grow old with me the best is yet to be

  hey guys, just thought i’d whip together a list of some of my favourite authors most motivational   quotes. i especially love using these in bullet journal spreads. hope everyone is having a wonderful new year!            

          oscar wilde 

  “we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” 

  “always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much” 

  “with freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?” 

  “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” 

  “be yourself; everyone else is already taken” 

  “to live is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist, that is all” 

  “it is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it" 

  "you can never be overdressed or overeducated” 

  “yes: i am a dreamer. for a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world”

          fyodor dostoyevsky

   "there is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it" 

  “power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up. only one thing matters, one thing; to be able to dare” 

  “happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it” 

  “the cleverest of all, in my opinion, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month”

  “to live without hope is to cease to live” 

         james joyce 

  “i am tomorrow, or some future day, what i establish today. i am today what i established yesterday or some previous day” 

  “a man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors… are the portals of discovery” 

  “he found in the world without as actual what was in his world within as possible” 

  “life is the great teacher” 

         charles dickens 

  “the sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on” 

  “there are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast”“a loving heart is the truest wisdom” 

  “i ask only to be free. the butterflies are free” 

  “we forge the chains we wear in life” 

  “an idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself” 

  “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else” 

         franz kafka 

  “start with what is right, rather than with what is acceptable” 

  “anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old” 

  “logic may indeed be unshakeable, but it cannot withstand a man who is determined to live” 

  “a book should serve as the axe for the frozen sea within us” 

  “believing in progress does not mean believing that any progress has yet been made” 

  “my ‘fear’ is my substance, and probably the best part of me” 

         ivan turgenev 

  “we sit in the mud, my friend, and reach for the stars” 

  “if we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin” 

  “time sometimes flies like a bird, and sometimes crawls like a worm, but people may be unusually happy when they do not even notice if time has gone quickly or slowly” 

  “don’t be ruled by others; to belong to oneself- the whole savour of life lies in that” 

  “we’re young, we’re not monsters, no fools: we’ll conquer happiness for ourselves” 

         george orwell 

  “happiness can exist only in finding acceptance" 

  "the essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection” 

  “freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” 

         victor hugo 

  “laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face” 

  “music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” 

  “curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery” 

  “to learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark” 

  “to love beauty is to see light” 

  “adversity makes men” 

  “our acts make or mar us, we are the children of our own deeds” 

  “there is nothing like a dream to create the future” 

  “all the forces in the world are not as powerful as an idea whose time has come”

  “perseverance, secret of all triumphs”


Hi I’m Charlie.
There is something about this set of photos that makes me question my turning point. I went from a girl with nothing, no friends, a lack of happiness and hated everything about myself. I didn’t have the best happy childhood ever despite my loving family. Growing up I was repeatedly asked the same question “what do you want to be when you are older” my very simple but complicated answer was “happy, I want to be happy” and thinking about that now makes me sad. Now as a 16 year old I’m happy I’ve achieved the person I’ve always wanted to be yet this hasn’t limited that. I have friends, a best friend even. I’ve made the most wonderful friends on here especially ( @phansterdam thank you lovely) and I’m who I want to be. I have a voice an education an mind that is full of wonder waiting to be discovered. I’m proud of myself for this journey. So thank you 💕


And your thoughts,
I can read them,
Then commit them,
To a verse

And your heart,
I can touch it,
But not release it,
From it’s curse

And your delicate fingers,
I can grasp them,
Intertwine them tightly,
Together with mine

And your grief,
I can understand it,
But not relieve it,
Just takes time

And your tears,
I can see them,
Kiss them away, taste
of, salty brine

And your pain,
I can feel it,
You can’t conceal it,
Deeply broken heart

And your future,
I can return to you,
Once more believe in me,
That’s a start

And your soul,
I will hold for you,
Until you’re whole again, in
My safe hands

And my love,
We will live again,
You growing old with me,
Best yet to be

—— for JH

oikawaii  asked:

Hey Ki! Hmmm how about some Otayuri in coordination with my URL lol ;3 I hope that you're doing well and that you have a lovely day! ^^ ♡

omg gabby!! thank you so much love hope you’re doing well yourself!!! hehe it’s my first time trying otayuri

