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Aura/Energy Color Meanings

This list is based off of resources I have found as well as my personal experiences.

As with all correspondences, this is a place to start from, not the end-all be-all of color meanings.

This list generally assumes that brighter colors are healthier and more positive, while duller colors are negative and less positive. Use your intuition to determine the true role a color plays.

Interpreting Colors

OVERLAYS If one color is covering another, this can indicate outer appearance, how others perceive them, or a blockage that is preventing the inner color from shining.

COMBINATIONS If one color is mixed with another in stripes, lines, or spots, the person presents both qualities in equal or similar measure.

MIXING If two or more colors appear to blend together, this can indicate strong balance and intermingling of personal energies.

SOLID If a person primarily presents only one color with no overlays, they are honestly projecting their inner energies.

The Colors

BRIGHT RED A healthy ego. Strong passion. Highly grounded. A survivalist’s spirit, highly realistic. Can indicate a powerful, competitive, energetic person. Indicates confidence. Strong personal power. Related to warriors, battle, and love. Someone who is used to being noticed.

DULL RED If you read the red energies in a negative light, it may indicate an obsession with the physical world, an obsession with the ego, anger, and a poor control of emotions and temperament.

ORANGE Confidence, good health, and vitality. An excited person highly connected with the physical world around them. Productive, sociable, courageous. Someone who makes a good friend. Joy, sunshine, enthusiasm. Happiness, creativity. Strong orange colors indicate good emotional expression.

DULL ORANGE Imbalance; pride, vanity, deceit, mistrust. Low level of ambition, potentially repressed emotion.

SHADES OF ORANGE Red-orange; combined with Red values such as passion and sexual desire. Yellow-orange; More joyful and exuberant. Can denote a scientific mind. Pale orange; Disconnected from physicality and the five senses.

YELLOW Awakening, optimism, easy-going. A sunny person, who is open and makes friends easily. Inspired and intelligent. Good levels of energy. Cheerfulness, mental activity. A person in positive spiritual development, developing wisdom, gaining new ideas, and mental clarity.

DULL YELLOW Over-thinking, highly critical of the self or others. Muddied energies. Fatigue from stress or trying to learn everything at once. Excessive caution.

SHADES OF YELLOW Light yellow: Strong spiritual growth, intellect, freshness, joy, and springtime qualities. Strong positive nature.

GREEN The color of nature. Represents growth and balance. Especially shows someone highly connected with nature. Shows strong Universal love. Compassion and a desire to be a help to others. A color of balance and harmony. A willingness to change and transform. Fertility, creativity, freshness. A restful, healing color.

DULL GREEN Negative ambition, greed, or jealousy. A negative connection with nature. Possessiveness, a fear of being unloved. Sensitive to criticism and lacking personal responsibility.

SHADES OF GREEN Yellow-green; Strong communication, heartfelt emotions, and improved creativity. Emerald green; Very strong connection with nature, good prosperity. May indicate a healer, especially an herbal or natural healer.

BLUE A color of relaxation, peace, and calmness. Indicates a steady and balanced nature. Someone who is deeply relaxed. Caring, loving, and sensitive energies. Easily able to speak the truth; confident authority. A strong sense of purpose, spiritually connected.

DULL BLUE Fear of speaking the truth, fear of the future, fear of expression. Disliking the unknown. Not preferring spiritual activity.

SHADES OF BLUE Light blue; Very strong healing energies, may indicate a healer or someone with natural healing talent. Speaks the truth easily and well. Confident. Tranquility, softness. Royal blue; Deep spiritual connection, understands the mysteries of life. Knowledge, power, integrity, seriousness. Indigo; Deep feeling, intuition, and sensitivity.

VIOLET Deep, two-way spiritual connection. Someone dedicated to their spirituality or the spirit world. Someone with great spiritual potential. Indicates psychic and magical power. A potential for, or an abundance of, strong psychic abilities. Ambition and mystery.

