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Yes larrie anon, larries have created a truely positive fandom. Wishing babies away and calling every relationship in the boys life fake is so positive. Harassing a dying grandmother over the only grandchild she will have, WHAT JOY. I'm so jealous here being an anti where I stick up for the boys and try to get people to respect their real lives. I'm truely miserable reading gryles fics, Larry fics and tomlinshaw fics all at the same time but ALSO immensely enjoying the boys real relationships!


My work process in this was a MESS, but I had fun. ;)

You can see the final results HERE. :D


My idea of a grown Brock! He’s just more bara lol He owns a Pokemon rehabilitation Center, and lived up to his goal of being known as a expert pokemon breeder in many regions. He has his own short tv show, it’s kinda like the Doctor OZ show but for pokemon care taking! And has published 4 books titled; Healthy Snacks and recipes for your PKMN , Wild Encounters, Strengthening Bounds, and PKMN Hygiene 101! Also he’s still single and a major flirt as always lol!


12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Sam came clean within the episode, and properly apologised to Dean.
Dean being understanding and supportive of Sam’s decision
Me: they are so mature now #ProudMom 👏🏼👏🏼