Markiplier and friends related ask meme
  • Markiplier: Would you rather have dozens of friends, or a few close friends?
  • Peebles: Do you believe in aliens?
  • CrankGamePlays: What is your biggest fear in life?
  • Stone Face Tyler: Do you have any scars?
  • Gizmo: What is your pet peeve?
  • VeryTiredKat: Do you have a phobia?
  • CrankyCrew: Favorite fandom you've ever been a part of?
  • IIIII'M Tyler: Best prank you've pulled/had pulled on you?
  • Smol blue boy: Describe your first crush.
  • Iced Dark Roast: Favorite drink to order from Starbucks? (Or from Dunkin lol)
  • Amyplier: Who is your OTP outside of the Markiplier fandom?
  • #smilealways: Favorite inspirational quote?
  • Chica-Bica: Favorite pet growing up?
  • Try Not To Cringe: Ever had bronchitis?
  • CHANGE: Ever had a sports injury?
  • The Floof™: Craziest color you've dyed your hair, or want to dye your hair?
Behind Closed Door Pt.2 - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Hello Beautiful People! I am back! I’m sorry for such a lack of writing, I was having a hard time with school and personal issues but I am happy to update this story, I have received so much love for this and I am so thankful for everyone being so patient, now without further ado, I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading and please don’t be afraid to request ♡

Part 1

Warning: smut

Originally posted by demon-of-deathlyrose

The game had yet to start, I was sat in my usual spot near the pit, right next to the barrier, with Zach, Clay and Hannah next to me, I glanced at the pit and looked at Jeff he gave me a smile and I give him a shy one back, I still have not talked to him since morning but I was coaxing myself to be brave and go through with the plan I had made. I watched as Jeff made his way to me jumping on the barrier so he was closer to me, he motioned me to him and I shyly got up moving to him, this was a usual encounter for us but I was still wary about what he had said.

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apanoplyofsong  asked:

OKAY I think I finally came up with an actual prompt?? Something to the effect of "we adopted a pet together and now my mom/whoever definitely thinks we're dating whoops"

10/10 any prompt with pets in it is an excellent prompt. hope you like it and thanks for being such a great friend! (ao3)

The thing about Bellamy Blake, as Clarke well knows, is that he’s incapable of not caring for things smaller and more defenseless than he is. Not when he could help instead. She knew this when he moved in with her. She knew it from the first time he gave drunk Raven a piggyback the whole way home.

What she didn’t know was how it would affect her life once he becomes her roommate.

It starts innocently enough, with Bellamy hanging a bird feeder on the balcony after he finds a nest built into a crevice there.

“How much research did you do last night?” Clarke asks, amusedly interrupting his verbal pros-and-cons rundown of different models at Home Depot. She’d come along in part because she thinks it’s funny, how worried he is about these birds who can ostensibly take care of themselves.

(She’d also come along because it’s really cute, but that’s neither here nor there.)

“I may have looked at a few comparison charts online,” he admits, smiling sheepishly. “I don’t want to spend good money on something that isn’t going to work the way I want it to.”

“I didn’t know there was a wrong way a bird feeder could work.”

“Hence the research.”

She shakes her head fondly and taps the smallest option. “Just get this one. We’re looking to feed one family, not the whole forest.”

He stares for another moment, then nods and starts putting the rest of the boxes back on the shelf.

“How come you’re never this decisive when we’re picking a restaurant for dinner?”

“My muse is fickle, Bellamy.”


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four nerds and their slowly growing collection of weird pets, ft. noble the bard, vi the ranger, fenix the fighter, and art the cleric (+ a water snake that noble caught in a box and the furry objects tribbles in the bag of tricks)

we have a twitter for this campaign on account of all of us being artists!! follow for shenanigans and art

Sidgeno Mermaid AU anon fic

<< [Chapter 2/?] >>

It’s not until the morning when he’s looking over the pictures again when he notices the same figure in the water that he saw the night before.

The diner in town opens at five.

Geno gets there at 5:30 and rolls his eyes at how chipper the waiter sounds when he tells him to “take a seat wherever you like, I’ll be right with ya.”

His name tag says Jake and he doesn’t bat an eye at his sullen look when he pour his coffee and puts down the menu.

He’s young, fresh out of high school, maybe, and he doesn’t look like he knows who Geno is at all.

Geno’s already made up his mind to tip him very well.

“You’re the one that moved into that shack down by the beach, aren’t you?”

He coughs as the coffee goes down the wrong way. It burns his tongue.

“How you know?”

“This is a tiny, little island. Everyone knows everything. Is it haunted?”

“I’m Geno and it’s not haunted,” he grumbles. “Not a shack.”

“The walls are falling in on themselves and it looks haunted.”

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Adventures in Kit Sitting

This is some established BittyParse for your soul. There’s a lot of humor in the premise of Bitty (inexperienced around pets/he seems like he didn’t have pets growing up he just gives off that vibe) cat sitting and learning a lot in a short period of time. 

