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The signs as I’ve known them

Aries : passionate about everything but nothing’s ever their fault even when it definitely is. If they aren’t the center of the attention then what even is the point of living. Tries to be cool but is actually just really mad about everything.

Taurus : goes from entirely in control and well grounded to a flying rage machine in a heartbeat, something of a straight shooter but isn’t afraid of getting too deep.

Gemini : either the sweetest person ever who will always be there for you or the embodiment of every bad sorority girl stereotype regardless of gender

Cancer : either they cry all the time and love all their friends with overwhelming passion, or do that but are terrified of anyone knowing they actually care about anything so layer it under 9 billion layers of cynicism and Grump™

Leo : shining star made of smiles, wants to be an intellectual and goes through phases of being exactly that but goes back to being Not Intellectual the minute they stop being serious then forget to go back for like a month

Virgo : sure they’re organized as heck but their opinion of themselves is 6 times higher than is probably appropriate though you can bet money they probably hate themselves because of latent issues from their childhood

Libra : happy fading into the background, great team player who’s always off in dreamland until their friend needs em at which point their emotional state can best be described as watching a tree grow from a seedling to a 50 foot tall redwood in the span of 4 seconds

Scorpio : isn’t actually dark/spooky/mysterious but try convincing them of that, the kind of person who will say they “just get people, you know?” even if they definitely do not get people, but hey their heart is in the right place it’s just usually five feet ahead of where it’s supposed to be

Sagittarius : the best to be around when they’re paying attention to you, the worst when they aren’t there, takes 9 years or 9 nanoseconds to text you back, hilarious and sociable, dissociating to. a different planet while still being able to sink a perfect shot in beer pong I don’t get it

Capricorn : so grounded they might be dead, if they’re a chick they’re the best friend ever and everyone should have one, if they’re a bro they’re a Bro™ who takes being a manly, Good Friend way too far, emotions who? Never heard of em.

Aquarius : the sweetest person but you need to be a level 600 friend for them to be consistent with you. not into the. whole “planning ahead thing” and are only happy in a relationship if they’re constantly moving in that relationship whether it’s being perpetually single or having a volatile love life in general drama happens and it takes them a month to notice it

Pisces : if a children’s sports competition had a personality it’d be a Pisces, all in immediately and happy to go along with what their friends want but if they get hurt all hell breaks loose

Domestic Garden Witch: Orange You Glad You Saved That Peel?

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

I’ve Got a Peeling!

If you’re not the kind of witch I am (the kind that looks at a citrus peel and sees zest to be added to food), and you tend to juice fruits or occasionally cut open a lime for tequila, then chances are you frequently compost or toss the leftover rinds. This is an alternative to that, which is particularly useful for starting up your own herb garden.

Cut the ends off of your fruit (it can be any kind of thick-rind citrus, such as orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime) in such a way as to flatten the ends without cutting into the flesh. Then cut the fruit in half and remove the flesh for juicing, eating, et cetera. If you then cut a small hole in the flattened end for drainage, you can proceed to fill the makeshift pot with soil, add a seed, and water.

Allow the seedling to grow until it is time to transplant. Then simply plant the whole thing in a garden. The rind will decompose, fertilizing your plant (an excellent source of nitrogen and additional nutrients) and avoiding waste.

How Can I Witch This?

The possibilities here are similar to many container gardens, but there’s a little extra fun that you can have with citrus rinds. Unlike terra cotta or ceramic, citrus peels can be carved. Adding runes and symbols are made easier because of this and if you carve them into the fruit and allow the fruit to heal a bit before using it, you can add additional time and intent to it.

Depending  upon the intent, you may also want to coordinate the type of fruit with the type of spell. For instance, orange peels can promote happiness, healing, and can add a solar association to the garden.

In Conclusion…

Though a simple project, it has a lot of potential in magic and also has a lot of potential in saving money and resources for the student witch. It saves space (something that is also helpful for the student witch), and is a green alternative to other seed starters. Because it is rich in nutrients, it also makes an ideal fertilizer when transplanted.

When getting your garden started, try enhancing your plants’ health and yield by planting the seeds in enchanted citrus peels!

May all your harvests be bountiful! )O(

My little maple tree

One day, in a fit of ennui, I stuck a seed from a sugar maple near my apartment in a little pot of soil. Yesterday the seedling poked its head through the surface of the soil, and now I have a maple tree growing on my patio. This seedling is the offspring of the tree that gave me my wand.

I don’t know if anyone will find this interesting, but I do love watching new things grow!

The Signs As I’ve Known Them

Aries : passionate about everything but nothing’s ever their fault even when it definitely is. If they aren’t the center of the attention then what even is the point of living. Tries to be cool but is actually just really mad about everything.

