growing the rest of my hair out


didnt wanna risk star magics-ing her hair into oblivion so marco decided to grow it out manually. it’s a process, but she’s getting there. (the hoodie remains a staple, obviously,)

Alex Summers Sex Headcanons

time for some smut about a glorified glow stick!!

  • ok do i even have to mention this - alex loves hair tugging
    • he loves feeling you tug on it as he goes down on you
  • hip swivel kink
    • you saw him do it in front of everyone and you can’t help it - it’s super fucking sexy
      • “alex, do the swivel!!” “babe, i don’t understand why that’s sexy to you” “pleaseeeee?”
  • alex is totally a boob guy
    • doesn’t matter the size or the shape - alex loves them
    • he loves them in a non-sexual way too, he will literally just lay down and rest his head on your boobs
      • “alex, this is uncomfortable.” “but your boobs are so comfortable.” “but you are crushing them with your head, baby.”
  • alex loves when you leave scratches all over his back
    • mostly because of how flustered you get when other people see them on his back
    • not by him, by you - have you seen his jaw?? it would be a travesty if alex was not given jaw hickies
  • scott has walked in on you both so many times that if he does it, he isn’t even phased anymore
    • so has hank; sadly he still gets insanely flustered and embarrassed
  • alex loves when you ride him; mostly because he loves watching the way your boobs bounce as you move up and down on him
  • alex can….shoot the plasma out of his dick so it takes a lot of concentration for him to focus on cumming and not lasering you to death
    • his face clenches up super tight and his hands grip your sides, hard
    • you keep telling him to ask hank for some sort of laser proof condom, but he refuses
      • “I CAN LEARN (Y/N).” “just ask him for some laser proof condoms! Alex, im not going to have my cause of death being you lasering into me.” “that sounds sexy” “you are an asshole.”
  • i dont know if yall follow @kurtwxgners but an anon on her page brought up a great point - alex totally leaves hand prints all over your body
    • the plasma lasers he releases are hot meaning, in general, alex is hotter than the average human
    • when he eats you out, there are handprints practically burned into your thighs
      • it doesnt hurt but alex always freaks out afterwards and makes sure youre ok

Please consider:

  • Itty bitty Takumi using a ponytail and growing his hair out to look like mommy Mikoto
  • Tiny Takumi keeping the first layer of hair short so he can mimic mommy’s crown
  • Little kid Takumi choosing to wear blue instead of red like the rest of his siblings because mommy wears blue
  • Mini Takumi wanting high collars and flowy clothes like mommy does
  • Small child Takumi begging mommy to teach him archery after watching her practice

Just… Takumi looking up to good stepmom Mikoto


While Jaehee was growing out her hair, Mc convinced her to wear a butler outfit for her cafe ♥(^P^人)

Mini AU where Zen also worked in this coffee shop whenever he has time (ofc in a cat maid outfit LOLOL) along with the rest of the RFA. Not too sure how it’s gonna play out but i had lots of ideas in mind ^^ I’m hoping i can draw them out. Mini angst plays into part when this coffee shop is forced to closed down bc of a rival shop nearby, baehee once again over exerts herself and janfjndsnhjfd okey its gonna break my heart to draw this;;;;;

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I heard you like Gradence, so please accept this humble headcanon: Credence, in an attempt to leave his old life behind, lets his hair grow out until it's spilling around his shoulders. It becomes of a habit of his to rest his head on Graves' lap while Percival runs his fingers through it. (this also becomes a good way to soothe him after he wakes from nightmares)

This is so cute!! Comfy long-haired Credence is best Credence

Just some evening relaxation, yk <3


Alex Summers x Reader - Braids

Prompt: 42. “You braided his hair?”
Requested By: anon
Word Count: 478
Rating: G
Warnings: fluffity fluff

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“Alex, please!” You begged. Alex sighed and set down his magazine. The two of you were sitting in Charles’ office, waiting for him to come up from the basement. You had been waiting for a half an hour, because Charles insisted he had to watch this training session between Jean and Ororo.

“Babe, why? Why do you want to play with my hair?” Alex chuckled, pulling you towards him. You placed your legs in his lap and rested your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around your shoulders.

“Because it’s fun!” You insisted. Alex let out a light laugh and pressed a kiss to the top of your head. When Alex told you he was letting his hair grow out, you were hesitant. You had never really been a fan of guys with long hair, but now that he had it, you were obsessed with it.

“Fine. Just this once!” Alex sighed. You clapped your hands together and hopped off his lap. He turned around so you could have access to his hair.

