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My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.


-  Can it send me to Hawaii?
                    -  Yeah, but you gotta purchase
               your program 30 days in advance.


Pokemon sun and moon - (Tiny)Team skull boss and Xurkitree

“The Xurkitrees think Guzma was one of their kind, yet they confused why he is too small/short and think he must be a newborn ub…..” 

Since I had drawn him in his ub form (Tiny Xurkitree) with the Xurkitrees so, why not in his human form too? lol and I just love when he is ub and being mistake and take care by original xurkitree  = w =

PS. I’m not sorry ; w ;

Edit : I edit the picture so it would be smoother than original! :D 

In Pursuit of Lunch

@bloatedcrayon and I have a happy au where Lee had all four kids and gets to spend their early years in Suna with Gaara, his loving husband. we spend a tremendous amount of time discussing what a tiny snuggle prince Araya is, and also how he was a big baby with an extreme appetite. sometimes his quest for lunch grew so strong that he saw his sister as getting in the way of his meal. here’s a story about that.


“Metal, what’s wrong?”

“Papa, Araya is a…,” Metal’s sweet almost-three-year-old voice started to answer.

Gaara waited patiently for his darling child to finish that wholesome thought.

“…fat monster.”

Gaara blinked at his oldest son and shook his head.

“He’s a what?”

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protagonistically  asked:


This is just the best though? Like, Bruce is this huge, buff, ultra-manly, competitive alpha male, you know? But he just doesn’t get sports. At all. It all seems pretty arbitrary, especially if you’re not even playing. He pretty much thinks everybody should calm down, the stakes are really not very high.

And then you’ve got Tim, who wears the grossest seven-year-old jersey (that used to hang almost down to his knees, but he grew into it) that is literally falling apart because he’s got spirit, and he talks about stats and different plays and how maybe, for the first time in nine years, Gotham might make it to the playoffs. And he’s not delusional, Bruce, he gets that they won’t win, but it would be so nice to not finish at the bottom of the league this year! Right?? And!! Tim could wear a Gotham jersey– wait for it– outside of Gotham, Bruce!! Proudly.

And Tim, cool and collected Tim, YELLS AT THE TV IN THE MANOR when games are on, wearing his falling-apart clothes and four-day scruff and he’s throwing his arms and too worked up to even sit, and citing like. Obscure as shit rules and violations while he paces, and the TV is blaring at full volume and Tim, also blaring at full volume, is shouting back at the commentators and every ref’s decision. 



Name: “Cuties”

Pairing: Ceo!Oh Sehun ( EXO ) x Mother!Reader

Content: Fourteen ( 14 ) and above

Genre: Comedy, romance, romantic comedy, life ( Ceo / Parenthood Au )

Chapter: Oneshot

Summary: Your son AhBao wonders when Sehun will be coming home.

Inspiration: A request from my drabble game!

Word Count: 993

Originally posted by r-velvets

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2 2-Ds


Hey so I am absolutely in love with @beatnosound ’s artwork and their lovely comic they did about Noodle losing her tooth, so I wrote a lil thingy inspired by it. ❤️ Hope it’s not too awful lol


Kong Studios was strangely quiet one day.

It was the weekend, in the early afternoon, some of the only sounds being the faint groans of zombies outside and the occasional call of a vulture or two.

Inside, everyone was up to their own business.

Murdoc and Russel were in the kitchen while Russel’s beat box machine played.

Murdoc was reading a newspaper whilst gobbling down some leftover chicken from last night, occasionally bending over to pick at his toenails.
Russel was knelt on the floor, indulging in his taxidermy, this time making a creature with the head of a rhino and the body of an ostrich.

2D was in the bathroom, standing in front of the mirror and trying to see how far he could reach his tongue up to his nose.
He’d been practising, and he could almost get the tip of his tongue in his nostrils.

Noodle was in her bedroom, sat cross legged on the floor in the centre of the room, plucking at her guitar.
She’d taken off her helmet for her head to breathe, and she felt happy and relaxed.

Until she almost choked on something.

A small object had suddenly fallen onto her tongue and was dangerously close to her throat.
It felt like a stone or a marble, and Noodle was a little more than confused. And also a bit terrified.

