grow upside down

how to stick your plans

by a horrible procrastinator


  • keep things realistic. you may think you can read 200 pages of jane eyre in one night, and honestly, you could…but you won’t unless that essay that’s 30% of your grade is due, you know, tomorrow.
    • you know your habits better than anyone. try to work around what you know you’re going to do. can you read about 25 pages without getting totally bored/sidetracked? well, make yourself do that. it’s only 25 pages, right?
  • try to accomplish one thing every day. don’t ever let your day slip away from you without doing anything. even if that “one accomplishment” is making a stupid text post on tumblr or revising your notes or washing your sheets…just be productive!
    • this is especially important for those of you with mental illness! having a “zero day” can really plummet your mood or set you in an unproductive rut.
    • if you really feel like you need a day to just chill out, napping can count as your accomplishment
  • don’t push studying off! you’ve probably heard this one a million times, but seriously. don’t. you’re not going to retain 10 weeks worth of information with one study session…okay, maybe you can, but do you really want to?
    • the best, low-effort way of remembering information is to, at first, review it often. right after you learn the material, review it a couple times during the week. maybe re-write your notes that weekend. then, the next week, visit one or two times, just glazing over parts you don’t really remember well. then, maybe once every two weeks, etc…by the time you get to finals, you’ll be familiar with all the information! trust me, it works.
  • organize your to-do’s. personally, i make a huge to-do list for the entire week. then, i delegate different ‘levels’ of urgency to it (see below.) you can do this however you want, but i do it this way to help me visualize how lazy i can be and not pay for it…
    • i tend to organize it by these ‘categories’ / ‘urgent levels’
      • is there a quiz on the material due soon
      • how likely is there to be a pop quiz
      • what’s my grade in the class like / how badly do i need that ‘a’
      • does the homework/assignment need to be turned in
      • etc

actually doing it:

  • studyspo helps. okay, i know this is kind of obvious considering i’m a studyblr, but… you see that notebook you just bought? isn’t it fucking adorable? don’t you want to make some sweet, sweet note-love to it? you know you do.
    • don’t spend too much time setting up your work space or browsing tumblr. seriously. you know when you’re overstepping.
  • have some nice playlists. preferably with music you already know! if you don’t know the song already, chances are it’s just going to become a distraction.
    • 8tracks is a great site for this! you can make your own mixes or take a listen to one of the many, many study / chill playlists available. again, take a listen to the track on your way to class or whatever before actually trying to study with it on.
    • instrumentals + classical + video game music are the standard
  • get organized. messy = stressy. seriously. organize your desk, organize your notes. even if it’s not really your style, at least try to keep things ‘in your personal order.’ try to pretend you have your shit together. you will be so much more productive & confident if you feel in control of your situation.
    • if you’re a perfectionist, you may want to disregard this. really. you don’t want to put ‘tidiness’ above productivity.
    • taking pictures of your awesome, super-nice work space is awesome motivation. give that illusion of productivity. become tumblr famous.
    • if you can afford it, matching stationary and cute shit like that is super awesome feeling. it makes studying aesthetically satisfying.
  • take care of yourself. brush your teeth, put on that nice-smelling lotion, drink water. eating healthy foods, getting some exercise, all that good shit people tell you to do…it really is important. it’s kind of hard to focus or remain motivated if you’re miserably bloated & haven’t showered in 3 days.
    • especially for my neurod or mentally ill followers!

i fucked up

  • repeat after me: IT’S OKAY. IT’S OKAY. we all fuck up. you’re allowed to fuck up. sometimes assignments don’t get done, sometimes we don’t do as well on tests as we’d like. it’s okay. you’re okay.
  • recovery. alright, so, now that we’ve accepted that we’re human beans who sometimes grow upside-down…
    • cuddle in a blanket, and write down what you think you did wrong. did you not study enough? do you need to go to your professors office hours? write down your ideas.
    • let your failure motivate you! you hit your lowest point, alright? now you can focus on doing better, even if it’s just a few points difference.
    • you can do some things wrong. you don’t need to get an A every single time. did you understand 50% of the material? well, that’s halfway there!
    • you’re not going to be perfect at everything. we all have growing pains.

well, that’s all i have to say. keep growing towards the sun, kids.

In another universe avocados are my favorite food. In another universe flowers grow upside down and in another universe it’s 7am on a thursday and I’m waking up next to you.
—  Somewhere We’re Together Again
Considering a new breed.

