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I have a prompt! What if Marco was practicing the keyboard and Tom overheard it?

Sure! I really liked writing this! I hope you like it! I used little headcanons about demons here and there, I hope you enjoy!


Marco turned on the keyboard and sat down. Usually he played fun little jingles and songs. He didn’t practice much, it wasn’t one of his most common pastimes. But he wanted to learn for somebody special. Tom had shown him a song that was very important to him, it was a song that demons sang to promise their devotion. It was mostly sung by royals to the person they were marrying, to show they were devoted to the marriage and loved them, despite them being forced into a wedding. Or knights would sing it to their liege, but it was never used just as a common thing. For something like two people who were only dating. So when Tom sang this song to marco he was so drawn back and flattered, and happy! But he had nothing to show back. Marco heard that usually if the love was requited they would sing back; but Marco didn’t. He didn’t know what it was at the time, but he did now.

Marco read the lyrics and noted Glosseryk had pulled some strings to get for him. The noted were not anything he’d even seen and he couldn’t figure out the tune. Marco groaned and banged his head against the keyboard. He looked up at the paper. “Come on Marco… you love Tom, this is too important for you to screw up.” Marco told himself.

He put his hands on the keyboard and tried his best to remember the tone when Tom sang it. “I know you are looking for a sea of worlds beyond your reach,” Marco sang. The notes didn’t match up and he groaned. Come on Marco! This is important to him! You can’t butcher a sacred song!” Marco hissed at himself. He took a breath and tried again.

“I know you are looking for me I see the world beyond your reach, but I’m hoping my heart can stop you before you reach the beach- NO!” Marco groaned. “I’m ruining this. Tom wasted his song on me.” Marco mumbled. He stayed there with his head on the keyboard for a long while. He didn’t even notice the demon standing in the doorway with his hand over his heart. Tom smiled and stepped behind Marco.

“I know you are looking for a sea of worlds beyond your reach.” He started singing. “But I’m hoping my heart can stop you before you reach the beach.” Marco spun around and blushed furiously when he saw that Tom had heard him trying to play this song for him. But he had also heard his fail miserably.

“Tom! I’m so sorry I messed up your song, I wanted to make it special for you but I-” Tom cut him off and continued the song.

“I know you have places to go, I know that you want the sea. But I’m hoping my heart will grow and that you’ll come back to me.” Tom finished and gave Marco a kiss on the forehead. “Marco, have you been trying to learn our song? So you could sing it to me?” Tom asked. His eyes were shining like he just heard the voice of an angel.

“I’m sorry Tom… I just… I didn’t know you were expecting me to respond with something and I felt bad. I wanted to show you I feel the same way, I wanted to show you I felt the same click.” Marco explained. Tom’s smile brightened.

“You feel the same way towards me? Even after you found out all that song means?” Tom asked. Marco nodded and Tom’s smile grew even bigger. “You know how much it means, and you wanted to learn it for me.” Tom finished, this part was mostly to himself. Marco blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

“Y-yeah… if that’s okay with you?” Marco tried. “I mean I didn’t-” Tom cut Marco off with a deep kiss. He took the human in his arms and dipped him down, kissing him passionately. Marco froze for a minute and then melted into the kiss, enjoying the reaction he got out of the demon. Marco wrapped his arms around Tom and pulled him even closer. Tom pulled away and looked down at Marco with big eyes.

“That’s more than okay with me.” Tom told him. “I can’t believe you went through all of this trouble! To learn the song and try to play it for me, and learn what it meant.” Tom continued. “I can’t tell you how amazing this is, and how much it means to me.” Tom pulled Marco into a another kiss.

“I’ll finish learning that song for you.” Marco promised. Tom beamed. “I am! I’m going to learn it and sing it to you so you know just how much I care about you.” Marco assured, he wrapped his arms around the demon and Tom spun him around.

“I’ll teach it to you.” Tom offered. “I’ll teach you the whole thing and then listen to you sing once it’s done.” Tom promised. Marco giggled and the couple held each other for a long while. “By the way, I didn’t know you played the keyboard.” Tom said. Marco blushed.

“Oh I um… play around on it.” Marco stuttered. Tom smiled.

“You’re really good! Play me something!” He insisted. Marco blushed deeper and sat down by his instrument.

