How I see kpop groups and their traits

Exo: referred to as gods by the future generation; they could release an album full of high pitched screaming and still would make the best selling kpop album; china line who?; we are 1 what?; korean members with chinese stage names; don’t let the satan near you; yehet, kkaebsong; give Sehun lines

Bts: from nowhere to everywhere; hyperactive kids making good music; kids with mental health issues doing vanalism; they look at you - you faint;  shit down, beach - bitch?, ikskjuz miii; zoo; give Jin lines

Ikon: B.I, Bobby and friends; favoritism by yg; “the next bigbang”, but yg seems to forget about them so does the crowd; being hyped up then ending up disappointed; capable of doing good music but refuses to; give chanwoo lines

Got7: no mvs in the future just videos of them dabbing; b side tracks always better than the titles; acrobatics until their neck breaks; not so creative fandom name; bamx2 is big; jaCSon, hard carry by Monsta x

Winner: searching for them - error404: nowhere to be found; somewhere in the yg building; Taehyun had enough shit, wants his own band, searching for members through tumblr; capable of being unique, yg aint letting them; let them break out   

Day6: now 5live, nope, day8, members: sungjin, wonpil, dowoon, youngk, jae, chicken little, brian, younghyun; the one who has a stage name but seems like everyone is forgetting about it; dancing king; hashtag king; let dowoon sing

Astro: too much sugar in my eyes i can’t see; too pure for you; won’t ever do other than cute concepts;  michael jackson; giant maknae; voice cracks for life; new generation of flower boys

Seventeen: too many; pledis has a thing for girly boys; pledis’ only income; leg breaking choreos; adore u remakes as title tracks; no dark concepts in the future; sebeuntin; carrots, mounteen; slipping here and there; dino nugu aegi; thughao, 10:10; divaboo; noone looks like suga; jeongcheol, meanie; give china line lines

Vixx: concept kings but kinda ran out of concepts; oldschool kpop feel; from vixx ravi to solo ravi - full upgrade; one of the prettiest fandom names; endless leader bullying; serial killer; let the maknae line sing

Shinee: going strong since 2008; people seem to pay less attention to them; taemin upgraded; weird fashion taste - key; cola cola; don’t sleep on them

Infinite: dope intros - give you chills; old kpop sound, unique sound; scorpion dance, live singing + synchronized choreos; dinosaur who’s laugh can be heard without a mic; endless leader and maknae bullying; saved woollim; give sungyeol and sungjong lines

Monsta x: future strippers; stuck between hiphop and sexy concepts; wtf is going on here mvs, gay mvs; cringiest fandom name; weird noises by the rapper; damn daniel; how to learn hungarian by changkyun; abs, memes; ten years later: waiting for their first win; mosta x, moista x, monster x;  give hyungwon lines; 

Bigbang: legends; noone can dance, too lazy to dance; fashionistas; min hyorin; yg = bigbang

B.a.p: started to rise - shit happened - nobody cares about them anymore; getting killed or killing others in mvs; unappreciated dancers and rappers; high notes for life; actual meaningful lyrics

Block b: zico and the boys; biggest weirdos of them all; no friendship just business; give jaehyo lines

Nct: taeyong and the boys; pouring salt at the wounds; mess of a noise music; rotating as much that i can already see the tornado; dozens of units; horrible fashion; unnecessary ps; damn hoverboard skills; great vocals being hidden; johnny somehow managed to get out; let hansol free; give lines to everyone

Pentagon: putting them through an unnecessary scripted survival show to make people foget about some disbanded groups (4minute); sm and yg let some gems slip out from their hands, at least they are not in the dungeon; giants and dwarfs; ugly crying; lame jokes; ultrasound screams; nudity; wooyu; yutoda; give shinwon lines

Btob: being forgotten by cube; weird, extra; slowly turning into a ballad group; is minhyuk a rapper?; give peniel lines

Beast: what is happening with u cube? shit happened; new name - bea5t?;  lost their spirit after shit happned; great lives 

