I wussed out on Ethan’s signing this weekend at PAXWest, and didn’t have the gonads to hand him this piece in the first place, BUT OTHERWISE PAX was amazing and I did get to meet his friends on the escalator! 

Parker gave us a high five and called Ethan “the worst,” and was all “ugh yeah, hate that guy,” and Shelby very sweetly added “he never pays for his food,” while Andrew hopped right in with a bitter “he spat in my eye once, the shit,” all topped off with Parker looking me right in the eye to inform me, “you know he microwaves puppies for fun?” HAHHAHA. I could’ve talked to them for hours about Ethan and YouTube and misadventures in IKEA–they were hilarious.

Anyway, congrats on 5 years AND your first PAX solo panel, Ethan! That’s a pretty big deal! Can’t wait to grow some balls and congratulate you in person next year! 

— off limits | 06 (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings— angst, smut and fluff !! Seokjin finally grows some balls ;)
words— 14,153

:: summary— you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

  » 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 :: 06 :: 07 ::

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Don’t get me wrong I love the Night Court but:

  • Does Tarquin eradicate the prejudice and racism between the High Fae and lesser faeries?
  • Will Viviane be crowned High Lady?
  • Does Thesan acknowledge the mating bond between himself and his Peregryn captain?
  • Is Eris actually a decent male who was given a shitty hand at life and tried to make the best of it, even if he made a bunch of really bad mistakes?
  • Will Helion ever grow some balls and go after the Lady of Autumn?
  • Can Tamlin earn his redemption?

You know I love the Court of Dreams but I want to know more about this world that the Queen has created!

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Yuri on Ice is cancer to the internet, you all think this anime is flawless but ARE YOU BLIND?????? The animation doesn't look great, it's literally lazy and Yuuri and the russian guy never kissed, he wispered to him, you blind idiots. You all act like "OMG THEY TOUCHED EACH OTHER IT MEANS THEY LOVE EACH OTHER GGHLUUGGGETYBVBGOJIGKJGJGDFTJJFUCKJGHBIUKLJIKGIHJVKIKTYHJ" I'm sick of this fandom and it's loud fans, I wished the director never made this anime.

lmao grow some balls and say it to the fandom off-anon, u coward

Good Catch

Good Catch
Ship: Baseball!Jimin | Mascot!Reader
Description: Jimin had a crush on you, the team mascot, for as long as you started working with him, though he was always too shy to confess to you. But maybe the tedious kiss cams can help this batter make a good catch for a change.
Warning: Fluff, Intercourse, Blowjob, Oral, Pretty Fucking Tame Compared to my Other Sin Works
Word Count: 5,229
A/N: OK, so I’ve been dying for Jimin to be in a baseball uniform, and just… what’s cuter than a Baseball player and a Mascot? I wanted something fluffy instead of just straight up sin but I hope you enjoyed the change of this compared to others! I found it sweet.

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Got7: dating Jaebum would include

•  listen I know he seems all mysterious and charming and all
•  but he’s a grandpa
•  like falling in love w/ him won’t be hard bc he’ll make you feel like the literal sun………….. he’s an old soul
•  first things first, he’ll befriend you
•  and yall would become each others besties in no time bc he’d literally trust you w/ his precious life
•  but that’s where things get tricky bc he’ll realize this is what falling in love with someone feels like
•  at first he wouldn’t approach you about his feelings bc he’d think it might be just an infatuation
•  and the fact that you might reject him makes him stomach drop
•  but then again it’s like……‘when am I ever gonna find someone who feels this comfortable and carefree around me?? Who’s ever gonna make smile as much as y/n does??? Am I really whipped? ’
•  and then Bambam is all like “grow some balls jfc” and that’s where he draws the line
•  he’ll set up a nice dinner one night and tries to impress you with his cooking skills
•  like he’ll probably spill water all over the table bc he can’t contain his anxiety “omfg y/n, I’m so sorry

