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I was wondering if you knew any really complete jikook fics? By complete i mean that they have likee fluff, agnst, smut?? If you did i would love to read your recommendations! Thanksss

suuure thing!

just one chance to make me blush (religious chim au….it’s really amazing)

Kids and Love (smut is really mild but it’s still really good!! single dad chim)

Love Is A Sickness (Can I Get A Witness?) (angst is light but good)

Pink Lemonades, Tattoos And I Love You’s (it’s like a party au and it’s awesome)

Constraint (sexually confused kook, a classic)

Shameless (an all time fave of mine)

bite me (growing up together au)

Him (another all-time fave)

can’t pin me down (ANOTHER all time fave)

And Back Again (fwb au)

Glass Diamonds (you’ve probably read it but why not read it again?)

also you can read my fics too if you want heheheehe

There’s No Other Way- Blur

Bad Decisions- Two Door Cinema Club

Growing On Me- The Darkness

My Ever Changing Moods- The Style Council

Sowing The Seeds Of Love- Tears For Fears

Only Love Can Break Your Heart- St Etienne

I Want The One I Can’t Have- The Smiths

Friday I’m in Love- The Cure

(I Just) Died In Your Arms- Cutting Crew

 Just Like Heaven- The Cure

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My young 11 year old nephew is at that stage where he discovers what shipping is all about. I was watching Ducktales 2017 reboot with my nephew and he thinks Webby and Louie are cute together so I asked that if he ships them and he askks what does shipping mean. I explained what it means and he replied “ then yes I do ship them”


omg my nephew is growing up (if you see me reblogging some fanart of this ship its because he wants to see it so I hope you followers dont mind)

It’s the best week of the year aka turkey day//Thanksgiving Week!

I just want to say from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate each and every one of you who follow me, message me, support me, and enjoy what I have created! In a world that can be so dark, y’all bring me so much light! With that being said, here’s some mutuals I’m extra thankful for this year [but never forget, I love you all so, so much!]:

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Growing up my friends told me if a guy said he’d rape you it meant he liked you. So, of course when he said it I felt special and told my friends. I never could have imagined the horrific outcome. I was still just a child but my innocence was ripped away. I tried to tell my friends. They still romanticized the idea, they didn’t take me seriously. They asked me how it was, if it was amazing, if I felt more grown up. None of them ever questioned why I had tears in my eyes and marks on my skin. They never said a word when I walked away and never spoke to them again.
—  K.N.B.

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Hey Shirly! Are you keeping up with the new season? :)) if so can I ask how you feel about Jack? Do you think he will stay on the show for a while or leave soon? I like him just fine but others said he's just here to replace Cas and I don't want that. :\ anyhow your blog is amazing, keep up :))

Hii! Thank you for liking my blog~!

Yeah, I’m keeping up, lol. :p Also, I’ll be the first to confess that new characters have to grow on me, and that it takes me a while to take a liking to them. ^^” Despite all that, I personally feel that Jack has a lot of potential, and I did take a liking to the character right away. 

And even though, for a lot of folks, the same was the case with Misha/Cas, I don’t think it’s a replacement-kind-of-case at all. 

Dean calls it ‘Team Free Will 2.0′, but actually he’s nailing it there. :p Jack isn’t there to replace someone, Jack IS Team Free Will. We have Sam, we have Dean, we have Cas, and Jack is a younger version of them, all rolled into one. Which is probably why a lot of fans (disclaimer: all fans who are open to liking whatever random characters outside of Sam and Dean :’D) have taken a liking to him; they somehow understand and see that connection. 

At first many folks were like: “HE’S A NEW CAS, THE WAY HE ACTS, THE WAY HE TALKS!” Which, essentially, is true. He’s part angel. He’s Lucifer’s son. To put it rudely, even if he were a regular angel but with some essence of human in there, this is his default setting; not caring, following orders. ‘I’m having a hard time caring but I do have some feelings in here, and hey I do somehow care about doing the right thing deep down, and I’m good at following orders, so I’m doing the stuff like you’re doing the stuff, is this alright?’ Which essentially is Cas, once he’d been spending some time with the Winchesters and realized that perhaps, he did have a choice and could do better. 

On the other side, Jack is, just as obviously, a direct mirror to Sam. (Which is also why we’ve seen Sam being the more understanding and open one to Jack from the start, aside from the fact that Dean was grieving.) Having powers that you can’t control. Being born with said powers, but fully realizing that it doesn’t necessarily make you evil, because Sam has been there and done that. Whatever curse you were born with doesn’t dictate who you are; this so much applies to the both of them, and Sam gets that.

And then of course Dean, oh Dean; When considering the current situation, definitely the biggest mirror. “I should leave because I hurt the people that I love or care about, no matter what, even if I don’t mean to, I will end up hurting them”, or as Dean literally said “I’m poison”. 

Jack is all of this. He’s all of them, and that’s what makes him so interesting (along with the actor really delivering it). He’s not here to replace any of them, he IS all of them. 

Whether they will keep him around or not is anyone’s guess; there have been plenty of interesting characters on SPN that were dismissed way before their story ran its course. Still, he’s clearly not here to replace, if anything he’s here for us to reflect. :p

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Star's first 'googly eyes' towards Marco made her smile since she saw him well dressed and handsome while her feelings were starting to grow, which makes me sad that Marco's first googly eyes were followed by a sad face and a big sensation of miserableness since he was now fully aware of his feelings.

Yes it… hurt. But what matters is that they were all sparkly googly eyed for eachother. Now we just have to wait for Star to be like that again for Marco, and we’re set for life.

I was inspired to try the saxophone by Lisa Simpson.

I was inspired to be a good student by Hermione Granger.

I was taught that you can love someone fully without touch by Charlotte Charles.