She quickly stood up and coughed violently, lifting her hands to her mouth for the object to fall into her palms.

Thankfully, it came right out, and Noodle clutched curiously at it.
She opened her hands, and saw the mysterious throat scratcher was in fact a tooth!

Noodle’s careful expression instantly turned into a happy one, and she laughed gleefully.

This was the second time she had lost a tooth, and Noodle jumped up and down at the concept of losing her baby teeth and growing up like her big brothers.

She imagined herself as a giant, with big, white shark teeth.
She towered over Murdoc, Russel, and even 2D, and her shouts and laughter made the ground shake and the boys fall.

Noodle quickly snapped out of her imagination, staring at the tiny little tooth in her hands.

Then she felt where the gap was with her tongue, and felt it right at the top, in the front, next to her second tooth gap!

Noodle gasped and ran to to her bed, shuffling underneath it and retrieving her little mirror.

She peered into it, seeing how big her gap was now that two teeth were missing.

Then she grinned.

She looked like 2D!

Noodle laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then she made a dull expression, sticking her tongue out and crossing her eyes.

“Ello,” She mimicked 2D in a slow drawl, “M'Toochie…. I’m the singer… Errrr soz, I need the toilet!”

Then she laughed even more.

She had to show him!

“TOOCHIE,” She yelled at the top of her lungs, “COME QUICK!”

She cheerfully looked back into the mirror.

Soon enough, 2D peeked his head at her door, looking worried. He was out of breath from running.

“YES! I’M HERE,” He exclaimed, “What’s wrong?! Are you ok?”

Noodle looked up at him and smiled nice and wide, showing off her gums.
She lifted up her baby tooth, which had a bit of blood on it.

“Look,” She squeaked excitedly, “Now we’re matching!”

2D frowned for a second, confused, before properly noticing Noodle’s big front gap, just like his.

He then smiled right back at her, showing off his own gap, and they both giggled.

“That’s so cool, Noodle,” 2D said, walking properly into her room and bending down to her level to give her a big hug, “You’re like a little version of me!”

“Mini Toochie!” Noodle added, jumping up.

“Yeah! Now all you need are black eyes and blue hair!” 2D teased, laughing.

Noodle snorted and clutched at 2D’s shoulders, trying to hop on.

“Show the others!” She cheered.

2D helped her up onto his shoulders as he carefully stood onto his feet, wobbling a little bit.

“Who should we show first?” He wondered, before trudging out of the room and down the halls of Kong, while Noodle pretended to drive an airplane.

They arrived in the kitchen, where the other band members looked up to see 2D shuffle about, trying not to drop Noodle.

“Ey, Russ, Murdoc,” 2D excitedly greeted them, “Noodle’s lost another tooth!”

Russel stood up and peered at the little girl, smiling proudly.
“Hey, that’s great, let me take a look.”

Noodle opened her mouth wide, and pulled out her tooth from her pocket.

“I’m like Toochie now! See!” She jabbed a finger at 2D’s mouth, and he opened it up, revealing his matching gap.

Russel chuckled.
“Oh yeah,” He said, “Practically twins.”

“Aw shit,” Murdoc suddenly added into the conversation, turning to look at the two with a horrified expression, “Now there’s two of you!”

2D and Noodle laughed and nodded in agreement.

“So cute,” Russel couldn’t help commenting with a happy smile, “I guess this strengthens that zen bond of yours, huh?”

“Oh yeah,” 2D replied, “That’s wicked!”

“Wicked!” Noodle parroted, making everyone laugh.

Even Murdoc couldn’t help smirking, despite rolling his eyes.

2D and Noodle grinned cheekily at each other.
“Twins!” They both cheered with joy.