•  his heart legit aches when you admit your own feelings and he’s finally able to kiss you
•   let’s just get this out of the way tbh the other members will be teasing you nonstop
•  ????? Ofc they will
•  ‘hey our leader is finally is in a healthy relationship with someone, let’s make his life a living hell whenever he’s with them :^)’
•  but tbh Yugyeom will be like your baby bc he’ll always come to you if him an Jaebum had any sort of argument and thinks of you as his older sibling
•  lazy dates are kinda your guys’ thing
•  like you don’t even gotta plan anything for a date, just being with him is entertaining and spontaneous enough
•  not to mention he’s somehow able to give you butterflies with the simplest things
•  Jaebum in a sweatshirt? Turn on. Jaebum’s sleepy voice in the morning? Double turn on. The way he snakes his arms around you and kisses the nape of your neck when you’re looking out the window? L o r D help you.
•  the way his voice can lull you to sleep is something you’re eternally grateful for bc it’s so soft and soothing
•  lazy dances in the living room
•  lazy kisses when he’s too tired to get up in the morning
•  lazy naps bc nothing feels better than to unwind next to you and tell you all about his day
•  I know nicknames would probably be cringy coming out of anyone’s mouth
•  but hearing him call you all sorts of cheesy romantic nicknames makes your heart flutter, don’t even deny it
•  long drives late at night bc there’s nothing better to do
•  making memes of each other and sharing them with the members bc they have no humour
•  none of your close friends believed you never dated til now “yall are always all over each other tho” tru
•  Jaebum staring at you for no reason then pressing a kiss to your cheek “You’re cute, and you’re MY cute” okay  ???
•  tbh tho he wouldn’t even get jealous or posessive
•  he loves seeing other people trying to get your attention, and the look of disappointment on their face when you only have eyes for him
•  him just genuinely being supportive and loving in everything you do
•  be he knows how hard it is not to have someone to push him and encourage him when he’s really struggling
•  so he really found a pot of gold when you came into his life 💜

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“She started it and I ended it”  (Jax Teller)

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3rd POV until marked otherwise

Breakup between reader and Jax++

Part two {here}

Part three {here}

Part four {here}


Ask Anything: {Here}

Request: {Here}

“We’re done (Y/N) I’m sorry but I just can’t” Jax told you shifting in your seat your hands clasping your own, your breathed a shaky breathe.

Looking up with teary eyes “It’s okay Jax your free now that what you wanted right” You said calmly. He sighed eyes slightly watered but he nodded “I’ll uh send the boys later on today to pick up my stuff” He said. You nodded “I should go I have some stuff to do I’ll help the boys pack your stuff” You said.

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Fear pong - William Nylander

A/N: okay, this imagine is based on these serie of videos. They are hilarious, you should really watch them.

Word count: 1825

Warnings: inappropriate stuff as always, you should know the drill.

Master list

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You are not a huge partier, you have never been. You like to stay at home with a good book or go out for dinner and maybe drinks, but a party is not your ideal of fun, so when Steph invited you to her ‘house warming’ party you were on the fence about it. She and Mitch have finally decided to move in together and they have bought a nice penthouse in one of Toronto’s highest buildings. You have known them for what it seems like ages, so after a couple texts from both of them begging for you to go to the party you had finally agreed to it.

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First of stop shouting loser.



Guess who doesn’t think of sakura as irrilevant ;) The one who wanted her love during the whole manga while your oppai hime was stalking him



I guess your eyes are even worse than your shitty hime eyes


OH you mean  the moments that showed how desperate naruto was to go away from shitnata?

Or perhaps naruto sleeping in a fucking sofa and drinking instead of staying with someone like hinata

Get back in your lane and grow some balls before calling me a bitch, shithead. That’s why the hinata fandom is even worse than the character herself.

I don’t even want to hear it - Zach Dempsey

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A/N: I know it’s freaking long but please take your time to read it! I worked pretty damnnn hard on it and to be honest i’m kind of proud. ( It would be so embarrasing if you guys hated it right now)

Request 1: Hiiii , I love your blog!!!! Can you please write an zach dempsey imagine where zach and the reader break up because he is distracted and ignores her and maybe cheats on her and then she starts to have contact to another boy and somehow dates him and zach gets jealous but in the end they make up Please make it so angsty that I have to cry for days Thank Youuu love youuu 😘

Request 2: Hey! Can u write a Zach Dempsey imagine where the reader and Zach have been dating for 2 months and they fought and the reader makes Zach jealous then they get back together?

Word count: 2589

Zach had been ignoring you for weeks now and you were done with it, if he didn’t want to be with you anymore he just needed to grow some balls and tell you. You were completely done dealing with all these rumours and drama. You loved Zach you really did but you weren’t the one to sit around and be played. You were walking down the hall when you found Zach’s friend but he wasn’t with them.  You knew Zach’s friends pretty good so you weren’t shy around them anymore.