I was taught you can be strong and feminine by Minerva McGonagall. 

I was taught that I can be strong and quiet by Trinity.

I was taught it was okay to stick out from other kids by Matilda. 

I was taught to be kind, no matter how hard things are, by Sara Crewe.

I was proud of being a redhead because of Madeline. (Sounds silly, but I got teased a lot growing up for being a redhead, and it took a long time for that to not bother me.)

Taystee taught me to stand up for what’s right, no matter how hard it is. 

I could go on and on. But my point is that these characters mattered to me growing up. Female characters matter. 

Farewell purple Ram

I cannot sleep, I can’t rest. My head is cooler now, even tho my heart still aches as I write this words. Yesterday @arietide passed away after some medical complications. She was one of the most amazing and unique persons I’ve ever met, she was my best friend and meant so much for me and many other people. She was harsh and crude with her words but that meant she care for you, and because she cared she would push you and lecture you and try for you to do your best because she could see that in you. She was an inspiration not only on my drawings and writings but in my life. She changed my life and I do not say it lightly that she was one of a kind, as cliche as that sounds. She help me become stronger and she helped me grow. We could talk about everything and I will miss talking with her about games, about politics, about social issues, about art, about Saint Seiya. Now, more than ever, that flawed but perfect on its own way story has become more important to me because it was through it that I was able to meet you Arie. I know your body has return to the stars and I know your soul is just waiting for it’s next vessel to come back to this life, I just hope we can share another cycle together.

(Fudou and a chocolate cake she drew me for one of my birthdays)

Anonymous confession

I have an extreme fantasy about touching my father’s cock. I have seen it a couple of times, and it is massive! The thought of him pulling it out in front of me, and watching it grow rock hard, and then me wrapping my hand around it and beginning to stroke it, drives me crazy and makes me so horny!

-Thank you for sharing 💋


Facebook post that I wanted to share here two 😊😞🥐🥖🍗🥟🥔🍂🍁I am grateful for who I am today; of what I have and who I have in my life. There’s lots of history behind thanksgiving and it’s viewed in many ways, for me it truly is a day I just give thanks for where I am today and how far I’ve come and thank all the people that made me who I am today. I’ve had one hell of a life but on days like today it’s been filled with long lasting memories that I will never forget. I have to give thanks because no matter what has happened in my life each year has been better it’s had it’s ups and downs and life definitely tests us in that way but I’ve always followed my favorite motto “ always keep moving forward “. I’m saddened that I can’t be around my friends and family back home grubbing and eating like i madman haha ; while appreciating the ones that have helped me grow as an individual. I’m glad I’ve had you all in my life that are reading this and especially the ones tagged, in some way please know I appreciate you all for just being in my life past or present even if for many of you it’s been years since we’ve talked 🤝. Family is beautiful. I hope you are all stuffing your faces as I sit here with jealousy. And I hope you guys are having a great day with your own families. Thinking about it I have a couple friends that I’ve considered family for many years so i give thanks to you guys two and hope that you aren’t alone you aren’t sad and you know that I appreciate all the time you guys spent being my friend. “I’m thankful for every moment” Happy thanksgiving, to the ones that are lucky enough to have their families together still today. I wish you all a wonderful day. And to the ones that aren’t so lucky I send you guys hugs and hope you can at least find someone to spend today with; sadly not everyone is so lucky. If you have any loved ones in your life today whether it’s family or friends and more appreciate them you never know what can happen tomorrow.
“ Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it “

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I’m so thankful for my super best friend :)

Maru, thank you for being the best friend I’ve ever had. You make me laugh every day and you always know how to make me feel better. You’ve helped me grow into a better person and I’m so happy you’ve always stuck by me. I hope we can be together forever!

You’re a real one :)

Happy thanksgiving, I love you!

happy thanksgiving

i’m so thankful for how much this account has helped me grow emotionally and i am so so so incredibly thankful for all of the friends that i’ve made through tumblr i could never be happier with all of my babes on here ily all

and if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving i’m still thankful as fuck for you


Once, in the land of long before
I wandered in the wilderness
Looking for a cure.
All was darkness in the clay of creation
And everything was me
Was death.
The stars above me empty sockets
The ground beneath me barren dirt
The days dragged by in tedious succession
And the nights spent in silent abject solitude.
And everything was me
Was death.
Until she washed up on my shore-
A tiny grain of hope
A seed that grew into light, into life.
And we danced and struggled, pushed and pulled
Until the spark was drained
And became my core.
And everything was me
Was death.
Yet she grows within me still.


Mary Tyler Moore is the woman who started it all. That show is amazing. Again, a comedy starring a female who was single and OK with it. And then there was Murphy Brown, another wonderful show with a strong leading female. Those were pretty powerful shows to me growing up. Nowadays there certainly is a lot more happening. It’s not equal to what we see with leading men and powerful men on TV, but we’re certainly making progress, and I’m proud of all the people out there creating content that they’re paying more attention to that and allowing women to be useful in stories.

story time

a few years back i had a friend who rps as erik the phantom and would constantly terrorise me into doing my studies and practice art, all that eventually helped me grow and improve my art drastically and frighteningly fast

i remember starting my life drawing class in college one day with no fancy stuff and no right equipment, i heard his voice telling me that the skill doesn’t lie in the tools, but the artist itself, i ended up buying cheap print paper and using my 2b pencil to draw a perspective drawing, the lecturer loved it so much that he kept it.

I have been writing stories since I was little but I never liked sharing them. I was sooo nervous the first time I posted in the fandom, but I’m thankful I found a place where I could share my work and my confidence has grown and my writing has improved. Thank you to everyone who has read, and thank you for all the feedback good or bad. It has helped me grow and genuinely makes me so excited to share my work love you lots 💚