growl photocard

Updating my list of photocards available for trade that are in need of a nice loving home.

The cards are (links are for better pictures):

Group - Growl [Type A] | Mama [Type A - EXO-K]
Suho - Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ | Nature Republic [Ver. 3]
Lay - Exodus [Chinese] (I have 3 2 of these available for trade)
Baekhyun - Overdose | Ex’act [Lucky One] | Girls
Chen - Sing For You [Chinese]
Chanyeol - Exodus [Korean] (2 1 available for trade) | Ex’act [Monster]
D.O - Sunny10 [Ver. 1]
Kai - Growl [Type A]
Sehun - Exodus [Chinese]
Tao - Miracles in December (I have 3 2 available for trade)

If you’re interested just send me a message or ask!

EDIT - I’ve had a lot of messages for trades so I thought I’d add a wish-list of cards I’m missing to make it easier:

MAMA [A] - Luhan | Kris | Lay | Baekhyun | Chen | Chanyeol | D.O | Tao | Sehun
MAMA [B] - Suho | Lay | Baekhyun | Chen | Kai | Sehun
GROWL [B] - Lay | Baekhyun | Sehun | Group
EXODUS [CHI] - Baekhyun
LOVE ME RIGHT [CHI] - Suho | Lay | Baekhyun | Chen | Chanyeol  | Sehun
LOVE ME RIGHT [~RU~] - Xiumin | Baekhyun | Chen | D.O | Kai | Sehun
LOTTO [CHI] - Lay | Chen | D.O | Kai | Sehun
COMING OVER - Xiumin | Suho | Lay | Baekhyun | Chanyeol
THE WAR [P] - Chanyeol
LOSE CONTROL - Type B (Desperately want this one!)

I will also trade for non-album cards! So other official or endorsement cards are welcome!

Along with my two MAMA albums, I also bought a Growl album, and I got a Sehun version B photocard! Before I got this, I already made plans with someone else to trade. So, he is up for either sale or trade! 

I also have a D.O. version B photocard which I am willing to trade for either of the following: 

  • Sehun, Baekhyun, Luhan, Kai Growl version A
  • OT6-K version A

If interested in trading, send us an email at . if you want to offer a price for Baekhyun version A, send us an ask on tumblr! Have a great day! 

- Admin K


Late update. Recieved my growl albums in just 6 days after shipping from Kpopmart!!! Although I only got 1 copy of the poster even though I chose the unfolded poster for EACH of the albums… I still got a lovely coin purse as a preorder gift~
Anyway! I’m so happy I got D.O. And Sehun!!! I seem to have amazing K members luck lol. The free unofficial mini photos are amazing as well, KpopMart knows the OTPs/ships in EXO hahaha! Definitely ordering from Kpopmart again!

I’m hoping to trade one of these photocards for a Luhan Version A Growl photocard… anyone? lol I’m scared of being scammed though…

Looking for trades

Have :


Two Suho Growl Ver A

Chanyeol MID Unpopped

SHINee :

Minho Everybody

Minho Dream Girl

Onew Why So Serious?

Jonghyun Sherlock


Two Rap Monster

Jin O!RUL82

Beast :

Hyunseung Hard To Love

B.A.P :

Daehyun First Sensibility

Topp Dogg :

Yano Arario

BtoB :

Minhyuk Thriller

Want :


Sehun MID Unpopped

Sehun Growl Ver A / B

Kai Growl Ver B

Chanyeol Growl Ver A / B

SHINee :

Key Everybody

Key Dream Girl

Key Why So Serious?

Taemin Sherlock


J-Hope Danger

Jimin Danger

V and Suga O!RUL82

Beast :

Junhyung Hard To Love

B.A.P :

Jongup First Sensibility

Topp Dogg :


BtoB :

Sungjae or Ilhoon Thriller

Might trade for others ^^
Email me at or message me

Selling some of my kpop merch!

I am selling most of my kpop merch most of them are brand new and never even opened.

I am selling them all very cheep since i need some extra money.(sorry for bad phoyos i have crappy phone if you want i can take more photos and send you as photoproof)

If you are interested in anything send me msg here on tumblr or my email

-Exo K mama photocard,Type A,Korean press and First print.

-Exo K Sehun MiD photocard,Korean press and First Print

-Exo M Xiumin MiD photocard,Korean press and First print

-Exo M Growl album,Korean press and first print

-Exo M MAMA album,Korean press and frist print

-Exo M Xiumin mam photocard,growl photocard and Overdose photocard,korean press and first print

-Exo M Overdose album,Korean print and first print

-Exo M Xiumin Growl photocard,Korean press and frist print

-Exo M MiD album,Korean press and First print

-Exo M Xiumin XOXO photocard,Korean ress and first print

-Exo XOXO photocards(Suho,Sehun,Chen and d.o)

-Exo XOXO photocards(Tao,Baekhyun,Xiumin and Chanyeol)

-Exo XOXO photocards (Lay,Kris,Luhan and Kai)

-Exo photocards from all eras

-Exo M Xiumin/Tao autographed photocard

Block B photocards(Seasong greetings 2012)-Only p.o,taeil,jaehyo and whole Block b photocard left

All merch on photos is up for sale so if you are interested send me msg.

Please don’t ask about merch that is not on photos because if i did have it they would be there and up for sale.

This is how I see things

People who wanted EXO to win: EXO fans

People who wanted(preferred) SHINee to win: Everyone else

Unfortunately though, that “everyone else” didn’t buy 50+ copies of SHINee’s albums each. I’d be willing to bet that # of ppl who own SHINee’s album > # of ppl who own EXO’s album (and judging by how MOY outsold Growl repackage album digitally, I could be right).

Yes, shawols bulk buy too. All kpop fans do. But SM knew what they were doing when they made A+B versions of EXO’s photocards for growl (27 of them) and had them do fan signings nearly every day.

EXO and SHINee worked equally hard (despite my personal opinions on the subject), but one aimed for sales, and the other for quality (SHINee and f(x) got detailed and artistic showcases for their albums, EXO did not).

Even if the EXO albums had good songs in them, it’s not like they in any way contributed to their creation. They’re just good looking puppets that sang whatever they were given. SHINee wrote lyrics, raps, and helped choreograph their songs. Key even created the album cover for MOU. They’ve been involved in their own music since their debut.

So what I’m saying is, you could go back in time and switch out some EXO members for other trainees, and it wouldn’t have made any difference.