@euclase youve understandably closed your inbox but i just wanted to say youre one of my biggest inspirations, as someone who’s been entirely self taught until recently and am now attending a community college for art classes that gets looked down on, i used to be so hard on myself bc i didnt think i could possibly be a “”“real”“” artist if i didnt go to a fancy art school and own all the best supplies. seeing what you can do with only what you’ve learned yourself makes me feel like i can succeed too.
your art advice has helped me grow in my own work and even just looking at your pieces i feel like ive gained an understanding of light that i never had before. your dedication as well as your beautiful art inspires me to keep working, even when i want to give up and delete everything im working on bc i hate it so much, i keep going bc if you can do it so can i!
all in all i guess i just want to thank you for being here and doing your thing, youre one of the greatest artists ive ever found in life ❤️

is the new tumblr safemode thing real because i literally don’t know if i would be here today if it wasn’t for my ability as a 12-15 year old to access content made by and for lesbians on here like i really talk shit about tumblr but it did so much for self acceptance growing up and connected me to other lesbians and i need that to be available for kids

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Stain isn't in the wrong but actually the society of heroes! Stain's dream of becoming a hero was crushed due to it "corruption" where many were becoming heroes because of fame/money! Despite his speech to revive the true essence of heroes, words had no effect so he resorted to killing the "fakes" BUT saved Izuku because he saw him as what a hero should be which proves he's not a villain that kills for fun but a man of extreme dedication of his beliefs which makes him a likeable character!

Okay, so since posting that Stain makes me a bit uncomfortable, I’ve done a bit of research. I went to some chatrooms, reddit threads, and read posts about Stain and the appeal of his character. And you are saying some of the same things …

And it’s weird because I feel myself lowkey sympathizing with him.

I still think Stain is a creepy and terrifying mofo … but I kinda get it now.


so when i started backup vocals it was some goofy concept i came up with in late december. now its’ been over half a year and i’ve written over 150,000 words – not counting bonus content – and made a shitton of drawings and new characters to flesh out this weird little au. its become my longest and by far my most successful fic by a long shot. it was my first proper au fic ever, so it was super exciting! finishing it was a really bittersweet experience.

so thanks again for the support, comments, kudos, fanart, etc that you guys so kindly gave me even when i wasnt confident in my own story. i know it’s just a fic, but it helped me grow so much as a writer and an artist, and i can’t thank you guys enough for helping me get there!

Vanilla Lips and Cigarette Tips: 12

Hi my lovelies. I hope you’re down for Bughead Fluff and smut today! Chapter 12 of Vanilla Lips and Cigarette Tips is up!

Doctor waves me to go back over to the bed to Betty and I stand up quickly, almost falling over my feet. I rush over to the bed and already Doctor Adams is adding the sticky gel to Betty’s ever-growing stomach.

Betty grins at me and grabs my hand. “Have you decided?” she asks.

I think about it a little more. If Betty wasn’t going to decide, then I will. “I think we should find out.”

Betty raises an eyebrow, “Oh yeah?” she asks, teasing me. “You want to know if you’re having a little boy or girl.”

“Hells yeah,” I reply. “It’s not every day you find out what your baby is going to be!”

The Doctor turns on the screen, moving the wand roughly against Betty, “Now that you’re bigger, I have to manipulate the transducer more to get a good shot,” she explains. “I’m sorry if I’m a bit heavy handed… I don’t do this too often.”

I watch the screen, this time, baby seems much more apparent to me, a little clearer. I can make a lot more things in front of me, “Do you think, I could figure out what the baby is without you telling me?” I ask.

Doctor nods. “Oh yeah,” she says. “So, if you really, really don’t want to know, you should look away.”

Well of course with that comment, I wanted to stare at that screen until it unearthed everything but Betty’s eyes grow and she seems a little more interested in the screen too. “Do you want to find out?”

She looks at me, keeping her shirt high up above her stomach and just below her breasts. “You made the call, Jughead Jones. So, let’s do it before you tap out.”

