Small-Space Gardening

Growing food in small spaces can be fun and productive — you just need a little sunshine and some imagination.

By Roger Doiron


Tips for Small-Space Gardening

By Jessica Kellner

We hear from readers all the time who say they’d love to grow some of their own food, but they don’t have a big yard to work with. Fear not, readers! You can grow some of your own food on a patio, balcony, fire escape or in pots on your rooftop. The trick is to plan well, using the proper plants and tools for the job. Here are a few of my favorite tips for the small-space gardener:  [Find out how!]


Cattle pane isn’t just for wolfdog containment! Here’s a great article about making a cattle panel greenhouse. I will absolutely need one of these if/when I move out to Central Oregon, so this is a cheap and appealing method to accomplish that. I will probably have to use raised beds for the harsh winters out there, so here’s a bonus article on building raised garden plots from shipping pallets.