growing up fabulous

Kids I babysit: Can we watch something?

Me: How about Pokemon? I still haven’t finished watching it yet!

Them: Yay!

Me: I can’t wait to see my beautiful fantastic fabulous James-


Me: (too busy reciting the Team Rocket script and dancing around their living room to care) 


It’s because you’re important.

Someone just asked me why I wrote ‘How To Be You’. I realized it’s because I like you. I know we haven’t hugged yet, but we will. I know what it’s like to feel isolated and hated and I don’t want anyone else to feel that way if I can help it.

A year and a half ago I realized I can help. I can write. I started writing the book with you in mind – not “all my fans” or “my audience”, but you. You are important. You were taught that there is something wrong with you and there’s not. You truly are great exactly like this. You are wonderful and have a lot to offer. So the book goes like this:

It’s my story about growing up fabulous on the farm in Pennsylvania.

It’s direct advice about how to live your best fulfilling happy life.

It’s a workbook! You rip out pages and color things in because I wanted us to create this book together. You are my co-creator and you are important.

Let’s learn how to be happy and feel good creating together:

Growing up is quite fabulous, really. You start to become okay with just listing broad (boring) interests when filling out profiles - no one needs to know about your love for tree-climbing, or painting yourself with watercolours until they’re close enough to experience it & love you for it. You grow content with, and even enjoy, the fact that there is much more to the “galaxy” within you than you thought, or than you have to show at one time. It’s quite a relief that you no longer have to try so hard, you just accept that your “Pluto” is not really a planet, and that people accept it and appreciate it anyway. Some of your stars grow dimmer, and some spark. Some constellations change, some stay the same. Whatever it is, you’re still figuring it out, and that’s okay. You can bury moons & asteroids in the far corners and smile at the fact that no one might ever find them. Your planets learn their orbit which all forms around what you place in the center - what is your sun? You get to watch things transpire & grow and know that you take responsibility for this magnificent thing given unto you, called life. Also, you learn that you learn as you go, no matter what you’ve gone through in preparation. It’s the most marvelous adventure upon which you will ever embark.