and that’s the thing about life; you constantly make plans to go to far off places, eat brand new foods and meet exciting people. you are not defined by how much money you make or whether you won awards or even if you graduated from school. you can only define yourself, and you only do so when you leave your past behind and open yourself up to the future, so go on…love like you’ve never loved before. explore mountains and cities. make memories. inspire others. live.
—  we all have to remember what we can accomplish. K. Kazik.

Let’s grow together, not just grow old together.
Let’s keep becoming who we are.
Let me watch you become the man you’re meant to be.
Stay with me as I struggle to be the best version of myself.
Hold me close and tight through the good times and bad.
Let’s weather storms, for the sake of the sunshine.
Let’s grow sharper and harder and pure.
Let’s grow together.


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Orchids are one of the most popular group of plants in the world. With so many different cultivars for sale today, there is so much variety in the colors, shapes, and sizes of these gorgeous flowers.

In this week’s video, I got to speak with Jim Adamson of Adamon’s Orchids in Cocoa Florida who has been growing orchids for over 30 years!

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