Suju: waiting for ot15; shit still happening; growing out of kpop; concepts don’t match their age; still waiting for kibum; don’t forget about zhoumi & henry; diaries of a married man; being succesful in the military

Nu’est: best debut song ever; had the most potential as a rookie group; pledis messed up; now they’re popular anywhere besides korea; getting worse and worse title songs; aesthetic mvs; creative fandom name; again pledis has a thing for girly boys

Ft Island: hongki and the others; awesome dope music (let’s not count puppy here); people don’t appreciate quality music anymore; this gem is lost in the ocean of cute, badass & hiphop concepts; pretty fandom name

Cnblue: another gem; better japanese releases; boring new songs because they have to fit into the kpop standard; yonghwa’s unique teeth; visuals; let the others sing

SF9: another group coming from a survival show; covering their seniors’ songs so they can’t even recognize them; thumbs up for the K.O choreography; don’t go with them to amusement parks; deep af voice maknae; park jimin 2.0; hwiyoung got them lines in roar

KNK: a bunch of idiots - literally; tall af; models af; old school kpop feels; if you hear someone laugh hysterically from afar it’s probably them; falling dramatically to the floor while doing so; choking sounds; don’t let them feed you; horlolololo; astro x knk; bullying sanha

2PM: definition of men; hella hot bodies; starting to be unknown; when was their latest first win?; manly concepts; awesome vocals; the rap is still meh; go crazy is a jam y’all; great actors

U-Kiss: so many member changes; lit songs, but not getting appreciation; don’t complain about your faves not getting 1st place like 2 months after debut - it took for them years; the first kpop fathers; they need a comeback soon

B1A4: great vocals again; don’t let them being forgotten; cnu just rocks the short hair admit it; baby i’m sorry is one of the best kpop songs; but great ballads as well

Teen top: they need to go back to their previous style; cap rocking them tattoos; hilariously funny group - watch their weekly idol; promoting as five now - anticipate their comeback

Everyone please note that i dont mean to offend neither the groups neither the fans. its just for fun and me being 100% sarcastic by these statements. i love and respect these groups with all my heart!
sorry, its a bit long.

Being a good friend is always important, and one of the most crucial things we can learn as a human being, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your own wellbeing. Being friends with someone shouldn’t drain you. You’re allowed to cut unhealthy relationships from your life. You need it to grow

anonymous asked:

How about humans busting out expressions like, "oh my god I'm dying over here", or "four days in the shuttle? I'm gonna diiieeee.", and the poor aliens just freaking out? (And slowly growing to hate the concept of hyperbole.)



Checklist H.85

  1. Can you see actual manifestation of related danger?
    1. E.g. Flames, engaged or discharged weapons, etc.
  2. Does the human present features of distress?
    1. Refer to Pamphlet H.14 “Human Physical Expressions” and Pamphlet H.15 “Human Voice Modulation”
  3. Are other humans, especially humans-from-same-cultures, alarmed?
  4. Does the statement match any known physically- or mentally-detrimental causes?
    1. Refer to Pamphlet H.34 “Basic Human Health”
  5. Does the individual human have a history of similar socially-acceptable-untruths?

If one or more answers is AFFIRMATIVE, proceed to Checklist H.86.

America+England Relationship Analysis

I can’t believe myself… writing up a really in-depth analysis of APH America & APH England’s cannon relationship. Kind of addresses the England and America being related subject, blows holes through it, actually.  

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A Woman’s Wish

I wish I lived in a place where I never had to hear the words “bitch” or “cunt” or “whore” escape a man’s lips.

I wish I lived in a place where nobody understood what the phrase “man of the house” meant because nobody could even comprehend the concept of growing up in a patriarchal household.

I wish I lived in a place where women were encouraged to pursue their own interests since childhood, and not taught “you need to choose between makeup, fashion, and whatever has been painted in pink as your only options–if it isn’t pink, it isn’t for you”.

