And then there were HOPS! So happy to see those little shoots pushing through, I was unsure how the Fuggles would take after being transplanted to our new house, having to hack the expansive root system back and then moving them to totally new soil, but we have lift off, I better start planning my new hop trellis.


30/07/13: Our ‘Petersfield Pumpkin’ has doubled in size since the rain☔ It has also plumped up the beans and raspberries.
We picked another kilo of climbing beans, we only picked them on Sunday! Lots of lovely ‘Maris Piper’ potatoes, all those off just one plant! A meals worth if lovely runner beans, four courgettes of different colours, our first Romano Lettuce and a punnet of raspberries and blueberries!

This is for the girls who were raised by a man

This is for the girls whose mothers were not around to guide them through puberty

This is for the girls who grew up in a home without a female role model

This is for the girls who had to figure out on their own what it meant to be a woman

This is for the girls whose father is also their mother

i still mourn the fact that the connie learning to swordfight episode had the potential to develop a cute mentor/student relationship between pearl and connie & the writers opted out of that

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What would it feel like to rub Abs hair the opposite of the way it naturally grows?

You ever own a cat, anon?

If you like fried eggplant I strongly suggest you grow your own because this is the BEST fried eggplant I’ve ever had!! It’s so creamy!!!

Food for the soul

One thing about our progression is that we can neither rush it nor grow complacent.. You are your own masterpiece which will take time and initiative.. Correct mistakes and improve upon what’s already right be patient yet proactive

How To Get Started Growing Your Own Strawberries - Most of the strawberries found in the store are non-organic – which means that they have been sprayed with pesticides. The problem with this is that strawberries have been found to be one of the fruits with the highest levels of pesticide residues remaining in them. We’ve found a great tutorial for you if you are looking to get started in growing your own strawberries.

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Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful 💙 ~ I’ve been spending a lot of time with like-minded people & in my solitude. During these moments I allow myself to reflect on my physical surroundings and the people that surround me. I can’t emphasize enough on how important it is to surround yourself with those that LET you GROW in your own personal space & encourage you to strive to be your internal and external best.
I’m so grateful for the most beautiful souls in my life 🌟🌟🌟 -
Tropical Cravings 🍇🍉🍐🍊🍋 ~ Nothing makes me feel energetic, happy & healthy than a fresh juice 🍓🍒🍉 -

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