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A solo 2 días de este grandioso evento que se estará celebrando en las instalaciones de Vida Center. Si aún no tienes tu boleto llámanos y ven a disfrutar con nosotros y sé parte de la Comunidad Growie.

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i am subscribed and i smashed that like button! i hope to see ur covers soon,(ur voice is so cute and wonderful n Amazin)

>:///00000 HUA!! T HANK YOU? i cant believ……my fanbase is alrdy growi

so night of 1.26 I guess got better but I’m curious as if it is because he knew I was writing pissy things on here. he kept telling me he loved me and he wouldn’t leave for like half an hour, and was saying he kept looking at photos of us. he promised he wouldn’t make me sad again. I can’t really remember the specifics of what he was saying. I almost just wanted to type it out as he told me them but somehow I already forgot it all. probably becaue I was so tired. he said he was really happy.
1.27 is boring. my internship is like a joke. walking home right now. the flower are so growy. feeling hungry. I’m almost home so it’s ok I guess.

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My favorite thing about them:

Overall: Very Well-Meaniing, And Cariing.

My least favorite thing about them:

Ha2 A Hell Of A Lot Two Learn, A Lot Of Growiing Up Two Do, And Ha2 The 2elf-Control Of A Liit 2tiick Of Dynamiite.

Do I find them attractive?

Cute, 2ure.

Are we friends?

IIt’2 Been Enough Tiime. II’m Puttiing Forth: Tentatiive Friiend2hiip.

Would I date them?
Would I marry them?
Would I have children with them?

All: No.

Would I die for them?

Mm. No.


Just received GROWING UP ALASKA by Niki Breeser Tschirgi.
A beautiful memoir about Niki and her family leaving fields of wheat to an adventurous life surrounded by snow covered mountains, huge pines, moose, ice, below below freezing temps, walking to the bus stop with a flashlight in the morning and coming home in the afternoon using the flashlight yet again. Hysterical moose stories and more!!

I highly recommend you all buy a copy for yourself.

Go to her Website : www.growi and purchase her book from there. When your done reading, please place a review.

Proud of you Niki!!

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