growing quickly

Attachments to People

Am I the only one who can sort of grow attached to someone quickly if things go well when meeting them? And then get that terrible anxiety when they don’t want to see you anymore and you wonder why?

reasons my generation is so depressed:

  • sleep deprivation due to early school start times
  • the economy
  • oppression
  • high tensions between different political/social/racial/etc groups
  • technology/social media means constant updates on bad news
  • politics, made worse by the aforementioned constant updates
  • the state of the environment
  • education as it is right now not preparing us sufficiently for the outside world
  • pressure to grow up very quickly
  • parenting/teaching/etc trends in the previous generation(s)
  • competitiveness in schools, social media and other aspects of life
  • the world in general that the last few generations have constructed for us

NOT reasons my generation is so depressed:

  • we’re weak and lazy and we can’t get off our phones uwu

Ok, so I feel like a lot of people have already sensed that this boy ain’t our boy, Shiro, but I wanted to add my two cents as to why. Aside from the obvious quirks and the whole BLACK NOT ACCEPTING “SHIRO” thing…

1. Project Kuron = Project Clone ehem… so there’s that

2. In the time between Shiro’s disappearance and “The Journey” episode there is no way for his hair to grow that long that quickly. 

3. I’m sure a lot of people originally saw that weird sequence in the beginning of “The Journey” as a hazy dream/hallucination as “Shiro” walked down the hallways and then sees this

But what if, now bear with me, that wasn’t a hallucination/flashback…


Egotober, Day 08 - Bad news

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Kind of just an excuse to draw the fandom’s newest baby…

Even More DnD Headcanons

Yep I guess I’m still doing these

  • Speak With Animals: now you can finally talk to your pets!
  • Silver and Gold dragons elected as benevolent, honorable, and forward-thinking leaders of towns and cities
  • Permanent teleportation gates connecting cities on different continents
  • Alchemists crafting beauty products like makeup or hair dye that never fades unless you negate it with another potion
  • Religious fanatics touting hate-speech suddenly being interrupted and rebuffed by the Avatar of their own gods
  • Spellcaster-musicians casting illusion magic to mix or create new sounds like DJs
  • A kid finding a dragon at their door because one of their kinkier ancestors got busy a few centuries ago SAY HELLO TO DRAGON GRANDPA HE BROUGHT PRESENTS FROM HIS VAST HOARD
  • What about all the different races’ cuisines? Delicious elven salad bars? Hefty Halfling buffets? Dragonborn chefs cooking steak with their lightning breath? I bet gnomes love making shit as spicy as possible.
  • Druids using plant growth to quickly grow food for starving populations or restore ecologically devastated areas
  • Friendly Drow teaching their advanced sign language to deaf, mute, or hard of hearing non-drow
  • Bard rap battles


A dik-dik is the name for any of four species of small antelope in the genus Madoqua that live in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa. Dik-diks stand about 12–15.5 inches at the shoulder, weigh 6.6–13.2 pounds, and can live for up to 10 years. Dik-diks are named for the alarm calls of the females. In addition to the females’ alarm call, both the male and female make a shrill, whistling sound. 

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sometimes i forget how young harry is and it makes me so sad because he had to grow up really quickly once he got in the spotlight and he was (is) getting harassed about sexual things since he was sixteen like 16-18 year old harry shouldn’t of had to deal with grown ass women moaning while they interviewed him or coming on to him or asking him about his favorite sex positions BECAUSE HE WAS A BABY OH MY GOD HE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER

Xefros Tritoh is a Page of Time. also, class roleplay is real.

I’m still too sick to record for the Joey video, so while I don’t have the time to make a full-scale analysis post on everything about Xefros right now (theres a lot) I figured I’d make two crucial things about reading his character clear:

A) Xefros’ unhealthy relationship with Dammek is the latest example yet of unhealthy Class Roleplay dynamics. If anyone remembers, I speculated weeks ago, before the game dropped, that Xefros’ relationship to the role of Butlering might well turn out to be both unhealthy for him and reflective of Classpect behavior.

As it turns out, I seem to have been correct. Specifically, Xefros is roleplaying a Knight through his unwilling assignment of the role of the Butler.