I realise avocados are moderately expensive and we’ve all got to eventually buy a house apparently for some fucking reason but there are other brunch options besides Bunnings and your homemade tribute of wedges, ham, tomato sauce, grated cheese and wonder white (the foundation sustenance for little boys who grow up to be big babies).  Fried pre sliced ham, what’s the matter pussy - bacon too gnarly? Does the sizzling fat spit off the frying pan onto your disgusting body whilst you cook it naked and alone? What Bunnings do you go to anyway? The fine people at Bunnings don’t serve wedges so the subtext of this alternate conception doesn’t make any sense - it’s like pashing your Mum because your girlfriend is at work - the Bunnings experience is neither comparable nor replaceable. The only time wedges are appropriate are at awful afterwork drinks at foul inner city bars with horrible workmates you hate from the depths of your empty heart, devoid of all passion and purpose, your wandering thoughts punctuating the dull thump of happy hour Heineken elations like a watercolour begun, the distant laughter an escape from the omnipresent boundaries inherent to the crushed frame of neoliberal optimism, detachment the only escape - sunrise, sunset; sour cream, sweet chili.  Why are you even cooking this of all things you fucking soft cock for happiness and purpose? You have the world at your fingertips; you have literally all the required resources to do absolutely anything you want in life, to make anything your heart desires and you choose this? Holy shit; just google “meal for myself” - if you’re broke add “without pine nuts” at the end; it’s that easy. Our parents could get away with dud dishes - they were stuck with Women’s Day as fuck apricot chicken and hand me down casseroles from racist grandparents, but you’ve got the ENTIRE back catalogue of all of human culinary history on a screen in your pocket and yet you use that same device to broadcast your fucking mediocrity to the world??? That’s just fucking insulting, are you a masochist for failure?? It’s just a fucking echo chamber of DRIVEL for you people isn’t it? Womb to the grave, tick tock 24/7 bullshit hour on repeat. DON’T KEEP DOING THE SAME DEPRESSING SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN you fucking IDIOT this is why you are MISERABLE because you KEEP DOING THE SAME FUCKING THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN because you are AFRAID OF CHANGE. STOP BEING such a fucking COWARD, throw this HORSESHIT in the bin and SORT YOUR FUCKING LIFE OUT


A/N: Another request. I’m so happy that I’ve gotten such a good feedback from you guys. I hope you guys like this one too. Love you guys. Someone messaged me saying I should try writing with ‘YOU’ instead of ‘I’ so you guys let me know which one you like me writing with more. 

Tonight was just one of those nights. Abel was at that stage where he was teething and he was up at random hours and tonight he was asleep one hour and the next crying up a storm. Jax had just got home at about midnight and you didn’t want to wake him when Abel got up again at 1:30 so you got up as quietly as you could and walked down the hall to the baby boy’s room. 

Walking in, you could see Abel’s hands and feet kicking and wiggling around. You walked up to the crib and leaned down to feel his cheek and his cries automatically calmed to a whimper. His blue eyes opened up and looked at you and you could just see that he was hurting.

“Hey, baby boy. Your teeth bothering you again?” You said as you picked him up and walked over to the stand across the room that held some teething rings that should still be cold. You kept some teething rings in the fridge to help with the swelling.

Abel buried his head in your neck as you put one of the rings up to his mouth and he automatically latched on. He loved his teething rings for some reason. You walked over to the rocking chair and sat down with him in your lap as you rubbed his back and his head. 

You slowly rocked back and forth as the boy played with your fingers and rubbed his head into the crooked of your neck. Which was similar to what his father was just doing in the bedroom. 

“You’re okay, baby. You’re just growing up to a big boy.” You spoke to Abel in soft tones and kissed his head.

In the other room, Jax woke up to an empty bed and sat up, looking around the room in confusion before walking out of the room and walking down to Abel’s room. He peeked his head around the doorway and smiled as he came to stand fully into the doorway and leaned on the door jam with his arms crossed. He loved to see you with Abel. Abel was like his father and was attached to you and loved to cling to you whenever possible. 

You glanced up as you saw movement in the doorway and saw Jax with a smile on his lips. You smiled back as you leaned your head on Abel’s. Soon enough, Abel was back asleep and you set him back into the crib and then you walked over to Jax. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you leaned on his chest and you both watched Abel in silence for a little while. 

“I love you, Y/N.” He said softly into your ear. 

You looked at the man you were leaned up against. “I love you too, Jax.” 

He leaned in and kissed you and then pulled you back to your room. “You’re so good with him. You do such an amazing job and a great mother to him. I appreciate you so much even though I’m not around as much as I should be.” Jax said as you walked back into the bedroom and you smiled as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Hey, you are just as good of a father. I know you can’t be here too much but at least you try, baby.” You said and then kissed Jax with as much love as you could put into the kiss.