  • majority of their early relationship is just Yuratchka having the biggest festering crush for an oblivious Otabek
  • when Otabek finally asked Yuri on a date for the first time, Yuri got so red and quiet from instantly combusting that Otabek thought he was angry
  • of course Yuri said yes in the end (“no, i’m not upset… yesi’llgooutwithyou”)
  • they don’t get together until Yuri’s 17
  • Otabek is a gentleman the first time he kissed yuri he asked for permission first. Yuri was too stunned to reply so he kissed Otabek to make up for it //laughs
  • they’re adorable their favourite thing to do is go to arcades and carnivals because Yuri loves them
  • the first time they play DDR Yuri falls in love with Otabek and how his body moves when he dances
  • Yuri is a dead man after that
  • they also enjoy racing games at arcades and water gun shooting at carnivals
  • Otabek always gives the stuffed animals he wins to Yuri
  • the only one he kept was of a tiger (that reminded him of Yuri)
  • he respects Yuuri and Viktor and treats them as he would Yuratchka’s parents
  • he finds it endearing how Yuri has a soft spot for them both even though he may be too tsudere to admit it 
  • but he also tries his best to avoid Viktor while alone because Viktor asks the most embarrassing of questions (”have you and Yurio done it yet?” “I wonder what kind of cute face Yurio makes when he comes, but alone you know that!”
  • shudders
  • Otabek also gets along really well with Yuri’s grandfather!! they’re both the quiet type and they enjoy playing chess together!
  • i see these headcanons as a timeline at this point Yuri is 20 but Otayuri will definitely grow old together and no one can convince me otherwise

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

Dearest Dean,

I’ve chosen to write you this letter instead of telling you myself. You always thought it was more meaningful to have things in writing. So you could keep it and look back on it with a fond memory. Also I don’t think I could get through all I have to say without tearing up.

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve seen one another. Believe me, I know. And for that I’m sorry. Every day I think about you. About the last time we saw each other. What you asked of me and… I’ve been giving it a lot thought.

I love you. I miss you. So much and I can’t bare to be this far away from you when I could be holding you in my arms at night. What I’d give to lay my head on your chest and feel you sing. Feel your chest vibrate with the low rumble of your voice I’ll never be able to hear.

There’s been times in my life where I thought about giving up. I had an awful childhood and an even worse young adulthood. Then you came along and things changed. Sometimes it’s been too much for me to handle by myself but when I’m with you, I feel like I don’t have to worry about my past. You know my demons and yet still want to be with me.

You still want to marry me.

It’s strange. Marriage used to be abhorrent to me and with good reason. I didn’t have the best relationship role models growing up. Now though… Now though I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do more. Than to marry you. To be your husband. To grow old with you. And even though I won’t be able to hear your beautiful voice say those vows I’ll know you’ll mean them. Because that’s who you are. And I know you.

These two months apart have been pure torture and I miss you so much. I miss how you furrow your brow just slightly when you try to focus on something. I miss the little pout you make when things don’t go your way. I especially miss the way you mouth the words to your hands forming words I can’t hear. You’re so special to me, my love. And I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to come around. I love you and I will for eternity.

So I’m here… If you’ll have me.

All you have to do is reach out and accept this ring. Spend this Christmas with me planning our wedding.

I love you with all that I am, my being. Please, say yes.

Love Cas,
The man (probably already in tears) kneeing before you

anonymous asked:

I feel like being trans has stolen away my youth. I never got to experience regular teen boy things bc I was always grouped with girls. Hanging out with boys resulted in intense jealousy. I couldn't hang out with girls because it often made me dysphoric. Ive never dated and I doubt I ever will. I have no pictures of myself I can show people from when I was younger. I hate the idea of growing old, and yet im going to have to spend my whole life that way.