Also S/O to @agrossunderstatement for their awesome fic Smitten for without it, I wouldn’t have the need to trash talk Bitty’s cat skills. 

  • Bitty being low key terrified of Kit the first time he meets her (because she keeps popping up in the weirdest places). 
  •  Bitty not knowing the difference between a good pet and an unappreciated pet, getting lighted nipped by Kit, and him trying not to freak the fuck out. 
  •  ((Kent trying to not laugh at Bitty’s terror because he remembers how intimidating cats can be and instead shows him where and how and what it looks like when Kit might retaliate.))
  • Bitty learning that Kit thinks the kitchen is her domain/Bitty learning quickly to always wear socks in (begrudgingly) “their” kitchen.
  • Bitty getting accustomed to having a literal ankle biter following him around once Kit’s accepted him as a permanent fixture in her domain (it only takes, what, a few weeks after Bitty moves in with Kent?) 
  • Bitty sometimes misses that month where she would scamper off whenever he entered the room. He got more pie done. 
  • He learns quickly that when Kit gets bored, his feet become targets. He’s still low key frightened of her “I’m about to pounce” face. 
  • Apparently like pet parent like cat, because Kit is a talkative attention whore. No really, if you ignore her she’ll get loud. If you leave the room and she doesn’t feel like following you, she’ll complain until you come back or else eventually come after you. She’ll yowl if you’re in the bathroom too long without her. 
  • ((Kent always leaves the bathroom door open when he’s taking a bath. Kit just plops down on the floor and falls asleep. Sometimes she sits on the edge of the tub and holds her paw out, as if debating whether she’s willing to jump. Bitty is super baffled by their tub time.)) 
  • Kit chooses whose turn it is to pay attention to her based on her mood plus whoever hasn’t given her adequate love. 

The first time Bitty cat sits while Kent’s on a roadie:

  • The learns that Kit gets “weird” when she thinks she’s alone. He almost calls Kent when she starts running around the apartment for twenty minutes straight while growling. Instead, he calls Ransom (”Ok first of all, you know I’m studying people medicine right? Second, it’s ghosts. Don’t ask me how I know, just trust me when I say cats can see ghosts.) 
  • Bitty spends the rest of the afternoon discussing with Kit if she’s Kent’s familiar and/or if she could be his too. (When he tells Kent about it later, he laughs before admitting he’s done the same goddamn thing.) 
  • He gets freaked out about whether he’s overfeeding or underfeeding Kit. 
  • Bitty learns that Kit would rather play with the brown bag that carries his farmer’s market finds than the new toy he shelled out a pretty penny to buy. (Just because he’s dating an NHL star does not mean he can’t buy toys for his cat…Kent’s cat…his cat.) 
  • He tries to trim her nails alone (no Kit’s were harmed in the making of this bad decision…some Bitty’s were mildly harmed). 
  • Bitty and Kit have a very awkward cuddling relationship. Like, they want to cuddle, but they’re horrible at making each other comfortable (read: nails and stuffed animal holding)
  • Kent comes back to Bitty wearing this with Kit inside. Kent may or may not take dozens of photos with Bitty blushing redder than Dex’s hair. 
  • And eventually, Kit and Bitty find their rhythm. Kit watches Bitty bake from a safe distance and Bitty remembers to play with her after he puts his creations in the oven. 
The ultimate list of Falsettos headcannons

Some of these are stolen from @falsettosheadcanons

- Can play 3 instruments: trumpet, piano, and guitar
- is very bad at the trumpet (but played it all through middle school and a little bit through high school ), can play a few songs on the guitar, and is very good at the piano. But he is mainly a GREAT singer (he joined choir when he quit band in high school)
- Is addicted to coffee. He will slap a bitch if they talk to him before he drinks coffee
- As we know Marvin is very smart. He reads all the time and Whizzer practically has to tear the book he’s reading out of his hands. But some people may not know he especially excels at math, and can do almost any math problem in his head.
- One time: He got in a fist fight with a Trump supporter (he is VERY invested in politics)

- Is a musical ho and sings them VERY loudly in the shower
- When he was little he always tried out for the school musical, but the poor kid is practically tone def. he treasured his parts in the chorus though.
- Not only is Whizzer an amazing photographer, he’s also a great drawer. He particularly loves pointillism
- He has invested his life to those BuzzFeed personality quizzes. He not only takes them himself, he will take them on behalf of Marvin (because he refuses to do it) and see what they get.
- One time: he almost became a model. But he was still in high school at the time and his parents said that was “too gay”. Boy, did his parents have a surprise a few months later when Whizzer came out.

