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"Someday your mom will die, and eventually all memory of her will fade away"

I almost started crying in this moment, because Raphael wasn’t just telling Simon was typically happens with vampires and immortality, he was talking from experience. Raphael loved his mom, and he had to watch her grow old and die. And he might also be warning Simon not to go to his mom to tell her that he’s a vampire, because Raphael’s own mother was terrified of vampires, which is why Magnus lied to her and said that Raphael was a warlock, so she wouldn’t be as scared by him. He doesn’t want Simon to go through the same pain that he did; he’s trying to warn him of what will happen.

“{Minor age} and {18+} isn’t that bad of an age gap I dated a guy when I was [minor age] that was [grown adult age] sheesh” “Age is just a number” “Teenagers are capable of consent with an adult, I mean they’re practically adults anyway!” “You would accept an [adult age] and an [adult age] even though they’re five years apart too!”

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Raphael wasn’t threatening Simon’s mother oh my god people chill.

He didn’t even know Simon was going to walk in on them in the cafe. The only reason he found Simon’s mom was to give her comfort that Simon’s alright, so that simon wouldn’t be worried or distracted.

That was more of a “I’ll be watching you”, “if the vampires aren’t safe, then your human mother isn’t, either, so I’d find Camille fast if I were you”

Also, enjoy the screen cap.  It was a micro expression after Raphael said:

“Your mom will grow old while you stay the same.  And eventually, she’ll be gone.”

His lips are pulled taught in bitterness and the sincerity in his eyes really betrays that he knows this from experience.

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{ askscylla } Urda: "... Ah... There seems to be more to your age than shows... How curious.... May I ask how you have come to grow so old, much older than most pangoro's live?"

???: “Tch, now THAT’S a story, tell yah.”

???: “Though, I’m not really in the mood to tell the whole thing right now, I will tell yah this; don’t fuck with Xerneas, they don’t fuck around.”

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Maybe when they die the place where they died a flowerbed grows? Like that Red fern in Where the Red Fern Grows and how it grows on Old Dan and Lil Ann's graves?

Oh my gosh I remember that book- hmmm not a bad idea~

I just need to let everyone know that @big-mood-edea is the best girlfriend in all of existence and she makes me the happiest person on Earth. She’s so beautiful, kind and funny! I treasure each and every moment I have with her. I want to make her as happy as she makes me and I never want us to change. I want to grow old with her and live my life with her forever. By her side is where my home is. In her arms is where I always want to be.

I love you, babe. Always ♡

i had a dream abt losin my teeth and i know it was bc i was picking @  my teeth b4 i fell asleep bc they had popcorn in them but i just decided 4  the heck of it to look up “what it means when u have a dream abt ur teeth falling out”


“This kind of dream is very common among people who have a fear of growing old. “

that explains a lot considering ive been v stressed abt turning 18 in 4 days

Nyx Ulric self insert

For @snowflakecherryblossom

You wondered the halls quietly. Noctis and Gladio were training and you had nothing better to do than spend time trying to figure out what you wanted to do. Turning to the windows and glancing out at the city of Insomnia you gave a small sigh. Suddenly, it came to you.
All these years she’d spent learning how to defend yourself, how to be a prim and proper princess, you never got the chance to learn how to drive. You smiled to yourself, moving from the windows and making your way to the throne room to see your father. Not only would it be something for you to do, but it would also be the perfect excuse to spend time with your dear friend you so loved to see.

King Regis sat upon his throne in silence. He was growing old, and too tired to deal with the war that raged between his kingdom and Nefilheim. He’d spent his time making sure that Noctis was taken care of so that he could take his place as king when the time came. He hadn’t made arrangements for you yet since he’d been so focused on Noctis. You were to marry a suitor, destined to leave your home of Insomnia to be adopted by another. It saddened him considering that he would have liked for you to go to Tennebrae however, that was now out of the question since Nefilheim had claimed the area as it’s own. Even Lord Ravus had turned against King Regis, and there was no doubt in his mind that he didn’t want to see you, his dearly beloved daughter in the hands of such a man.

He was interrupted from his thoughts though, as you came through the double doors “Father.” Bowing your head respectfully you then glanced up at the noble king of Lucius. If it was one thing King Regis praised his daughter for, it was that she had a deep respect for those who were older than her. Even if they weren’t royalty. You had matured into a very fine woman and he was confident that wherever you went, you would make a wonderful queen to your people and that fact warmed him.

