growing seedlings

Well-Rounded Life Spell

A spell to invite Love, Happiness, and Good Luck into your life

Made for the lovely @spoonsforksfashion! Thanks for being so patient, dear 💫




-Small dish of earth

-Rose petals


-Yellow string

-A seed

Draw this sigil on a piece of paper, focusing on the big three as you illustrate: Love, Happiness, and Good Luck.

After the sigil is complete, take a few rose petals and the mint for love and good luck, and place them on the paper. Roll up or fold the paper, and tie it tightly with the yellow string for happiness.

After you’ve finished, fill a small pot or dish with earth, and bury the little package. Take the seed of your choice and bury it right above the package. As the seedling grows and thrives, it will help to bring fortune into your life.💫


The Easiest Way To Grow Tomato Seedlings

Dear Ten At Night my voice is curled up unhinged and foggy tattered. Dear Approach of Sleep articulate rides a landslide to arrive.

Is grief the stone in the chest or the wishing it weren’t there.

Little voice, vague wisp, faint tendril. Little say-something, stubborn whorl, growing seedling, expanding geometry. Sometimes On sometimes Off sometimes Off sometimes On.