- Is actually a great dancer
- She used to do competition dance for tap and ballet and still does dance moves from time to time.
- Is very addicted to Candy Crush
- LOVES cats. Much to the dismay of Jason, she will foster stray cats for a few days and let them back out into the wild (Jason: What if they have rabies?!?)
- One time: she was on Cutthroat Kitchen. She was not afraid to sabotage anyone, so much that she went a little ~overboard~. She spent all her money in the first round, and got all the sabotages in the next round. Mendel was still very proud of her anyways even though she lost.

- Will wear a Snuggie un-ironically
- He loves all infomercial products. He owns 3 Shamwows
- His favorite animal is a goldfish and he will go to the fair and win 10 goldfish.
- He has an ever growing Pillow Pet collection
- One time: he took Jason and Trina to an amusement park to go on this all-new-very-VERY-tall roller coaster. Mendel, is terrified of heights but wanted to be a good sport. Needless to say, it did not end well.

- Is a straight A student, but barely scrapes by in gym
- He actually was supposed to earn a C in gym because of his lack of physical ability, but many angry phone calls from Trina and Marvin later, he managed to get extra credit to get an A.
- Like Whizzer, Jason is also very good at drawing. But he draws cartoons.
- Hates public speaking. Every time he has to speak in front of the class, he gets all nervous (poor bby ;~;)
- One time: in class when he had to write an argumentative essay he wrote “why chess is better than checkers.” Which seems stupid, but not only did he get an A+, his was used as an example in front of the whole class

- Actually has two degrees: one for being a doctor and one for pre law
- She decided she wanted to be a doctor instead because she wanted to save people. Not send someone to prison
- Has a very weird taste in music. She has a Spotify playlist with half rock music and half classical music. She puts it on shuffle to “get some variety”
- Charlotte & Marvin are bffs and totally watch Jeopardy and play along together with no shame.
- One time: in middle school she tried to prove she wasn’t a “goody goody” by pulling the fire alarm. It did not go over well.

- Is VERY accident prone
- That’s actually how she met Charlotte. Cordelia broke her arm and went to the doctors office to get it looked at, and met her.
- Loves the snow. She grew up in Southern California (where they obviously don’t have snow) although she’s been living in New York for quite some time, she still gets a kick out of seeing it
- Also loves bubbles. Will buy 20 of those $1 bubble wands just for no reason.
- One time: she tried to make Charlotte cake for her birthday solely based on instructions from Pinterest. Just,,,,,, make of that what you will

Feel free to add :)

@fandomsunitedposts said “Pet Monsters” for a prompt!
Thank you for the awesome prompt, I hope you like it!

Ken stops trusting his dad when he’s ten, sitting on the couch and watching westerns. Sedan, Ken’s pet, is nestling under Ken’s shirt. Sedan’s been going through growth spurts lately, trying to figure what he’s going to be, and he hasn’t been so good at regulating his own body heat. So Ken does it for him.

Marcus, his dad’s pet, a huge, hundred pound bloodhound, is lying in front of the TV, snoring softly. He’s never been particularly fond of Ken, but Ken likes the look of him, lazy and content like his dad who’s eating potato chips out of his hand.

On screen, the sheriff twirls his gun, lighting up the deserted street with one, two, three shots. The bad guy, dressed all in black, yells and his pet roars. When the last crack fades, the bad guy is lying dead, flat on his back, and his pet, a fanged horse, is lying sightless next to him, dead before it hit the ground.

“They ain’t got wolves there, son,” his dad says, eyes glued to the screen. “Bad guys, they got proper evil things, unearthly things. There’s a reason the good guys shoot him in the heart, you know. It’s so the monster dies too.”

Ken’s heart leaps into his throat and, unconsciously, he presses Sedan closer into his stomach. Sedan’s been growing lately and last week, last week he’d sprouted another leg, bringing the count up to six.

That’s not even mentioning the horns.

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@kickingshoes - happy birthday!  All the best wishes for an excellent year for you both, success and happiness both!

Fic: The World’s Greatest Criminal Rat - Ao3 Link
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Leonard Snart/Mick Rory, Barry Allen/Iris West, Cisco Ramon/Lisa Snart/Cindy Reynolds

Summary: Right now, Len is most annoyed by the fact that he leaves Mick alone for a few months (year) and his place at Mick’s side is replaced, not by another partner, which he could understand and compete with (…and/or murder and hide the body somewhere), but by - this.



The rat.

Warning: So much fluff your teeth may rot


Len really doesn’t like time travel.

It’s bad enough, dropping Mick off for less than two weeks and having him come back after months or worse of torture and brainwashing. It’s even worse to wake up, bewildered and alone and lost, feeling like maybe a day had passed, only to fall in with the wrong crowd and have to get rescued by a ship of heroes who thought he’d been dead for a whole year.

But right now, Len is most annoyed by the fact that he leaves Mick alone for a few months (year) and his place at Mick’s side is replaced, not by another partner, which he could understand and compete with (…and/or murder and hide the body somewhere), but by - this.



The rat.

