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"have you ever met someone whose smile looks like it could make flowers grow?" kakashi has. it's you, tenzo🌸. please stop smiling🌼 there are flowers 🌺growi🌺ng in my hair🌷 now, there are flower🌻s growing up the w🌻ind🌻ows tenz🌹o plea🌸se i am b🌷🌺🌻🌷eggi🌻🌷ng yo🌸u🌺


     he’s still fourteen, he thinks, when he gets curious and decides to creep into one of the older boys’ stashes of alcohol. it tastes bad, and at first he doesn’t see the appeal, but without any supervision there is no one to stop his experimentation. he keeps drinking, a lot and quickly, thinking he doesn’t feel the effects. and then, well he stands up, the world spins horrendously, and he giggles

     it seems to take a tremendous amount of effort to make his way to kakashi’s room, but he suddenly has to tell the older boy how much fun he’s having rightnowimmediately, so he remains unbothered by the herculean undertaking of keeping from knocking himself out on a wall. when the door is answered, he reaches up and cups kakashi’s cheeks in his tiny hands, forgetting the unofficial ‘no touching’ rule settled between them in his inebriation. he giggles again, and suddenly the entire room is alive with plant life, twirling vines and blooming flowers. he’s never seen kakashi jump so high, which in turn makes him laugh more, which makes the plants writhe with their own brand of botanical joy. 

           s-sorry,     he gasps through his laughter, in a tone that implies he isn’t sorry at all.      i don’t want to tell them to stop. ’     there are tears on his face from all the snickering he’s doing, and isn’t that a novelty.






BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire [ENG TRANS]!

(A: R.TEE | C: Teddy & R.TEE | L: Teddy)

[JEN] My mom told me every day
To always be careful of guys
Because love is like playing with fire
I’ll get hurt

[JI] My mom might be right
Because when I see you, my heart gets hot
Because rather than fear
My attraction to you is bigger

[ROSE] I can’t stop this trembling
On and on and on
I wanna throw my all
Into your world

[LISA] Look at me look at me now
You are burning me up like this
I can’t turn it off

[ROSE] Our love that’s like playing with fire

[JEN] My love is on fire
[LISA] Now burn baby burn
[JI] Playing with fire
[JEN] My love is on fire
[LISA] So don’t play with me boy
[JI] Playing with fire

[LISA] Oh no, I’ve already come too far
Suddenly, none of this is a game anymore

[LISA] Love is like red fire
Blow, wind, so the fire will grow
Is this medicine or poison? Not even my mom knows
There’s a robber in my heart but why don’t the police know?

[LISA] Pour out your oil in my burning heart
kiss him will I diss him
I don’t know but I miss him
This is past addiction, this love is crack
The color of my heart is black

[ROSE] I can’t stop this trembling
On and on and on
I wanna throw my all
Into your fiery path

[JI] Look at me look at me now
You are burning me up like this
I can’t turn it off

[ROSE] Our love that’s like playing with fire

[JEN] My love is on fire
[LISA] Now burn baby burn
[JI] Playing with fire
[ROSE] My love is on fire
[LISA] So don’t play with me boy
[JI] Playing with fire

[JEN] I can’t control it
This fire path is spreading too quickly

[ROSE] Don’t stop me
So this love can burn up this night

Translated by:

to-do list

tagged by @whenimaunicorn (ooooooo, this is a good one, thank you!)

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

1. Turn the Tide (Ivar X OC). More specifically chapter 10 and I’m feeling the pressure on this one because so much is coming together ;-) Heh. *’I feel it coming’ by the Weeknd plays in the background*. ANYWAY. This fic has turned out to be such a joy to write because I’m getting outta my comfort-zone and it’s my first time writing an OC in fic-land, and then facing the challenges that comes with writing Ivar … I feel like it’s already made me a better writer. Getting out of your comfort zone, that’s when the good growy stuff happens. 