I have 6 slots open for pigeon breeds.

Currently, I have:

Classic Old Frills

Old Dutch Capuchine

Valencian Figurita

And Old German Owls.

I currently plan on getting 

Show Type Racing Homers 

And Seraphim

As much as I love my Figurita, it turns out that they are SO small that laying and raising both eggs and peeps is a struggle for them.

Breeders keep groups of Ringnecks expressly to foster the second peep, when ever there actually is one.

Needing fosters and any sort of physical difficulty with reproduction puts a breed on my No list, so I have decided not to raise any more after my current pair go to their new homes.

(Keep in mind, their overall physical fitness and excellent temperament keeps them well off my list of breeds that should not be. I have just come to the conclusion that they are not the breed for me.)

That opens up another Pigeon Slot for Ramsey Ringnecks.

And I think I’ve decided on:

The Chinese Owl, in all it’s fluffy glory!

I kinda want to try something new instead of a different color of a breed I already have, but Damn, are those Blondinettes pretty…

And I was REALLY tempted!

But COF Blondinettes still have a lot of Turbit, Modern Frill, and Oriental Frill in them, and are said by other COF breeders to be generally lousy parents.

Chinese Owls do in fact have a long enough beak to feed peeps. They are prolific and docile, but challenging to get all the cute little ruffles and frills perfect.

They move comfortably and easily, with nothing impeding their flight.
(Their necks look arched back, but that’s an illusion caused by the voluminous fluff of their chest feathers, which grow in upside down. You can see on the stills above the way their bodies are actually shaped.)

(Unfortunately, the absolute filth of this loft is the wide spread norm! Most breeders only clean their lofts 8 times a YEAR!!! And breeders wonder why about 30% of young birds sicken and die!)

anonymous asked:


1) AVOID EXCESSIVE PLUCKING (aka only pluck the tail and what scatters under the arch of the brow)

2) TRIM THE HEAD OF YOUR EYEBROWS WHEN NECESSARY (aka when the little hairs get too long at the beginning of the brow)

3) FIND A GOOD EYEBROW PENCIL SIMILAR TO YOUR HAIR COLOR (I use Rimmel London’s Professional Brow Pencil in “Black brown” ! It’s not very expensive and it works really well!)

4) DON’T FORGET TO BLEND IN THE PENCIL MARKS WITH THE BRUSH MADE FOR THAT (you can also use an old mascara brush - just wash it with warm water until all of the leftovers are gone and you’re good! PS: always brush the brows in the angle hair grows! Never upside down!)




“Do you know what the dragon scale is?”
“It is a scale that grows upside-down under the dragon’s chin.”
“You may ride a dragon, but you may never touch this scale. If someone touches the dragon, the dragon will turn around and kill him. That is what the Crown Prince means to the King.”


Hoo-HAAAHHH here we go again with my eassay length tutorials(?)

Well! So my style is basically more anime/manga than anything, and all of these are basically how I personally like to draw them, while everyone has their own unique style but!!! Thsi is how I drew stuff!! :’> 

I used many XCX characters I’ve never drawn be4 in this, and it wa slots of fun x’D So, uh, enjoy! 

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Serendipity: My Adventure in the Mountains

Today I decided to go on a little adventure. A few hours away from me there’s the Northern section of the Appalachian Mountains.

I drive through a particular region of these mountains and came across a quaint little mountain village (with some remarkable views):

 I sort of expected awesome views but part of what made it an exciting trip was the prospect of finding something unexpected, which in this case turned out to be the artist community that lived in this quaint village town.

A huge part of the town is made up of converted mill buildings, many of which were factories that made clothes for the Union army during the American Civil War.

It seemed to me like the better part of the community were actually artists, who’d converted these old factory buildings into both living spaces for artists, and museums/galleries.

Central to the town was a giant museum, an old factory which had in its own right been turned into a work of art. There were trees, suspended from wires and growing upside down. Catwalks went from building to building, decidedly steampunk in nature, combining their 19th century heritage with colorful madness:

(Image credit: Mass MoCA)

Once inside the museum the erstwhile barely-contained loopiness exploded into a full-blown unrestrained into the imagination.

