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Scenes from going to lunch:

  • Highway sixteen in Mississippi is either kudzu, farmland that was carved out of kudzu, or meth labs.
  • I drove past a beaten down shack that was flying an even more beaten down flag out front: a combination of the rebel flag next to a portrait of Barack Obama. I assume the flag has flown there in protest since 2008, the owner having bought it from a white supremacist website the day after the election for however much a combination rebel / Obama flag goes for. A hundred yards further down the road, I ran over a rattlesnake that had been crossing the road when he’d been mowed down by whoever had passed that way just before me.
  • I rounded a bend in the road to find a school bus abandoned at the bottom of a gulley, vegetation growing around it, and a trailer standing at the top of the slope. The easy joke here is to say it represents the state of education in Mississippi, but there’s a story here somewhere of how the bus made it to where it is, and why the powers that be decided it was too much trouble to retrieve it. Or maybe it was sold to the folks in the trailer who put it down at the bottom of the hill as a playhouse for their kids or something.
  • Like many churches, Hillcrest Baptist Church flies the Christian Flag in front of the building. Unlike most other churches, the Christian Flag is flown at a higher elevation than the United States flag next to it. Hillcrest Baptist Church also has three twenty-five foot crosses in the backyard, only the cross on the right is only twenty feet tall, because the top of it has broken off so it forms a capital T instead of a lower case one.
  • As I got back from lunch, I got behind a truck towing a boat with an outboard motor MUCH larger than it needed to be for the size of the boat. The extra weight was putting a serious strain on the trailer tires, which were causing the boat to bounce around haphazardly on the highway.

10 Tips for a Tiny Balcony

By Robyn Griggs Lawrence

9. Grow a Kitchen Garden. You really don’t need much space to grow herbs, lettuces and maybe even some veggies. Check out this post on growing food in small spaces. Photo by Suzane Forsling/courtesy of Apartment Therapy 

An indoor garden that's fun for kids

I attempt every year to have a vegetable garden, and every year I think I will be more successful.  Unfortunately I find that I am not dedicated to it enough to reap heaps of produce but do get the occasional vegetable.  ( I call myself the accidental gardener– if I harvest anything it’s by accident.) Herbs I can do; but I always start too late or don’t prune enough, or don’t weed enough, or whatever… I don’t have a glut of peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, chard, kale, lettuce, etc.  At least we get our CSA bin and I have so many heirloom tomatoes now that I will have to learn to can this year.

I guess I try to garden each year knowing that it won’t yield much (until I put more time and effort in) but I think it’s a good way to show the kids that not all foods are so easy to procure.  We live in an age and place that we don’t have to worry about growing enough food, we can just buy it.  But things aren’t as easy for everyone, everywhere in the world. 


Anyway, this year I tried something new and was so pleased with the outcome.  I bought an indoor mushroom garden kit.  It was so easy and it was fun for the kids to do. They just need to mist it every day. (Mister is included, but I used another one we had too). watching them grow  Just within 10 days a beautiful bunch of oyster mushrooms!

Yesterday I harvested mushrooms and made an omelet with them.  Omelet also had tomatoes, potatoes, thyme, parsley, leeks– all local, organic from the CSA, and goat cheese.  The eggs are locally produced too!


My youngest was so happy to have one of his favorite foods but he wouldn’t let me put them all in; he had to have a few forkfuls of sautéed mushrooms sans egg.

And, now we just turn the box to the back and start again!  You can buy them here.

Did you know that the filter option in our online Garden Planner can be used to show only plants that can be planted out right now? By selecting the fall planting option you can extend your growing season hugely and add a selection of veggi

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To try the filter feature, open the Garden Planner and click on the funnel icon to the left of the plant selection toolbar.

Why don’t you see how many plants you could be growing right now?

Best Vegetables to Grow in the Shade

Even in shaded conditions, you can bask in great garden harvests if you choose the right crops and make a few easy adjustments.