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anonymous asked:

If you ever include Mark's girlfriend Amy in your AU you should make her a alien (just saying)

(You must be the same anon that asked about aliens in this au lmaoo u aint slick 😂)

I wont be including her bc i think amy (and signe tbhh) try to stay as lowkey and AWAY from the community as possible. Dont wanna do headcanons n shit for people that try and stay off the radar yanno?

But i DID think of what they would be in my spare time and while alien is cute, i kept thinking of her as some super sweet, super lax necromancer lady uvu the scariest dark magic you can fathom with the howling spirits and glowing sigils littering the walls, creepy decomposed hands reaching out and stroking her hair back in place while she uses her power to bring back a dead hamster to add to her growing collection of cute skele-pets ✨

And i pictured Signe to be a quiet, reserved spider lady :0 The sweet creepy lady at the end of the block who has an extra set of arms and eyes, hair always tied up in a lil bun and always dresses like an old lady keeping to her delicate garden lol Shes got spiders on her person at All Times and ppl get freaked out when they see them crawling on her arms and hair while shes speaking to them uvu

I wont be adding them into the au but its still nice to think about :0

otakugirl-art  asked:

Headcannons for overwatch characters first pets? Any of them will do!

~Since you love Roadhog so much, I figured I might as well use him. Everyone else was chosen randomly from a spin wheel. Sorry it’s so sad toward the end but one of the biggest things about having a first pet is losing them. 


  • He didn’t have pets growing up, it was too much of a hassle for his parents. He liked to feed the crows left over pieces of stale bread when he had them. 
  • He got used to seeing several of them. He named a few of them. One had a messy wing (He named it Pilot), one was smaller than the others (He named it Runt) but his favorite one was a crow thats caw sounded choked up because of mutation from the Outback (He named it Pig). 
  • Pilot, Runt, and Pig came by more often than the others. The more he feed them, the more they returned with little offerings for him. Bits of metal, a button or two, a screw, he got little shiny things from all of them. He kept them in a box under his bed. 
  • He found that a lot of the crows in town followed him around. They weren’t afraid to land close to him either. He made bird houses and set them in the trees around where he was living so that they’d all have somewhere to rest. Pilot, Runt, and Pig immediately made their nests there. 
  • He wasn’t surprised when they died after a few years. They’d been old birds but he’d loved them. He took care of their babies after they were gone. Over the years, all the crows in town learned his face and knew he was a friend.

Gabriel Reyes

  • His parents let him pick out a pet at the shelter. He saw a little ball of black fluff and Soot was immediately chosen. People usually don’t like black cats because they mean bad luck but Gabriel thought that was stupid. He fell in love with her big green eyes.
  • Soot fell in love with Gabriel the minute he held her. She was only a kitten when he got her and she was really clingy to him. She refused to leave his arms when they brought her home. Not even three days later, her hair was everywhere. Gabriel gave up using a lint roller after year one. He just wore more black.
  • Soot quickly became Gabriel’s shadow. She was always around when he was. When he watched tv, she was in his lap or sitting beside him. When he sat in his desk chair, she climbed on top of his computer and sat on his keyboard. He’d wake up some mornings with her on his face and fall asleep some nights with her on his chest. She loved him.
  • His mother likes to joke that he inherited a lot of his mannerisms from Soot. He doesn’t think it’s very hard from the truth. 
  • When she died, something had been wrong with her heart. Gabriel’s parents had tried to cushion the blow for him but he still wasn’t ready when she was finally gone. It was one of the only nights she hadn’t slept in his bed as if she knew that he didn’t need to see her like that. He never did see Soot’s body but he did watch his parents bury her underneath a shady tree in their backyard. He spent a lot of time outside after that. The cat hair never did completely leave their house.


  • Her parents hadn’t been looking for a pet when she found Snowball. He’d been sitting in a cage in one of the windows of a pet store and she’d spotted him. He’d been spinning on his wheel when she knew she wanted him. 
  • She loved buying little tubes for him to crawl through. Her parents had to have an intervention at one point because there were so many tubes in her room it was becoming a fire hazard. 
  • She became notorious for taking him out of the cage to pet him. Even when her parents told her not to, she’d sneak him out. She just loved how small and fluffy he was in her hands. 
  • He liked to sneak out of his cage all the time. Tracer had a heart attack every time he did it. Most of the time she couldn’t tell he was gone because she just assumed he was in a tube somewhere but when his food remained untouched for too long, she went searching for him.
  • During a really cold winter, Tracer made the mistake of leaving the window open one night. Not only did she get sick, but so did Snowball. She hadn’t realized how cold it was. One night he was scampering around his cage and the next night, she found him still and cold. She wouldn’t stop crying for hours. Her parents buried him in the flowerbeds outside their house.


