grow summer squash


So turning over, mounting up and planting planting planting was the order of the day today.  From top to bottom, we put black cherry, yellow pear, red cherry and Bulgarian tomatoes in the new bed we added.  We also put cucumbers and marigolds in there. Made a makeshift cage for the tomatoes - trying it the american way this year.  The marigolds are meant to be companion plants to the tomatoes, fingers crossed.  We got the runner and the green beans in the old plot. This year we have tried to spread the yellow courgettes out a bit to make things easier and not put so many in, we have also added round courgettes, never tried them before, does anyone know what they taste like? We also mounded up the second lot of potatoes, planted the gooseberry bush gifted by family and spread the beetroot out…no wonder we are so tired!