growing up in hawaii

“If there’s a Disney animated feature based in Hawaii, I knew I had to be part of it. I’m very proud to be from Hawaii. So there was no question [the role] was mine.

“The whole feeling of the islands is in the scenery, characters and nuances of our voices. Our fingerprints are very much on our characters. The bickering and love you see between Nani and Lilo is what you experience growing up in Hawaii. And I like that the film speaks about the difficulty of living in Hawaii,” 

– Tia Carrere, the voice of Nani in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch

Voltron head canon time! 

So Hunk is Samoan and Lance is Cuban, everyone just kind of assumes they meet at Garrison or the Hunk moved from Hawaii and moved to the same town as Lance.

But Imagine this! Hunk and Lance both growing up on Hawaii, Hunk speaking Hawaiian fluently and Lance being trilingual. They both moved off the island when they were in their teens so their accents aren’t as strong when they normally talk but at the garrison when they want to annoy people they would slip back into it and confuse the crap out of people with all their slang. Even when in Space they still do this and what ever tech they have to translate the language just kind of freaks out because they are switching from English, Hawaiian and Spanish (Because growing up around Lance’s family of course Hunks going to know a bit of spanish) and they confuse the other Paladins because they can’t even figure out what language they are even speaking. 

When they are really tired they just talk in Pidgin to one another and once again the other Paladins are just incredibly confused. They also try to teach Pidge how to speak it because Lance could not let that pun pass him by.

Or they go to a planet with Earth like oceans and Shiro, Keith and Pidge expect Hunk to throw up when they get on the boat but the boy is just pro at sailing because he grew up doing it. 

So yeah there is like zero evidence to support it but I like it! 

(Also for this head canon I think Lance would probably live in Cuba for a while then move to the island, but Hunk was born there)

Please don’t make assumptions. I’m not your “waifu.”

Something has been bothering me for the past 6+ months, and I’d like to get it off my chest. Please feel free to scroll past and enjoy my blog posts on fashion, gardens, and cats ^^

If someone has a Japanese last name, and they tell you that their family has lived in the US since before WWII, please don’t ask them if they speak Japanese, or why Japanese women do their makeup a certain way, or what they think of Shinzo Abe’s XXXX policy… It may also be a good idea not to badger them about why they don’t speak Japanese, and why they should speak Japanese. Here’s the thing: many Japanese-Americans aren’t Japanese nationals. We may not know or care about Japanese national’s views on weight or Japanese politics.  We also most certainly do not fit your idea of what a Japanese woman should be.

Growing up as a half white, half Japanese girl in Hawaii, I was always told that I “looked haole” or white. I was teased by my family and friends for my pale skin. But on the continental United States it has been different. It’s as if some people only see me for my Japanese name and nothing else. They expect me to fit into their idea of what a Japanese woman should be. But here’s the thing: I’m Japanese-American. I’m not your “waifu.” I’m ethnically Japanese, but I’m American. My great-grandparents watched Pearl Harbor get bombed from their little house in Ewa. As a child, my grandma watched the young men in her camp leave to join the 442nd, never to return.

No one in my family speaks Japanese anymore. The women in my family are outspoken and loud. We won’t make you a bento or rub your back if you command us to. We are not compliant, timid women. We aren’t your “waifu.”

What bothered me the most was that most of these experiences on the Mainland were from interactions with men from other ethnic minorities. Please: out of all of the craziness that we go through, you should at least understand what it’s like to have negative stereotypes. Please don’t perpetuate them.