I wish I lived in a place where a man would never consider forcing or coercing a woman in to sex because men did not feel entitled to sex from women and respected women’s comfort and true consent.

I wish I lived in a place where nobody believed that women’s and men’s brains were somehow different and that women were naturally suited to an inferior role because of our “nurturing” brains that don’t understand manly science. I wish I lived in a place that recognized that men and women’s brains aren’t really that different.

I wish I lived in a place where young girls were not taught since childhood that the ultimate goal of their lives is to be a mommy and to marry a man. I wish young girls never had to hear the phrase, “what would your future husband think?” as if their decisions about their own lives should be shaped by some hypothetical male.

The Chemistry of Love

Pt 1

SummaryThere is a chemical formula for LOVE: C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2 Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin, which can cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and insanity. 

You didn’t want to feel love, you hated it and you weren’t gonna overdose on it, because to love means to expose oneself, means to be weak. And you didn’t want to be weak; you didn’t want to be weak anymore.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

Genre: Angst/Smut/fluff 

A/N: Just right out of the oven, I don’t know If I will continue it but I wanted to give it a try, just tell me what you think about it :) 

Inspired by the picture below lol. 

Sorry if I have any grammar mistakes, English is not my first language 

It was a sunny Friday day of spring as you walked through campus to get to your first class, you loved spring; air turning warmer, nature starting to grow, days becoming longer… but what you hated about it was seeing the “lovely” couples making out in front of everyone, couldn’t they just do that inside closed doors? Losers, they don’t know is just chemicals in their brains you thought to yourself, one day or another one of them is gonna end up with a broken heart because of some shit the other did, telling the other that it didn’t feel the same anymore instead of telling that he/she was fucking someone else. Love didn’t exist.

Your father left your mother when you were just a baby; It destroyed her in ways you can’t even explain. When you are little people tell you that if a boy treats you wrong it because he likes you, so you grow up with this conception in your mind and when you are older you find yourself crying over some fuckboy who threw you in the trash the moment he got what he wanted. And this circle would repeat itself again and again.  You start to feel the need of physical and emotional affection so you run to the first man who will provide you that, the thing is that they only provide you the physical part, you have fun for a while until you start to feel empty again and when you began to ask for some emotional affection they guy runs away. And that is was what happened to your mother endless of times.

You didn’t have a romantic loving relationship you could look up to when you were younger so when you were just a kid you dreamed about finding someone to love and be loved back like it happened in the movies but with the years that dream began to vanish until the point you didn’t believe in love anymore. For you it were just chemicals in your brain, you didn’t want to admit it but you hated the idea of becoming someone like your mother, a clingy sad person who couldn’t live without a man by her side.

You felt bad for thinking that way but the moment you were able to take off from home you didn’t even though about it. You loved your mother but you despised seeing her fall for some man and then end up drunk, crying all over the floor. You tried to help her several times but it just didn’t work, what made her happy was being with a man, not being with you.

With time and experiences you formed the idea that certain people could never be loved. It just is not their destiny; they are not made for that. And you were one of those people.  You’ve always totally refused to believe that it was important, you always tried to convince yourself that it didn’t matter, that one can be happy being alone, that there are just people who are born for that and other people who are not and you were one of the latter. But at the same time, deep down, you hoped that someday it would change.  It’s like everything and everyone around us says that love is the greatest prize that someone can have in this life, as the most beautiful feeling that one can ever feel. But what if … there are people who are not destined for that? What if, you are a person who will never feel that? It annoyed you and terrified you to your bones to think that the only thing that makes us humans feel fully and purely happy is love.

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Rusty Nail's Recipes

It’s been a while, Dear Drinkers; I’ve been kept apart from my duties here in terms of the creation of enlivening libations. No longer! I’ll be working to make sure I keep providing y'all the content that brought you here in the first place. You know, trying harder to stay true to myself. Speaking to that en, today’s honoree knows more than most about the pure and unadulterated value of knowing ones self, and striving to retain and grow that concept in a frightening, uncertain, and potentially hostile environment. Despite this risk, today’s honoree works every day to stay who they know they are.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

It’s Glittershell!