“What do you want to hear?” Marco asked. Tom shrugged and Marco giggled a bit. He began playing little tunes and chords, just small jingles. Tom smiled big and his ears twitched a bit as he listened. Marco played a softer tune and saw how Tom’s ears lowered a bit, but when he picked up the tempo they would perk up and flick. Marco played a tune that buzzed and laughed when Tom’s ears twitched and rotated.

“You look like a wolf cub.” Marco smiled. Tom tilted his head.

“A wolf cub?” He asked. Marco giggled and stopped playing. He reached up and scratched the demon’s ear, enjoying the sound of Tom purring.

“Yes, a little wolf cub.” Marco said again. “I love your cute little ears, they’re adorable.” Marco gushed. “Everything about you is adorable.” He added. Tom blushed and gave the human another kiss, holding his hands tightly.

“I can’t wait to hear your song.” Tom smiled. Marco did as well.

“I can’t wait to sing it for you.”

Monster pets

Word count:2170

Author: Moi

Fandom: Eddsworld

Au:Magi monsters

Plot: Jon and Tom are pet monsters bred for the people of the magical world. They are very popular among magicians and vampires.

Tom yawned moving up like a cat would stretching and arching his back, as he stared up from his napping spot. He looked around sniffing the area before trotting away. He felt his stomach rumble, and he huffed looking for a certain scent.

Tom purred proud to track his own scent, he began following it back home, hoping Edd had his food ready for him. The alpha hadn’t been home in a week or two and was tired of hunting for himself.

He walked along grinning as the familiar house came into view he rushed over practically jumping through the dog door. He ended up crashing into Matt who fell back crying in shock.

“Oh hello Thomas! Edd Tom’s home!” He said chuckling before yelping as Tom simply squished his face with a paw using it as a launching pad. He huffed walking towards the kitchen sniffing around before finding what he wanted. Tom’s tongue lolled out as he went over to a bowl about to dig in before grumbling as a foot pushed it away.

“Tom you know the rule buddy. Bath time first and then food” Edd said dragging Tom away from the bowl of meat. Tom grumbled angrily as he went over to the bathroom.

Edd sighed taking off the dirty ripped clothes before moving Tom into the tub earning angry growls. He grabbed a scrubber moving to rub soap into Tom’s fur. Tom would only move and lift a paw up for him grumbling.

“Tom just stay still and I’ll finish soon then you can eat and do whatever ya want” he said grumbling.

Tom booked angrily as Edd put shampoo in his hairs scrubbing through his tangled mess called hair. “Rrrr!” He growled snapping at Edd only to yelp as his nose was bopped. “Grrrowr!” He said rubbing his snout.

He sighed as Edd continued until his hair was thoroughly scrubbed. His ears drooped down and as the soap was washed off along with the shampoo. Tom grumbled as he felt the condition being applied after. “Nuuu!” He said trying to jump out.

Edd yelped grabbing his tail trying to pull him back in, as Tom shook himself. “Tom don’t make me!” He yelled. Tom ignored the words trying hard before yelping as Edd used his magic, paralyzing the monster and placing him in the tub.

Edd sighed smiling as he moved, finishing up the bath before possessing towels allowing them to dry Tom completely.

He snorted watching as Tom ended up fluffing out like a giant puffball. He let both spells go as Tom hopped out huffing, tail wagging. Edd smiled helping the monster dress before brushing his hair and fur down only spiking up his hair, the way Tom always liked it.

Tom looked at Edd with wide eyes as if asking him if he was done. Edd only nodded nearly falling as Tom bolted out running straight through Matt. The elf gave a cry flipping and landing face first upon the ground.

“….Does no one respect my face?” He asked whining. The ginger laid there rubbing his face.

Tom ignored Matt and simply ran to his bowl immediately digging into the meat. He gave a loud growl fangs tearing through the meat hungrily making it seem like he was practically inhaling it.

As he finished up the soft and rather slippery meat, he licked his chops yawning boredly. He moved away walking past Matt who jumped away eyes wide in fear.

Tom grinned happily running through the doggy door. He sniffed around outside before he smelt something he hadn’t caught before.

Tail wagging he moved along face bear the ground as he rushed around sniffing and searching for the source of the scent. It smelt sweet and it was thick in the air like honey.

