When You Are Needy During Your Period

~Kim Namjoon~

You’d be such a needy mess. Crawling into his lap, blatantly grabbing his dick through his pants, anything. Namjoon would grunt and softly move your hands away with a sad smile.

“Sorry baby girl. Not right now. How about some ice cream instead?”

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~Kim Seokjin~

Jin would basically have to pry you off of him. He’d try tucking you under the covers of the bed to make sure you weren’t molesting him in the middle of the night. However you always found a way to break through.

“Jagiya, I can’t sleep if your-. Y/n stop touching me!”

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~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi wasn’t used to this type of neediness. You were not much for touching out in public. So when you palmed him under the table at dinner, he nearly spilled his soup. Yoongi snatched your hand and gave you a dark glare.

“If it wasn’t that time of the month, I’d wreck you right across this table.”

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~Jung Hoseok~

Hobi groaned as you bounced in his lap, frequently bending down to kiss his neck. The morning news long forgotten. You found a way to pop the first few buttons on his shirt but was immediately stopped by his strong hands.

“Breakfast first, baby. Then we’ll see.”

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~Park Jimin~

Jimin was taken back when you leaned over right before bed, and practically shoved your tongue down his throat. You clawed at his t-shirt and mewled desperately. Jimin nuzzled your nose and cupped your face.

“Get some sleep Princess.”

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~Kim Taehyung~

You had cornered him in the shower. Taehyung was all about preserving water, but not when you were complaining about cramping minutes before. With you both naked, it gave your hands free reign. He couldn’t help but grow hard at your insistent petting.

“Ah, don’t complain of stomach pains later Y/n.”

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~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook would be so confused. One moment you were moaning about period pains and the next, sticking your hand down the front of his pants. He’d gently pull your hand away and try to divert your attention to something else.

“How about eating some sushi. You want to eat-….Y/N!”

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Markiplier and friends related ask meme
  • Markiplier: Would you rather have dozens of friends, or a few close friends?
  • Peebles: Do you believe in aliens?
  • CrankGamePlays: What is your biggest fear in life?
  • Stone Face Tyler: Do you have any scars?
  • Gizmo: What is your pet peeve?
  • VeryTiredKat: Do you have a phobia?
  • CrankyCrew: Favorite fandom you've ever been a part of?
  • IIIII'M Tyler: Best prank you've pulled/had pulled on you?
  • Smol blue boy: Describe your first crush.
  • Iced Dark Roast: Favorite drink to order from Starbucks? (Or from Dunkin lol)
  • Amyplier: Who is your OTP outside of the Markiplier fandom?
  • #smilealways: Favorite inspirational quote?
  • Chica-Bica: Favorite pet growing up?
  • Try Not To Cringe: Ever had bronchitis?
  • CHANGE: Ever had a sports injury?
  • The Floof™: Craziest color you've dyed your hair, or want to dye your hair?
More Things to Add To Your Bullet Journal

If you want to see my first two posts about things you can add to your journal, click [here] or [here]. 

These are things anyone can add to any part of your journal. Enjoy!

1. Follower Counter

I have done this in my past two journals because I love giving myself that little boost of inspiration to keep doing this with all of you. I also enjoy keeping track of when I get another thousand followers. You can use this for any social media; Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I have done it in two different ways, but I prefer the circular one I had in my other journal. 

2. Index

I noticed that on both my lists of what to add to your journal, I completely forgot to include the index and icons. I figured some people who are new to bullet journaling might not know to put these things in their journals. An index is super important to have in your journal, and remember to number your pages! 

3. Icons

Again, I also forgot to talk about icon pages. Also, something important to add to your journal. You can also add a color index if you use certain highlighters, pens, or markers for certain things. 

4. Packing List

I have had a packing list in every journal I have used. If you’re anything like me, you wind up forgetting things when you travel. I have separate lists for each group of things I need to pack.

5. Monthly Goals

This is something I recently started doing in my newest journal. It keeps me grounded and focused on things that I need to get done before each month is over. 

6. Morning Routines

Not every morning is the same, so when you make this part of your journal try to make seven different spaces for your morning routines. Unless you do have the same exact routine for each day, then just write it out on one page.

7. Nightly Routines

The same advice that I had for morning routines is the same for nightly routines. Please plan before you start writing in pen!