“Pigtails or braids, Summers?” You asked.

“Braids? I guess?” He responded. You nodded and began to work on his hair. It wasn’t long enough to do two full braids, but you could do two short ones.

“Doll, you’re giving me chills.” Alex laughed as you ran your hands through his hair.

“Good.” You whispered in his ear. You heard Alex chuckle as you began to braid his hair. After 5 minutes, you were finally finished.

“Done!” You squealed.

“Get me a mirror, I want to see.” Alex said. You nodded with a smile and went to grab the pocket mirror in your purse. Suddenly, the door open and Charles entered the room.

“(Y/N)! Good to see you and Al-” Charles paused as he saw Alex’s hair. He turned back to you with a laugh.

“You braided his hair?” Charles laughed.

“Shut up, Charles.” Alex said, rolling his eyes.

“I like playing with his hair, so why not!” You replied to Charles, walking over and handing Alex the mirror.

“You two are too much.” Charles smiled, shaking his head.

“I think you’re just jealous of how cute we are.” Alex argued.

“And I think you look like a 5 year old little girl with braids in. Clearly, we disagree.” Charles said. You laughed at the two’s playful banter.

“Charles, if you had hair, I would offer to braid it. Sadly, you’re a bald, old man so back off my boyfriend.” You commented. Charles nodded with a laugh.

“I do miss my old hair.” You rolled your eyes. Anytime someone brought up him being bald, he delivered the same long speech about how he missed his hair.

“Charles, no. No long speech about your hair today.” Alex spoke before Charles could.

“Fine. But if ever grows back, (Y/N), will you give me braids?”


Every time I allow my facial hair to grow out, I am pleasantly reminded that I am incapable of growing a proper beard. As a near-36 year old man, one would imagine that I have come to terms with this by now, but I have not. Is there still hope for my beard-growing skills to materialise or am I destined to only possess patches of hair along my jawline and upper lip for the rest of my life? I need answers.

Luna’s kids headcanons

I’ve done almost all the other next gen HP kids now (except Rose and Hugo, who are coming!), so here are Luna’s twins.

first of all they’re not white. JK Rowling has described Rolf Scamander as “swarthy”. He’s not white and neither are his kids. Eddie Redmayne as Newt is weak as hell. The Scamanders are people of color.


Headcanons about both:

  • Lorcan and Lysander are the biggest mama’s boys in the WORLD oh my god. They love Luna so much.
  • Luna didn’t get married and have kids until significantly later than the rest of the crew. Lorcan and Lysander are like 5-7 years younger than the next youngest kids (Lily and Louis). Everyone thinks of them as the babies and is super protective of them.
  • They are unquestioned parts of the Potter-Weasley clan
  • They both grow their hair out pretty long (like shoulder length). Luna loves it that way; they have the most beautiful dark hair.
  • They’re friends, but people who try to ask about “Twin telepathy” or them being the same person or whatever are gonna get smacked.
  • They’re both pan af, probably

Lorcan Scamander:

  • Ravenclaw
  • Friends with the ghosts. Like, really good friends. Hardly any students have ever been so interested in just hanging out with them and listening to their stories. The Grey Lady positively adores him, but all the Hogwarts have a soft spot for Lorcan.
  • He can’t see the Thestrals, but he still sneaks out into the woods to try and feed them and pat them.
  • He just feels bad for the ghosts because nobody talks to them and for the Thestrals because everyone thinks they’re creepy; he just wants them to be loved
  • Literally lives for the goth aesthetic but like. Friendly tasteful goth. Not Ebony Dementia Dark’ness Raven Way goth.
  • Doodles magical creatures all over notes; has shitty handwriting
  • Chinese takeout food makes him happier than most things
  • Really likes breaking sneaking in to old buildings to explore, especially if Muggles say they’re haunted
  • Smart kid but hates studying with a fucking passion
  • Good as Astronomy
  • He’s super fast with his wand, and he and some of his buddies have been busted for dueling. They weren’t trying to hurt each other, they were just trying to practice nonverbal jinxes. Ravenclaws are nerds, man.
  • Lives on coffee
  • Probably goes into studying magical creatures with his parents after Hogwarts. Does some groundbreaking research on vampires.