2. Codename: Cupcake (WSS). I’m working on the first part of the chapter. It’s a trip. Inspired by Inception. Darcy & Emma has come away from this fic as my fave dynamic to write. I fucking love them and people who would talk shit to me about Emma? (ง •̀_•́)ง

3. Classic Combo (Wintershock). I have most of the next chapter written I just have to fine tune it. Darcy and Bucky are in desperate need of some alone time and reconnection in this one. I’mma give it to them. Plus, Sam is in it. I love him. 

4. WIP-land (Tasertricks). I haven’t forgotten about For the Laughs. I have a feeling that Ragnarok will help because I love all the crazy shit I’m seeing. I mean, I’m still crying over Darcy and Jane not being in the film, but I can’t lie and say it doesn’t look fucking awesome. However. I want to finish FtL before the movie comes out so I can give this labor of love its due and give my mind some peace because that fic takes up such a big place in my heart. 

5. Original writing getting out of the planning states and into the manifestation stage because I HAVE FUCKING PLANS. 

6. A handful of prompts and one-shots. Bucky, Ivar, Steve … some are sitting in my google docs and just need some damn love, i.e., I NEED TO FINISH THINGS. 

Tagging some of my fave writers … @leftylain, @dresupi, @meleedamage, @bionically-ironic, @bulmavegotaku, @pollydoodles, @concavepatterns, @soothsayerstale, @itsjanetsnakehole, @heyfrenchfreudiana, @amidtheflowers, @latessitrice


I am not a lady

I do not cross my legs for you,

I do not hold my shoulders back

so you can get an easier glimpse of my tits

I do not smile to ease the discomfort you feel

for being inappropriate towards me

I do not avert my gaze and nervously giggle

but instead stare you down coldly and unwaveringly

I am not a lady

My speech is not guarded

Filth rolls off my tongue

disgusting, brash, uncalled for

which would never be questioned

if I were not expected to be

the gentler of the sexes

I am not a lady

Do not hope that I will offer you the last bite

I consume too

I take what is mine

And “rudely” devour what I need

for sustenance to grow

I will not shrink for you

I am not a lady

I am not sorry

I disappoint my mother

But that cannot stop me from breathing

From existing, from taking up space

I laugh loudly, obnoxiously in a theater

I use my arm rests and let the boys

learn to awkwardly hold themselves

for probably the first time in their lives

I am not a lady

So do not call me one

I am a human being

that we expect half the population

with the same biology, same emotional needs

same desire for fulfillment

to cater to the other half

to spare their feelings and stroke their egos

is demeaning,belittling, infantilizing

fuck you for asking it of me

I am not a lady, and I will never be

please imagine trans boy noya when he starts growiing facial hair for the first time. he wakes up one day and his face kinda itches and he goes to scratch and theres a lil stubble there and he is so happy. his face hurts from grinning too much and he goes to school to show everyone and hinata and tanaka are super excited and ask to feel it so he rubs his face on everyone. he is the stubbly senpai. please consider.

Brandy Let's Go
The Mountain Goats

You try and trace Taurus in the sky for me
But I know you don’t know what you’re doing
But when I turn my face toward the cold, clean sidewalk
I can see the world glowing
You say I’ve forgotten what love’s all about
You say I don’t know how to shake the cobwebs out
I look into your eyes
And I see the fury grow
I got a handgun, and a bottle of brandy
Let’s go



Persephone Remembering

is the only thing my fingers deserve to grow
I care not for the velvet rose and brushed sunflower
nor hardened wheat or ripened barley
I would cover the land with your sacred bloom of death
Just for a memory of you.

So this is going to be my last painting for a while - I’m slowly planning out a short fancomic(??? I’m not sure how to categorize it exactly) based off Receiver of Many, and this piece is part of that comic that I’m going to undertake. (And if this is any indication of how slow I work, I’ll probably finish this comic in like, 6 years. Sigh)

Consider this a tease for the upcoming comic! :D

Holiday Songs Rewritten for Disney Fans

“Have Yourself a Tangled Little Christmas”

♫ Have yourself a Tangled little Christmas
Now you see the light
From now on Mother Gothel will be out of sight
Have yourself a Tangled little Christmas
Hear Maximus neigh
Watch your floating lantern drift off miles away
Here we are as in olden days
Magic golden locks of hair
Faithful friends who are near to us
Wake Flynn Rider with a scare ♫