Tom grinned nearly drooling over the sweet smell. He grinned rushing over to the fences smelling around them. ‘There! I found my source!’ he thought. Tom crouched wiggling his haunches before leaping up scrabbling to sit on the fence like a cat would. He continued sniffing before blinking as he spotted a figure.

This figure was a bright blue with light brown hair. They seemed to be asleep tiny tail wagging as they rested under a tree.

Tom grinned feeling the scent from before leading to the omega. He growled slightly a heat building up around his core. He moved jumping down from the fence releasing his own scent.

The omega yawned nose twitching before they sat up looking towards Tom. They gave a friendly smile trotting over happy to make a new friend.

Tom took in the Omega’s appearance taking notice of the collar around his neck. He smirked noticing the tiny pajamas he was in compared to Tom’s causal clothing.

Tom leaned over surprising the omega as he sniffed at him purring at the sweet scent the omega gave off. The Omega’s collar seemed to have a dog tag with a name. 'Jon?’ he thought smiling. He also noticed the bell on it almost tempted to paw at it.

Jon’s face flushed as he finally noticed Tom’s scent. 'Oh he’s an Alpha. He smells odd… alcohol,fresh kill, and hmm..I can’t make sense of it’s Jon thought leaning over sniffing at the alpha.

He tilted his head before softly barking a greeting. He liked this alpha they smelt very nice. Jon wagged his tail feeling a heat build up in his lower body as he took in the scent of the alpha making him quiver.

Tom grinned looking into Jon’s eyes testing the omega. He purred a bit louder almost as if laughing. He leaned over licking at Jon’s ear making the Omega’s tail wag faster.

Jon’s tail raised up and his hips wiggled slightly. He’s never mated with an alpha before. Eduardo would always try to use spells to mask his scent or usually keep him inside.

Well not today since Jon had accidentally wet the carpet. He blames Mark though. The elf kept ignoring his pleas to be let out. He had been bathed and scolded by Eduardo who then made him sleep outside for the night.

Tom grinned knowing he caught the Omega’s attention. He moved circling Jon allowing his tail to trail along the other monster’s body. He licked his lips flashing his teeth to the omega who immediately laid down and rolling onto his back.

Tom smirked watching as Jon submitted to him. He moved over as Jon raised his head presenting his throat. Tom leaned over biting at Jon’s neck digging his teeth in gently to mark the other.

Jon purred tail wagging faster as he took in the alpha’s scent giving a small flinch at the bite. His cheeks flushed earning a loud purr. Tom grinned continuing to use his tail to drag along Jon’s body to convince the omega to mate with him.

Though Jon didn’t need much convincing, he was more than ready to raise his haunches for this alpha. Tom boofed gently nudging Jon’s belly. The omega rolled over standing on all fours tail wagging.

Tom grinned sniffing at Jon through his pajama pants purring at the enticing scent. The small omega shivered panting slightly pushing his hips back whining eagerly.

Tom moved a paw practically swinging to claw off the pants. Jon jumped surprised at first but he stood still as Tom ripped off his clothing. He pulled Jon into a sitting position struggling slightly to try and removed Jon’s shirt.

Jon purred laughing almost as he removed it himself having been trained by Mark and Eduardo how to dress himself. Before he could bark to Tom he was pushed onto the ground.

He looked back as Tom climbed over him placing a paw on each side purring grinding against Jon’s boxer covered end. Jon moaned pressing back against the alpha.

Tom could feel himself growing hard from the excitement. He panted loudly tongue lolling out as he leaned over playfully biting Jon’s ear earning a moan from the small omega. Tom growled licking at the ear grinding harder against Jon. Tom moved away trying to rip off his own clothing bieng very needy wanting the omega.

Jon panted face flushed, he huffed noticed Tom’s struggle. He turned around moving over helping the aloha sliding off the hoodie and his shirt leaning forward biting the Alpha’s throat gently. Tom purred face flushing surprised by the Omega’s bold action.

Jon moved sucking the spot where he bit marking Tom as a hickies began forming. Tom growling tail wagging as wild as a dog’s. Jon purred nuzzling into Tom helping the Alpha slide off his pants.