B) Xefros is a Page of Time.

Let’s explore them in order, considerably more briskly than with the Joey post. There’s more to say about Xefros, obviously, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the….

Time.  Something I have in common with Xefros, fittingly enough.

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Zayn opens up about conquering touring anxiety, prepping album No. 2 – and why he’s been living on a farm

There aren’t many places in New York, or anywhere else for that matter, that feel as cocooned from the ­outside world as the live room in Electric Lady’s Studio A. Designed to Jimi Hendrix’s ­specifications, the curvy space is stocked with shiny vintage gear, faded Persian rugs and a cosmic, wall-sized mural. On this Sunday night in September, a little after 9 p.m., the room’s sole occupant is a slight, ­strikingly handsome 24-year-old, whose unique ­combination of global fame and acute anxiety can make life outside of insulated creative oases like this one ­challenging, and who is currently kicked back on an overstuffed leather sofa, pulling ­meditatively from a joint and watching the smoke curl toward the sound-­deadened ceiling.

For the last nine months, Zayn Malik – who in his solo career goes by his first name – has lived in similar womblike rooms in New York, Los Angeles, London and even rural Pennsylvania (more on that later), ­crafting the follow-up to his debut solo LP, Mind of Mine, which bowed at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last spring and spawned the Billboard Hot 100-topping ­single “Pillowtalk,” which has racked up over 750 million YouTube spins. That album, with its Frank Ocean-esque ­moodiness, bedroom vocals and, “Pillowtalk” aside, resistance to radio-friendly sonics, demarcated a clear line between Malik’s grown-up second act and his beyond-famous first one.

Seven years ago, Malik was plucked at age 17 from a small city in Northern England, teamed up with four other boys as One Direction and ­tornado-ed into the most intense global teen craze endured by a crew of British kids since Beatlemania. The ­experience left him unmoored – he abruptly quit the group in 2015 – and as a solo artist, he’s devoted to serving his own muse. In the 18 months since the release of his debut LP, he has deepened his ­relationship with his supermodel girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, started taking better care of his health, corralled collaborators ­including Taylor Swift and Sia, and determinedly honed his sound. For an artist so shaken by his time in One Direction that he has yet to launch a tour, the intensely private star has found a way to navigate, even thrive, in his highly public life. Or, as Malik himself puts it, “I don’t do things that I wouldn’t buy into. I try to explain that to people and hope that they understand – it doesn’t come from a place of being arrogant or above anything.”

It’s probably not intentional, but Malik seems dressed to match the room in an ­outfit you can easily picture Paul McCartney rocking in the early 1970s: a dark-red cable-knit sweater that looks both cozy and off-the-charts expensive, a subtly ­patterned button-down shirt, earth-toned, jean-cut pants and a pair of black Chelsea boots. His left hand is covered in a ­mandala-like tattoo; his right is adorned with a pair of red lips ­billowing smoke. His hair, which evidently grows quickly, has already returned to an ­appealing fuzz less than a week after he made headlines ­worldwide by ­shaving it bald. He’s in New York to take some meetings and work on the album, but the trip also lines up with New York Fashion Week, which means that he and Hadid get to be in the same place at the same time. The pair, says Malik, “pretty much live together,” whether it’s at his homes in Los Angeles and London or at her pad in New York. “It’s actually not that hard for us [to line up schedules],” he says. “It helps that she’s really organized. Thank God! Because I’m really not, so she helps organize my ­schedule around seeing her.” (Hadid is also one of a small group of people, including Malik’s parents, siblings and management team, who get to hear in-progress music. “She’s in the studio quite a lot,” he says cheerfully. “She likes to cook for me and stuff – when I’m here late, she’ll come down and bring me food. She’s cool.”)

The new album, says Malik, mines two main moods: one more rhythmic and pop, the other more downtempo. “The last album veered into a much more nighttime kind of thing,” says Peter Edge, chairman/CEO of Malik’s label, RCA. “This one is more of a mix than that.” The young star has been back in the studio with ­his first album’s main ­collaborator, Malay, well known for his work on Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange and Blonde. Veteran ­producers like Timbaland and Rob Cavallo have contributed, and Malik also has made a bunch of songs largely by ­himself. He has been toiling away at the disc for months, blowing past deadline after deadline; ­originally slated for a late-­September release, the album now won’t be out until the first quarter of 2018.

