Welcome to Business-Friendly Bensalem, PA, USA!

Red- approximate location of my house.

Green- my former church and elementary school.

Orange- The original Lincoln Highway, built sometime around 1920.  

Purple- The Pennsylvania Turnpike, America’s first superhighway.  Built in 1940 in western PA, the final leg through Bensalem opened in 1956.

Black- the former grounds of Eastern State Hospital, an asylum that was famous for the mistreatment of patients as late as the 1980s (athough it pales in comparison to the atrocities committed at nearby Byberry Hospital, which was just southwest of the southwest corner of my pic).  Now it is a Wal-Mart and other stores.

Blue- Philadelphia Park racetrack and casino, and home of Smarty Jones, the 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner.  (He came in 2nd at the Belmont Stakes, narrowly missing the Triple Crown.)

Gold- Growden Mansion, now in disrepair, former home of the Galloway Family and where some people believe Ben Franklin’s kite experiment took place.  Others say it was closer to Philadelphia, and many more say that he never really did the experiment at all (because it would have physically killed him if he had), but I have faith that it happened there, despite what science says!

Not circled is a warehouse in the southern end of the township, where the movie Signs was filmed (which I’ve actually never seen, believe it or not).  Also down there is the Kings Highway, which George Washington traveled numerous times, and the shrine established by Katherine Drexel.  Also for those of you familiar with Rita’s Water Ice…their corporate headquarters are located in Bensalem.