Zak: I hear what you’re saying and you’re definitely not alone in feeling this way. There is, however, a need to let go of the things we can’t change- and the past certainly falls into that category. Even though many of us were told that childhood, adolescence, and/or young adulthood were supposed to be the “best years of our lives,” they very much often are not. For many people, those periods are actually the WORST of their lives. It can be difficult to get over those things, because obviously we carry our past with us and it impacts the way we behave and feel about ourselves. Without practice dating, it can feel awkward or even impossible to know how to interact romantically with people and certainly may sap your confidence. I don’t know the answer to how to move past that, but I do know that even though the reason you missed out on dating and socializing as a teen is fairly unique to being trans, your experience is not. There are many people for a whole host of reasons who do not have the typical teen experience. I don’t know how old you are, but I think there is likely still time to start over and give yourself the life experiences you want to have (friendship, romance, etc.) even if it does fit into what might be expected or typical. 

It might also help you to talk to other trans people about their experiences with this, to know that you are not alone but also to see how others have handled these sorts of feelings. Of course, there is an immense amount of variation. Just to take the example of pictures of yourself when you were younger- I know trans people who happily share pictures of themselves when they were kids online and others who feel they cannot share any at all and hate looking at those pictures. I’ve personally dealt with this sort of thing by finding a couple of pictures of myself as an infant that are suitably gender neutral, but I get that it can be very difficult to feel a lack of continuity in one’s life, looking back at childhood pictures and feeling dysphoria or other negative feelings. Other people are able to tell stories about their lives to themselves and others that fit a narrative that is culturally acceptable and understood. For trans people, our life stories are sensationalized, unintelligible, or unacceptable. I’m not sure how to deal with that or what kind of advice to give because I think so many people deal with it in different ways. It is something that it sounds like you need to work out to move on and be happy. Like I said, I’d recommend talking to other trans people, and if possible an understanding and supportive therapist as well. This isn’t easy and I don’t really have an easy answer, but I do hope you’re able to find happiness despite these feelings of having been cheated. 

I’m a good artist. I know I am. Not that best, still learning and growing, but I’m at least comfortable admitting that all my hard work over the years has paid off. But that doesn’t stop me from doubting my talents and coming up with excuse after excuse for not applying for college (:

When I sat in the theater on July 15th and saw this magical little blonde introduce herself for the first time, I had no idea that she was going to change my life. I had no idea that she was going to help me see and embrace the parts of myself I had been most ashamed of. I had no idea that she was going to help me feel more comfortable in my skin than I had ever felt in 27 years of living.

I already wrote about how Kate has helped me finally feel at peace with the sad, quiet part of myself. This post is about how Kate helped me embrace the fact that I am, and always have been, a lesbian.

Growing up in a religious environment, as a child I thought “lesbian” was an adult sin I Didn’t Yet Understand. I didn’t know “lesbian” was being a 9 year old wanting to give a 12 year old a Valentine’s Day card because she was the most beautiful and captivating girl I’d ever met.

I thought “lesbian” was the slur that ruined Janice’s life in Mean Girls. I didn’t know “lesbian” was feeling pure bliss when my high school best friend would braid daisies into my hair.

I thought “lesbian” was two drunk girls pawing at each other while their boyfriends watched and another boy filmed it. I didn’t know “lesbian” was feeling my heart flutter every time I saw my college best friend, and wanting more than anything in the world to make her laugh.

I thought “lesbian” was a type of porn, a subcategory of “kinky”. I didn’t know “lesbian” was holding hands and suddenly, finally, feeling at home.

I thought “lesbian” meant seeing every woman as a piece of meat. I didn’t know “lesbian” could mean platonic physical intimacy, hugging a friend when she needs it because she’s a wonderful human and you’re a wonderful human and you care for each other as friends do.

In the last 2 months, I’ve cried and grown a lot. I’m still learning how to comfortably say the word “lesbian” out loud. To paraphrase Amy Poehler, I’m still unlearning a lot of what I’ve been taught to feel ashamed of. And in this journey, Jillian Holtzmann and Kate McKinnon are the role models I need. When I joke with my coworkers about being a “walking lesbian stereotype” (to see how they respond to the word) and my coworker looks at me and says “But you’re NOT, RIGHT?” and the only word that can escape my lips is “right.” When I come out to a friend and she seems cool with it but doesn’t ever hug me again. In these moments, Kate and Jillian are the role models who remind me there is nothing dirty or perverted or wrong with being a lesbian. I am not dirty. I am not perverted. There is nothing wrong with me.