Tom grinned happy to be free of the annoying clothing. He stood again on all fours between his legs was a throbbing,violet colored cock. Along it’s shaft was a slight bump showing off the alpha’s knot. It was rather large in size making Jon gulp. It was thick too making the omega worry.

Jon turned presenting himself to Tom by raising his hips. Tom padded over biting and pulling down Jon’s black boxer shorts. He panted happily leaning over poking out his amethyst colored tongue. He moved licking at Jon’s entrance causing the omega to shiver and mewl in pleasure.

He grinned biting at Jon’s thighs next teasing the omega who whined with need. Tom moved back up licking again smirking at Jon’s tiny blue cock slid out. Tom grinned dragging his tongue across it and Jon’s slit. Jon purred loudly leaning down slightly into his paws.

Tom stuck his tongue in tasting at the Omega’s walls swirling around his tongue continuing to elicit cries of pleasure from the omega’s jaws. He repeated this a few times before finally moving away earning an upset whine. He moved up nudging Jon who laid down before rolling onto his back.

Tom purred using his hands to grab Jon’s hips pulling the omega’s entrance near his cock. He moaned and growled rubbing against the omega tempted to just slam in and go for it. He panted remaining patient unlike Jon who squirmed beneath him.

Tom smiled leaning over biting at Jon’s neck marking him back as he moved to suck planting small bites everywhere along the omega’s body and shoulders. He grinned flashing sharp fangs pushing into the omega. He moaned tail wagging eagerly as he pushed in fully.

Jon let out a moan not mind the slight sting of pain he felt. He mewled with bliss wanting the alpha above him to just thrust already. He could practically fell his walls stretching around the large cock. He felt so full and the aloha hadn’t even cum inside him yet

Tom let out a growl as he began thrusting bucking his hips slightly before speeding up growling as he started at a steady pace. Between him and Jon the air was full of growls,mewls, and grunts.

Tom moved faster practically pounding into the omega as he gripped Jon’s thighs not letting go.

He could feel their warm bodies practically mixing together as sweet trickled down his forehead. As he pounded into Tom he could feel his knot inflating causing him to whine.

Tom moved as fast and hard as he could before his knot fully formed. He gave one final thrust pushing deep into Jon causing the small omega to cry out and cum heavily. They both laid there for a moment panting before Tom moaned as his cum spurted inside the omega filling him up.

Tom flushed noticing the omega’s stomach bulging from all the cum forcing it’s way into his belly. That wasn’t all though. Tom grunted gripping Jon close to him. He whimpered feeling the first egg passing through his cock before panting as it slid into Jon.

Jon purred happily feeling the egg slide in. This followed with two more eggs the first of the two bieng very large and causing Jon’s stomach to grow even larger than it already was.

Finally the last one slid in making the both of them pant. They smiled laying there as they waited for Tom’s knot to go down. Speaking of the aloha he leaned over licking and nuzzling the omega happily comforting him as they waited. Jon simply purred enjoying their connection.

Finally a pop was heard as Tom finally grew flaccid and slipped out of the omega. He moved back watching as Jon sat up a bit of cum leaking out of him. The omega simply purred nuzzling the aloha before trotting along to his dog house tongue lolling out happily.

Tom smiled licking his ears one final time before running along hopping over the fence and into his home. 'I think I’ll stay a little longer~’ he thought walking into the house not caring that Edd and Matt began to yell at him for bieng naked and messy.


Goo dad this for you

the signs as tomarry/harrymort fic plots
  • Aries: harry goes dark and joins voldemort
  • Taurus: "harry" born in tom's era
  • Gemini: harry and tom grow up together
  • Cancer: harry goes back in time to when tom is at hogwarts
  • Leo: voldemort figures out that harry is his horcrux
  • Virgo: harry finds tom riddle's diary
  • Libra: the horcrux in harry starts talking to him
  • Scorpio: harry is some sort of creature and lovin' happens
  • Sagittarius: idk locket!tom/harry
  • Capricorn: some sort of voldemort wins au
  • Aquarius: either harry or voldemort somehow get turned into a snake
  • Pisces: some variation of the wrong bwl au
f tom and red leader fuck

ss4arts said: Hi! For your drabble stories, could I get Future Tom x Red Leader with #3, #14, and #23? ((BTW, I hope you’re alright!))