“(Y/N).” He couldn’t help but smile a little. “What is it that you want?” He asked, seeing straight through your patience. He could always read you like a book, just by looking into the soft eyes, just as he did with your mother long ago. He pushed the thought aside as you formed your own small smile on your lips.

“I was thinking…I’ve never really had a chance to go out of the city…I was wondering…what it’s like to drive…”
You said a bit timidly.

King Regis smiled. “I’ll see that Ignis isn’t busy. When he’s able-”
“Actually…I was thinking…It’s so nice outside today and quiet…Perhaps if…”
“You’re asking about the glave?” He asked raising a brow. “You spend an awful lot of time around him, don’t you think?” He asked half serious and half teasing. You took more to his serious side and lowered your gaze from him. “Well its just…I know him better…And he’s not as…uptight as Ignis…” You came up with any excuse you could, but still, Regis saw right through you.

“I see.” Regis watched her for a moment. “Just be sure you’ve returned before nightfall. That is all I ask.”
Your face lit up but you were careful not to display as much excitement as you felt. “Of course! Thank you father." You said, bowing again before you left as calmly as you could.


You went to the briefing room where the Glaves seemed to stick around. You couldn’t help but smile, excited to spend some time with Nyx for a while. Knocking lightly on the door of the briefing room you opened it, hearing Captain Dratos speaking to the Glaves. When you poked her head in, the Captain turned, bowing with the other Glaves. "Lady (Y/N)…” He said. Through his forced tone you knew you had upset the Captain though to others he hid it very skillfully.

“I’m so sorry Captain, but I have orders for Nyx Ulric….From my father of course…" You told him, glancing at Nyx who glanced up at you all too knowingly. You couldn’t help but force yourself to hide the grin, pushing at your lips. "Ulric, you heard her." Dratos turned to him dismissing him quickly. Nyx nodded and stepped toward you, following you out of the room and closing the door behind him.

He could see the smile on your face and couldn’t help but give his own. "You can’t keep pulling me away from my duties as a Glave like this…your highness…Someone’s going to figure it out sooner or later.” He told you, pulling your arm back so that you were facing him only after he made sure no one else was around to see.

You only smiled mischievously. “But I’m not. King Regis is.”

 He gave a small smile with a nod. “Is that so?” He asked. “And what does King Regis want me to do?” He asked leisurely. You pointed up at him, your smile falling a bit, but otherwise your mischievous tone stuck. “Is this how the Glaves speak to their princess now?…Driving lessons." you told him, turning and continuing on for him to follow.

Nyx stood, his smile faded into a look of confusion before he turned to catch up with you. "Driving lessons?” He asked as you looked up at him. “Don’t believe me?" You asked opening the door to see the car, parked and waiting for the two of you. You giggled as you dangled a set of keys in her hands in front of him as his face turned white. "Just have to be back before it gets dark outside, that’s the only condition." you informed, heading for the drivers seat. "Well, come on…"  You said, sitting in the car and turning it on as Nyx prepared himself, buckling his seat belt and holding onto the handle above him before you took off.

[My Hooked Wayfinder sequel to Moana] Cause you can’t always find happiness right where you are… Especially when the great demigod Maui has been avoiding you for years because he is terrified of watching you grow old. Cue angst. Cue adventure. Cue romance. Featuring… An ageless demigod manchild afraid of attachment… A heroin determined to give him a home… And an entire island filled with the ridiculously stupid offspring of Heihei.

Click here to read Chapter 12: Freefalling

“It’s that mountain over there?” he asked, pointing towards the second-highest mountain of the island, and Moana nodded. “Yes, but why…”

He suddenly took his hook and swung it, and the next thing she knew, he had transformed into a hawk, and she was paralyzed for a moment.

Did he intend to take her there – flying?

He didn’t speak, but he did look at her, and Moana found her heart beat faster, and she grabbed a tight hold of her basket as she hesitated.

“I eh… I’ve never flown before,” she admitted, and Maui seemed to chuckle, turning around so she could climb on his back, and she carefully crawled onto him, throwing her arms around his neck, still holding the basket, as she tried to figure out what was the best way to sit on a bird.