Thank you, Kate, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being out. Thank you for being proud. Thank you for showing the world that lesbianism is as simple and pure and innocent as love is. Thank you for reminding me that lesbianism is about love.

So I’m currently looking after my sisters dog whilst she’s away, honestly he’s a bit of a nightmare

So I’ve just come back from the shop and whilst out, he thought the best way to entertain himself would be to chill in the washing machine

e’s about a year old and clearly hasn’t grasped the concept of growing yet because he’s got himself stuck in there

Meaning I’ve just spent the last hour trying to get him out whilst he panics and snaps at me 

In case you thought I was kidding


Through ‘Smoke and Fire’: The Inspiration Behind Sabrina Carpenter’s New Song

To see more from Sabrina, check out @sabrinacarpenter on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Sabrina Carpenter (@sabrinacarpenter) picked up a microphone long before she stood in front of a camera. “Music is me,” she says. “Acting is anybody else in the world that I’m playing.”

The 16-year-old singer, best known as Maya Hart on the Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, first discovered her now concurrent loves of music and performance while growing up in Pennsylvania, in a town “where there are cows in the middle of the road,” she says. The two careers have since kept her busy. She is currently set to begin her third season on Girl Meets World at the same time she releases her as-yet-titled second album.

After her first record, Eyes Wide Open, dropped in 2015, Sabrina found herself back in the studio with an excess of new experiences under her belt that she was ready to share. The first one, which turned into the single “Smoke and Fire,” was about a breakup with her boyfriend, which had happened five days earlier.

“I hadn’t written for, I want to say, eight months since the first album released, and I just had a lot of stories building up,” she says. “I kind of write wherever I go. So even when I’m not in a professional session, I’m always writing down things in my phone and in my notes on stuff that inspired me and stuff that I see in everyday life.”

For the music video to “Smoke and Fire,” Sabrina wanted to tell a story. But she was surprised when director Jessie Hill presented her with a ballet-related concept. “The song is called ‘Smoke and Fire,’ so I was expecting to be, like, burning stuff up,” she says. However, she soon warmed up to the idea of a less fiery narrative. “We went with this innocent love story almost being told through a memory, and then the reality of where it’s at now. It’s kind of a video that shows you that you’re really not alone. And the song does that same thing.”

Though acting is still a big part of Sabrina’s life, music remains her first passion. It’s a place she can share messages with her audience in different, more personal ways. “I think music is universal. It can relate to everybody, every type of human. And there’s no law [or] books that say what type of music you have to listen to. It’s just whatever you want. And I think that’s why I’ve always been drawn to it, because it’s just been something that can be mine personally, but also everybody else’s at the same time.”

––Instagram @music

The Enemy’s Kid

Request Prompt: Could you maybe write a one- shot where the reader is Negan’s daughter and she’s kind of a badass and she meets Carl somehow and at first they dislike Each other but they end up kissing? Sorry if that was too much. it can be fluff or smut what ever you feel comfortable writing.

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Fluff

I stared the huge wall around Alexandria and sighed. Why do I have to come pick up my dad’s payment. He could’ve sent Dwight. The bastard probably finally get shot down. I approached the gate before hitting my fist against it a few times. It slid open revealing Rick, Michonne and their son Carl.

“I’m here per Negan’s request.”, I announced and Carl scoffed.

“Another lacky.”, He chuckled.

“Watch it cyclops. I could have your other eye torn out.”, I threatened and he glared at me.

“Enough Carl. What does he want.”, Rick interrupted.

“His payment.”, I retorted and he nodded.

“The crops haven’t finished growing yet. Mind waiting for a few hours.”, Michonne asked and I sighed.

“I’m more understanding than my old man. So yeah.”, I shrugged.

Rick sent me a small smile and I shifted my weight from one foot to the other.

“Thank you Y/N.”, he said walking back to the crops.

A girl’s cry of pain echoed through the streets and Carl ran towards the house. I followed only to stumble upon a girl with a glass shard in her leg. The medic I presume was trying his best by pulling it out inch by inch.

“No stop!! That’s hurts!!”, she shouted and I walked towards her.

“This is gonna hurt worse.”, I warned before yanking the shard out.

She screamed before the medic applied a towel to her bleeding wound.