  • This man loves dogs. He’s loved them ever since he was little. Before he was born, his mother and father already had a huge puppy with bright yellow fur named Lion. 
  • The moment they brought Reinhardt home, Lion immediately became his caretaker. He slept at the foot of Reinhardt’s crib every night to watch over him. His parents have a lot of pictures of him curled up in Lion’s fur. There aren’t a lot of pictures that don’t have Lion somewhere in them. 
  • When Reinhardt was old enough to have a bed, Lion slept in it with him. Reinhardt used to wake up with fur in his mouth and all over his body but that didn’t matter to him. Lion kept him warm at night and he thought it was cute the way Lion kicked in his sleep.
  • When Reinhardt felt like he couldn’t talk to his parents, Lion was there to let him cry into his fur. He licked his face afterward and Reinhardt always appreciated it. 
  • Lion died during Reinhardt’s first year of college. He left the dorms and drove all the way home. He was there petting Lion’s fur when they put him to sleep. Reinhardt didn’t cry until he got home and his parents were there to comfort him. Lion’s collar is still in his bedroom back home on his desk.

the-softest-of-epilogues  asked:

Prompt if you're interested: Person A offhandedly mentions they want a dog, Person B makes it happen. Coldflash? Please

Sunday mornings are Len’s favourite.  It’s his and Barry’s one opportunity to simply stay in bed, relax and talk.  Sometimes they speak about their weeks, sharing funny anecdotes or concerns, sometimes they talk about their past, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Today, Barry was telling Len about some of the happier moments of his childhood before his mom died.  

“We had a dog, you know,” Barry murmurs, his head rested on Len’s chest.  He’s essentially using Len as a full body pillow, not that he’s complaining.  “My parents got her before I was born so I can only really remember her when she was pretty old.”

“What kind was she?” Len asks, stroking a hand down Barry’s spine.

“A Labrador,” Barry replies wistfully.  “Her name was Millie.  Even though she struggled to walk near the end, she always made to greet you when you came home.  I remember one time I was sick and apart from food and obligatory walks, she never left my bedside.  There’s nothing like a dog’s loyalty.”

“We never had pets growing up,” Len says, unable to keep out all the bitterness.  “It wasn’t really the sorta household for one.”

“Do you ever want a pet now?”

“I’ve never really thought about it.  I definitely wanted one when I was a kid but with my life-style…neber really had time to take care of one.”

Barry hums, the vibrations running across Len’s chest.  The speedster draws lazy patterns against Len’s skin that soothe him closer and closer back to sleep.

“Maybe one day we could get one?”  Barry asks and with him on the cusp of slumber, he barely hears the question, only repeating a slurred ‘maybe’ before succumbing.  He thinks no more of the topic.  

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A Favor Part 2

Characters: eventual Reader x Sam

Words: 2569

Summary: Minutes before the Reader’s ten years are up, a stranger comes and offers her her soul back, and then asks for a favor. The man-Crowley. His favor- find a man named Sam Winchester.

Read Part 1 here.

Warning: nightmare

Here is the much requested continuation of A Favor! ;) We have a lot coming-a lot. So don’t worry, there is a lot more I have planned. :) Enjoy!

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Who Let The Dogs Out

Here you go Anon!  

Prompt #3: “We should get a dog.” “Absolutely not.”

“Antonio?”  Sylvie called out.

“Yeah, babe?”

“Are you sure that the kids are okay with this?”

Antonio poked his head into the bedroom.  “Are you asking me if my children are okay with my girlfriend moving in with me and actually having a house again… and not a sardine can apartment?  Really, you’re asking me that?”

Sylvie sighed and collapsed on the bed.  “Yes, I’m serious.”  She looked up at him.  “I’m not their mom and…”

“Sylvie… I love you and you are over thinking this.  Eva and Diego are thrilled.”

“You sure?”

Antonio took her hands in his.  “Yes.  They actually suggested this.”

“Your… what?”

“Sylvie, can we please just unpack the kitchen before you lose it completely?”

Sylvie nodded and followed him to the kitchen.  They unpacked and laughed as they realized how many duplicates they had.  They kept the things that were in better condition and packed the others for a garage sale or to give to charity.

Sylvie began to prep supper and Antonio went to set up the TV in the living room.  Antonio was just joining her in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.  Sylvie looked up from the veggies she was chopping.  “Are we expecting anyone?”

Antonio shrugged.  “The housewarming party isn’t until next weekend.”

The doorbell rang again.  Sylvie looked to him.  “Well, may as well go see who it is.”

Antonio looked down at what he was doing.  “I’m covered in raw chicken… can you?”

Sylvie snickered, wiped her hands and quickly went to see who was there before the rang the doorbell incessantly.  She froze when she opened the door.  “Eva?  Diego?”  She looked around behind them.  “Where’s your mom?”

“Um.”  Diego looked to his feet.  

“Diego… I’m not mad… pretty sure your dad won’t be either.”

Diego sighed and turned to Eva.  The look in his eyes said.  ‘You tell her’.