8. Weight Tracker

I don’t have a page for this in my newest journal. I just write my weight down in my daily tracker, but I did have a page in my older journal for it. If you’re trying to lose weight, this is a very good tool to use. 

9. Pen Test Page

I didn’t realize people did this already, but I find it to be a good idea. Test your pens for bleeding, ghosting, and for color. It will definitely help you in the long run.

10. Brain Dump

This is such a good idea. I had a page of this in my other journal. If you think of something silly, interesting, or to remember later, write it here. 

11. Spending Log/Receipt Keeping

I know a few people that like to keep track of everything they spend each month and from what store. I have a small binder that I keep my receipts in. It took me two hours to make the folders, label them, and hole-punch them. If you want to do it in a journal, that’s good too. Add folders in your journals with washi tape or keep a log of what you spend.

12. Monthly Water Tracker

Instead of doing a daily water intake tracker on each weekly page, try doing it on one page for the whole month. You’ll have more space on your weekly pages and it will all be in the same place for you to see. 

13. Places to Travel

This was one of my favorite pages to make. If you want to know more about it, click [here] to see my post of it. 

14. Favorite Name List

If you have favorite baby names, city names, story character names, or just really cool names you want to remember, write them down! 

15. Looking Forward To…

If you struggle with trying to stay positive, this is the page for you. Write down anything that you are looking forward to. Birthdays, parties, movie releases, seeing your pet grow up, growing out your hair, losing weight, pay day, etc. Find something to look forward to even if it seems insignificant to what society says you should hope for. 

16. Compliment List

I haven’t done this page yet, but I like the concept. You can either write down original compliments people have given you or ones you thought of on your own. This made me think of all the things Leslie Knope gave Ann. 

17. Level 10 Life

If you want to know exactly what Level 10 Life is, click [here] for my original post on it.

18. Pet Care Log

This is such a good idea. Click [here] for my original post about how I take care of my pups. 

19. Achievement List

Need some reminding of how you are the bomb? Make a list of EVERY achievement you’ve ever accomplished. Even if it’s something small, write it down. You are amazing and deserve to know it. 

20. Dream Journaling 

I haven’t done this since I was in middle school,  but it’s a good practice to keep. Sometimes dreams mean something and it’s good to write down what you remember from them so you can look back and see why your mind was thinking about such things. 

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OKAY I think I finally came up with an actual prompt?? Something to the effect of "we adopted a pet together and now my mom/whoever definitely thinks we're dating whoops"

10/10 any prompt with pets in it is an excellent prompt. hope you like it and thanks for being such a great friend! (ao3)

The thing about Bellamy Blake, as Clarke well knows, is that he’s incapable of not caring for things smaller and more defenseless than he is. Not when he could help instead. She knew this when he moved in with her. She knew it from the first time he gave drunk Raven a piggyback the whole way home.

What she didn’t know was how it would affect her life once he becomes her roommate.

It starts innocently enough, with Bellamy hanging a bird feeder on the balcony after he finds a nest built into a crevice there.

“How much research did you do last night?” Clarke asks, amusedly interrupting his verbal pros-and-cons rundown of different models at Home Depot. She’d come along in part because she thinks it’s funny, how worried he is about these birds who can ostensibly take care of themselves.

(She’d also come along because it’s really cute, but that’s neither here nor there.)

“I may have looked at a few comparison charts online,” he admits, smiling sheepishly. “I don’t want to spend good money on something that isn’t going to work the way I want it to.”

“I didn’t know there was a wrong way a bird feeder could work.”

“Hence the research.”

She shakes her head fondly and taps the smallest option. “Just get this one. We’re looking to feed one family, not the whole forest.”

He stares for another moment, then nods and starts putting the rest of the boxes back on the shelf.

“How come you’re never this decisive when we’re picking a restaurant for dinner?”

“My muse is fickle, Bellamy.”