Lysander Scamander:

  • Ravenclaw
  • Was NOT part of the aforementioned nerd fight club
  • He dresses a lot more colorfully than his brother. Usually looks like he just wandered in from a weed-fueled hippie commune, tbh.
  • Makes GREAT flower crowns; often wears them to class. #iconic
  • He always smells like dirt and sage and sunshine
  • The Cuddly Friend
  • Can probably do handstands and flips and weird shit like that with 0 provocation
  • Great at Herbology and Divination; he might actually be a Seer.
  • At lunch you can usually find him and a bunch of kids eating under a tree out on the grounds while he reads palms and shit
  • He usually ends up letting Lorcan borrow his notes; doesn’t complain about it much
  • He has a huge impractical collection of pretty rocks and crystals
  • Hates caffeine
  • Usually sleepy but in a soft gentle, “please just snuggle me and play with my hair” way, not a “I’m gonna stab you in the tongue if you don’t stop” way
  • After Hogwarts he does some Divination and he does some magical creature research with his folks and Lorcan and sometimes he’s a waiter. It’s all good. He’s chiller than literally everyone else in this entire extended family.
Here’s the hair dealio

I just typed a massive long explanation but it’s probably boring af so deleted it. (LMAO THIS GOT LONG TOO SORRY. IT’S FOR MY REFERENCE IN FUTURE RLY.)

Long story short, I massively fucked up my hair in the past two years because I didn’t care for it anymore. So, all the front snapped off and was miles shorter than the rest. It all snapped at the sides and underneath so I lost thickness in my hair. It also felt like shit.

So in early November 2016, I cut a load off to just try and start fresh, but the front was still loads shorter than the back. I tend to hide it by pinning it back or wearing hair pieces in the front, so it’s been super unnoticeable to other people.

Well, I went to get my roots done last night and I was just like “gurl literally just cut it all. We want the front to grow out to match the rest so just fuck me up and cut it dead short so it’s quicker idc about my length anymore”

And that’s how now my hair is at my chin. It’s nearly been cut as short as the snapped off bits, it looks loads better this way in my opinion! I just want to continue growing the front sections out, which should take only a few months I think, then with my thick, all-one-length hair I can start growing it and rock the different growing-out lengths.

I’m excited to see how it looks in a few months, and I can totally rock the short-ass bob until then bc my hair is just SO SOFT.

So this is a note to myself, pls don’t fuck with your hair colour anymore. Just bleach dem roots (or more importantly, get them done for you so you don’t overlap on the colour) and stay blonde.

And yes, I’ve considered a million times dying it brown and leaving it natural, and maybe one day I’ll do it, but it’s really not something I would be happy doing right now so this is the next best thing!

‘Young girls in old Arabia were often buried alive next
to their fathers, apparently as sacrifice to the goddesses
of the tribes…’

-Harold Feldman, ‘Children of the Desert’ Psychoanalysis
and Psychoanalytic Review, Fall 1958

It was only important
to smile and hold still,
to lie down beside him
and to rest awhile,
to be folded up together
as if we were silk,
to sink from the eyes of mother
and not to talk.
The black room took us
like a cave or a mouth
or an indoor belly.
I held my breath
and daddy was there,
his thumbs, his fat skull,
his teeth, his hair growing
like a field or a shawl.
I lay by the moss
of his skin until
it grew strange. My sisters
will never know that I fall
out of myself and pretend
that Allah will not see
how I hold my daddy
like an old stone tree.


“Imagine waking up next to Dean”

You rolled over, half asleep in attempt to get comfy again. You were surprised when your own body collided with another. You shot up, realising you had no idea who it was, your eyes growing wide when you found a snoring Dean. You pushed at his bare shoulder to try and wake him.

“Get up!” You were practically shaking him back and fore now as you shouted the words.

“Y/N what the hell?” His voice was groggy as he forced his eyes open, his hair all over the place.

“Why are you in my bed?!” Your voice came out in a panicked blur as you wondered if the rest of him was naked under the sheets.

“You don’t remember?” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he tried to tell if you were joking or not. You tired to think of what he was talking about but all you could focus on was the pounding in your head.

“Remember what?” His eyes widen in realisation and he suddenly became nervous. His tongue flicked out over his dry lips as he tried to think of the best way to tell you.

“We uh, we slept together.” You froze to the spot, staring blankly at him as his words caused you to have flash backs. You saw the bar you were at, the endless amount of alcohol you’d consumed, the table you danced on, Dean catching you as you fell off, you calling him your hero, the kiss, the drive back, then eventually the sex.

“Oh god.” You felt your chest tighten as you tried to take it all in, your eyes never looking back at Dean.

“Hey, it’s okay.” You jumped out of the bed when his hand found its way to your knee, all this was just weird for you.