Eva looked to him and whispered.  “Traitor.”  She looked back to Sylvie.  “Mom and her new boy toy decided to go on a cruise… and well… she doesn’t want to call Dad because you guys are living together.”

Sylvie wanted to say something there concerning Laura being a hypocrite but she kept her thoughts to herself.  “Well, come in.  We’re just making supper… good thing you guys keep stuff here.”

Eva and Diego scampered in the house.  Sylvie snickered as they ran to greet their father.  She knew that once the kids were busy doing something else, he’d have some choice words about his ex-wife and her shenanigans.

“Dad, can we go to the park?”  Diego asked after putting his dishes away in the dishwasher.

Antonio looked at the clock.  “Sure… for an hour… then I was thinking we could do a movie night.”

Diego and Eva agreed, ran to grab their jackets and headed to the park.  Sylvie turned to him.  “So… want to spill what’s really on your mind?”

“Laura is not mother of the year… that’s for sure.”  Antonio growled.  “Not even a phone call.”

“Eva mentioned something about her not approving us living together.”

Some choice Dominican swears escaped her generally cool-headed boyfriend.  “Coño!  Chopa!”  He pounded his fist down onto the counter.  


“Sorry…”  Antonio took a deep breath.  “I… I just don’t get it.  She’s allowed to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants but I can’t live with my girlfriend.  Just…”  He sighed.  “I will never understand that woman.”

“Probably a reason as to why you guys got divorced.”

“She claims it was the job.”   Antonio answered.

“I don’t think so… I don’t think it was the only reason, but she’s the past… the future is currently running around the park over there.”

“Yeah… and you… you are my future too.”  Antonio walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her.  “Did I tell you how much I love you today?”

Sylvie was about to answer him when his work cell began to ring.  “Hold that thought.”  She reached behind them and grabbed his cellphone off the counter.  “Stone better have a damn good reason to be interrupting our time off.”

Antonio grunted as he took the cell and connected the call.  “Dawson.”  He listened for a few minutes before remind Stone that it was his time off and that his kids had just been dropped off without waring.  “Fine… yes, yes… sir… yes… I accept those terms… just, I wish the crime lords of this city would take a break once in a while.”  He ended the call.  He looked to Sylvie.  

“You need to go be Super Investigator?”

He nodded.  “You mind?”

“No, we’ll be fine… I will keep the kids busy, you go save the city.”  She kissed him.  “I love you.”

“Love you too.”  He went to change.  He couldn’t exactly go to DA’s office in sweats and a t-shirt.  

While he was changing, the kids came back the house.  They were acting suspicious, so Sylvie cornered them before their dad came back down the stairs.  “Okay… what’s going on, you two?”

“Umm.”  Eva was fidgety.

“Do you like dogs?”  Diego asked.

“Of course I do… we had Pouch at the Firehouse… Aunt Gaby must’ve talked about her?”

“We met her a couple times.”

“So, what’s with the question.”

Eva opened her sweater to reveal a tiny puppy.

“Oh boy.”  Sylvie gasped.  “Okay… where does that come from?”

“The park… well, in the bushes… the… the mom was dead and this puppy was hiding next to her… and… we couldn’t just leave her there.”  Eva stammered.

“You’re sure it’s a her?”  Sylvie reached for the puppy but froze as she could hear Antonio heading to the staircase.  “Crap… your dad got called into work… you go hide puppy in your room, come say good-bye and then we’ll figure out what to do with her… or him… just…”  She shooed them away.

They returned just time as Antonio was coming down the stairs.  The kids told them how great the park was and that they preferred being here than with Laura.  He smiled, hugged them and told them he’d see them in the morning, and to listen to Sylvie.

“Hey, Antonio… I was thinking.”

“That sounds dangerous, Sylvie.”

“We should get a pet.”


“Because we have our house now… and the kids are here… I had a pet growing up… I think the kids should too.”

“Did they put you up to this?”  He asked, looking over at his children.

“No, it was something I was going to bring up no matter what.”  Sylvie laughed.  “We should get a dog.”

“Absolutely not!”  Antonio exclaimed.  “Dogs are messy… dogs destroy things… dog… no.”

“But, Antonio… so do cats.”

“Then we get a fish.”  Antonio put his jacket on.

Sylvie shook her head.  “No… the kids… and me… need something to play with, cuddle… all those fun parts of having a four-legged pet.”

Antonio looked between the kids and Sylvie.  “Hmm… I’ll think about it… but that’s not a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.  It’s a ‘we’ll see’.”

Sylvie kissed him.  “You’re the best.”

“Yeah, Dad!”  The kids rushed to give him one last hug before he headed off to the office.

After Antonio left, the kids and Sylvie rushed to Eva’s room to check on their little friend.

Sylvie gently lifted the puppy from the sweater that was nested on the bed.  “It is most definitely a she… and she’s very, very young.”

“Is she okay?”  Diego gently touched the tiny creature.

