I guess I’m gonna share my story, and it’ll be long.

In the second grade I wanted my hair cut, I wanted a “boy” cut because I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be myself. Short hair, flair jeans, and cute form fitting tank tops. When I got it, the next day I was beaten by the kids in my class, to the point I have scars on my lips. They said I wasn’t allowed to have “boy hair”. Since that day I’ve let my hair grow long and I’ve never cut it short. I’ve hated every minute of it. I have a wide collection of hats that helped me mask my hair over the years.

But Sunday, I got my hair cut short, passed my jaw, for the first time since then. For the first time in ten years I finally feel like the person I’ve wanted to be. I can see myself in the mirror and feel good again. That bear in the picture marks a new chapter in my life; the day I got my haircut and the day I felt loved.

And I am trans enough. I am Nonbinary, I am feminine presenting, I prefer they/them, but gendered pronouns are fine if I’m having a more binary day, I am valid.

You are valid today, you are valid every day, and don’t think for one second that you’re not. Because you are. And you are loved.

I just saw the GTW hairstyles for guys

I need to understand how it is possible to part your hair and put it in a ponytail. I don’t understand WHY you would want to do it either. My brain cannot wrap my head around that. I guess I never will because I will never grow my hair long enough to test it. 

I really wish the man bun wasn’t parted -_-

Evolution of Natural Hair. 2013. Mixed Media on Wood. by Keturah Ariel of


I think the most common question I get asked on here is- how did I grow my hair so long OR do I have any tips on how to keep hair healthy? It’s too long of an answer for me to really write back, so I worked hard to make a video that comprehensively answers these questions. I hope this is helpful for you ♡