DULL VIOLET Neglecting the spiritual and spirit world. Spiritual greed.

SHADES OF VIOLET Lavender; softness, growing, spiritual immaturity. Seen in those with great spiritual potential. Vision, imagination, daydreaming. Deep violet; Possibly disconnected from reality due to major spiritual connections.

BROWN A rich, ruddy brown can indicate an honest and trustworthy nature. Someone well grounded. Someone who has what they need in life and is at peace with what they have. A good friend, giving and generous.

DULL BROWN Indicates a great deal of negativity, jealousy, greed, and insecurity.

SHADES OF BROWN Earthy tones;  Highly connected with nature.

WHITE Angelic or divine associations, indicating a source of good and pure energies that are manifest in this person’s life. Can reflect or hold other energies. Indicates a person pure and good of heart. A divinely protected person.

DULL WHITE Possible illness. Abusing the gifts the universe gives you. Misguided.

GRAY Can denote a spiritual awakening as the color may be ‘unset’.

DULL GRAY Blockages, unhealthy and negative energies. Unwellness.

BLACK Captures and transforms energy. May be related to psychic vampirism. Related to mystery and death. An unforgiving nature.

SILVER Spiritual and psychic abundance. A spiritual awakening. A gifted person. Nurturing and inventive with new ideas.

GOLD A divinely inspired person. May indicate a strong healing nature. Someone who is advancing and evolving spiritually. Very strong connections to enlightenment. Inner peace, divine guidance, spiritual thinking.

PASTELS A bright, young soul. Many aspects are still in development. Great future potential. A strong sensitivity. A need for serenity and protection.

RAINBOW Can indicate a healer, someone with evolved spiritual gifts, or a spiritually gifted person.

It takes a level of self love, of dedication and determination to live your greatest life. So, look within. Look at every area of your life and ask yourself these questions: Am I on course? Am I growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Anything that is blocking that, anything that is preventing you from living your greatest life, make the tough decision to let it go.
—  Unknown
Mabel Pines vs. The Laws of Narrative Causality


Once upon a time there was a man who loved his family so much that he lost them, and then he lost himself.

Once upon a time there was a man who was so frightened to admit how much his family mattered to him that he refused to accept it until it was too late, and he spent the rest of his life regretting it.

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved mysteries until he grew into a man who dreaded them.

Once upon a time there was a girl, and then she turned into a woman and was never happy again.

This is the story you’re in, said a voice in her head. You chose this. You chose to leave your paradise and grow up. This is what growing up is. It’s losing people. It’s having your heart broken. It’s watching the things you love fall apart. This is what’s supposed to happen. It’s supposed to be poetic and tragic. This is how the world works.

They stood there in the clearing: the old man writing his own Greek tragedy in his head clinging to the man with nothing in his head at all. The boy whose head was full of conspiracy theories and bad ends.

And Mabel Pines.

She could feel the shape of the story building like a wave, trying to wash her and her family away with it. She could feel the tragedy trying to sink its fingers into them, trying to tell her that the old men would only ever be a cautionary tale, that she and her brother would only ever be a tragedy waiting to happen. It was the shape of every story they read at school, stories that were supposed to be important and serious but only ever felt sad.

(“Why don’t we read books where good things happen?” she’d demanded, and her teacher had smiled and said, “That’s just not realistic, dear.”)

She’d chosen reality. She should have known what that meant. She’d chosen the end of childhood, the end of innocence and happiness and hope. It was time to grow up. Time to accept what a realistic life looked like. Time to accept that you couldn’t save the world without losing something just as important. Time to—


Here is a fact about Mabel Pines: she is selfish. She is the sort of selfish that makes her stand up against the things that try to break her and say: No. This is my family. This is my world. I will not let you take it from me.

The others all bent their heads, ready to be washed away by the unforgiving tide of the story, by the inevitability of it all, but Mabel Pines braced herself against the current and stood tall and let it break over her.

