grow through dirt

Many happy returns of the day to @rukiasuggestions. You have grown to be a dignified and entirely respectable sister, you have brought me much pride and I know that, if she were here, Hisana would have the same response.

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i love one piece. i love one piece because the characters are so real and so flawed, because even the story is so real and so flawed… because it is horrible and hopeful and full of things you have to swallow. i love one piece because it feels like coming home


so I got a tattoo!


I first took art classes at the age of 6, at the Philadelphia Museum of art. There hangs one of the Sunflowers paintings by Vincent van Gogh, one of my favorite artists. The museum has a lot of meaning to me and I would not be an artist without this beautiful museum.

Flowers in general mean so much to me. I draw them constantly, and love being around them. But what they mostly mean for me is what they represent- beauty and growth. Flowers grow through dirt, and are still beautiful. Even when flowers die or become dried and old, they’re still looked at as pretty.

“All things grow.” Song lyrics from the song Chicago by Sufjan Stevens. This year has been really sad for me, and I’m happy now- but everything that has happened to me has made me stronger and I’ve grown from my experiences. I love the idea of growth that comes with flowers and plants.