This filly does her best to keep herself true to who she is, until the day she’s fully able to be that to everyone. Doin’ that, while trying to navigate the tricky waters of teenage romance is taxin’ at the best of times. That she’s doin’ as well as she is, given her circumstances, is impressive, and inspiring.

A Glittershell


  1. Chilled Wine Goblet. (This is a different kind of glass than a flute. Shorter, and wider. It’s deeper than a martini glass. Looks a lot like a tumbler on a stem.)
  2. 1 cup crushed ice
  3. 1 ½ oz White Rum
  4. ¾ oz Grand Marnier
  5. ¾ oz fresh lime juice
  6. 1 oz simple syrup (Mix 1 oz  REALLY hot water with 1oz sugar, stir, let cool, and ta-da, you have Simple Syrup. It’s 1:1 Water to Sugar)
  7. ½ fresh, peeled peach
  8. 1 small, edible purple orchid.

Special Equipment:

A Blender.

Making a Glittershell:

  1. Put all ingredients, except for the orchid, in the blender
  2. Blend well
  3. Pour blender’s contents into glass
  4. Garnish drink with purple orchid.
  5. Drink!

You’ve just made a Glittershell!

This drink is quite reliant on its decorative garnish. Glittershell doesn’t have many means to express who she really is, and accessories colored a rich, deep purple have special meaning to her. I chose the drinks ingredients to match Glitter’s coat, and the orchid to accessorize. Even if it’s not… Matching.

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, Dear Drinkers!



Yuri is wearing white suit. Meaning of white in Japanese culture: it represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese society, and is seen as a blessed color. Because of the sacred nature of the color, white is the color of weddings and other joyful life events, and appears on the Japanese flag. (Shall I remind you, that women’s wedding dress is white? What’s more, I’ve read somewhere, that in Japan the groom also may wear white suit).

Victor is in black suit: black is a powerful and foreboding color in Japanese culture. Black has also traditionally been a color of formality, and has increasingly come to represent elegance, with the growing popularity of Western conceptions of black tie events. (Men wear black wedding suits).

Yuri bouquet reminds me of typical wedding bouquet. (See the photo above in reference). 
Victor is holding blue rose (I guess). Blue represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese culture, largely because of the vast stretches of blue water that surrounds the Japanese islands. As such, blue also represents calmness and stability. It’s also the color of December (Victor’s birthday is December 25th).


concept: fitzsimmons grow old together, but they don’t explain very much about their past as secret agents which makes them adorable but a little eccentric. 

sometimes at reunions and holidays they’re so cute and in love that they get asked how they met and they start fitzsimmonsing about how they met in school when they were two young prodigies. and how they were clueless lab partners. and fitz will insist he was in love with her the whole time since they met. then Jemma will say it took him long enough to tell her. And he’ll say he had to figure it out first and then work up the courage to actually tell her. but she’ll say he was nothing but brave when he finally did. And then she’ll say it took her a while to realize she loved him back and by then she was scared she’d lost him. and they’re just talking about when they were young and falling in love… and they completely leave out the whole part about being shield agents. 

and whenever they directly reference something they don’t actually give any context. so their kid(s?) and grandkids are constantly confused and bemused at family reunions when Fitz will interrupt Jemma’s story about how “he would have waited around forever” to defend his slowness with, “Well darling, that was after you had just come back to earth, and I was just glad you were alive. I wasn’t gonna ruin that with all those pesky feelings when I had just gotten you back.” and everyone will think, “Wait is that a metaphor? what do you mean, she came back to earth?” and if someone asks Fitz simply says “Oh Jemma took a little trip to space to get out of going to dinner with me.” and Jemma, who doesn’t actually want to explain, just smiles and pats his shoulder or squeezes his hand as if that’s a perfectly acceptable answer and adds under her breath, “You know I would never want to get away from you, dear.”