Mabel Pines ignored her uncle’s protests, ignored the hopeless look in his eyes, and picked up the book she’d made and started to read. The man who wasn’t her uncle anymore seemed frightened when she climbed into his lap, but she knew that she fit there, knew that the whole family fit together like a puzzle, like one of those sculptures where every piece balances the others so that if you remove one the whole thing falls apart. They’d been apart for so long, but they didn’t have to stay that way. They just needed to find the right way to slot together, and they were so close.

They were so close to a happy ending.

She knew the world was more selfish than she was. She knew she couldn’t fix everything. But she would fix this.

Mabel read. She read from a pink glittery scrapbook and she fought the story that was trying to catch her up in it. She battled back with her words and her stickers and her crooked photos and her love, weaving together hundreds of lace-weight threads into a net so strong that when the story got caught up in it instead of pulling her away it bucked and struggled and finally changed its course.

This is my reality, she told the universe. This is my story and my uncle, and you cannot have him.

And the universe reshaped itself around her.

🔮Your Spiritual Growth Tarot Spread🔮

This is a small little reading I wrote up when I was feeling foggy about my spiritual path. I didn’t know where I was or what to do, I felt clouded in my mind and in my heart. I hope this can help anyone else who may be feelings this way or even if you just want to explore your spiritual path further!

The First Card: This represents where you currently are on your spiritual path. Are you feeling lost? Perhaps you’re confident in where you are but want to know how far you are from a spiritual goal? Where am I currently on my spiritual journey?

The Second Card: Sometimes there are things holding us back, a relationship, a feeling, or something else entirely. Even when things are going well there’s often something we can improve upon or work towards. What is hindering my spiritual growth?

The Third Card: This is my favorite card to pull! This is going to help you grow and heal, it can be an act of self care, something you need to let go of or whatever it is you need to grow. What can help me grow spiritually?

The Fourth Card: This is similar to the previous card because sometimes it’ll pop up as another card of self-care or something to move on from. But it describes your next step forward, a step to healing or a step towards your goal. What is the next step on my spiritual path? 

The Final Card: This card best represents what you gain from your spirituality, it speaks of your potential and all the boundless wonderful possibilities. What is my ultimate potential? 

You can see some of my readings and spreads here and you can get your own reading by me here. 💖


What is a coven?

A group of practitioners with like minded interests, ethics, and beliefs. They gather together to perform rituals, to connect, and to learn. They often celebrate sabbats and create their own traditions. 

Is a coven right for you?

Be cautious if you choose to join a coven, there are good ones and there are bad ones out there!

A coven helps you to grow and advance spiritually. You get to meet others with similar beliefs. They perform formal, organized rituals together. A coven strives to become a kind and caring environment for people to feel safe in.  They are a closely knit community full of people who support and help you on your path. Together they perform rituals, celebrate sabbats, and create their own traditions.  

Benefits of a coven?

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Receive knowledge from others
  • Meet others with like paths
  • Support
  • Group rituals 
  • Formal
  • Organized
  • Scheduled and consistent magickal practices

Signs of a bad coven: 

  • They consistently insult and undermine other practitioners. 
  • Believe their way is the only way
  • Go out of the way to harm others
  • If your gut tells you not to trust them, don’t.
  • Lots of drama and politics
  • Try to force their beliefs onto you
  • Threatens you
  • Demand that once you join their coven, you cannot leave it
  • Promises your power and supernatural abilities.
  • You get negative emotions when around them

Signs of a good coven:

  • Lots of support
  • Caring people
  • Respects all
  • Treats everyone equally and fairly
  • Values your opinions and beliefs
  • Honors your studies as well as others
  • Knowledgeable and understanding people
  •  Leaves you feeling happy, empowered, and full of strength

Things you can do with your coven:

  • Keep a community grimoire that is printed off at the end of each year. Everyone gets a copy to keep.
  • Celebrate the Sabbats and Esabats together
  • Group rituals
  • Meet up together to study and expand your knowledge on witchcraft
  • Grow a community Coven Garden
  • Plan out and create a calendar or schedule for your coven
  • Meet under the stars to discuss astronomical correspondences
  • Go on hikes or spiritual retreats
  • Get together to do witchy crafts and DIY’s
  • Visit local cemeteries to leave offerings for the dead

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

Some Sweet and Spiritual Asks

For anyone, since we all have a soulful and spiritual center~

Grow: If you were incarnated into a plant, what would you be?