By Colleen Vanderlinden

 Being Mrs Irwin would be a lot of…

  • shirtless ashton
  • ashton in sweatpants
  • ashton working out
  • working out with ashton
  • being really good friends with lauren
  • being another older sibling for harry and lauren
  • so much pampering he’d give u the ENTIRE WORLD
  • growing your own vegetables
  • dancing to old school music
  • spending long days by the beach/pool when it’s hot
  • him getting more angry/talkative when you’re around guys bc he gets jealous and wants to show everyone you’re his
  • rough SEX
  • “but baaaaaaae” so much WHINING AND POUTING
  • having bizzare pets
  • him waking up with the biggest smile ever
  • you telling him “ok u have take 50 pictures of the wall for your instagram now let’s keep walking”
  • “babe smile for instagram”
  • he’d still blush when he said ily even if its been 10 years since you got married
  • sometimes he’d just stare and think “what the fuck how did i get so lucky”
  • he’d act out bedtime stories
  • sharing jeans
  • random grumpy ash
  • bad hair day ash when he borrows your hairties
  • Road trips every TWO WEEKS
  • So MUCH 80s punk rock
  • Bring your kids to work
  • “ashton our kids is 16 I think they can manage tucking themselves in”
  • But he’d also be the dad that all your daughter’s friends would have a crush on
  • “babe all our kids have started schooling I feel so lonely”
  • “babe you know I never went to uni how cool would it be if I went with our child!!! We could party hard together!!!”
  • Early morning bowjobs after breakfast hmmmm
  • Band bbqs would be in your house bc ash and you would def have the biggest house
  • Carpooling your’s and the neigbour’s kids to and fro school
  • “our son os 3 can he start listening to black sabbath”
  • “Michael stop swearing MY KIDS ARE HERE”
  • “oh wow would you look at that we have to go babe” WHEN A GUY TRIES TO TALK TO YOU AT THE CLUB
  • “calum WHY is my son listening to tupac he is 5”
  • “no Michael you will NOT dye my daughter’s hair”
  • Leaving your kids with either of your parents to go on your bazillionth honeymoon

 YOU ASKED AND WE R GIVING!!!! hope u love it! - shreya and shaza xo


Perennial Vegetables: Grow More Food With Less Work

Combine permaculture gardening techniques and edible landscaping ingenuity in your garden by growing perennial vegetables. You’ll be surprised by how little work garden perennials require when compared with the work you expend growing annuals. Plus, our list of best perennials and resources guide will get you started with this sustainable, practical gardening technique.

By Vicki Mattern


#LocalLens: Jordan’s Golden Deserts and Night Skies with @farahfoudeh

For more from Jordan, explore the Amman, Jordan location page. To see more photos from Farah, follow @farahfoudeh on Instagram

“The landscape in Wadi Rum gives you the feeling of being on Mars, and the night sky reminds you how small we really are,” says Farah Foudeh (@farahfoudeh), who lives and works in Amman, Jordan. The 23-year-old grew up in Nigeria, but says she always found a way back home to Amman where she spent summers as a child. Farah spends her spare time hiking and exploring her surroundings and her love for Jordan led to a job at the country’s tourism board. “I am a sucker for silhouettes,” she says, naming Wadi Ibn Hammad and Wadi al Kerak canyons as great places to shoot. “They have natural water flowing through them, and interesting vegetation grows there as a result. You sometimes have desert valleys with palm trees growing horizontally in all directions from the side of the mountains.”

She adds, “One thing people might not know about Jordan is that it gets pretty green here in spring,” referencing mountains in the north of the country. But Farah’s favorite location is the Dead Sea at sunset or sunrise. “The stillness of the Dead Sea mirrors the colors of the sunset perfectly on a clear day.”

Here are some more of Farah’s favorite places to shoot:

  • The Siq in Petra — “The narrow pass-way between the canyon walls makes it quite easy to get great compositions, not to mention the lighting there is stunning.”
  • Wadi Ibn Hammad, Wadi al Kerak and Wadi Assal — “The canyons are great place to shoot! When the sun is setting I love how the light is reflected off the wet canyon walls.”
  • Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon — “It’s a three-hour drive from the city, and the perfect getaway to connect with nature and just relax. The silhouettes of the mountains are breathtaking at sunrise, and the entire desert is golden for a few minutes.”