“All I Want For Christmas is Dew”

♫ I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about icicles
Drooping down from every tree
I just want to see blue skies
With my frosty snowman eyes
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is dew

I won’t ask for much this Christmas
I won’t even wish for snow,
I just wanna keep on tanning
Watching dandelions grow
I won’t even ask Grand Pabbie
How to thaw a frozen heart
Unless it means we’ll find out
How to make the summer start

‘Cause I just want the snow to end
Elsa, please help out a friend
What more can I do
Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is dew ♫

“Rockin’ Around The Hunny Bee”

♫ Rockin’ around the hunny bee
At the Pooh bear party hop,
Heffalumps lump and you can see,
Backson traps ready to drop,
Rockin’ around the hunny bee,
Let the woodland creatures sing,
Later we’ll look for Eeyore’s tail,
And we’ll go adventuring. ♫

“Jingle Pride Rock”

♫ Jingle pride, jingle pride, jingle pride rock
Lion cub’s king and lion cubs sing
Mufasa and Sarabi’s mischievous son
Now the royal line has begun
Jingle pride, jingle pride, jingle pride rock
Uncle Scar schemes and Simba then flees
Hakuna Matata’s the motto we share
In the jungle air
When it’s night time, it’s the right time
To look up to the sky
Wise mandrill time is a chill time
To return with your head held high
Giddy-up Mr. Pig, pick up your feet
Hula around the clock
Plot and a-mingle takin’ back the seat
That’s the jingle pride rock ♫

“The Christmas Song (Fog Juice Bubbling On An Open Fire)”

♫ Fog juice bubbling on an open fire
Jack keeping you on your toes
Haunting carols being sung by a choir
And Zero with his glowing nose
Everybody knows a Christmas with a
Sandy Claws
Makes the season full of fright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight
They think that Santa’s on his way
But Jack’s got lots of scary treats
Inside his sleigh
And clever ragdoll Sally’s gonna fight
To make sure everything in Christmas Town’s made right ♫

“Here Comes Mickey Mouse”

♫ Here comes Mickey Mouse,
Here comes Mickey Mouse,
Right down Main Street, USA
Minnie and Donald and all his friends
Dancing all the way
Bells are ringin’, children singin’
Prince and Princesses sway
Grab your backpack and wear your ears
‘Cause Disneyland’s open today ♫

“Ursula Is Comin’ To Land”

♫ You better watch out
You better stay dry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Ursula is comin’ to land
She’s casting a spell
She’s taking your voice
She’s gonna try to
Be Eric’s first choice
Ursula is coming to land
She sees you when you’re swimming
She knows your weakest link
She wants to rule Atlantica
And to make your father shrink
So you better watch out
You better stay dry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Ursula is coming to land ♫

“Silver Belle”

♫ Village townsfolk, busy townsfolk
Dressed in provincial style
In the air there’s a feeling of ennui
People passing,
Suitors harassing,
Father leaves for a trip
And the hero we need is right here
Silver Belle, Silver Belle,
It’s dinner time in the castle,
Teapots sing,
Soon Beast will be Prince again ♫

Feed Chien-Po! Feed Chien-Po! Feed Chien-Po!

♫ Oh, the battle outside is frightful
But this meal is so delightful
And since we’re stuck in the snow
Feed Chien-Po, feed Chien-Po, feed Chien-Po!
The Hun army’s slowly dropping
And we brought some cannons for popping
When combat begins to slow
Feed Chien-Po, feed Chien-Po, feed Chien-Po!
When we finally beat the Huns
And the Emperor gives Mulan his crest
We’ll eat all of the steamed pork buns
And an entire chicken breast
Mulan did all the saving
And the Chinese empire’s raving
Since we have all this dough
Feed Chien-Po, feed Chien-Po, feed Chien-Po! ♫

Zico - Say Yes or No (Feat. Penomeco and The Quiett)

Say yes or no, Say yes or no
Hurry yes or no, Do you love it thanks a lot
Say yes or no, Say yes or no
Hurry yes or no, that’s funny what the heck am I doing