“Just stitch it up and she’ll be fine.”, I said and the medic nodded.

“Hey!”, Carl called but I continued to walk away.

Once outside Carl grabbed my arm and yanked me back.

“What the fuck was that?!”, he shouted.

“I helped her. Now let go!!”, I replied.

“You could’ve made things worse.”, he said.

“Once she’s stitched up she’ll be fine! Your medic obviously didn’t know what to do will a pain withered teenager.”, I retorted yanking my arm away.

“That pain withered teenager is my friend.”, he told me.

“Well I’ve had friends who died from their injuries. She didn’t, so be happy about it.”, I replied.

“That doesn’t make things better.”, he sighed.

“Then go cry about it to your mother or something. Not me.”, I snapped walking away.

He remained quiet after that but I refused to turn around as I walked to the end of Alexandria. I slid down the gate and into the grass before pulling out my mother’s necklace. I kissed the pendant before sliding it back in my pocket. I noticed a shadow approaching me and looked up. My eyes met Carl’s as he held me at gun point.

“You’re staying here. To get a message through.”, he said.

“To who? My dad? If I don’t come back before tonight he’ll know something’s wrong. And then he’ll kill another one of your people. Just like the last one.”, I stated.

“He won’t you’re his daughter.”, he retorted.

“He will. Because that’s what he does. He goes in for the kill. He doesn’t wait anymore.”, I sneered.

Carl hesitated before putting his pistol away with a sigh. He began walking away before he came to a stop.

“I would cry to my mother. Believe me all the shit I’ve seen. I would. But I had to kill her a while back. To keep her from turning.”, he told me and I frowned.

I feel like a dick now.

“She died after we had to cut my sister out of her.”, he continued and I sighed.

“So the next time you mention her I will hurt you.”, he threatened.

“Oh you’re gonna hurt me? As if you’re the only one who’s lost a mom. In a place like this you learn to push any memories to the back of your head. That’s what I did.”, I said.

“You didn’t have to kill her did you?”, he sneered.

“No but I was forced to watch her get violated and left to die.”, I snapped.

“I couldn’t help her because I was tied up like she was. They were going to rape me like they raped my mother. If my dad hadn’t shown up when he did they would’ve. That’s why he doesn’t wait to take action. If he would have came a few hours before she would still be here and I’d feel bad for mentioning your mother. But she’s not so therefore I don’t feel bad.”, I continued.

He stared at me before I let out a sigh.

“Like I said you learn to push the memories away for new ones but never forget them.”, I whispered.

He walked away and that was the end of our conversation. Later that day the crops were done and they loaded them into the car I drove out here. I waved and to my surprise they waved back before I turned the key and drove away. After a while I decided to make a pit stop and pulled into the driveway of an abandoned house. I sighed before getting out and walking inside. I could hear a faint groan as I pushed open the door. My eyes watered as what used to be my mother turned to look at me. She was rotted but still looked the same.

“Hey mom.”, I whispered before pulling my knife out as I stalked toward her.

She lunged for me and I plunged the knife into her skull causing her body to fall limp. I fell to my knees cradling her body while brushing her hair with my hand.

“I’m sorry I let you turn. I didn’t know then.”, I cried before a shadow towered over me.

I turned to see Carl and looked back down at my mom. Carl sat down next to me setting his gun in its holster.

“This is her?”, he asked and I nodded.

“I didn’t know they turned after death. I just figured it was by bite.”, I mumbled.

“I’m sorry.”, he whispered.

“Its fine. She would hold me like this when I was little. So its only fair for me to do the same.”, I said before his placed a soft and quick kiss on my lips.

“Like you said. You learn to push the memories away for new ones but never forget them.”, he said repeating my words.

A small blush crept on my cheeks and I gave a small smile.

“Help me bury her. Please?”, I asked and he nodded.

After finding a shovel in the backyard I properly buried my mother before hugging Carl.

“Thank you.”, I said.

He brought his arms around my waist and smile against my shoulder.

“No problem. I’ve been there. Mind helping us out with your dad?”, he asked and I nodded.

“I think I can talk him down a little.”, I smiled and Carl laughed.

“You’re not as bad as I thought you were Y/N.”, he told me and I giggled.

“I guess not.”