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One hundred seeds: That’s the number Minara Begum needs to plant in her Detroit backyard in order to grow enough vegetables such as squash, taro root and amaranth greens to feed her family for the year.

She learned to cook and garden at a young age in Bangladesh. In the two years since she moved to the U.S., she’s grown traditional South Asian crops to feed her family — and whoever visits — on any given day. For Begum, this is a way of life. But through Bandhu Gardens, in Detroit, Begum and her neighbors are able to leverage their culinary skills into an entrepreneurial venture.

Bandhu Gardens sells surplus vegetables that are grown in the backyards of about six families to a handful of popular area restaurants. Last year they sold 120 pounds of greens, beans and peppers and 25 pounds of squash to restaurant accounts.

This Garden Connects Bangladeshi Women With Restaurants — And Each Other

Photos Courtesy of Andrew Miller


Was so impatient to try some of my not-fully-grown produce today and it tasted heavenly 🌿

My favourite JDM tidbits from Live with Kelly on 20 March 2017:

- being a farmer Jeff is very happy about spring starting because it means that “things are gonna start birthing and flowers are coming”

- it’s now time to start planting on his farm, where they also have a vegetable garden where Jeff’s son, Gus is growing all sorts of vegetables and he goes down every night and picks out his own dinner

- he promised to bring eggs for Kelly and everybody for next time he will be on the show because they have so many eggs on the farm

- Jeff’s favourite chickens are the “fluffy-feet ones”

- they have ducks on the farm that they rescued and were living in their living room for two months (because it was too cold for them outside) and the ducks rule the farm, chasing his two dogs around

- Jeff’s farm is a “no-kill” farm but Kelly suggested that he should make “JDM sausages” out of tofu

- they don’t have a family crest but Jeff wishes they had one and joked that he could tattoo it on himself

- he is not a good sleeper, he used to be but it has changed as he has gotten older and a parent, now he feels super-lucky when he gets 5 hours of sleep a night

- he feels rainy weather coming in his back and knee like a week in advance

- Gus sleepwalks into Jeff and Hilarie’s room and he likes to kick and sit up in his dream and then he throws his head on top of Jeff like a “bowling ball”, usually waking him up, and then Gus cannot remember it the next morning

- Jeff’s favourite part of the show is the “Winter Lip Sync Travel Trivia” because of the snow-guns

- they played an Impression Session game impersonating famous people, Jeff did Bill Clinton (”I did not have sex with that woman!”), Barbara Streisand (he sang “The way we were” and was glad that Jennifer Lopez guessed it because Jeff was like “thank God, don’t make me sing”) and Mike Tyson

- he is a great admirer of John Lithgow and said that he “steals” his creepy guy acting tricks from him

- he mentioned doing an Irish accent for P.S. I Love You but admitted to not remembering it anymore

- when they came back from the last commercial break, the audience was chanting Negan’s name to which Jeff said “all Negan”

- Kelly asked him what was wrong with Negan that he was so scary, to which Jeff replied “he is just misunderstood”

- Kelly wanted him to tell how the season of The Walking Dead ends and Jeff said “everybody lives happily ever after…or not”

- Kelly referred to Jeff as JDM “as we like to call him”