Taurus : goes from entirely in control and well grounded to a flying rage machine in a heartbeat, something of a straight shooter but isn’t afraid of getting too deep.

Gemini : either the sweetest person ever who will always be there for you or the embodiment of every bad sorority girl stereotype regardless of gender

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Hi, cutie pie! I'm starting my own garden soon and I want to paint sigils for them to grow beautiful and strong. Do you already have some?


Good luck with your garden!

Blessed Ostara

So what is Ostara? 

Ostara is a celebration of the Spring Equinox (March 21) celebrated by many practicing Wiccans, Pagans, and Witches. It marks the day when night and day are equal and balanced. The Sun God’s strength increases and the Goddess celebrates her fertility. Together they bring us Spring.

Ostara is a time for the celebration of fertility and balance, But fertility can be many things. It can be a new beginning hope, Or a fresh start. A goodbye to the harsh cold Winter, And a hello to the change Spring brings us. 

Eggs are commonly used for symbolism on this day as they have always been a symbol for fertility and life.

Ostara is very similar to the Christian holiday, Easter where followers celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Both are celebrating life. 

Eggs are commonly used for symbolism on this day as they have always been a symbol for fertility and life. 

 So what can you do to invite this change and fertility into your life?

Take some egg shells, And hollow them out The idea is to make little “Pots”. Once that is done, Hold them, And think of what you need in your life. A new love? Peace? Healing? What ever it may be write your wishes for the Year on your shells and use them as planters for seeds. Water them, Take care of them and know that as your seedlings grow, They are pulling nourishment from the shells. They are being infused with your own intention. They’re bringing your spell to life.

Once they outgrow there little homes, Plant them outdoors so that they can be a reminder of what Spring brings to you.

Please consider the following: Community Garden AU where the Inquisition members rent small plots of land for the growing season.

Varric is the generous landowner that decided to rent out his property for a small fee.  He has no interest in gardening – “Why would I waste my time in the dirt when there’s a perfectly good store just down the street?” – but he won the unused land in a bet and he’s not one to waste any of his assets.  Sometimes he can be seen tending to one of the plots, filled with daisies.  

Cassandra decided to try gardening for the first time, seeing it as quite the romantic hobby.  She realizes early on that it’s way more work than expected and quickly frustrates over the constant weeding, watering, and wayward animals eating her sprouts.  But when the first roses begin to bloom, she is over the moon and makes the commitment to return next season.

Solas diligently tends to his plot every morning before dawn.  He has an assortment of strange and rare plants that are carefully labeled and spaced. Never has a problem with deer or rabbits eating his plants because of the “secret” spray he covers his fence with (it’s wolf pee).

Sera’s garden is covered with fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason with her garden, and weeds cover almost every available inch.  Her fence is covered in strips of colored plastic and cans to ward off animals.  Whenever she’s at the garden, she spends her time talking to other renters instead of tending to her own plot – “If it grows, it grows.  Who am I to decide what happens, yeah?”

Vivienne can be seen at the community garden every afternoon, wearing catalog-worthy gardening gear in her flawless plot filled with medicinal plants and herbs.  Her garden puts all others to shame, and she knows it.  If you’re brave enough to approach her, she’ll happily give you advice on how to improve your skills and sometimes even give you clippings if she likes you enough.

Blackwall loves his small plot of land.  He sees it as a summer tradition and puts all his effort into it.  It takes him an entire month to just prepare the land: exterminating every weed, tilling the ground, setting up an impenetrable fence. He even mixed in nutrient-enriched soil to help his seedlings grow.  He’s one of the few renters that owns his own rain catcher (everyone else needs to carry their own tubs of water from the nearby water spigot).  He only grows vegetables that he eventually salts and freezes.  They last through the entire winter.

The Iron Bull also loves his small plot of land.  He and Blackwall share adjacent plots and they often exchange gardening tips.  He grows a small patch of vegetables, but the rest of the space is filled with flowers.  He is very proud of his flowers and brings the Chargers out to see them whenever a new species blooms.  There are always bees and butterflies flying around his plot and he swears he knows each of them by name.

Cole’s garden doesn’t have a fence, and the other renters rarely see anyone tending to it.  But there are huge piles of growth that threaten to overtake neighboring plots.  Animals come to eat the vegetables and new sprouts, and Cole always makes sure there is enough for them to leave with full bellies.

Dorian often complains about the manual labor and “blighted humidity” that comes with gardening, but that doesn’t stop his garden from being taken care of.  Each type of plant is sectioned off in their own little fenced area, carefully labeled and even shaded if needed.  He keeps a detailed journal of their growing process, illustrating and taking lots of pictures.  He swears he won’t come back next year, but he’s already planning how to improve things.

