, and pulled Nicole closer to her. She wrapped her arms around the back of Nicole’s neck and carded her fingers through the thick red hair at the base of her skull. Nicole watched her with eyes full of adoration for a moment, before she felt the familiar sensation of Waverly tugging at her hair a little and pulling their lips closer for a kiss.

Nicole let out a little sigh and squeezed Waverly’s hips as she enjoyed the languid kiss. After a few short moments, however, she pulled away quickly at the sound of little feet thumping across the floor and into the kitchen.

Nicole and Waverly turned to look at Alice; three feet tall, wild curls pulled into pigtails, and hands on her hips with her head cocked to the side. Waverly gave a sheepish look and took a step away from Nicole, who was scratching the back of her neck awkwardly.

“Mommy said don’t kiss. Grown up kissing is yucky.” Alice announced with a precocious little shake of her head.

“Jeez, she’s as much of an interruptus as her mom.” Nicole murmured under her breath. Waverly gave her a scowl and a gentle slap to the hip, then walked over to Alice and scooped her up. Nicole joined them and dropped a kiss to the top of Alice’s curls that didn’t seem to break Alice’s no kissing rule because the little girl smiled and patted Nicole’s cheek with her chubby hand.

“Okay, so what’s Harry Potter up to now?” Nicole asked as they walked back towards the TV.

“Dragons!” Alice screeched happily as she was plopped down on the couch between her aunts.

It’s 1:32 am and all I can think about is the group going to a skating rink. I mean ALL of them. Wynonna, Doc, Dolls, Rosita, Jeremy, Waverly, and Nicole. And of course baby Alice who gets one of those things to hold on to while on the floor.

Wynonna is too busy making sure no grown ups knock Alice over (it’s mostly just her yelling at people to watch out for her baby). Waverly is too busy taking pictures.

Dolls and Nicole are fucking pros. They kill it as soon as their feet hit the ground. Doing tricks and slides. They even come up with a routine before the night is over.

Doc is horrible. He’s falling every 2 minutes. He’s pretty sure he’s going to be one big bruise in the morning but he’s not going to give up so easily and with Jeremy and Rosita on either side of him holding him up he’s sure he’ll figure it out soon.


Sharing 3 cute and sexy pages from Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Mayonaka ni Ochiru Yume~. (In case you’re wondering, both of them got drenched in water before this scene.) Bless job for taking inspiration from my favorite scene from the Joker no Kuni game! SS will be releasing this book later this month in the name “Alice in the Country of Joker: The Nightmare Trilogy Vol. 3 - Late Night Nightmare”. Stopping at the crucial moment because I don’t want to spoil too much and also because I’m evil. ;D


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 2, episode 8 : Off With Your Head!

present : The grown-up Alice and Jefferson are reunited and embrace as old friends. David and Mary Margaret try to work on their marriage with Archie’s help. Regina attempts to reestablish herself within Storybrooke but faces extreme disgust and prejudice from most of the townspeople. The only one still willing to welcome her back is Henry, prompting her to reevaluate her priorities and decide to get her family back, no matter the cost. Having assisted in Regina’s return to society, Mayor Gold warns her that Emma has already broken the Curse’s element of frozen time and that it’s only a matter of time until she restores everyone’s memories, and then Regina will have hell to pay.

past : In the Land of Wonder, Rumpelstiltskin and Hightopp wait to be executed and the Servant’s dagger falls into the hands of Princess Coquelica. Seeing the tension between Coquelica and Hightopp, Rumpelstiltskin takes advantage of her, leading her to unleash the full force of the dagger, thus overthrowing her mother’s regime in a bloody coup. Ascending to the throne, Coquelica becomes known as the Red Queen, growing increasingly corrupted by the dagger’s power. Hightopp finds and frees Alice, but she reveals that she has lost the key that was her totem to the Land Without Magic. Alice and Hightopp explain to Rumpelstiltskin that there are two other portal-jumpers and offer to help him reach them, but he believes he has been duped by Hightopp and refuses to listen. Rumpelstiltskin returns to the Land of Ever now understanding the key ingredient for his Dark Curse from his experience with Coquelica: the caster must kill the thing he or she loves most.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Salma Hayek  as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest stars include : Diane Kruger as Alice Liddell Hargreaves, Anthony Mackie as Jefferson/Tarrant Hightopp, Natalie Dormer as Princess Coquelica, Judi Dench as Queen Iracebeth, Elle Fanning as Young Alice Liddell, David Dastmalchian as the March Hare/Slick, Michael Pena as the Dormouse/Dryden

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… Am I older now? 

((I’m so sorry for rushing this haha ;; I think this is the moment where I start spending time on questions so I do not think I can do the 1 question per day than I originally thought. But yeah! Here’s the first M!A! I think I’ll let it last for 10 questions probably. I might extend or reduce the time based on your opinions. I hope you like it ^^ ))