I got a preview of two tracks in late October. The first, which is built around Malik’s velvet vocals, a heartrending ­melody and spare, sonar-plink sonics builds – and improves – on his debut album’s sound. The other, all synths and ­effortless vocals, feels directly aimed at pop fans’ ­pleasure centers. “What impresses me about Zayn is the vision he has for his music,” says Timbaland. “How he looks at it, takes his time with it – just really thinks it out.”

Most recently, Malik has been ­collaborating with a musician that his management declines to name, saying only that he’s “unknown,” from Brazil and that Malik met him through friends. “I think I’m like 90 percent of the way there,” says Malik in September of the LP’s process. “But I’m still working on stuff and trying to decide what goes on the album and what comes off.”

Cavallo, who worked with Malik and a killer crew of session vets to grow a spare, downtempo demo into a Michael Jackson-inspired funk-rock tune, was most impressed by the young star’s calibrated ear. “He kind of reminds me of when I was in the studio with Fleetwood Mac,” says Cavallo. “His instinctive impulse to know what’s good or not good is like an ­incredibly precise laser beam. He knows which lyric to sing, he knows when the guitar part is good, he knows when the beat is right. It’s all right there at his fingertips.”

In person, Malik is polite, friendly and willing to answer ­questions. But he’s not exactly a chatterbox, and he’s more likely to reply ­cryptically than with a concrete ­anecdote. Even softball questions ­sometimes elicit strange responses, like when I brought up a recent Instagram post of his that ­compared two images of Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne – one as it’s depicted in the books, the other as it is in the show – along with the caption “Tru.” (The throne is apparently described in print as taller and spikier.) So he must be a huge fan of the show, right? “Ah, I’m not too into Game of Thrones,” he says, ­shrugging. “I just put that picture up because [it ­represents] the difference between a book and a movie. The ­overproduction of things is always hilarious.”

There is at least one HBO series that he genuinely loves. “I watched Girls – the whole thing,” he says. In fact, one of the stars of that show, Jemima Kirke, appears in the action-blockbuster-style video for the new album’s lead single, “Dusk Till Dawn,” which features guest vocals from Sia and is more full-bore pop than ­anything on Mind of Mine. Malik thought Kirke seemed cool and reached out to see if she’d be ­interested in playing his femme fatale co-star in the video, which was directed by Marc Webb, who helmed the 2012 Spider-Man reboot. In its first day, “Dusk Till Dawn” got over 10 million views on YouTube. Malik was enthused by the ­reception, in part because he wrote much of the song ­himself. (The video raises another ­question: Does he have any ­interest in ­acting? “I do, yeah,” he says. “It would have to be a good script and something that was a bit ­different, like an art movie. Something people wouldn’t expect.”) Malik’s a huge admirer of Sia, not only for her talent as a singer and hitmaker, but also for the way she has ­navigated the perils of celebrity and figured out how to perform live, ­on her own terms.

Malik ­himself has yet to tour – or even play a single major concert – since he left One Direction. During the last two years, he has canceled shows in London, Dubai and Japan, citing extreme anxiety. “The band was like being in the army for him,” notes his manager, Sarah Stennett, adding that the last few years have been a time for Malik to recalibrate. “You lose your sense of intuition and instinct about what you really need, and what’s right for you.”

In Zayn, an autobiography-slash-photo book he published in 2016, Malik made it clear that his time with 1D wasn’t just ­stressful – it was damaging to his mental health. He opened up about having ­developed an eating disorder triggered by the endless grind and total lack of ­anything resembling a normal life. “I’d just go for days – sometimes two or three days straight – without eating anything at all,” he wrote. “Food was something I could control, so I did.”