Then later Fitz will sacrificially give her the last piece of pie “Take it, Jemma.” And Jemma will roll her eyes and say something like, “Oh, Fitz, don’t be so dramatic! It’s not like we’re trapped under the ocean and you’re giving me the last of the oxygen. We can split the pie.” and people will think she’s just a little creative with her expressions. 

Their past becomes an inside joke of sorts. Not really a joke, but something personal that they’ve embraced and learned to live with… but something they’ve almost fictionalized or turned into myth as a way of not flaunting the truth or glorifying the past… and as a way of keeping people from seeing them differently. People might wonder what on earth Fitzsimmons are talking about, but they always dismiss it. At the least they figure it’s all just teasing, at most they figure they had a little bit of a rocky past that they mask with embellishments so they don’t have to talk about it too much.

So people just think they have this made up way of talking to each other because they can’t actually believe any of it’s literal when Fitz says things like “Hey, if I jumped through a hole in the universe twice, I think I can handle this.” 

Also no one knows how Aunt Daisy came to be Aunt Daisy, but they don’t question it. She is mysterious Aunt Daisy who seems like she is always hiding a secret when pops up at gatherings. She gushes and teases and makes awkward jokes then disappears.

After they pass in their sleep together on their 70th anniversary, the truth comes out… they’re honored by shield and all the stories are told and it all makes sense and everyone has to pick their jaws up off the floor.

Official FC Announcement! We’re ready!

Kasasagi Dojo

About our FC:

Kasasagi Dojo is a progressive, story-driven 18+ roleplaying FC on the Balmung Server of FFXIV. Our FC is centered around Othard RP, plausible lore and story, with a heavy focus on the Shinobi/Samurai culture. The FC will be an Othardian haven focused on revolting against the Garlean Empire, reclaiming Othard, preserving their culture, and hunting void corruptions, while welcoming those who wish to join the cause.

To the public eye, it will be a Traditional Dojo and Shrine. (This will grow to include other concepts once Othard and its lore is made available.)

The shrine will provide a place of respite, Doman food, storytelling, lessons in Othardian teachings, as well as traditional geisha and ritual performances.

The Dojo will be used for in-character training in martial combat, public displays of martial prowess, as well as weekly in-character tournaments that will have quarterly championships of previous victors. The FC will be a place for Shinobi/Samurai who are away from their clans, and masters to find work in Aldenard fit for their skills. This could range from hunting voidal corruption to more behind-closed-doors type of tasks.

Behind Closed Doors: Some tasks require discretion.  Everything from information gathering, assassinations, acquisitions, security, infiltration, and more. While this provides work for our people, their focus will be building knowledge of the Empire. Aldenard has become the training grounds as we prepare to reclaim Othard and destroy the Empire in doing so. (There may also be an underground gambling ring set up for the Dojo’s tournaments. Perhaps more RPC functions to be added in the future.)  

Though there may be tasks and/or jobs that are not necessarily “legal,“ Kasasagi Dojo is not affiliated with any syndicate, and it is not inherently considered to be a criminal organization.

Non-Othardians: Others who seek refuge and work are also welcome to the FC. Healers, storytellers, teachers, academics - there is a place for them as well!

Current Housing: The dojo is current in the Goblet Ward 5 main apartments, apartment 90. We are hoping to obtain FC housing in the near feature.

What we value as an FC:

Respect, Communication, Consideration, and Fun are our core values. We expect a very harsh division between OOC and IC. We will not stand for drama or disrespect of others in any platform, of any degree. Also due to the genre of RP we focus on, we expect that our OOC Rules of Engagement, will be followed by our members, so that everyone who roleplays with us, will have a fun time and fulfilled story.   

It is our hope that we will provide a safe place for those who enjoy writing a good story through RP while allowing for creativity and expression. We also strive to become part of the ever-growing roleplay community, by contributing to stories with other FCs, providing interactive public events, and being walk-up friendly. We are also more than happy to provide players and other FCs with conflict or resolution RP story arcs.