Ahh yes my babies


Idk if you wanted smut but to be safe this is safe for work BUT if you would like a nsfw drabble just let me know!!!

Edit: This was going to be sfw but i got carried away so….they fuck. oOOPs

3. “Fuck me”

14. “You have a nice ass”

23. “This sucks”

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Can we get Tom's reaction to finding out Marco can't regrow limbs?

Here you go! I hope you love it! Enjoy!


“Marco, why is your arm covered in white?” Tom asked. Marco laughed.

“It’s a cast. I broke my arm.” Marco huffed. He was annoyed at this. Tom shrugged.

“Oh, why are you waiting for it to heal? Just hack it off and regenerate a new one.” Tom told Marco. “That’ll be much quicker and easier.” He assured. Marco stared at him for a long time.

“Tom I… I can’t grow back limbs.” Marco broke the news. Tom fell silent.


“I can’t regrow limbs…” Marco repeated. Tom shot up.

“WHAT!?! Marco! You have to find out how! What if your arm gets chopped off!?!” Tom screamed, pulling at his hair with anxiety. Marco laughed.

“I just have to make sure that never happens.” Marco explained. Tom sat down, he looked like he was in shock. “Tom? Are you going to be okay?” Marco asked.

“I don’t… I don’t get it.” Tom admitted. “You just… If your arm gets chopped off… you just lose it? That’s it? It’s gone?” Tom asked. Marco nodded.

“That’s it.” He admitted. “You can get prosthetics… but that’s a whole thing. And I don’t really know how they work.” Marco admitted. Tom was very confused at this point. He looked at his human boyfriend and grabbed his face. He looked at him intently for a minute and then hugged him very tightly.

“Don’t worry, Marco! I’ll keep your limbs safe!” Tom promised. He scurried into the kitchen and came back out with duck tape. Tom jumped back onto the couch beside Marco and went to tape his arms up.

“Woah, Tom, take a step back. What’s going on here?” Marco asked. Tom looked at him curiously.

“What do you think?” Tom asked. “I’m taping your limbs up so they don’t get torn off!” Tom insisted. He went to tape up his arm again and Marco gently pushed him away.

“Tom, you don’t need to do that.” He assured.

“Why not?” Tom asked, still trying to tape him up.

“Because… it doesn’t just… I know I’m human. And I know you just want to look out for me but, I can’t live my life taped up.” Marco told him. “I’m not as delicate as you think. I’ll be alright.” Marco promised. Tom looked at him nervously.

“But how can you be sure?” Tom asked. “You can’t regrow limbs, you can’t swim in lava, you need food and water! How can you promise you’ll be okay?” Tom asked. He was genuinely curious. And had no idea how Marco even made it this far!

“Well, we have different life styles. I just… will stay away from things that are dangerous for humans, okay?” Marco told Tom. Tom nodded.

“You promise to take care of yourself?” Tom asked, holding Marco’s face. Marco laughed.

“I swear. I’m the safe kid, remember?” Marco reminded. He nudged his boyfriend playfully. Tom laughed and nudged him back.

“Yeah… yeah you’re right. I’m being paranoid.” Tom admitted. Marco hugged him around the waist.

“It’s sweet that you care so much.” He told his demon boyfriend. Tom blushed and played with Marco’s hair.

“I love you, even if you can’t swim in lava.” Tom promised. Marco giggled.

“You can swim in lava for me. Whatever is down there I can count on you to bring up for me to see.” Marco explained. Tom laughed.

“I’ll bring you rocks and…. Rocks… there’s not much else down there…” Tom realized. Marco started laughing louder at that.

“The rocks are more than enough.”



Billy still couldn’t believe what was happening. He had been taking things nice and slow with Marcus, and they’d made sure to use protection when they had first become intimate, and things had been going smoothly and slowly, just now he had wanted. However, things had been changed, and Billy’s world was turned upside down.

All of a sudden, Marcus had announced that he had taken on the task of bringing Tom back into the world via his own womb, and that Billy would be his father. As if that wasn’t enough, the baby that was Tom would be coming in only one short month. Tom would grow up back to his old self quickly, which left Billy and Marcus little time to actually be parents. So not only was Billy becoming a father, but his child was going to grow up far too quickly, and would have all the memories of before. So despite Billy acting as a father before Tom’s memories returned, he wouldn’t truly be Tom’s father.

