reasons to get the winchesters a dog

  • have you ever seen sam with dogs he deserves one
  • sam would have a buddy to take out when he goes on runs
  • sam and dean never had any pets growing up they deserve a fucking dog
  • sam and dean would spoil the shit out of it probably
  • friend to distract them from their problems
  • cas coming over and playing with it
  • sam dean and cas + dog = infinite adorableness or a trainwreck either way it would be the best thing ever
  • imagine it doing something like chewing up deans slippers or something and dean would get mad and start yelling at it but then he would feel bad and would let it sleep on the bed with him
  • dean cuddling with dog
  • sam and dean playing fetch with dog
  • sam and dean bonding with dog
  • get the winchesters a fucking dog

SCP-1513 - Grow a Pet. 

One of my fave SCPs, but what the hell is it?

SCP-1513 or as I’ve been seeing it ‘Creepy flower covered skeleton sculpture’ is a real cat skeleton covered in fake flowers. Created by a dutch artist known as Cedric Laquieze. This artist has also covered other animals with these fake flowers (I think I saw a dog one!) 

It’s creepy, morbid but at the same time it’s freaking beautiful. You can find the artist over here along with more pictures! 

Growing trust || + malakhelohim

Crowley didn’t like cages. In fact, he very well hated them. Oh he resented them with a passion that burned brighter than the hottest volcano the earth had ever seen. 

They were tight, even tighter as he wasn’t exactly in good shape even with everything he’d been through, he couldn’t move properly and the worst was he was vulnerable. 

Everybody could see. They didn’t see him. They saw what he was. There weren’t many of Crowley’s kind left, not anymore. Most were killed, raped to death, served until their last breath. Why? Because they were different. Shifters, just like Crowley was. He? He was a Hellhound. Fiery and beasty creatures. Once, long long time ago. 

Now? He was broken, damaged and beyond repair. A pet. While he should be grateful to have been taken away from that place, he doubted he’d come to a better one, ever. He’d hoped for freedom, but that wish was feeble. There was no freedom for someone like him, especially not since he couldn’t hide anymore. He was used goods, so damaged he couldn’t even do the only thing that actually made him different. Shift. Not fully. While he could hide all of his pet-like attributes in the past, he was now always walking around as an abomination. His mighty tail and ears always in sight, fiery red eyes that had no fire left in them and a set of canines hidden behind his chapped lips.

His old collar had eaten into the skin of his throat, leaving the skin angry and red — cheap quality for a cheap pet. 

Crowley didn’t care anymore. Here he was saved, yet still in a cage waiting for someone to actually like what they saw… an old man, so broken there were only few inches of his skin that actually held their normal colour anymore. Everything else covered in scars and bruises that were only slowly fading. 


Today the Geyser of Awesome salutes Otto, a lively and handsome white shepherd with awesomely big dreams of growing up to be a ferocious dinosaur. Otto and his human jchangart recently paid a fun-filled visit to Cabazon Dinosaurs, a roadside attraction located in Cabazon, CA that’s famous in part for being one of the most memorable locations from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. jchangart took Otto to see the dinosaurs on their way to Joshua Tree National Park and, as you can see, Otto clearly felt right at home among the prehistoric beasts. Don’t give up on your dreams, friend!

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DIY Crochet Rat House Tutorials and Patterns from Mamma That Makes. She used an old bed sheet for the yarn but you could use any fabric. Growing up I have had pet mice, rats and gerbils and the rats were by far the cutest and smartest. But they can also be stinky (especially the males) and these rodent houses can be machine washed and dried - bonus points for that. First seen at MAKE/Andrew Salomone here. For more Pet DIYs (beds, bow ties, scarves, etc…) go here: