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Empty Libraries

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: Could you do something fluffy w Lin, idk why but could you?- anon

Summary: “you’re talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you’re going to fail, need help? i just so happen to major in that subject and oh shit, you’re really cute”

Warnings: first fic? otherwise just lots of fluff and a little awkward Lin.

A/N: have fun, and I’d really appreciate feedback!

Word Count: 1929

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techpaired replied to your post: one day im just gonna make a massive post with…

it’ll help ppl realize that their excuse for not writing black characters is that there’s “no resources”

lmfao the NO RESOURCES excuse is literally the most LAZY ass excuse i have EVER heard ! ! ! i will personally SCREENCAP every movie / show for people who use this excuse let them say it again

u know that feeling of growing up cast out from the rest of ur classmates
and in gym class sometimes the teacher made 2 teams and each captain picked people until only you were left and they had to pick you by force with a rly unhappy looking expression

bonus: the class is an uneven number so the teacher tells you that you can join whichever team you like, and you choose and then watch the entirety of that team make the :/ face cause they didnt want you + the other team being releived as fuck that u didnt pick them

bonus 2: u got to be captain to choose people and see everyone you choose make faces cause they dont wanna be there, they want the other team

some things about Broadway Les Mis

I know I saw it in the summer, which was a while ago, but some details of the current Broadway production keep popping into my head so I thought I’d write them down now.

  • the prostitutes break my fucking heart. each and every one is completely rounded out as an individual by her actress, and even though they’re not onstage for most of the show, i became attached to many of them within a few minutes. one in particular (i don’t know who played her) is clearly suffering after some sort of disease or miscarriage/abortion, but continues working, and i almost cried for her. 
  • …and so does Turning. during Turning, several women walk out and place candles on the ground. everyone knows how sad that song is–the lyrics are absolutely crushing. but one woman appears to have a daughter (previously young cosette), who asks “who will wake them” as if she genuinely expects Les Amis to return. me too, little girl, me too.
  • …ok Empty Chairs kills me too tbh. Les Amis show up as ghosts during Marius’s lament, and they pick up the candles themourners left during Turning–only to blow them out and leave Marius in relative darkness.
  • Gavroche’s death is Not OK (wtf, Joe Spieldenner). when Gavroche is singing the reprise of “Little People,” he’s behind the Barricade. the only indication of what’s happening is gunshots during pauses, followed by his continued singing–even though i know the score by heart, i was convinced that Gav had died after each shot. eventually he climbs the barricade, only to be shot as he comes into view. then he falls forward, eventually ending up in Grantaire’s arms. Joe’s R gives a horrific, heartwrenching cry at the sight of Gav’s body, stumbling off with him.
  • E/R is completely one-sided. this would have irritated me more if Joe weren’t playing R so magnificently. his R pines in such a gloriously bitter and sarcastic way, while Enjolras is completely uninterested and unsympathetic–the chemistry is utterly one-sided, and Joe spins it perfectly so that your heart breaks for his surprisingly tender (toward Gavroche, at least) Grantaire.
  • I’m in love with Feuilly. you don’t usually expect to have a favourite “minor” Amis with stage productions, since they’re not fleshed out very well, but Forbach’s Feuilly was terrific. he truly became his character, his love for the Revolution and France shining through every time he stepped on stage, and i’ll admit i was disappointed not to have an opportunity to see him as Enj.

Since the show is closing soon, I wanted to share the incredible good fortune I had in getting to see it in person, and describe the unique pieces that stayed with me after all this time! If you have any questions about specific parts, I’d be happy to answer any asks about it.


look at how much Camren & David have grown up already since the beginning of the show tho bless



A Ripple in time

Summary:Emma is on her way to Granny’s when a teen version of Regina Mills seemingly pops out of thin air and smacks right into her. Emma and present-day Regina must work together to figure out why the curious young teen is there and how to send her back before the past is irreparably changed, thus altering their entire lives in the present. Young!Regina Rated T, subject to change.

A Totally Weird And Illegal Swanqueen Story 

Summary: A Swanqueen Story. Emma is an emancipated teen new to Storybrooke. Regina is a crazy, perverted mayor/High school teacher, wanting to gain dominance on Storybrooke’s newest resident.

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Growing Up Unstable
Off-Broadway Cast
Growing Up Unstable

“When they tell you that they’re sure this cure will do the trick and change her. When they say that every time, and every time she just gets stranger. When you know you've heard those lies before, seen it in their eyes before, as you sat at that pathetic dinner table. Knowing you’d leave if only you were able, that feeling has a label: You’re growing up unstable”

dragonranger10  asked:

hey shinta what you think of digimon adventure tri? I haven't seen it yet so I'm wondering if its worth getting into.