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Behind Closed Door Pt.2 | Jeff Atkins

Hello Beautiful People! I am back! I’m sorry for such a lack of writing, I was having a hard time with school and personal issues but I am happy to update this story, I have received so much love for this and I am so thankful for everyone being so patient, now without further ado, I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading and please don’t be afraid to request ♡

Part 1

Warning: smut

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The game had yet to start, I was sat in my usual spot near the pit, right next to the barrier, with Zach, Clay and Hannah next to me, I glanced at the pit and looked at Jeff he gave me a smile and I give him a shy one back, I still have not talked to him since morning but I was coaxing myself to be brave and go through with the plan I had made. I watched as Jeff made his way to me jumping on the barrier so he was closer to me, he motioned me to him and I shyly got up moving to him, this was a usual encounter for us but I was still wary about what he had said.

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animal headcanons!
  • 🐹 - Did your muse grow up with a pet or was influenced by one in their reach?
  • 🐳 - What is their favorite animal?
  • 🐯 - Does your muse enjoy to go in the zoo?
  • 🐍 - Are there any animals they are afraid of?
  • 🐶 - Did your muse ever own a pet or thought about to get one?
  • 🐝 - Did they ever get to help an animal in need?
  • 🐬 - Did an animal ever help them through something?
  • 🐱 - Are they a dog or cat person?
  • 🐠 - Are they, or would they be, a good pet owner?
  • 🐲 - What animal would they like to have if it weren't illegal or impossible for them?

@fandomsunitedposts said “Pet Monsters” for a prompt!
Thank you for the awesome prompt, I hope you like it!

Ken stops trusting his dad when he’s ten, sitting on the couch and watching westerns. Sedan, Ken’s pet, is nestling under Ken’s shirt. Sedan’s been going through growth spurts lately, trying to figure what he’s going to be, and he hasn’t been so good at regulating his own body heat. So Ken does it for him.

Marcus, his dad’s pet, a huge, hundred pound bloodhound, is lying in front of the TV, snoring softly. He’s never been particularly fond of Ken, but Ken likes the look of him, lazy and content like his dad who’s eating potato chips out of his hand.

On screen, the sheriff twirls his gun, lighting up the deserted street with one, two, three shots. The bad guy, dressed all in black, yells and his pet roars. When the last crack fades, the bad guy is lying dead, flat on his back, and his pet, a fanged horse, is lying sightless next to him, dead before it hit the ground.

“They ain’t got wolves there, son,” his dad says, eyes glued to the screen. “Bad guys, they got proper evil things, unearthly things. There’s a reason the good guys shoot him in the heart, you know. It’s so the monster dies too.”

Ken’s heart leaps into his throat and, unconsciously, he presses Sedan closer into his stomach. Sedan’s been growing lately and last week, last week he’d sprouted another leg, bringing the count up to six.

That’s not even mentioning the horns.

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Reactions to Jonerys told through gifs

Their first meeting with each other

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Their first conversation where they talk about the white walkers and other important stuff

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Their first (probably not the last) argument 

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The many stolen glances that will probably happen between Jon and Daenerys

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Watching all the sexual tension grow between Jon and Daenerys

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Jon petting/riding a dragon

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Jon and Daenerys starting to bond and talk about their lives

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Seeing Jon having to leave Daenerys to do some heroic but dumb shit

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Daenerys going off to save Jons sweet ass with her dragons

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Daenerys losing one of her dragons (I ain’t ready)

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Jon comforting Daenerys and both being vulnerable around each other (I’m so ready)

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Jon bending the knee and pledging himself to Daenerys

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Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for BOAT SEX!!

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During the sex scene

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Every Jonerys shipper afterwards

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The ultimate list of Falsettos headcannons

Some of these are stolen from @falsettosheadcanons

- Can play 3 instruments: trumpet, piano, and guitar
- is very bad at the trumpet (but played it all through middle school and a little bit through high school ), can play a few songs on the guitar, and is very good at the piano. But he is mainly a GREAT singer (he joined choir when he quit band in high school)
- Is addicted to coffee. He will slap a bitch if they talk to him before he drinks coffee
- As we know Marvin is very smart. He reads all the time and Whizzer practically has to tear the book he’s reading out of his hands. But some people may not know he especially excels at math, and can do almost any math problem in his head.
- One time: He got in a fist fight with a Trump supporter (he is VERY invested in politics)

- Is a musical ho and sings them VERY loudly in the shower
- When he was little he always tried out for the school musical, but the poor kid is practically tone def. he treasured his parts in the chorus though.
- Not only is Whizzer an amazing photographer, he’s also a great drawer. He particularly loves pointillism
- He has invested his life to those BuzzFeed personality quizzes. He not only takes them himself, he will take them on behalf of Marvin (because he refuses to do it) and see what they get.
- One time: he almost became a model. But he was still in high school at the time and his parents said that was “too gay”. Boy, did his parents have a surprise a few months later when Whizzer came out.