My heart starts again and I wonder what it would be like if we knew what the baby was. Would it change everything? Would it make it more real? A part of me is so eager to find out, I can hear my mind screaming at me to tell Betty we should do it. I take the plunge, I inhale and blurt out; “Let’s do it!”

“You guys are the King and Queen of reluctant,” Doctor Adams laughs. “But let’s see what we have here, lucky we have the big sonography machine today or I’d have to give you a referral to the Medical Imaging Department so you’ve made a good choice.”

Betty just grins at me, shaking her head at Doctor Adam’s. “Good choice huh?”

I keep my lips together as I smile back at her, my world spinning a little but in the best possible way. “Is it weird if I say I’m excited?” I ask her, rubbing her hand and bringing it to my lips gently.

Betty bites her lip and looks at me in the eye. “Is it weird to say that I’m excited because you’re excited?”

Doctor Adams laughs as she starts her pushing into Betty. The suspense was killing me, my chest was tightening my my cheeks were burning from smiling so much as what I believe is my face’s way of a coping mechanism. I move my hat just to kill time but it seems with every movement of the wand, it took a lifetime. “Now,” she starts. “Can anyone see anything between the legs?” she says pointing at the screen.

I squint to try and find something but I couldn’t. I couldn’t particularly pick out anything obviously apart from limbs and a head. “No?” I ask.

“You see those three white dots there?” the Doctor replies, pointing between the baby’s legs. “That’s your tell-tale sign.”

“Of what!?” Betty blurts out, flicking her head between the screen and looking at me. “Tell us!”

Annnnd cut off because I’m not gonna ruin the whole chapter! Review please? I’m begging.

I have privileges as a light skinned indian girl that other desis don’t have. Light skinned Indians are often fetishized and desired for their complexion and often idealized in commercials and movies. I’ve heard family tell me as a kid how beautiful my complexion was and how kali/dark other girls were, and I never understood why so many Indians see dark skin as something that is ugly/undesirable, but that’s what’s been fed to them for years, imperialism at its finest. My dad on the other hand is very dark skinned, and often we’d go out places and people wouldn’t know that he’s my dad, and I just couldn’t understand this. Even though I have my mothers complexion and hair color/texture, I still very much have my dad’s bone structure, I have his nose, his jaw, his dark circles, even my hands and feet look like his, I know I’m his daughter. But growing up people would ask me who he is, when he dropped me off to school in the 4th grade, kids innocently asked me if that was our butler or a helper. My dad doesn’t talk a lot about hatred with me, he tries to keep things light, but as an adult he’s told me that people have been disrespectful to him for his skin color. I saw it happen with an immigration officer at JFK, we were coming back from a LONG flight from India and just wanted to go home, they let every member of my family go, yet my dad, who has been a U.S. citizen since the 70s and is a damn doctor, was stopped and grilled about where he lives, hell they were asking him what counties and cross streets and just all this other menial information they never asked me or my mom. I was so angry and tired and upset that I walked up to the officer and I yelled “he’s a US citizen and he’s my dad, you need to CHILL” and I’m sure because I was lighter skinned, he let my dad through and didn’t pull a gun out on me for yelling at him, but it just felt unfair. I will never know what my dad or any darker skinned brown/black people go through, that’s my privilege as a light skinned poc, but I sure as hell am not okay with it. People out where I am, the white people see me as “exotic” (their words, not mine), the token poc they can ask racist questions to for the sake of being educated. I’ve felt it my whole life, white people often befriend me, many of my best friends are white, but it still baffles me how some people think it’s okay to say the n word or say racist shit around me, like I’m not a poc myself and it doesn’t offend me? Worse I’ll have white people say that they’re allowed to say racist and offensive things because geographically their (WHITE) country of origin is close to Africa/Middle East. Bitch no, that’s not how it works. You are white, even if you are friends with me you are not brown by association. I’m not your token brown friend and despite my skin tone, I am a proud Indian American and I don’t care if in your head you think it’s okay because I’m light skinned. Do not ever be disrespectful to black or brown lives because you are no friend to me then.