With Hunk being hawaiian, I like the idea that he knows pidgin. He doesn’t use it, either to fit in/not be rude, or because he picked it up from family even though he grew up on the mainland. (Did he grow up in Hawaii? It works either way.)
Maybe if he’s really tired or distracted a word might slip in, but the only other time he’d use it is if someone finally went too far, and he just snaps and goes off on a tirade at them. (Before awkwardly trailing off and apologizing when he sees everyone staring at him. “Ah, shoots brah… I mean, uh, sorry?”)
Cue Lance leaning over to Keith, “I think that might’ve been english, but I have no idea what he just said. You?”
“No clue.”
That would probably start up a conversation explaining different languages they all speak to Allura and Coran.

library shuffle tag game

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Ghost Town - Adam Lambert

Don’t You Remember - Adele

Perfect - One Direction

Muerte en Hawaii - Calle 13

Trees - Twenty One Pilots

Grow Up - Paramore

Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz

Love Me - The 1975

Lacrymosa - Evanescence

Fantine’s Dead - Les Miserables Soundtrack

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hawaiian percy

ok so pipabaeth just messaged me about this and ronanslynhc was talking to me about it earlier and i am 100% down for the hawaiian percy headcanon

but consider:

- sally raising percy in hawaii and the island being his home for most of his life

- instead of manhattan, percy grows up in hawaii

- NOW flash forward to TLO during the big show down and

- sally still lives in hawaii

- oceanus KNOWS sally is there and constantly sends storms and sea monsters to wreak destruction on the island

- and percy is fURIOUS

- annabeth and chiron and even POSEIDON have to fight to convince him to fight in the battle of manhattan

- because all he can think about is his home and his mother in DANGER

- and all he wants do is beat the livin shit out of oceanus and fUCK HIM UP

- percy literally having panic attacks when he thinks about what’s going on at home and annabeth needing to calm him down and getting percy to iris message his mom b/c he is nOT OK

so who wants to cry w/ me

flame-cat  asked:

oh my god Yes to all ur lance headcanons......... oh my g od

Have some more angsty ones (I also threw in a few happy ones because fuck it):

Lance talks a lot because he’s nervous. He talks because when he was little he couldn’t speak English very well and got made fun of. Now he loves his voice but still feels a tinge of fear when people notice an accent and stuff. Also is very insecure when people tell him to shut up, because he doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone.

Lance is severely allergic to peanuts. Hunk found this out when they ordered Thai food and Lance had to go to a hospital. Apparently Lance is also allergic to space peanuts. He had a severe allergic reaction and gave Keith a heart attack because holy shit you’re turning blue in the face omg what the fuck do I do.

Lance avoids training because it brings up painful flashbacks to being the punching bag immigrant kid in his school. No matter how much he cried for help no one saved him. One day Keith goes to far during one of their sparring matches and Lance has a flash back, and ends up curled on the floor rocking back and forth muttering in Spanish: You’re fine You’re Fine. Then in English: Save me Save Me please. And Keith’s heart breaks.

Lance has chronic nightmares after he nearly got ejected into space. One night the air conditioning came on and Lance ended up screaming. Of course the only person who heard him was Space Dad Shiro who immediately rushed to lance’s room. Finding Lance huddled on the floor shivering. The next morning the Paladins and Allura go looking for Shiro and Lance and end up finding Shiro passed out on his bed his arms firmly around Lance wrapped in a cocoon of blankets.

Lance is a master at poker. Once when they stopped on a Party Planet (entertainment has to exist in space you guys) Lance managed to basically broke the bank in 3 different casinos. He’s banned from that planet to this day.

Lance is multilingual. Spanish was his first language, but he also speaks French. Hunk taught him Japanese (due to growing up in Hawaii) and is attempting to teach him Hawaiian. Hunk also speaks Spanish. As his mother was Puerto Rican

Lance’s mother suffers from severe depression. And agoraphobia.

Lance loves the ocean and wishes he could be a merman.

Lance can dance. Like really well. He also knows all sorts of Latin dance: Senior Salsa and Cha Cha Cha. :D

There ya go. Hope you enjoy.


