growlithe plush


here’s a process video for growlithe! i’ve gotten some requests in the past to show my work process. so i decided to give it a shot! these are heavily inspired by @madoka07​‘s painting videos (which trigger my ASMR something fierce). purposely have no music, just ambient sounds. you could put on your own music if you’d like! :)

this is my first ever time recording something, and it shows! i only have a crappy point and shoot camera first of all (though i’m heavily considering buying a starter DSLR on black friday). so i realize that it’s continuously auto-focusing, making noise, white balance is off, etc etc. sorry about that! on my own end, there are some bad angles and lighting, so it’s definitely been a learning process.

i also know it’s super long, but this is only a fraction of the time it takes to sew a plush!

hopefully someone enjoys, but it’ll probably be boring for most people. maybe someone will learn something!

growlithe is for sale on my etsy:

more pics here: