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A concept: a story about how greyback became so evil and cruel. A story about the things that happened to him and made him the monster he is

(( OOC: Literally nothing. He’s just a terrible person.

That’s legit my head canon. Dude grows up with a decent family, has nothing particularly bad happen to him. He’s just sick and twisted… the kind of dude that people go “how did he turn out that way? There’s no reason for it!”

Nope, no reason…. he’s the kid that left his parents wondering what kind of demon they spawned when they walked outside to find him torturing little animals. He’s the guy in school that the other students avoided like the plague, not because they didn’t think he was appealing, but because they heard about the way he’d treated the last person he took out.

He’s also the guy that was a monster before he got bitten, and getting bitten was the best thing that ever happened to him… and the worst thing that ever happened to everyone around him.

Fenrir’s just a monster. Plain and simple. It’s nice to think that there’s always a reason for the way someone behaves… but sometimes there’s just no way to explain it. ))

I'm Bill Paxton
You Blew It!
I'm Bill Paxton

You’re so good at faking a feeling, but I think that I’ll be alright. We made a night out of highway signs. I think I’ll say it. I’m going to say that this time I think I’m actually fine. There I said it, and I think I meant it. I’m not tired yet, so I’m fighting judgment for the sake of better friends and their attempts at romance. Their accounts of happenstance won’t get them anywhere tonight, but I think that they’ll be alright.

The One With Marc
You Blew It!
The One With Marc

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Grow Up, Dude

“It’s about time that I start pulling myself together, because my poor excuses for progress are simply postponing the process of gaining confidence in what I’m saying and feeling better about who I’m singing about these days. It’s about time that I stopped gracelessly falling to pieces because my refusal to take any right steps is simply weighing down my friendships and finding me questioning every decision.”

THIS HAS ANGERED ME SO MUCH. you may not be happy with someone’s choices but that DOES NOT give you a right to slander their partner just because you haven’t a clue who they are. wiishu is in fact a very good looking girl, and therealjacksepticeye seems to really like her and the VAST majority of this fan base accepts them and wants them to be happy so go elsewhere with your negative, derogatory comments. enough said.