Natural: What element do you feel you best represent? 

Opposites: Do you feel creative or destructive with your energy? Chaotic or orderly? 

Origin: What type of spirit or being do you identify as? 

Afterthought: What is your favorite past life memory?

Design: If you could design a dimension just for yourself, what would it be like and who would you let in? 

Heart: As far as spiritual lovers go, in this life or the past, who are you close to? 

Change: If you could magically alter one part of your body, like a limb or part of your appearance, would you? And what would you change if you said yes? 

Song: Is there a certain musical sound to your spirit? 

Friends: What animal, if any, accompanies your spirit? 

Illuminate: What lesson has helped you evolve the most on your journey? 

Triumph: What was the greatest thing you overcame, in this life or in your past? 

Travel: Which place on earth do you feel best represents the energy of your spirit? 

Title: What do you wish your physical name was, as it best represents your spiritual or personal identity? 

Essence: What smell or essential oil resonates best with you? 

Glide: How do you feel your spirit moves, independent of your body? 

Home: Where, or with whom, do you feel the most at home? 

Universe: What are your thoughts about your connection to the Source?

Guide: If you were a spiritual guide or guardian, who or which type of person would you want to mentor? 

Taste: What herb or spice best represents you? 

Caress: What texture, feeling, or touch best resonates with your spirit?

The Twelfth House

Originally posted by imkindof

Natural Sign: Pisces

Natural Planet: Neptune

Comfortable Planets: Jupiter, Venus

What It Represents:

  • the unconscious 
  • self-sacrifice
  • sorrows and anxieties
  • dreams
  • escapism and addictions
  • self-undoing 
  • karma
  • hidden enemies
  • betrayal
  • grief 
  • unwilling (most of the time) restrictions, whether physical or mental 
  • coping mechanisms
  • loneliness

Given it’s themes it is naturally as hard to grasp as magnetic.

Everything in this house is hidden from us but still there somewhow. Like a tv left on mute; you still know it’s there even if you can’t hear it. 

It shows things that happened or were felt before we were even born, just before the first house (who we are, how we came to this world).

Where we feel unable to keep going so we run. What we are willing to sacrifice for others and the greater good. Things we push to the back of our minds until we explode, ending up as surprised about it as those around us.

Things that don’t even feel real.

But it isn’t necesarilly bad at all. In order to advance we must pay and overcome our karmic debts. And once it’s done, it gives incredible power, planets in the twelfth house are tainted with unique traits, no other house could give after all.

Twelfth house planets feel lonely and isolated from the outer world, but if mastered they are energies we don’t even have to express for others to notice them, they blend with the mind in an exquisite way, giving this house dreamy nature a direction and use.

For this we must find our sixth house energy.


**You can use the planet’s ruling signs if you don’t have any in the twelfth house but take into account that the effect will be obviously less powerful.

Sun (Leo): creates a selfless and dreamy personality with strong instincts. There’s a constant search for who they are, tiny pieces of their personality slip through their daily life and dreams, but they feel as if the left just as quickly. Their giving nature can often become martyrdom used to fill that idealized idea they can have of themselves, feeling like some sort of “saint” or saviour. At their best they can become wise and at peace with life, teaching others to give more to others. They dream to shine and be recognized.

Moon (Cancer): there’s a powerful need to escape and be alone for a while. They can be easily drained because of their absorbing emotional nature, creating a need to be alone in order to recharge. Can feel abandoned by their mother and somehow helpless when it comes to how they feel. Emotions can be often misunderstood and this people can even ignore them to the point they explode (usually with no one around), suddenly realizing what they were feeling. Dreams of taking care of others and being taken care of.