Leliana only grows food for her nugs.  She makes sure to use the best kind of soil, fertilizer, and cleanest water for her garden.  Sometimes, she even brings a few of her pets to the garden to enjoy the fresh air and kind company.  Cole always seems to be there when they come.  

Josephine doesn’t have a natural green thumb, but she still tries her hardest. Her garden has a balanced amount of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, but it is a little crowded with the space she has.  She eventually has to buy a second plot to make enough room.  

Cullen treats gardening as his therapeutic reward after a long day’s work, so he’s often seen at the community garden late at night.  Unfortunately, that also means he gets a lot of mosquito bites during the growing season.  He doesn’t mind them one bit.

Last year I bought some melons at my local farmers market in San Francisco. They were about the size of a softball, had light green fruit, and were the sweetest melons I’ve ever tasted. I have no idea what kind they were, but I saved some of the seeds, we’ve planted them and I’m really hoping they make it in the garden. Fingers crossed for sweet melon goodness come August/September from Opa’s Garden!

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 6 (Part 1)

The next morning passes almost uneventfully, with of course some scolding from my behavior the previous day, all except for Hunk pointing out my faults. He knows how deep it runs now and hopefully, he’ll know even better once I leave my position to Matt. Which, when he pulls me aside with his droopy, ichor colored eyes and lopsided smile, I can’t help but just grind my teeth. He’s a perfect fit for the Blue Paladin, he’s all my good qualities and more, without the parts that nobody wants. A mirror reflection of myself, but better, improved. Goddamn it, does Sam Holt only grow awe inspiring seedlings?

It’s worse even when he begins to tell me how even though it was funny to watch me make Shiro so red, it was wrong of me and I should learn from that, to hold my tongue. I don’t muster up a pretty little, obedient, apologetic response like I did with all the others who believed they could get through to me. Matt isn’t nearly as short as Pidge, but with the universe granting me so little in strength, they had to make a comeback in height so I step closer. He steps backwards and so our game presumes until his back is against the wall and I’m relishing in the couple of inches I have on him. This is the man who flows like poison through my life, infecting all the good parts. How can he stare so innocently up at me, like a deer caught in headlights?

My eyes narrow on their own accord and I trap him there with my hands flat on the wall at each side of his head. I have no clue how but I growl at him and I see his hands tighten into fists at either side of his hips. Whatever, take a hit, Keith freaking Kogane already beat me up last night, don’t think many people can fair against that. “I hate you.” I say simply, smiling just like usual, except less forced. Let’s pry another burden off my chest. “I hate everything about you. You’ve made the people I once wouldn’t hesitate for a second to call my slightly awkward space family doubt my abilities, begin to lose trust in me, and neglect me. Leave me in the dust. Do you understand? You are replacing me. They think you’re the new Blue Paladin.”

“Lance, I didn’t - I never intended to - ”

“Shut up!” I snap and he flinches beneath me. “I wasn’t done talking, Matt. So, I will continue getting my point across, and if you still feel the need to respond, feel free, okay?” He nods shakily and I feel so violent because he’s right here, why shouldn’t I make him hurt like I have, every day, since he arrived? But, I don’t. That isn’t what I’m doing here, in my last moments as an honorable Paladin. “I’m fine with everybody telling me that what I did was wrong. It was wrong. I don’t care, but nevertheless, I know it wasn’t the right thing to do because contrary to popular belief, I’m not fucking stupid. But, I will throw myself into a black hole, wailing my love for country music and pineapple on pizza before I let the one who has turned my life into a sad, sad abyss tell me how to behave. I’m fine with you ruining my life, but I will not take orders from you, pretend to enjoy your company, or ever want to speak civilly with you. It’s making me sick just being this close to you. So, do me the only favor I will ever allow you to do me, and piss. Off.” I end the rant with a slow hiss.

So, that’s supposed to be where the conversation ends, but he’s too much like me to not have adapted the same big, impulsive mouth and now I’m understanding why Pidge was drawn to me while he was still captive. “I thought you were a good guy, Lance. Maybe you still are. But, you’re doing bad things and I know that disrespecting Shiro is just the tip of the ice burg.”

The blood floods from my face. No. He can’t - he doesn’t know right, about the plan? He can’t, the only one who knows is Lotor and I. And. I jerk away from Matt to smash my knuckles into the wall with a frustrated shout. Blue knew, and Matt’s supposed to be her future pilot, so of course Blue told him, she thought he could stop me from ‘making a mistake’, but she’s wrong. Now, I just have to act more carefully than before.

I don’t spare the older Holt shrimp anymore of my time, I don’t have it to waste. I return to Blue’s cockpit and nap for exactly fifteen minutes before she wakes me up and I enter the coordinates in the escape pod, so that it’s ready for my leave.

