grow sorrel


i’ve just restarted pokémon x and have been playing between work! they’re all named after herbs and spices ;)



The rain has been good for our vegetable garden, especially so since the beds were recently enriched with raked in blood and bone, Dynamic Lifter, home made compost and lime. Onions and alliums seem to do well in winter so we grow golden shallots, spring onions and garlic as well spinach, silver beet and celery. The celery is grown in plumbing tubes and the greens are protected by hand made wire cages. This is a no dig garden and it is never stepped on. Access is via a plank of wood placed across the eight bays. The basil is still growing strongly and the sorrel plant has produced lots of lovely new leaves. There is a pumpkin ready for inside and another growing. The fertile soil has also produced lots and lots of nasturtium and French marigold seedlings which will be plucked out and planted in the right positions, ready for spring and summer crops as companion plants.

there’s a spot along the road where I walk the dogs where the land curves just so that the wind moves up out of the canyon there, waves of mist rolling up out of the dark firs like an airy sea

the trees are lower there so you can get a glimpse of the forest below, shelter to deer and elk and coyotes and the cougar whose pawprints you sometimes find on the logging roads after it’s rained

in the autumn the creek runs high with rain, in the spring with snowmelt, always icy cold, hiding orange-red crawdads and snails smaller than the tip of my pinky finger in the rocks

wood sorrel grows thick along the logging roads (my parents always called it lemon clover, for its taste) and sometimes you find huckleberries, small and bright and wild

what to call this place? what to call my relationship to this place, without over-romanticizing, without reducing it in some way? 

what to call a place, that is more than home?