“Big Red” (Tiburonia granrojo)

…a species of Ulmarid jellyfish that is the sole member of the subfamily Tiburoniinae. Tiburonia granrojo has been observed in deep waters (around 600 to 1,500 meters) across the Pacific Ocean, including in the Sea of Cortez, Monterey Bay, Hawaii, and Japan. Tiburonia granrojo can grow up to 75 centimeters (30 in) in diameter and in place of the long tentacles found in most other jellyfish it has thick oral arms. Only 23 specimens of Tiburonia granrojo have ever been observed, and only one has been collected (a small [15 cm] specimen) for study. 


Animalia-Cnidaria-Scyphozoa-Semaeostomeae-Ulmaridae-Tiburoniinae-Tiburonia-T. granrojo

Image(s): NOAA/Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

I See Your Galra Keith: I Give You Galra Lance Prince Lotor

Blame @stealing-klances for the inspiration :D. I turned or convo into a text post so people can read it.

Also if someone turned this into a fanfiction I would die.

But think about this: Galra Lance being Lotor? Like now this is a stretch: but Lance (Lotor) was sent to earth as a baby and found by the McClains, the preprogrammed mission was accidentally erased when he landed or pushed into the subconscious.

So Lance lives his life as a human, completely oblivious. Then one day when Voltron is fighting zarkon it all comes back to him in a flash. Causing him to “accidentally” let the Galra get away.

In denial about what he did he ends up running away cause like: Nope nope nope Galra that’s ridiculous I’m human???

Then Hagar finds him and brainwashed him cause “We Need Lotor To Get Voltron”

So Lance returns but this time working for Zarkon and pretending to be Lance.

Lance betrays the team at the end of the season and we get a cliffhanger of him with a sword through his chest saying: “Thank you Keith” then it fades to black.


Lance in the next season is thought dead, and Keith is besides himself… cause “I fucking murdered my best friend holy fuck.” And we get lovely Allura Keith FRIENDSHIP happening cause Allura recognized Lance as Lotor from the start “your ears what happened to them”

Allura recognized Lance as Lotor but thought he went by a different name in order to hide from Zarkon.

Well surprise surprise Lance isn’t dead, he’s actually secretly building up a resistance faction on different planets. He gets numerous Ballmera people to help and ends up becoming the mysterious General X.

Well apparently Lance doesn’t approve of Voltron anymore cause the truth of the robot being used as a weapon to instill fear in order to create peace was revealed by Zarkon (I mean the dude was fucking black paladin, he had to have some idea of it). Also who builds a giant ass robot like that for peace????

Anyway sooo the team ends up fighting Zarkon andddd the Resistance (cheesy ass name but we’ll work on it)

Well it so happens that Hunk realizes that Lance isn’t dead (let’s say he and Pidge go to the Galra ship that Lance “died” on and found video footage of him casually getting up off the floor and pulling Keith’s Bayard out of him without breaking a sweat).

Hunk reveals this and the team ends up splitting up again to find Lance (cue the second major arc) Allura and Shiro go together while Pidge and Coran leave (GIVE ME CORAN BEING AWESOME PLZ) and Hunk and Keith set out.

Well Allura and Shiro discover the resistance faction cause Shay and Rax had joined it. And they learn of Gen X… who’s apparently stealing quintessence from Zarkon and whatever. They’re curious and go undercover as members of the resistance.

Pidge and coran Discover the origins of the lions (my headcanons is that the lions are actually people who were killed and their souls put i to the lions to give them life). And coran IS horrified to discover this. Pidge is fascinated and ends up discovering the secret behind Lance not dying (Lance has unique quintessence which allowed him to heal ultra fast and talk to the lions telepathically)

Well while this is happen Keith and Hunk get attacked by Galra troops and thrown in prison (like Shiro) to fight it out. They end up finding out about Gen X through that. Actually they meet him personally and end up having this massive battle royale type thing where Hunk is a fucking badass genius discovering Xs real identity from one line: “Heh you wish you were as good as me mullet”. See Keith didn’t pick up on the mullet cause several aliens had called him weird hair nicknames. But Hunk and his long friendship with Lance remembered the pet name Lance had given Keith on the first day at the academy.