“Its not okay Dean. It’s wrong, you’re my friend, friends don’t do that.” Your mind was reeling as various images continued to come back to you. Sure you found Dean attractive, you were only human, but you never wanted to act on that ever.

“Not what you were saying last night.” The words came out with a smirk, he chuckled as your jaw hit the floor.

“Get out! Get out! Get out!” You screamed like a mad woman, chucking his clothes at him as he skilfully caught them still laughing. However he did as he was told and left the room, but not without shooting a quick wink in your direction first.

I’m clearing out the rest of these now. 


  • Likes root vegetables, especially in the autumn.
  • Once took a nap in a burning building.
  • Has another even smaller sword hidden in the plume of his hat.


  • Awful table manners.
  • Has fragments from at least three combs stuck in her hair.
  • In spite of her fetish get-up, can almost never find a partner for BDSM.


  • Has shown up to important meetings with her shirt buttoned wrong. Still  dressed more appropriately than Smoker.
  • Sleeps with a sword by her bed. This has led to several accidents.
  • Likes my orange vest.


  • His clothing is picked out by a friend.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of sleep.
  • Likes to have wanted posters on hand, even though he can’t read them.


  • Claims to lift heavy objects as a part of his workout, but in reality just enjoys lifting heavy objects.
  • Gets food stains all over his white uniforms.
  • Knows something about One Piece that the rest of us don’t.


  • Lesbian.
  • Terrible at sewing.
  • Likes rabbits, but bad at keeping pets.


  • Shaves his hair into that godawful shape, as opposed to it growing naturally. (I’d like confirmation of this one.)
  • Is willing to give rides to close friends, but has never been asked.
  • Older than he looks.


  • Had a kid for shits and giggles, apparently.
  • Shaved his eyebrows off as a teen and they never grew back.
  • Refuses to have his hair cut professionally after a bad grooming incident with Emporio Ivankov. (This is the only explanation for that shameful mop on his head.)

Daz and Tashigi

  • If he accidentally turned his dick into a blade, I think she’d be impressed. Depending on the scenario she might die, but she’d definitely be impressed.
  • Sometimes go out for ice cream but are usually content to spend the whole day training.
  • Marriage between a Marine and a pirate is unheard of in the first place, but Smoker and I would become something akin to in-laws. 


  • Thinks he’s hot shit no matter how many times he gets trounced by more experienced fighters.
  • Majority of his clothing is pillaged. (Again, this is the only explanation for that mess.)
  • Stockpiles eyeliner to avoid running out while on the open ocean.


  • Greatly exaggerates the amount of sex he has had and is having.
  • His favorite hair wax was discontinued and he’s never been fully satisfied with any of its replacements.
  • Gets bad leg pains, because there’s no way those stubs can support his weight.


  • Violently broke something after learning I was out of prison.
  • Claims that she wants to move on from her grudge, but let’s be realistic– she couldn’t find me if she wanted to.
  • Is embarrassed to admit that pirate attacks in her little kingdom have skyrocketed after my departure.

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Omg do you cut your own hair? Your bangs are 👌 I've tried bangs before but I guess they didn't cut enough up front bc it wasn't as poofy(?) Floofy(?) Full(?) As yours and honesty your Look™ is to die for.

I cut my own bangs because they never add enough so mine are VERY thick (which looks great but take 30 years to grow out) but the rest of my hair is done by a hair dresser!!!


    For almost 17 years I struggled with my self identity and believed that I had to live a certain way to please others. It wasn’t until I came upon a little documentary on youtube about trans* individuals, that I realized the possibilities and came to the realization that I, myself was transgender. For a while, I did identify as a gay male, but I never felt like that title suited who I was- for obvious reasons. This year I’ve taken little steps like, growing out my hair and wearing a bit of makeup to keep my dysphoria at bay. I can say now that I am happier than I was a year ago, but I have a really long way to go, liiike coming out to my parents, the rest of my friends and so on. I also feel like it’s rather appropriate to come out to tumblr on the trans* day of visibility/trans* selfie day.

    To my friends and people that i know irl on here, don’t take it personally that I haven’t told you, it’s just I haven’t found the time to. Please be respectful and not spread this around at school. I’m not ready for that just yet, and if you do have questions come talk to me! Thanks :D

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility! (: 

“But Mummy, I want to go see Uncle Sam,” your four year old daughter whined as you asked her to sit down on the sofa with you and Dean.

“You can kiddo,” Dean ruffled her hair and lifted her to sit on his lap. “But me and Mummy need to talk to you first.”

Your daughter looked between you and Dean eagerly, the growing excitement showing on her face. 

