growing onions in a glass

Here is one of those tricks that are easy and will save you money! Grow your own green onions at home! You buy a bunch of them at your food market, you cut them about an inch above the roots and put them them in tap water! Just put enough water so that the roots can drink, once they grow, you can add a bit more water. Change the water once or twice a week. I don”t know how many times they can regrow but some of mines are at 4 regrowth and they don’t seem to stop! Depending on your needs, you can grow all of your green onions yourself, with all the benefits that gives to the planet and to you. 

I live in Canada and unfortunately in the winter nothing grows outdoor. Because of this a large quantity of our fruits & vegetables are full of chemicals to keep them *fresh* since they travel a lot. Those green onions are dry most of the time in this time of the year when I go to the supermarket. When I cut these at home they are juicy and fresh!!

Please Share!! This can make a difference on a large scale!!