“I think so… I’m not a vet… hmm… okay, let me think about it for a second.”  She pondered who she could call in this situation.  She picked up her cell and called one person who knew more about animals than her.  “Hey, Ethan… it’s Sylvie.  Are you available to pop by my new place real quick?  It’s a sorta medical problem.”  She grinned as he said he’d be there right away.  She rattled off the address and ended the call.  

“Who was that?”  Diego asked.

“My friend Ethan works at Chicago Med… he also helps out at the Zoo… I recently heard that they even saved panda.”

Eva’s jaw dropped.  “A panda?”

Sylvie nodded.  “A panda… so maybe he can give us some advice on what to do with this little one.”

“Do you think Dad will let us keep her?”  Eva gently stroked the shivering little pup.

Sylvie nodded.  “We’ll convince him… plus, who could say ‘no’ to this face.”  She wrapped the puppy in a blanket.  “We’ll need a name for her too.”

Ethan rang the doorbell.  He didn’t realize that Sylvie and Antonio had moved in so close to his place.  

Sylvie answered the door.  “Ethan!”  She gave him a quick hug.  “That was quick?”

“I live around the block… when did you guys move here?”

“We’re just finish the move now, come in… the kids and I need your help.”

Ethan came in and looked around.  “Nice place… so what exactly is it that I can help with?”

Eva and Diego appeared around the corner.  “With her.”

Ethan gently took the tiny puppy from them and placed her on the table.  “She’s very young… too young to be weaned… where’s the mom?”

Diego looked to him.  “We found the puppy under her mom’s body… in the park across the street.”

Ethan’s eyes bulged.  “There was another one?”

“What do you mean?”

“I went to the park for my jog this morning… I saw the pup running around by the bushes… I called the city to have the mother’s body removed… and I took the other pup to the vet and now he’s chilling at home.”

“Only two puppies?”  Eva asked.

“That’s what I’m guessing… it happens.”  Ethan looked over the pup.  “She’s small but she seems pretty healthy.  I can bring some of the stuff the vet gave me and maybe bring her brother over… it’s not good for pups to be alone this soon.”

“Really?”  Eva was very ecstatic at the thought of two puppies.

“Yeah… I don’t have a lot of time with my job to take care of him like he needs.  I have a neighbour watching him now.”  Ethan laughed.  “Does Antonio… know?”

“No… and we’re not telling him yet.”  Sylvie stepped in.

“Where is he?”

“Dad got called into work… so that’s why we’re trying to get everything lined up before he gets home.”  Eva said.  She looked at the puppy.  “Will she get big?  Her mom wasn’t that big.”

“I don’t think so… the vet seems to believe the pups are some kind of terrier mix… this one is white… her brother is black and grey.”  Ethan laughed.  “Okay, I’ll run and get him and the stuff the vet gave me, you guys just make a little nest for them that will keep them warm.”

Ethan hadn’t been gone 5 minutes when Sylvie’s cell started ringing.  She looked at it.  “It’s your Dad.”

“Isn’t he at work?”

“He’s supposed to be.”  She sighed.  She answered the call.  “Hey, Antonio… everything okay?”

“Yeah… Stone’s sending me out of town for the night with Lori… need to pick up a witness… we’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Does Laura know?”  Sylvie cringed just saying her name.

“No, and I doubt she cares… from what the kids said anyhow.”

“Mhm.”  Sylvie agreed.  “I won’t be the one to call her… just be safe.”

“Always.  I love you… tell the kids to behave.”  Antonio ended the call.

“Good news, Dad’s not gonna be home til tomorrow… so we have time to figure out how to explain the pups.”

“Wait… I thought Ethan was just bringing him to visit.”  Diego asked.

“Uh, no… he’s bringing him to stay…”  Sylvie laughed.  “They’re here anyhow.”

The doorbell rang and Ethan let himself in.  “Here is he.”

Diego and Eva rushed to see the little pup.  “They’re like salt and pepper.”

Eva and Diego had taken turns getting up to feed the puppies and making sure they were okay.  Sylvie had gotten books to take care of them and now they were figuring out how to tell Antonio that not only did they get a dog, but two.

“What are we goin’ to tell him?”  Eva asked.  She didn’t want him to take the pups away.

“That we rescued them and we’re keeping them because otherwise they’d die?”  Diego suggested.

“Honesty is usually the best policy.”  Sylvie chimed in.  She still thought back to the early days of their relationship and they’d had a major fight.  It took time for them to get back to a normal groove.

“But… I don’t want him to take them away… I love them!”  Eva was almost in tears.  She was happy now, happier than she’d been since her parents’ divorce.  “Please, Sylvie!”

Sylvie sighed.  She knew Antonio wouldn’t be impressed, but she knew that the kids needed this as much as they did.  They needed to get back to some semblance of a normal family, especially now that Laura was losing the custody battle.