Today, he insists that he’s in a much better place. “I’m taking things at my own pace, eating well, not going too crazy,” he says with a wry little laugh. “Making sure we have dinnertime.” (He’s clearly not on a rabid health kick, though. At one point a member of his team delivers a pack of Marlboro Lights, and he spends several minutes trying to get one lit by holding it in his hand and toasting the end with a lighter.) One of the ways that Malik has achieved a more serene mind space has been by ­spending much of this ­summer and fall in the last place any fan would think to look for him – on a working farm in rural Pennsylvania, with a private studio nearby. “[The farm] is just out of the way and feels grounded,” he says. “There’s not a lot of things around. I do a lot of farm work.” Really? “Yeah, yeah, I take the horses out and feed the cows and that kind of stuff. It’s cool. I’ve always been ­interested in animals.”

The farm reminds him, he says, of the countryside around Bradford, England, the town between Leeds and Liverpool where he grew up. A rotating crew of friends, family and collaborators – including Hadid – join him in Pennsylvania and listen to music and offer opinions. Zayn’s father, Yaser Malik, a British-Pakistani hip-hop fan, gravitates toward lyrically ­sophisticated songs. “He likes the more meaningful ones,” says Malik. “He’ll be like, ‘Read more, do this, work on this lyric.’” His mom, Tricia Malik, who ­converted to Islam before she married Yaser, “likes anything that’s clubby and upbeat. She’s hilarious to me. All of what I call my proper ratchet songs, she loves.” He cracks a big grin and laughs.

Malik isn’t the only ­prominent Muslim star in music – rappers from Ice Cube to Q-Tip share the faith – but his religion was one of the clear ­markers of difference between him and his 1D bandmates. He has made a few ­tentative political gestures around his religion (including tweeting the hashtag #freepalestine in 2014) but generally avoids the topic of intolerance in the era of Donald Trump and Brexit. He’s ­cheerful when talking about his father’s family’s culture, though. Malik understands Urdu, although when he speaks the language, it’s a ­hodgepodge of Urdu and English and slang. He has never been to Pakistan but is ­interested in visiting someday. And he’s a fan of Pakistani food, music, poetry and movies. “My grandparents would always have that going on the TV,” he says. “So I’m pretty in the know.”

According to Malik, he no longer has any contact with former 1D bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson, all of whom have also released solo music in 2017. He says this without malice, and if he feels ­competitive with his old crew, he’s certainly not letting on. “Our relationships have definitely changed since we were in a band together, but I think that’s just life,” he says. “Everybody grows up; two of the guys have got kids now. But no, I don’t talk to any of them, really.”

It might help that he has edged out the others on the Hot 100, especially when you count “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” the No. 2 smash that he recorded for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack with Taylor Swift – another artist for whom he has major respect. He personally recruited Swift, who is tight with Hadid, for the track. “I worked with her because I felt like she was the right artist for the song,” says Malik. “And of course she’s also a massive artist, so that brings its benefits. I get to let her fans know that I’m doing this kind of music, and she lets her fans know she likes my kind of music – there’s no opposition, for real. Everybody can like everybody’s music.”

While nothing has been booked yet, Malik is planning on launching a major tour behind the new album. His anxiety around performing, he explains, wasn’t just a 1D hangover – some of it came from not ­having figured out how to do a solo show that felt natural, especially with only one album’s worth of material from which to draw. “Like, there were a lot of upbeat dance [songs on the album], and I don’t dance, so it would have required a lot of extra dancers and stuff going on, and I don’t necessarily want to do that.” (Fans hoping to hear Malik perform 1D hits, as they can on Styles’ recently launched tour, are likely to be disappointed.)

Part of the solution, it turns out, came from that session with Cavallo and ­seeing how one of his studio creations could take on new life with a great band. “It definitely helped identify in my own mind where I want to be as an entertainer,” says Malik. “For a long time I’ve struggled with, ‘Where is Zayn as a performer?’ I don’t want [my show] to be too eccentric or out there, because I’m not that kind of ­personality. I’m quite a reserved person, and I feel like [the vibe of that session] sort of fits me and what I want to do onstage.”

Near the end of our time together, I ­gently float an idea: “If there are any songs you’d feel comfortable playing for me,” I ­suggest, “I’d love to hear them.” Malik seems totally into it. “Yeah, of course, man,” he says emphatically. “Cool. I’ll play some stuff.” He gets up from the sofa and heads to the ­studio door. “I’m just going to get the songs off my manager.” I tell him I appreciate it. “No worries, bro,” he says, before he disappears through the door. And then, in probably the most Zayn-like move of the night, he never comes back.


