grow your own tomatoes

Do you like organic gardening? Then you’ll appreciate this colorful and super helpful chart. It’s all about companion planting, an easy and effective permaculture technique that will help your vegetable garden flourish. The idea is that certain plants grow especially well together (and repel pests). Try it! You’ll probably become a convert to companion planting, like me.

Diet Witch Tips!

You’re beautiful as you are. But it you’re like me, a sugar addict and a chronic comfort eater or just looking to get to a healthier weight and healthier body, here are some tips that are helping for me! 

  •  Enchant your water bottle! Encourage it not only to physically and mentally cleanse your body, but also to help give you strength to resist unhealthy food and instead crave all those lovely veggies and healthy alternatives. Thank your deities or the universe for the food you eat, and ask them to help your body use it to the best of its ability. 
  •  Grow your own veggies! Things like herbs, tomatoes, broad beans, salad leaves, purple sprouting broccoli are all pretty easy for beginners with encouraging results! Gardening is extremely relaxing and an excellent way to meditate and ground yourself and connect with the earth. Garden witchcraft is a wonderful area to investigate. You then know exactly where the food you’re eating has come from and think of all the magicky goodness you will have infused it with during the growing process! 
  •  As with any food magic, look at the magical associations and correspondences of the herbs and spices that you’re using. Your bolognese has bay leaves, garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage and salt in it? Looks like you’ve got yourself a purification spell! Your salad has tomato, apple, avocado, basil, chilli peppers, beets? Is that a love spell you’ve created? 99% of magic and being a witch in general is intent. You’d be amazed how many cohesive spells you create with your food. All you need to add is a dash of magical intent. 
  •  Sigils! Always a versatile choice. You can create any you want, be it for willpower and motivation, appreciation, energy, exercise, good sleep, nutrient absorption. And you can draw them in your meals in sauce, or etch it into your spatula, store in your cook books, or keep in your utensil drawer, your refrigerator, on your water bottle. The possibility are endless. 

 I hope these may be of help to someone else out there. It’s important to stay positive when it comes to diet or, as I know only too well, it can be easy to slip into unhealthy or even dangerous habits. I’m rooting for you! And you really are beautiful just as you are :) 🍎🍊🍌🥑🥒🍆🍇


We know we were late getting the seeds in this year, but the weather has been so weird it probably doesn’t matter anyway.  After a really mild winter spring has definitely not sprung!!  The last few days it has been between 0-10 degrees C, not what you expect when it’s nearly May.  Two days this week we had snow/sleet and hailstones!  However, after all that, some of our  seedlings are starting to show themselves. The water melons are up (Yes they are watermelons this year, not mis-labelled cucumbers like last year!) The cucumbers and tomatoes are also well on their way.  One lot of beans seem to be doing pretty well, just not so sure about the runner beans.  We shall see.

anonymous asked:

I'm a kitchen witch, any tips? ( also, what kind are you??)

There are so many tips and tricks for you that I’m not sure where to really begin.

The thing that I learned was Kitchen Witches magic starts at home. It isn’t just located in the “kitchen.” You guys make are great at casting cleansing, and making the kitchen a warm and welcomed place in the home. 

Tip 1: Grow your own food. If you can, have a small garden with herbs, tomatoes, peppers, things of that nature. 

Tip 2: Take the time to make it your own. This is a good tip for everyone. The more time and effort you put into something, food, crafts, spells, the more powerful it will become.

Tip 3: Never cook when upset. This can put negative energy in an otherwise beautiful meal. Which means that you put that negative energy back inside you.

Tip 4: Bless and/or acknowledge every meal. Thank the Gods, thank the people who made it if it wasn’t you, thank the animals that you might be eating, the plants that grew to make it. Things like that. 

Tip 5: Keep eggshells. These are fantastic for protection and warding.

Hope this Helps

P.S. I kind-of consider myself an Eclectic Witch, because I do a little of everything.