Also flashbacks to Lance’s past and Hunks past growing up as kids (Lance is from Cuba and Hunks from Hawaii but Hunk lived in Cuba for 3 years with his uncle who got transferred or something)

Now Hunk and Keith are freed and meet up with Coran and Pidge. They try to contact Allura and Shiro to no avail.

I think the big season finale would be them discovering that Lance is Lotor (Hagar showing them the truth or something) and that General X is Lance. Of course Lance ends the season by Telling Allura or replace him as Blue’s pilot and goes off with Shay, Rolo and Nyma to fight Hagar while the Voltron force fights Zarkon.

Then we get their separate journeys and the final of the entire show is Lance and Keith getting together after numerous episodes where they ended up fighting together, Hunk and Shay as ambassadors and helping thousands of planets rebuild after Zarkon. Pidge gets their family back, and creates Rover 2.0. And Allura and Shiro get married and there’s a wedding.

Also Lance takes over as the leader of the Galra Empire.

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you know that the eats can range from super-yum to kinda sorta WTF. To me, the best thing about Hawaiian eats is the mishmash of Asian and European flavors that seem to have been concocted with stoners in mind. Seriously, there are some weirdo eats that only peeps from Hawaii would understand.

Even though I spent some time as a kid growing up in Hawaii, my mother didn’t really cook Hawaiian eats very much at home. There are a handful of local dishes that she made, like kalua pork and chicken long rice, which are deloycious, but I pretty much grew up eating Taiwanese and Chinese eats.

There’s one dish that Hawaiian peeps make that’s super-yum and super-easy to make, and that’s huli-huli chicken. It’s like the Hawaiian version of teriyaki-slash-BBQ chicken, and it’s one of those dishes that everyone eats. Like, for Cub Scouts fundraisers, the old ladies would make huli-huli chicken and we’d have to sell tickets and stuff. Here’s how to make super-easy huli-huli chicken:

  • In a glass mixing bowl, combine: 1 cup unsweetened pineapple juice; ½ cup low-sodium soy sauce; ½ cup brown sugar; 1/3 cup ketchup; ¼ cup white wine; 1 tablespoon of finely minced fresh ginger; 3 cloves finely minced garlic; and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Stir to combine and you’ve got yourself some huli-huli sauce.
  • Lightly brown about two pounds of skin-on chicken thighs over medium-high heat in a shallow cast iron pan.
  • When the chicken is browned on both sides, turn the chicken skin-side down, and add the huli-huli sauce, then heat until it bubbles.
  • Put a lid on the pan, then put it in a 350 degree oven. After 30 minutes, remove the lid, turn the chicken thighs skin-side up, and let it bake for another 30 minutes or so.
  • Voilà! You can also prepare the sauce and marinate the chicken overnight in the fridge if you’re gonna cook it on a grill. It’s pretty good! You should try it!
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“Well, being raised in Hawaii is pretty much the sickest thing ever. I love it in Hawaii, I would never wanna move away or anything. Growing up there (it’s like), everyone’s pretty much a family. Where I live on North Shore everyone knows each other. You’re all buddies - just really good vibes and stuff. I remember back when we were little, we used to just have beach days all day long - go down with a blanket and umbrella and just sit at the beach all day long. Surfing non-stop, come in… eat peanut butter and jelly [that] was already down there. Pretty much all day from like 7 in the morning til like 7 at night, until it gets dark then go home. Next day, same thing again. (Have a good time?) Yeah, it was good times…”
- nathan florence

since the region for sun/moon is based off Hawaii I thought about things i’ve done growing up here. Decided to try drawing the characters and starters hanging out at some tide pools, like people do up near like Makapu’u (tho in real life its lowkey sketchy to hang out there)

i wish i did the rocks traditionally its hard to make rock look rocky in digital painting