- Is actually a great dancer
- She used to do competition dance for tap and ballet and still does dance moves from time to time.
- Is very addicted to Candy Crush
- LOVES cats. Much to the dismay of Jason, she will foster stray cats for a few days and let them back out into the wild (Jason: What if they have rabies?!?)
- One time: she was on Cutthroat Kitchen. She was not afraid to sabotage anyone, so much that she went a little ~overboard~. She spent all her money in the first round, and got all the sabotages in the next round. Mendel was still very proud of her anyways even though she lost.

- Will wear a Snuggie un-ironically
- He loves all infomercial products. He owns 3 Shamwows
- His favorite animal is a goldfish and he will go to the fair and win 10 goldfish.
- He has an ever growing Pillow Pet collection
- One time: he took Jason and Trina to an amusement park to go on this all-new-very-VERY-tall roller coaster. Mendel, is terrified of heights but wanted to be a good sport. Needless to say, it did not end well.

- Is a straight A student, but barely scrapes by in gym
- He actually was supposed to earn a C in gym because of his lack of physical ability, but many angry phone calls from Trina and Marvin later, he managed to get extra credit to get an A.
- Like Whizzer, Jason is also very good at drawing. But he draws cartoons.
- Hates public speaking. Every time he has to speak in front of the class, he gets all nervous (poor bby ;~;)
- One time: in class when he had to write an argumentative essay he wrote “why chess is better than checkers.” Which seems stupid, but not only did he get an A+, his was used as an example in front of the whole class

- Actually has two degrees: one for being a doctor and one for pre law
- She decided she wanted to be a doctor instead because she wanted to save people. Not send someone to prison
- Has a very weird taste in music. She has a Spotify playlist with half rock music and half classical music. She puts it on shuffle to “get some variety”
- Charlotte & Marvin are bffs and totally watch Jeopardy and play along together with no shame.
- One time: in middle school she tried to prove she wasn’t a “goody goody” by pulling the fire alarm. It did not go over well.

- Is VERY accident prone
- That’s actually how she met Charlotte. Cordelia broke her arm and went to the doctors office to get it looked at, and met her.
- Loves the snow. She grew up in Southern California (where they obviously don’t have snow) although she’s been living in New York for quite some time, she still gets a kick out of seeing it
- Also loves bubbles. Will buy 20 of those $1 bubble wands just for no reason.
- One time: she tried to make Charlotte cake for her birthday solely based on instructions from Pinterest. Just,,,,,, make of that what you will

Feel free to add :)

A note to my friends:

If you have been hurt a lot by others, especially in childhood, compassion for other people can be hard. Start by being kind to other creatures: water plants, feed birds, care for your pets, grow flowers for bees. Over time you may heal enough to start to want to be kind to people, starting with yourself.


Adventures in Kit Sitting

This is some established BittyParse for your soul. There’s a lot of humor in the premise of Bitty (inexperienced around pets/he seems like he didn’t have pets growing up he just gives off that vibe) cat sitting and learning a lot in a short period of time. 

Also S/O to @agrossunderstatement for their awesome fic Smitten for without it, I wouldn’t have the need to trash talk Bitty’s cat skills. 