The ideal time waster until it’s time to go would be to lounge about in Blue, alternating between napping and talking to her, however I know it’ll draw suspicion if I don’t continue my pattern of pointless efforts in socialization with the other member’s of the little team. So, I go about my usual schedule, dragging my feet, feeling unwanted and seeing which doors in the castle open. I stumble upon a large room with infant cribs and foam mats, some semblance of a toy bin, all in pastel colors. It must have been… some sort of nursery. And it’s plucking all of my heart strings.

The castle had some sort of self perseverance setting that automatically went off when Coran and Allura were frozen, so it’s as good as new, like everything else on the ship. No bacteria would settle in and no weird alien mold would begin to grow, because the advanced Altean technology allowed it to be kept safe and hygienic for 10,000 years. I… was the baby of my family. The youngest. The one who didn’t usually have the pressure of setting an example because I was the impressionable baby that everyone just wanted to protect. I did, however, have little cousins that would visit often. They’d come over and the sound of baby’s shaking their rattles and the joyous shrieks of toddler’s would echo off the walls. I always found them so annoying and got jealous when my Aunts and Uncles would pay them more attention.

I was such a brat. I’ve been begging for attention from a young age, even when I already had everyone’s on me at all times. When it was ripped away from me so quickly at the Garrison, where I was hardly average, it felt like a chunk of my soul had been ripped out as well. I tried as hard as I could to become better, but among great minds, I was foolish to think I could ever succeed them. Most talented to my department, however, was Keith. I grew a crush on him immediately, only adding to the self loathe festering inside me. It grew and grew, until I shattered and cried as hard as I ever had right after another failed simulation, right in front of my entire class.

Seeing as how I had tested into the Garrison and was surviving on a scholarship, I couldn’t afford to go to the school’s psychiatrist. But, I could afford to switch roommates, so that I could live with another kid who struggled with mental illness. At the same time I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder that wouldn’t be treated, Hikialani Garett had been diagnosed with anxiety. It was a program that ensured students who couldn’t afford therapy would have someone to relate to and wouldn’t go crazy from being constantly surrounded by neurotypicals who thought they were weird. And so, I met my best friend through me humiliating myself in front of my class. Which, I might’ve been placed in another one (with Hikialani), but everyone still knew. I was the kid who cried when I failed. And I couldn’t really ever change that.

“What’s wrong, buddy?”

“I’m so - L- Lance, you wouldn’t understand, you’re so skinny, and I’m so not and I’m - ”

“Dude, bro, stop talking and stop panicking. Because let’s get one thing straight. Skinny is not better than thick. Do you know how easily I get my ass kicked? And remember, I’m a cryer, so then I bawl about it afterwards. But, dude you, you’re a total hunk! You’re not fat, you, my dude, are thick and your muscles are bigger than my torso. If I wasn’t hopelessly pining after Kogane, I’d smash.”

He sniffles, wipes the tears beginning to form at the edges of his waterline. Then, reddens. “Really? You… don’t think I’m fat?”

“Dude. You’re so hot. The most hunk person I’ve ever met. In fact, new nickname, Hunk.”

He chuckles and everything’s okay. We couldn’t afford therapy. But, we have each other and for now, that’s enough.

I miss those times. But, they’re buried now. They don’t even matter. I pretend today is another normal day, go about my annoying the others, stray from Keith and Shiro because that’s what a wimp scared straight would do, and once it has all passed uneventfully, I leave with nothing. I tell Blue I will miss her. She says she’ll alert the other lions of my escape. I tell her that I don’t offer anything anymore. Go ahead. Would they even want me back?

As I’m sitting in the escape pod, getting ready for take off, I sit back and let out a final sigh. I’ve had so many great adventures with them, Shiro, Keith, Pidge, Hunk, Allura, Coran. I’ve had so much fun, been more active than ever, even struggling so hard with my insecurities, even being slowly pushed away. As much as it all hurt, it’s a hurt I’ll inevitably miss because with that hurt came something akin to familiar, with the sadness came the bouts of happiness that meant so much more, being so rare.

“Goodbye, Voltron.”

The times change, I’ve come to realize. They’re not changing in my favor here. I leave, hoping they’ll change better with my Prince.

Chapter 6, Part 2:


Pumzi is a Kenyan science-fiction short film written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu

A Sc-Fi film about futuristic Africa, 35 years after World War III –The Water War. Nature is extinct. The outside is dead. Asha lives and works as a museum curator in one of the indoor communities set up by the Maitu Council. When she receives a box in the mail containing soil, she plants an old seed in it and the seed starts to germinate instantly. Asha appeals to the Council to grant her permission to investigate the possibility of life on the outside but the Council denies her exit visa. Asha breaks out of the inside community to go into the dead and derelict outside to plant the growing seedling and possibly find life on the outside.