Mercury (Gemini/Virgo): inner restlessness affects the native, they can feel they lack intelligence and get lost in their heads, which makes them immensely creative. Can have trouble with thinking process and expressing themselves verbally. They’re the type of people that think with their hearts even though they try to hide it. Dreams to share their thoughts. 

Mars (Aries): unable to actively express their doubts and fears. Selflessly protects the helpless and is a fighter at it’s core. Prone to self victimization and bottling up anger due to fear of losing control and hurting others in the process. There’s an inner restlessness and desire for action and excitement but energy seems lost to them. A past of physical abuse can be common. Dreams to become a hero.

Venus (Taurus/Libra): it’s one of the most beautiful placements for the twelfth house, it creates a beautiful subconscious and when this people love, they do it with all their heart, they are willing to die for those they love and preserve that dreamy and sensitive quality only the twelfth house can give. Dreams to be loved and to love. Must be careful not to become dependent.

Jupiter (Sagittarius): there’s reluctance to expand in the physical plane, but infinite opportunities to grow spiritually. Optimism feels out of reach as well as beliefs. Is willing to sacrifice for what they believe in. Dreams to become some sort of teacher and accumulate wisdom. Meditation would be ideal for people with this placement. They are the type of people that like to do good for others behind the curtains.

Saturn (Capricorn): they may feel trapped somehow, there´s a sensation of hardship in their lives, as well as unexpected betrayal from others. The father figure may have been absent or involved in some kind of addiction. Structure is blurry in their lives and they may feel as if things are bound to fall apart at some point. Dreams of success, even though dreaming and imagining can be difficult for them.

Uranus (Aquarius): revolutionary desires are supressed or not even considered to exist in their psyche. Erratic actions and detachment can be used as a way of self destruction, but once mastered this people are willing to sacrifice for their freedom and the well being of others Just like with mercury there may be inner restlessness and eccentric dreams that are hard to find a meaning to. Dreams of change. Prone to feeling trapped.

Neptune (Pisces): this natives have great sensibility and compassion which can lead them to addictions in order to escape, so they must be extremely careful with how they deal with everything. Reality does not cage them, gifting them with immense intuition and creativity. Dreams can be prophetic or somehow psychic.

Pluto (Scorpio): grudges are swallowed and kept in the subconscious. There’s a lot of darkness within. that can be used either to heal or destroy. Infinitely complex subconscious. Need to explore the darkest side of their psyches, but reluctance to do it. This people keep many secrets and can be very unstable. There could be a past of psychological abuse. Dreams of power and transformation.


Glyph ( ♃ )

Ruler of Sagittarius (co-rules Pisces)
Exalted in Cancer
Detriment in Gemini and Virgo
Fall in Capricorn

Time Spent in a Sign: Approximately 1 year

Mythology behind Jupiter
In Roman Mythology, Jupiter was of great importance because not only was he God of Sky and Thunder, but he was the King of Gods. In Greek Mythology, the equivalent of Jupiter was Zeus; King of Gods. Jupiter was the supreme and he was wise as well. It’s no wonder this ginormous planet is the ruler of Sagittarius and co-ruler of Pisces. He was the personification of divine authority. In a way, he can teach us to lead in a spiritual way because not everything is about power. Come to think of it, it was both Jupiter in Roman mythology and Zeus in Greek mythology that overthrew their own fathers: Saturn/Cronus because they believed they overused their powers.

Jupiter in Astrology
To indulge, to expand and to be free is what Jupiter is about. It seems like it is eternal happiness, as well as all your problems being erased with this planet. But we must understand the Jupiter is also a karmic planet. What goes around will definitely come back around. Jupiter is the acceptance of the law of karma. Sure we get lucky in this area of our life, wherever Jupiter is placed that is, but we mustn’t overindulge. Instead we should be wise with the kind of power we hold and be aware of when and how we should use it. Good fortune is associated with Jupiter. On that note, Jupiter wants to see us grow positively and spiritually. So how do we attract good fortune and prosper based on our Jupiter sign?