  • Bitty being low key terrified of Kit the first time he meets her (because she keeps popping up in the weirdest places). 
  •  Bitty not knowing the difference between a good pet and an unappreciated pet, getting lighted nipped by Kit, and him trying not to freak the fuck out. 
  •  ((Kent trying to not laugh at Bitty’s terror because he remembers how intimidating cats can be and instead shows him where and how and what it looks like when Kit might retaliate.))
  • Bitty learning that Kit thinks the kitchen is her domain/Bitty learning quickly to always wear socks in (begrudgingly) “their” kitchen.
  • Bitty getting accustomed to having a literal ankle biter following him around once Kit’s accepted him as a permanent fixture in her domain (it only takes, what, a few weeks after Bitty moves in with Kent?) 
  • Bitty sometimes misses that month where she would scamper off whenever he entered the room. He got more pie done. 
  • He learns quickly that when Kit gets bored, his feet become targets. He’s still low key frightened of her “I’m about to pounce” face. 
  • Apparently like pet parent like cat, because Kit is a talkative attention whore. No really, if you ignore her she’ll get loud. If you leave the room and she doesn’t feel like following you, she’ll complain until you come back or else eventually come after you. She’ll yowl if you’re in the bathroom too long without her. 
  • ((Kent always leaves the bathroom door open when he’s taking a bath. Kit just plops down on the floor and falls asleep. Sometimes she sits on the edge of the tub and holds her paw out, as if debating whether she’s willing to jump. Bitty is super baffled by their tub time.)) 
  • Kit chooses whose turn it is to pay attention to her based on her mood plus whoever hasn’t given her adequate love. 

The first time Bitty cat sits while Kent’s on a roadie:

  • The learns that Kit gets “weird” when she thinks she’s alone. He almost calls Kent when she starts running around the apartment for twenty minutes straight while growling. Instead, he calls Ransom (”Ok first of all, you know I’m studying people medicine right? Second, it’s ghosts. Don’t ask me how I know, just trust me when I say cats can see ghosts.) 
  • Bitty spends the rest of the afternoon discussing with Kit if she’s Kent’s familiar and/or if she could be his too. (When he tells Kent about it later, he laughs before admitting he’s done the same goddamn thing.) 
  • He gets freaked out about whether he’s overfeeding or underfeeding Kit. 
  • Bitty learns that Kit would rather play with the brown bag that carries his farmer’s market finds than the new toy he shelled out a pretty penny to buy. (Just because he’s dating an NHL star does not mean he can’t buy toys for his cat…Kent’s cat…his cat.) 
  • He tries to trim her nails alone (no Kit’s were harmed in the making of this bad decision…some Bitty’s were mildly harmed). 
  • Bitty and Kit have a very awkward cuddling relationship. Like, they want to cuddle, but they’re horrible at making each other comfortable (read: nails and stuffed animal holding)
  • Kent comes back to Bitty wearing this with Kit inside. Kent may or may not take dozens of photos with Bitty blushing redder than Dex’s hair. 
  • And eventually, Kit and Bitty find their rhythm. Kit watches Bitty bake from a safe distance and Bitty remembers to play with her after he puts his creations in the oven. 

harrylillies  asked:

Harry and Y/N buying a cat together. xx

Today was the day, the day you had been waiting for.

You and your boyfriend, Harry, were going to the pet store to get yourselves a shared pet. You absolutely adored animals, and since you had been dating Harry for a while, the both of you thought buying a pet was a healthy step in your relationship.

On the way to the pet store, you were getting overly excited, which Harry thought was the cutest thing ever. You had pets growing up but hadn’t had any since you left for college, so the feeling of having a pet again was a bit overwhelming, but you were happy as long as Harry was there to help you.

You guys didn’t know what kind of pet you wanted, but you had always been partial to cats and so had Harry.

Once you arrived at the pet store, you quickly made your way inside, leaving a trailing Harry behind.

As soon as you walked in, there were puppies everywhere, even some older dogs, but your eyes were drawn to the three black Labrador puppies that sat in a pen, begging to be held. 

You approached the puppies and asked the worker if you could hold one, and she said yes. You immediately picked up one of the puppies, it’s puppy breath adorning your face and you smiled as Harry walked over. 

“These puppies are so cute, love!” He smiled at you and picked up one of the others, petting it’s head.

This went on for a while with a couple of other dogs, and at the end of the aisle, you saw the section with cats. You screeched a little and headed in that direction, leaving a laughing Harry as he set the puppy he was holding, down. 

“Calm down babe. They’re still gonna be there thirty seconds from now…no need to run.”

“But, they are just so cute!” You squealed and opened one of the cages after a worker unlocked it. “Look at this orange one!” You smiled and removed it from it’s cage, holding it up so Harry could see.

Harry smiled and petted it’s head as it purred. “It’s adorable babe.” He smiled and bent down to pet some of the others through the cage.

Still holding the orange cat you looked around at the other cats, smiling in content. “Harry…can we please get them all?”