We as an FC also value and respect the player behind the pixels. As adults, we have real life responsibilities and obligations. It is important that anyone looking to join our FC understand that while we are providing a place to RP and story arcs, we expect our members to engage in their own RP stories and encourage them to share their stories with one another. The FC is meant to be a backbone to your character’s story, not consume it.

Let’s write something epic together!

Contact: Mishi Mizuchi, Baien Yatsurugi, or Saya Igarashi

For those who are already in an FC but still want to be apart of the fun! Contact us to be added to our ooc Linkshell! IC linkshell access is opened through RP :D

Rules of Engagement

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@the-nerdy-curvy-feminist Honestly I’m pretty mentally exhausted so idk if I’m gonna make much sense lol but. This is something I care a lot about bc it affected me deeply growing up

The concept of intelligence as defined by the education system (which obviously varies from country to country but is pretty similar in general) is even more specific and damaging than the general societal concept of it. It barely measures actual knowledge but instead heavily focuses on judging someone’s intelligence by how many facts they can memorise, how well they can obey the system and the testing format. Things that WILL exclude and harm many disabled and neurodivergent people.

Grades are basically equated with intelligence by default in this system. But basically the entire criteria set up to decide this is created for neurotypical allistic people. Which means neurodivergent behaviours necessarily end up classified as signs of low intelligence when they have zero correlation with someone’s cognitive ability - Things like sensory processing interfering with learning, not being able to pay attention for an entire hour without any other stimulation or sensory input, not being able to learn by repetition, etc.

And when you’re neurodivergent and considered intelligent by teachers and adults, like I was, it will push you to fit a NT standard of intelligence reflected in good grades no matter how harmful it is to pursue it.

I struggled terribly with the education system, but this was dismissed because ‘you’re so smart, you just need to put some effort into it!’ when in reality I could never fit what was expected of me because I was “smart”. I can barely do basic math bc my brain will always struggle with numbers, I can’t sit down and not do anything but pay attention for hours, I just cannot be what the education system defines as being intelligent.

And being taught to put so much value into that one quality, being pushed to chase it and define myself by it, basically ended up with me having a terrible mental breakdown and heavy burn out for an entire year after dropping out of university. What we are taught to value as intelligence and the way we measure it definitely harms disabled and neurodivergent people so much. It’s a fucked up system and a fucked up concept and I hate it tbh

Blurryface Track By Track |-/

To the anon who asked me to do the track by track for blurryface and commentary that I did for vessel, here you go!

1: Heavydirtysoul

Favorite lyrics: “death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit”

Commentary: This song like Ode to Sleep sets the tone for the entire album which is blurryface. It starts of quick and to the point, before breaking into a slow and deep chorus. Josh’s drumming is quick, hurried and aggressive while Tyler is pulling lyrics out quicker than usual. Also, anyone who knows this song well can only think of the infamous death drop that happens at live shows. In a sense, this is Tyler and Josh sharing with us that they are taking on their own demons and are not sure of what is to come. Can we save them? Can they save us? Who wins this battle? I do not think the answer is in this song or album, but it helps set the tone for the rest of the songs.

2: Stressed Out

Favorite lyrics: “I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink, but now I’m insecure and I care what people think.” 

Commentary: GRAMMY WINNING ARTISTS. This song became the song that got much attention and brought Tyler and Josh to win their first Grammy. No matter how many times I hear this song, I still love it just as I did the first time. It is a song that parents and kids can enjoy, a song that is incredibly honest about the concepts of growing up and pressures of society. Wanting to go back and be children, but having everyone around expecting you to be completely put together and making money. This song shows that sometimes it is necessary to go back and feel like a kid, because the weight and pressures of society and others can break us.