Who’s the hottest lately? Who writes the best songs lately?
Who has the best style lately? Who gets paid the hardest lately?
That’s a great question brother, the answer is in the charts
There’s no more grand prize that properly compares, I don’t use punchlines nowadays1
Get out of my way, dabblers get your hands off of composing
Finish practicing your choreography, there’s no surgery that’ll make your skills grow
I guess my authenticity gave you faint hope
All wearing masks while dancing, misinterpreting those who are more than idols2
I haven’t bought used goods since middle and high school
Your annual income is about a month of my maintenance fees
For courtesy’s sake I don’t leave my car keys where it can be seen
It’s the end of hardship, Dongwook, the only thing that’s left is to make money
In your negative point of view
My high life and nice wardrobe looks like vanity
Since a young kid with no prospect is taking it all
It’s a good time to be the center of envy3
Anyway I’m not interested, I’m busy I got schedules
I barely have time to get tattoos, there’s just the shape of Virgin Mary on my back

Say yes or no, Say yes or no
Hurry yes or no, Do you love it thanks a lot
Say yes or no, Say yes or no
Hurry yes or no, that’s funny what the heck am I doing


Knock knock, is anyone there
Knock knock, anyone there
If you’ve got complaints
Go and tell your mom
I don’t even worry about that ace card now
Crack my body with the keyboard
I snort and kiss
My pants pockets are loaded
Guarantee it, look it over twice
On top of the chart my name
Sits right there in plain sight
Want money
Don’t want Sanwa Money4
Your snot on money
It’s not dirty dirty dirty
You guys should just download porn
I’m the superstar you’re watching, if not then don’t talk
These kinds of things work for me so I’m an O.G, got it?
Been wearing since I was a high schooler bape bape
state of emergency, my mission
Even so I’m not scared one bit not scared
Is my goal to die die legend no no
living legend, my reckless ambition

Say yes or no, Say yes or no
Hurry yes or no, Do you love it thanks a lot
Say yes or no, Say yes or no
Hurry yes or no, that’s funny what the heck am I doing

(The Quiett)

You think I’ll fail, say yes or no
The answer doesn’t change no matter how much you deny it
1 Life 2 Live bitch I’m back for more
I’m famous even in Tokyo, New York, and Paris
numero uno rhyme professional
bitch I set a trend, of course in fashion too
The guy who makes the most money, that’s no question yo
u know I got a lotta ice like an eskimo
Rapper in his 30s but do it like my teens
Since I was in my young 20s, big money get that
I’m always spitting sick rap
Zico and Penomeco, we make big money cause we keep going
young fuckin hustlers lets get it OH!

Say yes or no, Say yes or no
Hurry yes or no, Do you love it thanks a lot
Say yes or no, Say yes or no
Hurry yes or no, that’s funny what the heck am I doing

1 “grand prize” can be read as “target” instead.

2 “more than idols” can be read as “masked idols”

3 Can be read as “it’s a good time to get opportunities”

4. Sanwa Money is a capital money and bank company

Translated by youngha @ blockbintl

Please take out translation with full credit.

a poem for you
tiffany majette
a poem for you

(sorry for my slight’s actually embarrassing)

i once compared you to the sky
cause you are not only my sunlight
but also my moonlight
and my stars
you are every gust of wind
i feel you in every gust of wind
to me you are more than the clouds and the rain in them.
you are my sky
everywhere i turn it is you
in the most poetic form possible
i breathe you in and reluctantly breathe you out
i wish to hold you
cause you’re the one always holding me up
holding everything up
convincing early years the world wasn’t flat
convincing tired ears to only look back only to see how far they have come
you are my sky
the wind beneath my wings
the wings i’m still trying to grow
i tried to leave you
but there is nowhere to go
you are all around
and what a gorgeous sight
what a gorgeous smile
one like a sunset falling in slow motion
melting into lakes and buildings and hills with flowers
reminding us all that it really is okay
i hope you are okay
i pray you will stay still
because you are my sky
without you i have nothing to look up to
nothing to admire
nothing to make me stand in awe of how beautiful everything is
how beautiful you are
even when it rains i am inspired
i think i will love you