They could hear the tires of his truck pull up into the driveway.  Sylvie motioned to them to hide the puppies in Eva’s room and wait for a bit before they’d tell Antonio.  They went to the kitchen to start prepping supper so as to not raise any suspicions.

The front door opened and Antonio called out.  “Guys!  I’m back.”

“We’re in the kitchen.”  Sylvie called back.

There was a quick pattering of feet into the kitchen followed by a thump.  The three of them looked down to see a small dog staring up at them.  It wasn’t one of their pups.  They quickly exchanged glances as Antonio walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, so… while I was on that little road trip… I thought about what you said.”  He picked up the dog.  “This is Oreo… I… uh… I wanted to surprise you guys…”  He looked at them.  “Guys… you okay?”

They nodded.  “Yeah… uh… where did you get Oreo?”

“A friend of Stone’s had her but she can’t have her in her new place… so I said I’d take her.”  Antonio handed her to Sylvie.  “She’s a little bit older, but hey… she’s trained already and she’s calm.”

Sylvie stroked Oreo.  “You know this is a Yorkipoo right?”

“I know… I don’t think I could handle a big dog in the new place but she’s cute and a good size.”  He looked to the kids.  “Whatta ya think?”

“She’s really cute!”  Eva exclaimed.  She didn’t know how they were going to tell him about the two puppies in her bedroom but this dog was super cute too.

“Where is she going to sleep?”  Diego asked.

“Uh, no idea… but we can figure that out later… let’s wash our hands and finish supper.”  Sylvie put Oreo on the ground.  

Oreo scampered away to go investigate her new home.  They were about halfway through prepping supper when Oreo starting barking and howling.  Antonio volunteered to go see what was going on.  

Sylvie whispered to the kids.  “You did shut your bedroom door, right?”

Eva nodded.  “Of course… I didn’t want them running out… but how are we gonna tell Dad now… he just brought Oreo home and now we have…”

“What the hell?!”  Antonio’s voice echoed back down the stairs.

“I think Dad just found out.”  Diego hopped off the stool and ran upstairs.

Eva and Sylvie exchanged quick glances before taking off after Diego.

Antonio couldn’t believe his eyes.  There in the middle of Eva’s room was a small bed with two tiny terrier puppies.  Oreo was there sniffing at them.  The trio that had remained in the kitchen was now standing in the doorway.  Antonio turned to look at them.  “What is this?!”


Sylvie stepped forward.  “Those are Salt and Pepper… and they were found in the park across the street…”

“We were going to tell you, Daddy… we swear… just after supper!”  Eva exclaimed before rushing towards the puppies to check on them.  

Oreo had decided to lay down right behind the pups and was keeping them warm.”

Antonio looked at the dogs then to his family.  “Oh boy.”

“Dad… can we keep them, please?”  Eva pleaded.

Antonio looked to his daughter.  There hadn’t been many things she asked for in the last few years.  He then looked at Diego and Sylvie.  The looks on their faces told him that if he said no, he’d break all three of their hearts.  He walked over to the puppies and looked at them.  “Found them in the park?”

“Well… we found salt… Dr. Choi found Pepper and when Sylvie asked him to come check on Salt… he said that they should be together because their siblings and all…”  Eva rambled.

Antonio laughed.  “I see.”

“Dad… they’re terriers… they don’t get big… Eva and I did a lot of research and we’ve been taking turns feeding them and stuff…”  Diego jumped in.

Antonio looked to Sylvie.  “Anything you’d like to add?”

“Other than your children are happy and the puppies aren’t a huge inconvenience… and Oreo seems to like them.”

Antonio sighed.  “Okay… well… the Dawson clan just grew some more… It’s now Eva, Diego… Sylvie and three dogs with me… well… Let’s bring these pups downstairs and we’ll finish making supper.  I’m not about to take this away.”  He hugged both kids before going back to Sylvie.

“Thanks, Dad!”  The kids exclaimed, each grabbing a puppy.  Oreo chased after them out of the room.

Antonio wrapped his arms around her.  “So, you had nothing to do with this?”

“I’m completely innocent… just… know that Eva and Diego have told me that their happier now than since before the divorce… I think that’s what matters.”

“Mmm.”  He kissed her.

“So… you said I’m part of the Dawson clan?”  Sylvie asked.

“Always… I love you… and who knows… maybe one day I’ll just make it official.”

Sylvie gaped at him.  “Antonio…”

Antonio didn’t give her a chance to say anything else, he took off down the hall and back down the stairs.  Sylvie stood there in shock.  One day, maybe she’d Sylvie Dawson, but for now she had to go and make sure her boyfriend and the kids didn’t burn down the kitchen.

A/N:  Well… I hope you enjoyed this Anon!  I will continue to write Brettonio fics… I haven’t given up on them and I won’t be giving up on them anytime soon.  I will get to the other requests… just need to get some of the make up ideas I have done first!  Cheers and long live Brettonio!  Love always, Nicole