3: Ride

Favorite lyrics: “I’ve been thinking too much, help me”

Commentary: Another song that made it to the radio and has a pretty sick beat if I might add. When the song begins, you can already feel the energy that Josh is giving off as Tyler begins the first chorus. When I listen to this song, I think of the idea of taking my time. When I try to speed up and be the perfect person that I am, I end up falling apart and legit thinking too much. If I can take my time and try to enjoy the little “rides” in my life, I can and will become a happier human. Another song I love that out of nowhere you get Tyler screaming at you, but ending on such a soft note. Really love this one.

4: Fairly Local

Favorite lyrics: “Yo, you, bulletproof in black like a funeral, the world around us is burning but we’re so cold, it’s the few, the proud, and the emotional” 

Commentary: As soon as this song kicks off, you feel the essence of blurryface and the first time I think Tyler and Josh come face to face with him/her/them. If any of you have gone to the live shows, you feel this vibe as Tyler emerges, Josh beginning his drumming. Something inside is coming alive not only in the guys, but also in all who listen to the song or hear it live or both. Tyler’s voice changes at some points, in multiple songs, almost as if it is blurry talking to us. It sends shivers down my spine every time, making me wonder if blurry is trying to talk to me and get into my head. While this song is not at the beginning or the end, it sets a great tone of uncertainty that has to arise in this album.

5: Tear in My Heart

Favorite lyrics: “Sometimes you gotta bleed to know you’re alive and have a soul”

Commentary: Okay but this is the cutest song I know of them next to Tyler’s cover of build me up buttercup. As many know this song is related to his wife, Jenna who makes an appearance in the music video. While this song has an upbeat drum style and vocals, the lyrics still hold true to the concept. Jenna leads Tyler to tell him the lyrics I love the most. The black that coats his hands and neck, she is not afraid to try to get it out and off him. Josh is the same with his red around his eyes. That even the clique is the tear in josh and tyler’s hearts when they need reassurance. We can all be each others person when it comes to those times of self doubt and our own blurry coming to life. Overall, this song is adorable and the concept behind it is beautiful.

6: Lane Boy

Favorite lyrics: “Regardless, all these songs I’m hearing are so heartless,
don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless”

Commentary: If you do not feel like getting up and dancing to this song or dancing to this at a stop light, we cannot be friends. I am just kidding, but really it has such a great beat. The lyrics speak volume to how Tyler and Josh want to stay who they are and not be lost by the common songs heard on the radio. They want to stay authentic to what they believe and never let the clique or themselves down. I can relate in the idea of staying true to who I am as a person and giving my best. I do not need to try to change who I am to be what others demand. I will not be a follower, I will be my own leader. I will not stay in my lane, I will follow my own path. This song has taught me that and Tyler and Josh kill it in this song as with the others.

7: The Judge

Favorite lyrics: “But I’m not good with directions and I hide behind my mouth, 
I’m a pro at imperfections and I’m best friends with my doubt” 

Commentary: Halfway through the album and we get to this awesome song. JOSH DUN. If you do not understand this reference please listen to the song very carefully or ask me, it is awesome. The whoosh at the beginning and soft ukulele before Tyler’s vocals softly sing to you, it is sweet. Josh’s drumming is quick, but consistent and almost calming. One of the songs that I think is not as fast paced or rush, just calm. You do not feel blurry as much, as more of this is a plead to those who love you. You do not want them to think you have lost yourself in your demons, you want them to see you as you. Set you free of your demons, love you as you are. I love this song as it is upbeat and a change of pace and that each person can find a great meaning behind it.

8: Doubt

Favorite lyrics: “Scared I’ll die of uncertainty, fear might be the death of me, fear leads to anxiety, don’t know what’s inside of me” 

Commentary: I consider this one of the darker songs of the album, a quick change from the style of The Judge. I did not fall in love with this song at first, but have grown to love it. I always thought if they did a music video for this song, it would be them in the dark with only a couple candles burning to show some parts of their faces. The feeling you get from hearing Tyler saying “don’t forget about me” and how it almost feels like Josh is absent from this song. It is a song that probably would of not done as well as a single, just because it blends so cohesively with the album itself. Like on Vessel, this is a song I continue to listen to and understand the meaning behind it and my own interpretation.

