to those who care too much about what others think around them:
you’ll never see these people again. they’re just extras in your own movie unless you decide to make one of them another main character in your life. YOU control this. so whatever they’re thinking is irrelevant because you’re the main character, these people do NOT matter. fuck em.


@Regrann from @ludwik_guinea_pig - “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there"❤ #pets #guineapig #hairlessguineapig #hairless #cavy #cute #pig #pink #guineapigs #skinnyguineapig #lol #skinnypig #memes #instapet #instacute #meeris #cobaye #cavia #tengerimalac #sleepy #sleepyhead #funnyanimals #świnkamorska #funny #love #ludwik #ludwig #cochondinde #meerschweinchen #ludwig (at Levittown, New York)

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Pets Soos and Melody Definitely Acquire (chicken edition)
  • A poultrygeist that lives in the kitchen and is the reason Abuelita isn’t allowed to do home butchering anymore
  • A flock of werechickens that turn into weird feathery dog-things around the full moon and stay up all night crowing.
  • A cockatrice hen who looks kind of like a turken with a long snakey tail and has to wear frosted glass goggles so she doesn’t zap anyone to stone when she goes broody. Her name is Nazgul but they call her Gooley for short. She loves lap time and having her head scratched.

Ok so like I’m pretty convinced that Jack didn’t have any pets growing up but imagine him coming home for winter break after his first semester at Samwell to find that Bad Bob & Alicia adopted a cat so they wouldn’t be so lonely with him gone. So he gets back and meets this big, long haired Maine coon they adopted, this giant cat that yowls when they don’t pay attention to it and sleeps in Jack’s bed and scratches him when he tries to move it… but see, the thing is, they named this cat “Jacques???”
and Jack is like??? What??? But within a few days 100% certifiably JEALOUS of his parents’ damn cat, and it becomes his arch nemesis.
So of course when Bitty visits Jack’s family’s home for the first time he meets Jacques and the cat automatically decides it loves Bitty and follows him around everywhere and Jack is so irrationally angry that he gets sulky and Bitty finds him an hour later, sitting outside and being grumpy, and it takes him a little while to figure out what’s up but when he does he’s like “Jack… hon… you’re jealous of a cat”
And once Jack realizes how ridiculous it all is they have a good laugh and go back inside.
And the cat immediately attacks Jack’s leg and he realizes that he and Jacques will never, ever find peace

quiet not too early - a little birdsong - rain later - she retreats into habits from last years season - trying to find her way - still growing - we praise pet  - no play - yet 

An update regarding today’s event

I have a feeling it is going to be slightly underwhelming due to the probably absence of one of the event coordinators.  I am sad to say that Burnet mun may not be available to write for the event today due to personal obligations and I am at work all day so activity fluctuates throughout.  I will do my best to keep posting/sending memes and focus on the event stuff today but I do need to apologize for the lack of things going on otherwise.

I hope everyone enjoys themselves regardless.

I woke up and rolled onto tumblr about 4 am this morning to find my inbox loaded with rude anonymous messages and I went ahead and blocked the user(s).  I am really not in the best mood because unnecessary bullshit like that makes me disinclined to write at all, but since I have organized this event etc, I will be active and participating.  I believe the person who sent those was following me and I them, because my follower and following count dropped immediately upon my blocking.  You know who you are.  Grow up.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Pukwudgie Common Room Headcannon

- is literally the forest. Somebody took the outside inside. Though there are many winding paths, the real action is in the canopy. Everyone hangs out in the branches, and somehow furniture was also drugged up there. 

-Numerous rare herbs grow abundantly, and pets roam through the trees. 

-Actual Pukwudgie magic intertwines with the room, charming it to be huge. 

-visiting guests from other houses being grabbed by the vines. The plants automatically assume they need help up. 

-Someone charmed the plants to light up bioluminescent at night-time. To help the people who are afraid of the dark.

-on the back wall is a montage of pictures. All successful pranks and rumors gathered.

-Students wake up covered in flowers and plants. Sometimes there’s also a drink they love waiting. Depends on wether the actual Pukwudgies came through. 


     “Y-You’ll really teach me? You’re not pulling my leg right?” He didn’t think Gohan would agree to teach him so easily. He thought for sure he’d have to beg, but boy was he glad to be wrong. He felt the rush of excitement engulf him and he bounced in place. “Can we start now? Huh? Huh?!”