(Image credit: Mass MoCA)

There were art exhibits inspired by the superheroes of the Golden Age of Comic Books, a giant warehouse space emptied of everything but a wall-to-wall painting of the mountainside outside:

The next room I found was filled with an entire art exhibition dedicated to literature! I loved this. They used a pair of messy bookshelves as an exhibit in its own right in addition to something a little more esoteric:

I went upstairs and found more superheroes, a dark room lit only by gnomes sitting at a campfire (in a crystal forest), as well as a massive warehouse space filled with hand painted canvas tents.

Then I crossed into a huge, maze-like room where the exhibits were essentially huge walls fitted to colorful praise of geometry. After wandering here for a while I crossed through one of the “steampunk” catwalks into another mill building. The catwalks seemed like steel capillaries funneling the mad art from factory to factory.

From the catwalk, you could look out and see stages where the community have set up for various events and artists they host:

On the other side of the catwalk I emerged into an area dedicated to… sock art. It was stunning!

Finally, before leaving I walked through a small exhibit dedicated to the birds of the world:

Right as I turned to go, however I came across a small sign that said, “Fraternity Boys Smiling” and I have to show you what I found:

After seeing this I decided I needed to leave (I’d actually seen everything by then). As soon as I set foot off the mill grounds the artistic energy shifted back to a toned down, quaint mountain village. Driving out of the village, you can see for 60+ miles in all directions just as when you enter.

I know this story doesn’t really involve any science but wait-for-it:

There’s a connection. I had no idea what I was going to find when I left for this little drive. As fortune had it, I found one of the coolest artist communities I’ve ever seen and by far the greatest art museum (and I just got back from NYC).

Serendipity is what happened today. Serendipity, a fortuitous turn of events that happen essentially by chance, can only happen if you take the risk and roll the dice. Chance is the key word. 

Luckily in most (not all) science endeavors the risk of random disaster is low. Those risks are calculated but all are done in the hope of making a serendipitous discovery.

When someone asks why we should fund astronomy (or any science for that matter) I will probably think somewhat of this quaint mountain village and the staggering artistic talent hidden away from the world, waiting to be found, if even by chance.

If anyone’s interested in visiting this amazing museum it’s called Mass MoCA and it’s located in North Adams, Massachusetts. Even if you’re visiting Boston for only a week, I highly recommend the drive. It far surpasses any museum in the city and is well worth the drive.

For anyone interested in some more pictures, I’ll be adding them to my Instagram page shortly.

(All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken by Antikythera-Astronomy)

Part 9: I was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia after experiencing a series of traumatic events. I was told they never really happened. But I know they did.

Earlier parts found here.

I wish I could say I developed a relationship with Joy following my return. Quite the opposite. She withdrew. Once she told me about what she’d been experiencing and how the white man was influencing her life and actions, she was a ghost. Anyone who didn’t know what was happening to her would have claimed she’d retreated into a solipsistic world of hallucination. She’d wander through the house, muttering to herself. She’d talk about fulfilling her purpose and being a good mother. If I stood in front of her, she’d bump into me, wait until I moved, and then keep going. The only times I’d get a hint that Joy was still somewhat cognizant of the world outside her head was when she would put money in an envelope for the people who delivered our groceries.

When I say “our groceries,” I just mean “my groceries.” I was painfully obvious Joy was rarely, if ever, eating. The clothing that hung from her delicate bone structure when I arrived was forgotten after the first three weeks of my return. She’d walk around naked, her waxen flesh clinging like shrinkwrap to her bones and joints. A dark bruise covered her mouth and ran down her chin and throat, between her shrivelled breasts, to her emaciated belly.

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skip the youth

“when you’re in a town like this, all covered with smoke, you forget there’s a world outside.”

1. small craft on a milk sea - brian eno, 2. the suburbs - mr. little jeans, 3. youth and beauty brigade - the decemberists, 4. your head is on fire - broken bells, 5. funk ad - daft punk, 6. bees - jared mees & the grown children, 7. rat a tat - fall out boy feat. courtney love, 8. hair down - cold war kids, 9. father - the front bottoms, 10. skip the youth - frightened rabbit, 11. the (shipped) gold standard - fall out boy, 12. enid - barenaked ladies, 13. wham city - dan deacon, 14. growing upside down - the ditty bops

special thanks to sailorleo for helping me edit this mix.


Mint is chugging along valiantly, chives has apparently been growing upside-down this whole time, parsley apparently got the message that it was showing up late to the party and is sprinting now, Thai Basil was un-bubbled, Genovese Basil still is not ready to leave the protective dome. Dill continues to be a model student and cilantro is becoming a goddamn tree just to spite me.