“So, you know I’ve been going out a lot and you’ve been staying with Uncle Sammy?” you began, her nodding quickly in response. “Well, it’s because I’ve been going to the hospital with Daddy. The nurses there have been checking up on me because I have a baby inside my tummy,” you explained, your hand resting on your growing baby bump. 

Her eyes widened and she gaped at the pair of you. “I’m going to have a little sister?!” she squealed, immediately jumping off of Dean’s lap and standing in front of you, placing her hands on your stomach.

Dean chuckled, “well, a little brother or a sister. We don’t know yet, princess.”

“It’s going to be a sister,” she whispered, looking up at you with a loving look in her eyes, her hands still resting on your bump.

You smiled and pressed a kiss to her head. “You’re going to make an amazing big sister sweetheart,” you told her. “How about you go and tell Uncle Sam the news?” 

She gave an enthusiastic nod, giving you and Dean both a quick hug, before rushing off towards the library of the bunker.


You and Dean laughed as you heard her shouts from down the corridor. Dean wrapping his arm around you and kissing the top of your head, “I couldn’t of wished for a better family. I love you Mrs Winchester.” .   

“I love you too.”


Tracing On His Tattoos (N.M Imagine)

Request For Anonymous: Can you do a imagine of Nate and Y/N are having a lazy day and she’s tracing his tattoos and they end up having a make out session?

(Y/n’s POV)

Nate’s t-shirt pulled up a bit when I shifted on the bed, making a slight smirk grow on his face and him to naw on his bottom lip slightly. “How did I get so lucky?” He chuckled. “I should be asking that.” I smiled playing with his hair.

We were having a lazy day since we both been under a lot of stress, we figured we needed a day to lye in bed and eat snacks, and just chill. Are bodies entwined together as his hand rested on my hips, and mine playing with the back of his hair. “Even though I see you everyday, I missed you.” Nate giggled. “Me too.” I mumbled my response. I then got an idea. I moved my hands up and down his arm with a mischievous smirk on my face. I traced all the tattoos on his arm knowing he absolutely adored it when I did that.

I could hear his breaths deepen as I moved my hands to his chest, tracing my favorite of his many. “Lil'mama.” He groaned, eyes fluttering shut as his breath picked up. That’s when I snapped pressing my lips to his forcefully. Nate kissed back, we shuffled until I laid on top, him on his back, and are lips moving in sync. Nate’s big hands gripped my waist tighter as my little hands fisted the pillow beside his head.

Little moans left my mouth as his hands connected with my ass, gripping and smacking it playfully. He smirked into the kiss but are tongues still fought for dominance. I didn’t want to let Nate win (even though he would), so I began to grind on his crotch a little. It was still enough to get him hard and I could hear the growls at the back of his throat. That’s when Nate flipped me over so that I was lying beneath him.

“Damn.” He mumbled out with his deep breathes as we both pulled away. I thought we were going to return to cuddling but got quite the surprise when Nate started to nip at my neck. So much for relaxation, but I didn’t mind at all.


- H E A V E N L Y  F R O - 

 Hair that defies gravity and reaches to the heavens above.

“What grows from my scalp is more than just hair. It is part of my culture and heritage. It links me to the land from which my ancestors hailed. Every kink, curl and coil that makes my Afro is proof of my roots. Proof of my Blackness. The same Blackness that gets me hated and degraded. From the picked out fros, the braids, the cornrows, the locs and twists, the styles that I wear have been worn by the tribes of my culture for thousands of years. I wear them today to celebrate that Blackness because I am unapologetically Black.”


“the next time he points out the hair on your legs is growing back remind that boy your body is not his home he is a guest warn him to never outstep his welcome again” These are the deeply beautiful and inspiring words of the sagacious Rupi Kaur. Her poetry is perfection, but this one poem in particular rises above the rest for me. As someone who struggles with my body and with eating, I turn to these words when I need strength and the reminder that absolutely no one has the ability to dictate how I look and more importantly how I feel. I accept myself unconditionally for who I am right now, and that’s how I’m going to keep doing it. [Sidenote: this is only part one of what I envision to be a pretty cool backpiece!]


I got a new hair colour (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧. It’s a very bright lilac which looks almost white in real life. Sooo happy about it since I couldn’t stand the turquoise any longer. I had it over two years which was the longest time I ever had a bright colour and it was so hard to get rid of it ಠ_ಠ . As you can see it’s still in the lower part of my hair and even my hairdresser said that I had to let it grow out if I want to get rid of it. Well, at least I can have fun with the rest of my hair (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑.