growing blueberries

Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics

Gryffindor- holding rocks from the beach in yours hands, watching them flow out, being at the playground at midnight with your best friends, completing dares that no one even dared you to do, running just for the purpose of doing something, sending your best friend appreciation paragraphs for them at 3:00 A.M., going on roller coasters very confident but freaking out a little when you get to the top, playing ghosts in the graveyard with you or friends at 11:00 A.M., putting on makeup and dressing up even though you have nowhere to go, dancing and lip syncing in your room crazily, finding wonders in the little things, spacing out, diving in right away in the lake, handing out feminism badges, walking at a regular pace in the rain with your arms out, forming new clubs, being overly-excited, making small designs on the misty car window, either taking 0 selfies or 1938284 at a time, red lipstick and black mascara, scraped up legs

Hufflepuff- sugar highs, putting so much trust in your friends, dressing up as your favorite book and tv show characters, growing out your hair, blueberry pancakes when you wake up, whether that’s at 6:00 A.M. or 12:00 P.M., catching fireflies, the feeling you get when you make all your friends fall over laughing, seeing a spiny chair and immediately know what you will be doing for the rest of the day, ice cream bigger than your head, putting flowers in your friend’s hair, being the last to finish your popsicle, getting excited when you hear the ice cream truck, heart-shaped sunglasses, petting every puppy you see on the street, making a big deal out of everything, getting your friends presents even though there is no special occasion, candy shops, slumber parties, writing songs, writing stories, musicals and Broadway plays, caring about others more than you care about yourself, strip malls, taking pictures of your friends, happy drunk, defending the underdog, finding beauty in everyone’s eyes

Ravenclaw- record shops, when your face gets red after you get complimented, chokers, laughing when your nervous, cuddling with your friends at 2:00 A.M., drinking coffee in the morning, going to the beach when the waves are crazy, telling yourself to only read one more chapter but you end up finishing the book, writing letters to the author, scented candles, knee high socks, taking videos so you can remember the moment, perfect makeup techniques, laying on the rooftop at 3:00 A.M., looking at the stars, making multiple playlists for different moods, watching documentaries, playing mindlessly with your friend’s hair, eating a three course meal at 12:00 A.M., pranking your friends when they’re sleeping, putting your headphones on long car rides, binge watching Netflix, spending your day at the library, asking your friend to go to the bathroom with you, getting a churro at the fair, studying because you want to, not because anyone else wants you to

Slytherin- testing the limits, fire whiskey, mysteries, the sound of the thunderstorm against your window while you are drifting to sleep, doing anything for your friends, talking back to the teacher, smirking against the classroom, splashing the people who think the water is too cold in the lake, escaping reality, black roses, rooting for the underdog, downtown, skyscrapers, doing anything to get your way, cat ears headband, correcting people’s grammar, solving moral dilemmas easily, fixing your best friend’s makeup in the school bathroom, leather jackets, playful smirks, making faces across the classroom, knowing what your friend is saying just by reading their expression, self-deprecating humor, the moon, looks that could kill, playing sweet and sour with your close friends, doing everything yourself, with no help, rewriting history, chopping a little bit or a lot of your hair off, dirty jokes, sleepless nights, being the hero to your class because you found all the answers online, knowing when to stop but not stopping anyway


How to Grow Blueberries in Containers
G'Day Folks.
Here’s a quick look at how I’m planting out 4 new “Blueberry Burst” bushes into Root Pouches in our backyard patch using a potting soil blend that’s recommended for acid loving plants.
Share the clip along if you think it may help some family & friends out there.
Cheers all.


My very own blueberry bush! I wanted a variety that stays on the small side but still produces plenty of nice-size fruit, and this ‘Patriot’ cultivar was perfect for that. I only have room for one, but i’m sure it will cross-pollinate with the native bushes growing in the woods out back.

*Stick a wax plant (Hoya carnosa) in your living room to bless all visitors, banish negativity, and protect your home.

*Keep a Venus flytrap near your front door for protection. Aloe is another good option.

*Grow African violets on your windowsill to bring joy and love into your household. Place a dark purple one on your altar to deepen spirituality.

*Grow the following plants in your garden for protection:
-Digitalis purpurea (foxglove)
-Helianthus spp. (sunflowers)
-Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort)
-Iris germanica (bearded iris)
-Narcissus spp. (daffodils)
-Papaver spp. (poppy) *note: grow from seed to attract success
-Polygonatum spp. (Solomon’s seal)
-Pteridium aquilinum (fern)
-Vaccinium spp. (blueberries)

*Grow the following in your garden for abundance:
-Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort)
-Lobelia cardinalis (cardinal flower)
-Myrtus communis (myrtle)
-Salvia officinalis (sage)

This is by no means a complete list. :)

~Please make sure whatever you plant isn’t invasive to your area!~


Went blueberry-picking today! I feel so lucky to be situated merely 5 min away from such a luxurious bounty of wild blueberries now in the early autumn season =v= Most English-speaking countries refer to these as bilberries, but to me, these are the true blueberries; small, growing hidden in the heather, sweet, filled with antioxidants and red juice that stains your hands (and tounge) with the most delightful vibrant colour! >v

Malec, Max, & Prom

This is my surprisingly lengthy one-shot about Max’s first prom. I tried so very hard to shorten it, but I just couldn’t stand to take any of the precious Malec out of it. So here’s all the fluffy Malec Family mess you could possibly stand. Enjoy, and welcome to hell.

Alec wasn’t one to boast. Really, he wasn’t one to brag or swagger or gloat. It wasn’t his style. But when it came to his family…

Alec was totally smug.

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This is my character in Stardew Valley. Her name is Pinecone, and she has a cat named Peppabell who sleeps all day. She’s almost on her fourth year in Pelican Town, and she’s on a quest to catch the last legendary fish, Legend, and to cook every recipe. Next goals include: getting enough money for teleportation stones and the farm teleportation staff, attaining the final 10 heart rating with a villager, and finding the last of the artifacts. She’s usually keeping busy on the farm tending to her animals and the greenhouse. She grows cranberries, blueberries, hops, and strawberries, and takes care of blue chickens, ducks, goats, cows, and sheep. She makes pale ale, jellies, cheeses, and mayonnaises for income.

stardew valley gothic.

you made it to this plot of overgrowth in the middle of the afternoon. the mayor and the carpenter you’ve just met seem kind enough and tell you to get some rest. inexplicably, you do. you were not tired, but it is morning now.

you arrived on a spring day. you woke up on the first day of spring.

the rooster’s crow wakes you every morning at six a.m. sharp. you do not own a rooster. nor does marnie, or any of your other neighbors. you try not to think about this.

people here are forgetful. they tell you the same stories over and over again. you smile and nod and never mention this to them. something compells you to stay silent. you do.

between the hours of two a.m. and six a.m. mayor lewis visits your farm. you do not know who he is selling your items to so late in the night or how the money ends up in your wallet the next morning. despite this, he never seems tired. one summer day he asks of you’re growing blueberries on your farm. you are. he should know.

the memory of your grandfather will never be seperated from your farm, but it seems to fade the further you travel away from his grave. he is there. he is waiting.

you fell asleep in your house. you woke up in your bed. you did not get a letter. you live alone.

there are monsters here. you are brave enough to fight but weak enough to lose. when you wake up you have lost your items, your memory, and something else. something indescribable. you feel empty.

you stare at your reflection in the mountain lake. your eyes are wide and unweilding. you never develop wrinkles around them. you do not know how long you have been here. it feels like centuries.

the people around you hault when you bite into your meal. they resume once you are finished. they do not look at you. they just move on.

you know the names and faces of everyone in town. you do not remember anyone from the city. they are gone, now.

abigail sits in the graveyard. she swallows the amethyst you gave her and walks home. she does not look at you.

you do not know who the old mariner is. he only appears in the rain.

the train never stops here, only passes through.

sometimes you wonder why you are so strong. you lived in the city your whole life but do not remember anything about it. you do not question it and put more stones in your backpack.

the bus route to calico desert is out of service. the bus route to the city no longer exists. you can never go back.

penny tells you she finds the rain on the roof of her trailer calming. you go inside one rainy day. you do not hear anything. she smiles at you. her eyes are like mirrors. she will not let you in.

you watch tv for hours every morning. it is still six a.m. when you turn it off.