“Okay Foley spill the beans where is he?” They were all looking at you with wide eyes, like the ticking bomb had finally exploded. Justin didn’t say anything and just pointed in some direction. When you looked you saw Zach flirting with some girl, she was laughing with his jokes and playing with her hair. Of course he was you thought before you rolled with your eyes and started to walk. You were acting all though but inside you were heart broken. Zach always had been so sweet and caring you just didn’t understand why he acted like that. Was this all your fault, were you too ‘boring’?

“Okay Dempsey enough. What’s going on?” Zach seemed pretty shocked by your sudden approach. He knew that when you used his last name he was in trouble. But something in him had changed, his shocked face soon changed in being too cocky again.

“What do you mean?” he said shrugging, lifting his shoulders and making an annoyed face towards his friends like he had to prove something towards them.

“You know exactly what I mean Dempsey. You’ve been ignoring me for  weeks, not bothering to talk to me at all. What is it? You found a new, more exciting toy to play with? You thought I would just let it go like that and forget about us? I don’t understand what happened?” you said while people were starting to stare at you.

“Come on babe let’s not do this now.”

“No don’t babe me, this is getting too much. Tell me now where are we at, you’ve been playing games for long enough.” For a second you saw some sadness in his eyes and you felt hope but it wasn’t long before he straightened his back and rolled his eyes at you.

“I guess we’re done then.”

“Fine.” You said before turning your back and walking away. That night you cried, you cried pretty bad but you decided to let it all out for one night and then get yourself back together. If someone treated you like that they weren’t worth it. You decided you weren’t going to show how much he hurted you, not that he would bother but it was the easiest for you. Weeks went by and you haven’t talked to Zach since. He called you a couple times. Most of the times at 2 AM, every time your phone rang you wanted to pick up so badly and probably get him home since he had to be drunk but you didn’t because even tho he was out of your life he kept hurting you. Every time you walked passed Zach’s locker, which was like every fucking single day, he was flirting with some girl. They changed from time to time. Kate from English, Elisabeth from junior year and Sydney from the volleyball team they all passed by. They knew Zach was a catch and they were right. Zach always had been a good person, a honest and kind one. You didn’t understand what had happened that he became like this? He kept being nice to everyone except from you. It seemed like you brought out the worst in him. When you entered biology and woke from your daydream you saw that  Zach was already in the class room. His eyes fell immediately on you but you looked away and searched for a free spot. You had been avoiding Zach since the two of you broke up. As much as you wanted to talk to him you weren’t going to let him hurt you twice so avoiding seemed like the most solid plan. You saw a free spot next to Jeff Atkins. He always seemed nice and friendly so you went with it.

“Is this spot taken?” you asked.

“No I just put my bag on it so I could take my books out more easily, so here please sit down.” He said. Jeff seemed a little nervous making you blush a little. You felt Zach’s gaze burn but you ignored it just like he did with you.  Again more weeks went by and you and Jeff started to get along better and better. Instead of basketball you now started to watch baseball games. You didn’t have to study alone anymore and Jeff always listened to you when you needed him, you went to school together went home together, you basically did everything together. The two of you were starting to become best friends even tho the whole school thought you were dating. In the beginning the two of you went on a couple dates together but Jeff soon confessed that he was having a crush on someone else and was trying to get her attention, you could have been mad at him for sort of using you but you had to admit you were kind of doing the same. You missed Zach, a lot, and dating someone else only made you miss him more. But of course Liberty High wouldn’t be liberty high if they didn’t start rumours about Jeff and you. You heard the most funny things about dates you didn’t even went on together to descriptions of your sex life that didn’t even exist at that time. The two of you thought the rumours were pretty funny so you sometimes just made them a little worse giving Jeff a  kiss on the cheek or both flirting to make fun of the people around you. you had to admit it was pretty hilarious.

It was Friday when you were walking in school and saw Jeff walking alone. You ran and jumped on his back he swung you around before putting you down again.

“So Atkins there’s a party tonight at Jess’s place, you in? I heard a certain someone will be there.” You said with a wink.

“I don’t know y/n, I’m kind of tired and - .”