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prompt, if ur taking them: jaime rides to winterfell and bends the knee to sansa and becomes an honorable advisor, Jon is very jealous. (bonus points if he walks past dany who thinks he's bending the knee to her instead of sansa)

Jon x Sansa, Jaime & Sansa

The wind bit into him, whipping at his cloak, but Sansa stood at the battlement’s edge as if they faced only a summer snow. Her hair lifted and fluttered about, even slapping against him once or twice. Jon fought the temptation to wrap it around his fist and pull her to him.

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Touka’s suicidal ideation in TG

While one of the most important plot points in TG/TG:RE revolve around Kaneki’s suicidal desires and his depression – We have never seen anyone discuss Touka’s. In this fandom, Touka’s motivations are often under-analyzed, and quite a bit about her nature and personality is missed because of this.

While Touka is a character who is quite strong and decisive, she is also a character who is deathly afraid of being alone.

From a young age, Touka has lost most of the people in her life who she cared about. First her mother, then her father, who left home and never returned. From that point, she was forced to grow up quickly in order to care of both herself and her brother. Then, after finding a new family in anteiku, Touka loses her brother after he abandons her to join aogiri.

Losing loved ones – either to death or abandonment creates an intense pain within Touka, to the point that she is willing to throw her life away in order to quell it. We see our first glimpse of this after Ryouko is killed by the CCG. When she first learns of her death, Touka immediately wants revenge, even at the risk of her own life and the others at anteiku.

At this time, the pain of losing a loved one is so much that she can’t move on. She can’t move past this without trying to get revenge for Ryouko, even after being forbidden, she still makes her move. Later, in her conversation with Kaneki, we learn more about her motivation to put herself at such great risk.

Touka explains that she can’t stand the idea of kind ghouls like Ryouko or Hinami are killed without remorse or hesitation, but she also says something interesting here. “It’d be a better for a murderer like me to die.” While Touka is not actively trying to get herself killed, she also doesn’t seem to mind if she dies. She has a negative view of herself, calling herself a murderer and putting herself down. If it’s for the sake of protecting loved ones or avenging murdered loved ones, she would gladly die.

We next see this reckless nature when Kaneki is taken by aogiri.

Touka is willing to go into aogiri alone to try to get Kaneki back. Doing so would effectively be a suicide mission, but she doesn’t care – getting Kaneki back is more important than her own life. Not losing another person is more important to her, even if getting him back is nearly impossible on her own.

Next time, we see her attempt to do this again during the anteiku raid. Yomo has to stop Touka from going to anteiku, as she claims that while she doesn’t want to die – she also doesn’t want to be alone. She can’t stand the idea of losing her new family, and argues with Yomo, saying that she deserves to be punished, just like the other members of anteiku. Her fear of being alone outweighs hers desire to live.

She can’t stand the idea of going through that pain again.

She has a breakdown in this chapter, asking why everyone around her has just randomly died or left – and thinks back to all of the people in her life who she has lost, or is about to lose. She still wants to go save them, and she still want to die with them.

Luckily, Touka seems to have been able to move past this way of thinking over the years thanks to Yomo’s influence – and is later able to leave him behind in the underground, remembering the words that he told her during the anteiku raid. But, this aspect of Touka’s character is so important, tragic, and often overlooked.

Zhang Yixing//Sovereign - Part 1

Two kingdoms are at war with another, and being the illegitimate warrior, wildcard princess, you’re appointed to the war council - along with the youngest prince of your allied country, Prince Yixing. He’s arrogant, believes he knows best no matter what - but you’re exactly the same. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8)
Scenario: Royalty!AU 
Word Count: 2,823

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wanting || bill skarsgård

description: in which you let him take his frustrations out on you

requested by: @karaokke 

warnings: daddy kink, roughness, choking, swearing, dirty talk, slight bondage, general filth

notes: y’all asked, and asked, and asked for some daddy kink. so, without further adieu, here you go, fuckers. 

He was on edge.