Harry’s eyes widened at your question and he shook his head politely. “Babe…I think one is enough.” He chuckled. “I really didn’t know my girlfriend was a crazy cat lady,”

You hit his arm playfully, putting the orange cat back in it’s cage. “Oh, hush. I just love cats is all.” 

He chuckled and shook his head again. “Whatever you say babe.” He smiled and pointed to a cat that was sitting in the back corner of his cage, a gray one. “What about this one?” 

You smiled as you bent down to get him out of the cage. He was a little timid at first but eventually came closer so you could pick him up. 

After petting and playing with him for a while, you knew he was the one. “I need him in my life.” You giggled and Harry kissed your forehead.

“Whatever you want my love.” He held your waist, and petted the cat’s head.

“Welllllll…in that case…we’re getting all of them.” You laughed and Harry rolled his eyes playfully.

“Not what I meant.” He laughed as well.

I don’t have any photos of my first two rats - My first was Pepper, a big lazy black boy. I brought him home from the shelter in a hat, and he used to fall asleep on my mom’s lap on the front lawn.

I only had Rocket for a few weeks because the poor little champagne baby had wet tail and we couldn’t save him.

Then there was Sugar.

Sugar was my baby. I fell in love with her when she was so little ans scared that all she did was sit in my hand and shake. And she grew up into the most loyal, personality-filled pet a kid could have. She fetched, she tormented the (100 pound) dog, she escaped one weekend I was away and my parents couldn’t catch her but she came running as soon as I got home. She came when I tapped a pattern on the floor, but ONLY to me. If she was on someone elses’ shoulder and I walked by, she would leap onto me. She stole stuff, she loved to be tossed in the air, she knew how to open her cage, and how to jump on juice boxes to get the juice out. I will forever have a place in my heart for spunky little rats with white forehead spots, because of her.

My next rats were a trio - Cassie (Sandcastle) was a big bear of a rat, forever good-natured and patient and with an unparalleled love of chasing feathers. Would take treats and stash them i the litter box for ages, never realizing I was just taking them back and giving her the same treats over and over.

Spotnick was so named because she came off adventurous at first, but she was a huge scardy-cat, and never trusted anyone but me to really handle her. Her trademark pose was just her nose and tail peeking out of a tissue box. She was forever hiding in an awkward-to-reach spot and making me panic thinking I’d lost her.

And then there was Squirt. Always tiny, and always full of spunk, she once managed to steal an entire package of milkbones an stash them in my sock drawer. She was forever pulling this trick to drink out my cups, and her sisters (Cas and Spot) never did figure out why their significantly heftier butts could never copy her without knocking the glass over. She used to run along at my heels when I walked around my room and never found a pocket she didn’t like.

A rescue-rat, Tai (or Tainy) was also a small rat, and was more commonly known as “The Pest”, Spotnick was the only older rat who ever had the patience for her antics. She stole things like a magpie, and was forever in your face, poking her pointy nose into whatever you were doing - or running off to explore places she wasn’t supposed to. I have very few photos of her because she was ever busy- she never stayed still.

Also a rescue, Gypsy was ever-calm, refused to drink out of a water bottle, and was more cuddly than many of my other girls.

Robbie(right) and Jakjak were a funny pair of sisters. Jakjak was a bit skittish  and always liked to nibble fingers a touch harder than was polite, and trick you into letting her go if she didn’t want to be caught, but she trusted ME, and had an adventurous streak that was fun to watch.

Robbie (Robin Hood) was a whiner (squeaked like crazy when Jak groomed her), but smart, and liked to both adventure and snuggle; she came to school with me a few times and always just fell asleep in my (or someone elses) sleeve.

For how similar they sometimes acted (and according to everyone else, LOOKED, even though I dont think they looked anything alike), they quarreled often and decided they didn’t want to live together int heir senior years.

Toby’s breeder told me he liked to he HIGH, and she was right - if he could climb something, he would. I once watched him scale my closet organizer to the top shelf. He would climb up to my desk then manage to ratty-parkour his way across three pieces of furniture to my bookshelf. He was forever a squeaker, and liked to scream when picked up in the hope you would let him go - the most adventurous male I’ve met, he was always trying to find a way to bust through the barriers I used to keep him in rat-proofed areas (and often succeeding).