“Dude I don’t even want to hear it we’re going.”  And with that your best friend was already convinced. The day went by slowly and you were starting to get more and more excited for the party. Again you really had found your soulmate when you found Jeff, on every party the of you were a dynamic duo winning every beerpong game and dancing like there was no tomorrow. The schoolday was finally over and you rushed home, took a good shower and got ready. You picked out your favourite black jeans, a cute light pink top that showed just a litte of your belly and some cleavage, around your neck a cute little necklace and your black converses.  You walked down picked your leather jacket and of you were. You decided to walk there so you could drink and Jeff didn’t have to drive you. When you entered you walked straight to the kitchen, as usual, to fix yourself a drink. You were closing the bottle of vodka when you heard someone shout your lastname from outside.

“Y/L/N! Beerpong, I need you!”  You smiled at the voice of Jeff. You finished your cup and got outside to see Jeff standing at the beerpongtable with on the other side Justin Foley, on his own.

“I’m here I’m here I’m here!” you shouted while waving your arms at Jeff.

“But Justin is alone? Like do we really want to do this to him?” You joked being a little too arrogant, like you always got with games. You were still laughing with Jeff’s arm around your neck and drinking from your cup when Justin found the best way possible to get back at you.

“Jow Dempsey you’re in my team.” You heard him shout. You instantly choked on your drink spitting all the liquor you had in your mouth back out. When you looked at Justin he winked at you, the little bastard. You decided to pull your though façade back up and not even look at Zach.

“Bring it on bitches.” You said with a cocky grin on your face, your eyebrows raised and your arms open signalling to bring it with your hands. Alcohol always made you very confident and this time it wasn’t any different. As usual Jeff and you were destroying Justin and Zach already mocking them a little. In the beginning you focused on your throws but when Justin and Zach only had 3 cups left that’s when the real fun began.  You jumped on Jeff’s back before throwing still not missing a single cup.  When you were getting drunk enough to dare to look at Zach you saw how frustrated he looked. His jaw was clenched and he didn’t even let out one smile since you were keeping an eye. There was only one cup left and of course you threw it in in one smooth movement. Jeff and you started to do your happy dance when Zach suddenly threw all the cups from the table and stormed of. You stopped celebrating for a second but again you were drunk so all you could do was giggle and continue dancing. The night continued and you were dancing the night away. In the beginning Jeff was still with you but then he finally had the guts to go and talk to his all time crush. Your favourite song , 1 night by mura masa and charli xcx, started to play and you were totally feeling yourself even tho you were dancing on your own. Your arms were up in the air, you closed your eyes  and you let your hips move smoothly on the beat. You didn’t even have to think about it, it just went naturally. You were in your own vibe when a big hand suddenly pulled you by your waist.  Your eyes shot open when you saw the one and only Zach Dempsey take you outside. Well he knew how to kill your vibe you thought by yourself. You finally got outside when Zach placed you against the wall and stood in front of you with his arms crossed.

“Come on Z you know that was my song.” You said giggly trying to avoid a more serious conversation not looking him in the eye because you were scared of losing your façade since Zach was still your week spot after all these months of trying to get over him. You didn’t get a reaction so you felt like right now you had to face him. You looked up to see the most mixed emotions you ever saw on someone face. Was he disappointed or was it anger? Maybe some frustration? Is that a tear? you sighed.

“What?” you asked. Now you were starting to get frustrated, he brought you out here and now he isn’t saying a word. That’s not how it works you thought by yourself.

“You know just tell me Y/N, are you dating Atkins now? “ you just shrugged and rolled your eyes.

“Dude? Are you dating Allison now? Or Elisabeth? Maybe Kate? or is Kate already out of the picture since I heard Kimberly freak over how great you upper body was.” You didn’t want to sound jealous but he really wasn’t the one who got to point fingers at you.

“I’m not dating any of these girls, why would you even think that? Are you jealous?” he said raising his voice slightly.

“Look Zach I didn’t come out here for you to point fingers at me. I thought you wanted to say something decent, if you can’t I’m heading back inside.”

“No wait sorry.” Zach said while rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s just..” he sighed letting an awkard silence fall between the two of you.

“It’s just.. starting to get freaking cold Zach so spill all out here or I’m going back inside.” And with that all came out.

“It’s just that I never wanted to break up with you. When I ignored you it was because I was scared, scared because I felt like I met the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life and I wanted to have kids with when I grow up but you.. you’re something different, you’re just so strong, confident and independent, you don’t need me to achieve something so I got scared that I would commit so much to you but you wouldn’t to me and that eventually you would leave me so I thought It was better to just do it myself and try to get over you with other girls. But it seemed like it didn’t even touch you and then you started to hang with Atkins and I never been so heartbroken then when I heard the two of you dated. I just miss you I really fucking do. I would do everything to get back to you and I just wanted you to know that.” You were literally blown away by everything you had just heard. So you did change something in Zach others couldn’t and it was something positive. You felt your heart racing in your chest from excitement and as much as you wanted to hide it there had an enormous blush appeared on your face, you could feel your cheeks burn.