Top Bugs Bunny Cartoons (in chronological order)

This week is the 75th anniversary of America’s greatest cartoon character, Bugs Bunny. Here is a list of some of my favorite cartoons with the famous wasacally wabbit. 

A Wild Hare (1940)

Elmer’s Pet Rabbit (1941)

Wabbit Twouble (1941)

The Wabbit Who Came To Supper (1942)

Wackiki Wabbit (1943)

A Corny Concerto (1943)

Super Rabbit (1943)

Little Red Riding Rabbit (1944)

Bugs Bunny And The Three Bears (1944)

The Old Grey Hare (1944)

Hare Force (1944)

Hare Tonic (1945)

Hare Conditioned (1946)

Baseball Bugs (1946)

The Big Snooze (1946)

Hair Raising Hare (1946)

A Hare Grows In Manhattan (1947)

Easter Yeggs (1947)

Slick Hare (1947)

Gorilla My Dreams (1948)

Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948)

Rabbit Punch (1948)

Long-Haired Hare (1949)

High Diving Hare (1949)

What’s Up Doc (1950)

Rabbit Of Seville (1950)

Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)

Rabbit Fire (1951)

Rabbit Seasoning (1952)

Bully For Bugs (1953)

What’s Opera Doc (1957)

Shishkabugs (1962)


“Weed for pets“ is a thing — and your dog will probably love it

Dogs, cats and even horses are benefiting from cannabis, according to the Guardian. The trend has reportedly given rise to a “growing industry of cannabis-based pet products,” from edible supplements to marijuana-based shampoo. Don’t worry, they’re not getting high — but benefiting in other ways.

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Puppies Run For Dinner In Time-Lapse Video, Get Cuter Every Time

Hungry for a super-cute dog video? Check out this time-lapse video of two puppies running for dinner. The video covers about nine months in the supper-chasing lives of golden retrievers Colby and Bleu. Watching those two slip and slide on the floor is the best kind of happy meal.

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YES! that's what it was! Thank you so much, Cubert you are my savior and lord, kisses from Norway!!

no problem! i was obsessed with virtual pets growing up! glad to help :)

5 things that make me happy!

Thank you for tagging me, @ruleofexception!

(It took me nine days, but here we are!)

1. My dog, Boba. I never had pets growing up, but when I got married we decided we wanted a dog. My husband surprised me with a little pug mix for Valentine’s 2015, and at the time I thought he was the weirdest dog I’d ever seen. He’s still weird looking to this day but he brings me so much joy - he makes me laugh, he’s the best cuddle bug, and he is the greatest quiet companion when you just need someone to sit with. ❤️

2. Galaxy print anything. I am simultaneously thrilled about and terrified of space, and there’s something about seeing galaxy print and stars and planets that just sings of endless possibilities and potential. And I love that. My husband got me galaxy print bedding for Christmas and I could stare at it for hours.

3. Sunshine. Like, feeling warm spring sunshine on your back after a long winter. That is one of my favorite feelings.

4. Cooking/baking. Creating things in the kitchen. Food is amazing and weirdly inspiring to me and I love being able to create yummy things and feed people (especially myself 😁)

5. Feeling my baby kick? Like, I’ll be real, this pregnancy has kicked my trash, but feeling my baby move around is just as rewarding as I always imagined it to be. It’s fun and cool and weird and comforting. And I love it.

I tag anyone who is seeing this post and hasn’t done this yet! Do ittttt!

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Favorite place: my bed, I have a million blankets and pillows and stuff it’s so fuckin comfy
Favorite colour: red, pink, lavender, all shades of green
Favorite tv show: honestly I watch so much damn tv lol right now I’m rewatching curb your enthusiasm which is a fave
Favorite book: Sula by Toni Morrison
Pets: growing up we weren’t really aloes to have “real” pets bc my dad’s first set of kids had bad ass animals and my mom isn’t really a pet person. which is probably why I’m sooooo obsessed with animal companions now :) I have one kitty, Carlton Banks. I want another kitty and a puppy too 😩
First fandom: tennis lmao, I’ve always been a Federer and Williams sisters stan! I used to keep track of all the tournaments and rankings tho
Hobbies:knitting, crochet, sewing, anything crafty. I want to get into quilting.
Books that I’m currently reading: I’m almost done with the fire next time by James Baldwin. dunno what I’m gonna read next, maybe this book my mom got me on coding.
Best thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted:legiterally my mom’s gumbo and my grandpa’s banana pudding