Things always look more official when it’s on tv…. #Growling14 #Wattpad #ChanceChandler

#Wattpad prepare thy self for the ultimate, tear jerking, messed up, hilarious, choke to death laughter you will get from my holiday short story #TheNutsCracked because it was written for not just the holidays, but for the lost souls who find themselves on the internet instead of in their textbooks and notes! Coming soon to the interweb! #WrittingNinja #Growling14 #TheCoffeeisDrugged

And again dear readers, here I am giving you a sneak peack at a gift pack for one of our #InsaneReaders out there! Insanity is nearly complete and #LynnFalcon has some news for you once we gsg this goft pack together! (a lot more is coming!!!!) but here are two sketches. One is Amelia and the other is a secret… Only the winner of this gift pack will know! #Wattpad #LynnFalconNovels #InsaneTrilogy #Growling14

Me at MickeyDs: Got any rum?
Clerk: … Um… No?
Me: Ahh well second best thing is brains. Two large brains please.
Clerk: … We don’t have brains…
Me: *turns to another zombie in line* They don’t have brains!!!
Zombie: Noooooooo!
Me: arrrgh fine seadog… I’ll have a large fry. Ye have that aye?
Clerk: … Yes matey.
Me to another clerk: I’d like a large rum!!!
Clerk: aye aye captain!

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So this small moral of mine is an example of what The Flash taught me. One day in the comics, I read that Barry never said he was disappointed with people, and it was true. He never was. Why? Don’t know really but this is what I thought made sense. There is always hope for you to be a better person! What’s done is done and tomorrow you could amaze me. #Growling14 #ShelbySayings101 #ShelbyMorals