9: Polarize

Favorite lyrics: “Domingo en fuego, I think I lost my halo, I don’t know where you are, you’ll have to come and find me, find me”

Commentary: I really appreciate this song because it follows doubt and is a lead into track number 10. Tyler’s ability to control his speed as his sings this song is incredible and of course Josh keeps the beat and is able to change on a whim. The lyrics are deep and heartfelt, but the ones I picked seem to relate more to the idea of blurryface. Losing one’s halo, one’s grace and asking others to find them to me is the moment that blurry has taken over. Even if it is only for seconds or for a couple hours, days, weeks, months or years. Tyler is calling out to us that he has lost is grace and we have to find him. Sometimes it is going to be us who say we have fallen out of grace and need help. That we are not going to be taken down by our blurry, but just need extra hands.

10: We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Favorite lyric: “What if my dream does not happen? Would I just change what I’ve told my friends?”

Commentary: YEAH YEAH YEAH! The drums take over this song and if any of you think otherwise, we cannot be friends. Just kidding, but seriously have you heard them? Tyler has so much energy in this song, you cannot feel the need to get up and dance. This song live in itself is such a beat, but the lyrics are so honest and real. What if they had not made it? Would Tyler still be who he was? What about Josh? What about all of us? Aren’t we glad they have come this far, yes we are. I think this is a song for those who may be unsure of their potential, do not give up and keep on going with what they love. Do not let anyone or anything try to prevent you from your ultimate goal of happiness.

11: Message Man

Favorite lyrics: “Please use discretion when you’re messing with the message man, these lyrics aren’t for everyone, only few understand”

Commentary: Another dark song that may not get as much recognition as it should on the album. I love the beat cause it’s low and fast and dark. Tyler is almost warning us that our blurry’s face tempt others and to be aware of what they can do. Not to mess with certain things and to try to work them through as best as we can. That as hard as it may be not to want to take on other’s blurry’s or issues, sometimes we have to let them work through it. Each one of us is capable of defeating our demons at times and it may involve just us and them. 

12: Hometown

Favorite lyrics: “Be the one, be the one, to take me home and show me the sun”

Commentary: This song is incredibly special to me, as many of you know I have the coordinates to Columbus tattooed on me. That is because Tyler and Josh are home to me and always will be. Those two started in Columbus with no plan B and have come so far. I could not be prouder and I feel like this song represents so much. It shows where their blurry’s were started, but also who has guided them along the way and where they will return too. No matter how big or how well known these two men become, they will always be the two happy boys from Ohio. Family, friends, and the entire clique are so proud of how far they have come. 

13: Not Today

Favorite lyrics: “Oh, don’t you test me, no just because I play the piano doesn’t mean not I’m not willing to take you down, I’m sorry” 

Commentary: This song stands alone on the album as it is right before the cinematic end of this emotional album. It never was sang live, it was never a song that I think was talked about much. I like it because as Tyler shares, do not be fooled by the beat because the song has powerful words. We also get to hear Josh place the trumpet and that is pretty amazing. I feel like everyone should listen to this song and find a special meaning for it. I like that it comes right before the song that puts the blurryface album to a question mark. I also love the lyrics I picked because it just makes me smile when Tyler says it.

14: Goner

Favorite lyrics: “I wanna be known by you”

Commentary: The end. What a perfect song to the supposed end of the blurryface album. I do not think this song ends blurry for Tyler or Josh, but rather leads us to the next era that they are preparing for. Tyler and his piano take over in this song, soft and broken. Josh’s drumming picks the pace up and before you know it we are at full volume. Whispers turn to screams that turn into whispers and the infamous last line that I love. This album takes you from start to finish on the journey these two men have taken and continue. Letting so many of us come to terms with our own issues and demons. I cannot wait to see how they incorporate blurry into the next era or take us to something completely new.

Thank you for recommending me to do this album! It took some time, but it was very much enjoyable!