Koda was my big squish (I could barely hold him with two hands without rat spilling over. he was BIG). He started as the smallest of his group (him, Toby and Badger came from the same breeder) but wound up the biggest. He was a big lazy snuggler, and when let out to free-range, was more likely to beg for a few treats then immediately find somewhere to sleep. His brothers would be exploring and he’d be napping in my laundry basket. I took him to stores and on walks all the time because he would stay in my hood, or in a purse and just chill.

And then there was Badger.

Ever since Sugar, I’d wanted another rat that got into my heart the same way she did. I swear it’s something about that white forehead mark, because I finally got my wish. I’ve loved all my ratty babies, but Sugar was Special, and Badger was too. From his gorgeously mismarked coloring to his dumbo ears, he stole my heart when I first saw him. And he kept it.

Because he LOVED to cuddle. He’d follow me around, begging to be picked up, he’d lay on my lap and nudge me if I stopped petting him. He loved riding around on my shoulder. He gave you kisses while you pet him. I once fella sleep while I had him out, and instead of wandering off into the apartment, when I woke up, he was snuggled into the side of my neck, napping with me. He loved every second of attention he got.

Badger passed away yesterday. He was my last rat.

I’ve developed an allergy to them, and I feel like I need to move on to rat-less stages of my life. But Badger, well, I’m glad HE was the last - my rat-love has been FULFILLED. I don’t plan on getting any more rats for a long time, if ever, so I’m glad my last rat was a REALLY REALLY good rat.

I mean, they were ALL good rats. I feel like, when you grow up with pets, you learn just as much about life from them as you do from other people, and I’ve learned a LOT from my rats.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that rats are some of the most amazing, charismatic, lovable animals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

And to all my ratty babies, I guess what I’m trying to say is Thank You.

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Not a request, but imagine Todoroki getting dragged to an animal shelter and all the dogs and cats flock to him and just him being covered by doggos and cats.


wtf do you mean he gets dragged ???

  • This boy is the one who comes up with the idea of going to the shelter in the first place. In fact, there’s one on his way home from school and he stops by every so often. He doesn’t necessarily dote on them but he does find peace in picking them up and holding them for a little while
  • He’s always wanted a pet growing up but his father never let him have one…
Sidgeno Mermaid AU anon fic

<< [Chapter 2/?] >>

It’s not until the morning when he’s looking over the pictures again when he notices the same figure in the water that he saw the night before.

The diner in town opens at five.

Geno gets there at 5:30 and rolls his eyes at how chipper the waiter sounds when he tells him to “take a seat wherever you like, I’ll be right with ya.”

His name tag says Jake and he doesn’t bat an eye at his sullen look when he pour his coffee and puts down the menu.

He’s young, fresh out of high school, maybe, and he doesn’t look like he knows who Geno is at all.

Geno’s already made up his mind to tip him very well.

“You’re the one that moved into that shack down by the beach, aren’t you?”

He coughs as the coffee goes down the wrong way. It burns his tongue.

“How you know?”

“This is a tiny, little island. Everyone knows everything. Is it haunted?”

“I’m Geno and it’s not haunted,” he grumbles. “Not a shack.”

“The walls are falling in on themselves and it looks haunted.”

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no pets allowed, but i won’t tell

My remix for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare! This is a remix of the fic No Pets Allowed by @kiwikwami.

Summary: Against the rules of his apartment complex, Nino brings a kitten home. When his neighbor Adrien finds out, he strikes a deal to make sure he won’t get turned in. An Adrinino remix.


Nino knew that he was breaking the rules as he brought a tiny bundle of fur into his apartment building. There were weekly newsletters and posters hung just about everywhere denouncing the ownership of animals that weren’t fish, so it was kind of impossible to not understand that getting kicked out was a horribly real possibility.

Nevertheless, he calmed and quieted the kitten hidden in his jacket as he took the steps instead of elevator, and the back door instead of the front. It was a lot more effort than normally going to his room, but looking down at the cat’s sweet expression, he knew it was worth it. With a smile, he made it to his floor and, after a minute of searching for his keys, unlocked his room and stepped inside, letting the door swing shut by itself.

“Alright, little buddy,” Nino said, “I’m gonna give you a bath ‘cause you’re crazy dirty. After that, I’ll go buy some cat food. Sound like a deal?”

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