Muscles tight, jaw set, hands sliding up and down his thighs as he attempted to calm himself for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. Normally, he was good at keeping his emotions in check. He stayed composed, pulled together, taking everything with grace. 

But not this time. Oh no, he was far from keeping it together. In fact, he felt like a spool of thread coming unravelled. The only thing, or rather, only person, that could put him back together again, was you. 

And that was precisely why he was on his way home that very moment. 

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  • *221B*
  • Sherlock & Molly: *in bed*
  • Molly: Was that your first time?
  • Sherlock: *embarrassed; nods*
  • Molly: *smiles* Well, you'd never know. You were very good.
  • Sherlock: *a little proud* Thank you.
  • Molly: *impressed* Have you been researching?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I read a book or two.
  • Molly: *sighs dreamily* Fancy another game? *gestures at the Tiddlywinks board*
  • Sherlock: *stretches* Nah, lets just have sex.
  • Molly: *giggles* If you insist.

lennydotdotdotart  asked:

How would DAI's inner circle react to realizing the teen Inquisitor is now taller than them? (Iron Bull and Varric could realize that the Inquisitor is taller than Cassandra)

Cassandra: She gawks at them for a moment as the height difference becomes apparent, and finally she laughs and smiles at them. “Weren’t you shorter than me a week ago? Maker’s breath! You’re growing so fast.” 

Iron Bull: He beams, proudly, as he looks them over. “Man, you’re shooting up like I did when I was your age.” He ruffles their hair and laughs. “You’re getting closer to matching my height. Who knows? Maybe you’ll pass me.” He means it if they’re a qunari. 

Blackwall: They stand at his height, and are threatening to grow even taller. He laughs and has them stand against a beam in the stable and carves a mark into it at their head level. “You’re growing. Kids at your age always seem to grow like weeds– you especially.” He laughs. “Maybe you’re ready for your first pint of beer? You’re a growing young man/woman, after all.”

Sera: “When did you get so huge?! You’re like a beanpole!” she squeals and giggles, patting their shoulder proudly. “Puberty hit you like a druffalo, yeah? You’re gonna get taller soon.”

Varric: They were taller than him to begin with, so it doesn’t really faze him or get his attention until they surpass Cassandra. He chuckles. “Soon you’ll be ready for your first pint of beer! You’re growing up fast.” He sometimes asks how the weather is up there.

Cole: “Squinting in the light until they approach, shadow longer than theirs. I’ve never had to turn my neck up to look them in the eyes, they’re growing so fast, I’m so proud, they’re going to reach the sky.” He smiles. “You were shorter last month, but no one minds. It makes them happy.”

Dorian: He stares at them as they stand to the side of the book case by his nook, which he used often as a reference for how tall they’ve been growing, and stands beside them. They exceed him by an inch, and he tsks playfully and smiles at them. “When did I say you could be taller than me? You’re going to surpass Bull at this rate.”

Vivienne: Heels are in fashion in Orlais, and she wears them regularly. It’s not until the Inquisitor stands by her, without heels on, and stands taller does she realize how much they’ve grown. She feels quiet pride and shakes her head. “Maker! We’ll have to go shopping to find you good clothes to accommodate your growth!” she says as she tugs at the hem of their shirt, which barely covers their stomach.

Solas: He’s tall, himself, so it catches him off-guard when he realizes the Herald is finally taller than him. He stares for a moment before letting out a laugh and smiling genuinely at them. “Your grow so rapidly; such is the way of puberty. Perhaps you’ll reach Bull one day soon.”

Cullen: He gets a kick out of it. It puts a rare smile on his face as he sees them stand by Cassandra, and dryly tells them they should consider getting their armor refitted. 

Leliana: She tsks as they stand by her and tower over her, and laughs. “Maker’s breath! You’re not wearing my heels, are you? No? You’re just growing so quickly.” She shakes her head. “Wait until Josephine realizes how much you’ve grown. She’s going to make you try on all sorts of new clothes befitting your height.”

Josephine: She becomes keenly aware when she notices their clothes aren’t fitting like they used to. She finds it both endearing that they’re growing so fast and a bit of panic to get them clothes that fit properly, for their comfort and image.