“Zach come closer.”

“Are you going to slap me, cause I deserve it but just warn me maybe?”

“Just come freaking closer you idiot.” You said joking and so he did. Zach walked closer to you and when he was close enough you laid your arms around his neck and pulled his head closer to yours since you couldn’t reach his face even when you were on your tiptoes. He lowered his head and finally after weeks of pain your lips met his again. They were so soft and warm that it gave you chills down your spine. Zach swirled his arm around your waist and pulled you even closer if that was still possible. The kiss got deeper and more passionate, you felt like there were fireworks going of everywhere inside of you. finally the two of you let go of each other.

“I missed this so much.” zach said still catching his breath a little.

“Don’t you ever dare treating me like that again.” You said while you hugged Zach tightly. Your head close enough to hear his heart and damn Zach’s heart was pounding like crazy.

“But like what is Atkins going to say of all this?” you couldn’t help but start to laugh pretty hard making Zach look at you full confusion.

“Oh god no you’re serious? Zach Jeff and I never dated, we just became best friends. He’s actually is head over heels for Amber ,soccer team? You know not too tall, brown hair, green eyes, skinny, always wears blue jeans?”

“Really? Those two would really be a perfect match.”

“I know right!” and with that it felt like you and Zach had never broke up in the first place. You were so happy you finally had the love of your life back and that he felt the same.

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the hamilton fandom has unfortunately ruined just about everything related to it for me, so i’d like to thank @exadorlion @raythrill and @huitality for being the 3 people that really make me actually enjoy seeing hamilton things on my dash

Miyazaki Films

1. Dragon kid finds a recent orphan and doesn’t tell her he’s actually a river who steals (and probably murders) for his boss who has a gay twin. The orphan girl’s parents are literally pigs but she saves everyone by growing some balls, walking into hell, and coming out with a new hairband and a new grandma. 

2.  Some dumbass fucks with a powerful being and is cursed to die painfully but instead of help him and replenish their dying breed his family kicks him out. He tries to be a hero but is torn between three assholes who would rather die than compromise. He falls for a knife wielding maniac and they carry around a gods head to prevent one of the assholes from having it until the god takes it back.

3.  Midget girl and her folks are afraid of a cat. She is saved by an invalid who falls for her.

4.  A kids dad died in a hurricane and now he’s determined to do the same. A girl falls from the sky and he thinks it’s a good idea to get tangled up with her even as he keeps getting shot at. Pirates end up being the good guys in comparison to the goddamn government who want to kill the girl and take her necklace. They all end up on a floating island which technically belongs to the girl and the head of the government whose apparently a king by blood. They blow up the floating island so he can’t have it.

5.  Children hallucinate a creature and vanish periodically trying to find it. Their lax father thinks he’s crazy. He’s right.

6.  A young foster child hallucinates meeting her grandmother as a child in the harbor town where she grew up. She learns that she’s being a selfish bitch by blaming her family for leaving her when in reality they all just died. Plus her foster mom loves her more than they did so twice shame on her.

7.  After being a coward during the war a man literally turns into a pig. He lives his life on a private island saving people and making money off it. When his plane gets busted up by a goddamn flying cowboy he meets a young girl who insists at being shot at while she finishes fixing his plane. She yells at pirates to make them good people again and her kiss magically turns him back into a human. He also gets a hot Italian widower as a wife.

8.  A wizard guy who honestly eats pretty girl’s hearts helps a not so pretty girl out of danger. He flies off to his walking castle but a fat witch assumes the ugly girl is with him so she curses the girl to be old. The now old lady finds his castle some goddamn way, gets inside, befriends an orphan and a fire demon, and spends a lot of time doing woman work: cleaning, cooking, laundry, and taking care of a man during his constant exenstial crises. Eventually her love for him makes her young again. Mostly. He flies off to be in a war to protect her but she protects herself and still he almost dies. They realize the fire is his heart and do a lot of stupid shit to it before putting it back in his chest. A decent prince falls for her but instead when the wizard wakes up she makes out with him. They live happily ever after with the orphan in their flying castle.

And that’s my contribution to tumblr today