Jupiter in Aries
In order for a Jupiter in Aries person to attract good karma into their life, they must be self-aware. Once these people learn to accept themselves for who they are and inspire others to do the same, they’ll attract good fortune and opportunities.

Jupiter in Taurus
In order for a Jupiter in Taurus person to attract good karma into their life, they must learn to appreciate the little, simple things in life. Once these people learn to become generous and appreciate all they have (food, shelter, clothes, etc), they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Gemini
Jupiter is detriment in Gemini. In order for a Jupiter in Gemini person to attract good karma into their life, they must put their social skills and intelligence to use. Once they start to enlighten others, grow unafraid of sharing ideas, making others laugh and feel socially accepted, they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Cancer
Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. In order for a Jupiter in Cancer person to attract good karma into their life, they must learn to sympathize with others. They have the gift of nurturing other people and also being emotionally understanding. Others will greatly value this about them and the Jupiter in Cancer person will attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Leo
In order for Jupiter in Leo to attract good karma, they must learn to believe in themselves and spread this aura of confidence around. They are proud people and everyone seems to be attracted to their energy. Once they become generous towards others and help boost the self esteem of others, is when they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Virgo
In order for a Jupiter in Virgo person to attract good karma in their lives, they must learn to help others and provide service. Once they realize their ability to heal others and how they can provide stability for others as well, is when they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Libra
In order for a Jupiter in Libra person to attract good karma in their lives, they must learn to be fair and diplomatic. Once they learn how to treat others fairly, become generous and accepting with others is when they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Scorpio
In order for a Jupiter in Scorpio person to attract good karma in their lives, they must learn to teach others how to dive deep. Once they learn how to use their tenacity and passion into doing things and teach others to do the same as well and to not be afraid to give your all, is when they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Jupiter is domicile in Sagittarius. In order for a Jupiter in Sagittarius person to attract good karma in their lives, they must learn how to share their optimism and wisdom with others. Once they realize how to teach others how to be free-spirited, learn to laugh at themselves and remain open-minded, is when they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Capricorn
Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn. In order for a Jupiter in Capricorn person to attract good karma in their lives, they must learn how to direct and lead with maturity. Once they learn how to help others in “step-by-step” directions and to teach others how to be mature, patient and structured, is when they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Aquarius
In order for a Jupiter in Aquarius person to attract good karma in their lives, they must learn how to be humanitarian and accept others. Once they teach others how to be open-minded, accepting, innovative and original, is when they’ll attract good fortune.

Jupiter in Pisces
In order for a Jupiter in Pisces person to attract good karma in their lives, they must learn how to spiritually heal others. Once they learn how to be compassionate, understanding and charitable with others, is when they’ll attract good fortune.

I am a Christian

When I say this, I’m not just saying:

  • I have a different worldview
  • My parents were Christians
  • I’m spiritual
  • I try to hold good morals.

Those are all part of it for me, but that’s not the sum of it (I’m not saying all Christians have to grow up Christian with Christian parents, I just included that because lots of people call themselves Christians simply because of this)

Christianity is about being close to God, it’s about belonging to Him, loving Him and letting Him love you. 

It’s so simple. It’s painfully simple. 

But it’s everything. 

Sometimes it’s necessary to sit all by youself and self reflect, maybe step back a little to see if you’re actually moving forward in the right direction. It’s important to look within yourself and see if you’re really doing fine. Ask yourself “Is this helping me grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually?” Anything that is stopping your growth, anything that is preventing you for living your life, anything that is delaying your process of healing and disturbing the calmness of your heart and soul, you need to recognise that force, that reason and let it go. Start improving your life by helping yourself first. Be kind, be there for everyone as much as you can but don’t forget that You need yourself too. Nobody deserves your love more than you. Take care of your heart, mind and soul.💛