((This is Reshipoke, a fusion of Reshiram and Slowpoke for drillthroughheavenandearth. I love getting requests that have first and fifth gen pokemon. It’s like the past and present in one convenient package! It’s very nostalgic but also very….. I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it, but yeah! Fun fusion! Also any fusion with slowpoke is ridiculously silly and fun and pepto-bismol-ly. :3))

((Aiptales: a fusion of aipom and ninetales for bruxo-olimpiano. This fusion was a little difficult. Especially since my last fusion also had ninetales so I didn’t want it to be too similar. I think I did alright. (: The special weekend surprise will be posted in about an hour. At least the first part will. I might post it in a couple parts. we’ll see.))