Watched the first two fully as they first were released, but my interest petered out as it was made clear Toei was more interested in repeating the sins of their modern productions and redoing stories they’ve already done with the franchise, and this being a product banking more on nostalgia and fanservice than having an actual relevant story to tell about growing up with the original cast….like I and many others originally thought they were going to do.
It’s like…we’ve done this all already in the existing shows and spin-of titles, can we get something new?  I don’t like Seeing Alphamon as a villain, we’ve done the ‘Royal Knights/Yggdrasil are the chief bad guys’ bit (THREE TIMES already at that if you Count Cyber sleuth as the third), and the lore retcons part of this are unnecessary.  Yamato’s jackassery is out of place and repeatedly unaddressed to make him look like the mature one when he’s anything but.  I like how Tai’s thinking more like an adult and trying to be responsible after what he witnessed first-hand in part 1, and yet he is constantly derided for growing into something more than an unthinking red idiot (Toei has a SEVERE problem with not just their use but their overuse of the idiot hero trope), the situation this all hinges on has many problems behind it’s explanation, and it feels the more it’s coming along, the more plotholes are showing up in it.
Pretty much the only high points have been the mega forms for those who didn’t get them shown before before…but the problem for that is those have mostly been confirmed for over a decade now (Herculeskabuterimon and Phoenixmon confirmed 2000-ish, Rosemon around 2001, Vikemon in 2004 where before it was presumed as a Shakkoumon mega form like Valkyriemon is for Silphymon) and those digimon having been seen in other media as prominent so there’s no real wow factor.  So it feels like they’ve not really earned the moment, thus the fanservice isn’t really connecting.  The only curveball there has been Ophanimon Falldown/Fallen mode for the upcoming 5th film, and that’s only because that’s a mode change which has only existed for a couple years; and thematically doesn’t cross well with expected characterization.

Remember how our futures used to be so far away that not even the tipiest part of our toes on our spindly legs could touch them? Remember how “growing up” held no boundaries, no limitations?

Like, yeah, when I grow up, I’m gonna be a rock star. Or maybe an astronaut. Because in those days student loans weren’t even thoughts in our brains and the difference between a rock star and an astronaut was the direction of our dandelion wishes- and maybe that they wore different outfits.

And remember our first fight? It was in the parking lot of a Taco Bell, in the bed of my dad’s truck, and we yelled so hard our voices gave out but our fists still screamed with petty rivalries. Remember how our worst nightmare was a bad hair day?

I mean, because, growing up there was no clamp on our shoulder blade wings, no concept of time except for the fact that we lost a tooth here and there and on that playground swing set…man, we were gods.

Gods. Like swimming pools were the realms of our creation and here I could fuse your heels to make you a mermaid tail in your favorite color. And then with age our parents told us to get sober- we had been drunk on ignorance and bliss for too long. So we worried and we worked and we hustled our asses off, only to look back and see that in fact, we had not gone the distance.

We got test results back that slapped us in the face, told us we would never be able to do this. Do you remember those ramen noodle days? And the nights where our bodies clung so tight together, stuck skin from sweat and an absolute desperation to get rid of this loneliness. To feel the solid breath coming from a lover, a reassurance like, hey, you made it this far.

Like- fuck. We listen too often when they tell us to grow up. Cast away our innocence, our blind perseverance towards reckless dreams in favor of a checking account. Of a safe future. As if daydreaming about being the first kid on Jupiter was ever a bad thing. As if the ability to stand again when we’ve already fucked up, to scrape our knees but keep running, were ever wrong.

I’m telling you, we have to march ourselves to a different song. This rhythm of reality, of adulthood…it’s tearing us up. You see the paper cuts. The dark circles under your classmates eyes, the lines against your own wrist, the tear stains on your biology teacher’s cheeks. We cannot keep dancing through the game of monotony.

So let your dreams be every day things. Reminiscing in the past will only break apart your heart strings. We have to press on. With the gusto of a little kid, the stubborness of your neice or your nephew. I urge you…do not rob yourself like I did.

Mold shapes out of clouds. Imagine your hands sinking in to the murky depths of the Milky Way, your lungs filling with stardust every time they expand. There is innocence in the small things.

You wanna be a pop star? Be one. Because in life we only get one shot. And we can’t waste any more time regretting the things we’re not.

—  How to grow up the right way; e.d.