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Do you believe in God?

I believe in the universe, and some religious friends that I have tend to describe god in the same way. Over the years I have grown in a way to redefine the term god in my head into something less threatening for me. 
Growing up viewing God as a white male that told me everything I had to do seemed to be unjust and did not make sense in my little kid brain. 
As I’ve grown up I have redefined it, however the term still remains uncomfortable for me to use. 

Therefore, I believe in the universe and energy. I believe in the idea that we are all connected. I believe we are all a product of one another and the earth, and some people describe that similar connection to being a product of God. God being the thing that everything is connected back to. I say its the universe, energy, and one another. 

new fob song review: nice message but you say, boring

i ended up liking y&m because it was so weird but i’m sleepin now. maybe it’ll grow on me. also i’m dead on my feet from working at a summer camp all week so i’m in a bad mood and feeling like trash who relates clicc like

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i know i'm just some stranger to you, but i'm really proud of how resilient you have been throughout this all. i've struggled w/ mental health for years, and when i was 13 i would have given my bully the satisfication of feeling like they won. it makes me really happy to see all of your support, and to see that you refuse to be dragged down. it shows how powerful you are as a human being, and you can only continue to grow from here. :)

This makes me so happy thank you!!

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So I've been watching your Carisi videos on YouTube. One of the cool things is that I'm discovering songs I have never heard of. :) And ofc I rewatch the videos cuz I need to maintain a healthy dose of Sonny, so the songs grow on me. Arctic Monkeys are pretty catchy.

Aren’t they though?? @am-i-right-counselor turned me onto them not too long ago, and I couldn’t get their songs out of my head. That’s actually what initially inspired me to start making videos! 

And I’m so glad to know that I’m helping to share new music with people (while also supplying some Sonny goodness). 

Thank you for watching!

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Hello seyary, hope you're having a great day. I wanted to get your opinion on something I've been planning to draw lately. All this talk of Azula as a thor type character has me wanting to draw my version of such a combination. But I also want to include Sokka. Just not sure as who. I am thinking either a batman type or aquaman type. Wdyt?

Sokka could feel like a Batman-type of superhero, but I’d rather he wasn’t all that tragic. In fact, the thought of Sokka being more of an Ironman kind of hero has been growing on me (might be Avengers Academy’s fault, really). Very smart, without superpowers, with some slightly insane ideas that he probably shouldn’t have made reality… :’D

There’s tragedy to Ironman too, of course, and I don’t really like the idea of Sokka acting out as an eligible bachelor or so, but for instance, I think it suits Sokka to be the type of superhero who doesn’t bother hiding his identity after a few scuffles. He’d just end up wondering why the heck hide it anymore? Everyone he loves is already more dangerous than he is, so what the heck. If worst comes to worst, he’ll still protect them however he can.

So yeah, I’d go in that direction, if you want to know for sure :) But if you have a better idea, feel free to try that too :D

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lmao someone calling a ship canon hurts you hons??? grow up.

Yeah it hurts me really badly. That’s exactly what I said in my post! I can’t even sleep for a few days. That’s how important ‘ships’ are to me. But thanks for your concern. Like I’m pretty sure you had so many important things to do and yet you took the time to send me this life changing message. I already feel all grown up. Thanks hons

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He told me I was beautiful. I told him I was art. He told me we would last forever. I told him this wasn’t a fairy tale. He told me that was funny. I told him that was the truth. He told me I was distant. I told him I was growing. He told me I was rash. I told him I was passionate. He told me I had changed. I told him he should have listened.

- l.o.m.

The Only Hot Date I’ll Ever Have

An ode to my hot date, Clarence the Clarinet

Who is always so loyal and sweet

The best instrument I have ever met.

Even in marching band with the blazing heat

Your sound is silken smooth

We met years ago in my youth,

I could barely reach my fingers across your keys

But now you soothe

And sound like a bird flying high above the trees.

You’re the only hot date I’ll ever need.

My dear, you have seen

Me grow

However slow

And yet,

You are my hot date, Clarence the Clarinet.