It was all terribly confusing, and it gave Billy a headache just thinking about it. Since he heard the news the night before, he had become withdrawn, feeling quite numb. He went about his normal chores, doing as he was supposed to, but other than that, he wasn’t acting like himself.

While he was tending to the Western stables, Billy saw Marcus walking by, and he winced at the sight of his lover. Part of him wanted to go over and make sure the other was alright, fuss over him like a normal parent would, but the other part of him was still very fearful and hurt after Marcus made such a big decision without him. Even after hearing that his own brother had done the same to his lover, Billy still didn’t feel any better about the situation. He was absolutely terrified of what the future held, and he didn’t know how to cope with the situation.


Okay I was so wrong about this! At first I was a little uncomfortable about doing a kids fic, but I had SO much fun with this! I loved writing about married Janstar (even if their only in one bit) and I loved making up their daughter! Thank you guys! Enjoy this! Sorry it’s a little long! I was still not comfortable doing a preg thing, so they adopt!


“I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t want to.” Marco told Star.

“Just talk about it!” Star urged. “What do you have to lose?” Marco gave her a look.

“Some couples get divorced over this kind of thing.” Marco said nervously. “What if it causes a whole argument and we end up falling apart?”

“Wow, you overthink things waaay too much.” Star criticized. “Be more like me and Janna.” Star looked over at her wife across the kitchen. “Janna-Banana? Do you want kids?” Star asked. Janna thought for a minute.

“That might be cool.” She guessed. Marco shook his head.

“I can’t wait for you two to become parents.” Marco laughed. “That poor kid.” he continued.

“Hey! Our kid will have it made!” Janna insisted. “She’ll have the coolest moms in the multiverse. And fly around on a jetpack.” Janna continued.

“Okay I don’t know if-” Star cut Marco off.

“My wife said a JETPACK, MARCO! A JETPACK!” Star yelled. Marco put his arms up.

“Okay, okay, okay! A jetpack!”


Marco sat next to Tom that night. “Hey can we talk?” Marco asked.

“Sure, what’s on your mind?” Tom responded.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to… like… adopt a kid.” Marco blurted out. Tom held still.

“Are you serious?” Tom asked. Marco looked nervous but nodded. Tom continued. “Because I always assumed that was lie… the plan… I was just waiting for you to bring it up.” Tom admitted. Marco started laughing.

“Are you for real! I’ve been freaking out about asking you for like… three weeks!” Marco cried. Tom laughed at the human.

“That’s crazy, Marco.” He told him. “You know you can just… talk to me right?”

“I know… I was just… worried.” Marco explained. “But that raises an even bigger question. Are we going to adopt a human or a demon?” Marco asked. He thought a demon would be the best way to go, if they were going to take Tom’s place in ruling the underworld. Marco had it pretty made as queen.

“I think, neither.” Tom’s answer surprised him.

“What do you mean?” Marco asked. Tom fidgeted.

“Well, remember when I said that I always assumed adopting a kid was the plan?” Tom asked. Marco nodded. “I kind of looked into it and… I think I met a kid who could use a home.” Tom responded. Marco was amazed.

“When did you do this?” Marco asked.

“Like three weeks ago.”

“We really need to start communicating better. Have we both been nervous about the same thing for the same amount of time?” Marco shook his head. Tom laughed.

“Yeah… we’re a little messy. But that’s why I think this kid will be perfect for us.”


“Tom where are we? I thought we were going to go the like… a foster home.” Marco looked around. Tom shook his head.

“It doesn’t work like that here.” Tom explained. They were in a dark filthy cavern. “This is a dimension where monsters live.” Tom started. He slipped into a smaller cave. Marco heard hissing and Tom came out with a monster child. Marco almost fainted. “And this little lady is a reptilian monster who was abandoned by her clan.” Tom explained. “I think they left her because she’s missing an eye.” Tom guessed. “Bottom line is she was left here all alone. I found her three weeks ago when I was here trying to negotiate with this dimensions leader. If she stays here alone, she’ll die. She’s clearly part gecko… and they’re the bottom of the food chain here. The monsters from here act like wild animals unless they’re raised otherwise.”

“Let me guess,” Marco started “that’s where we come in.” Marco guessed. Tom held the monster’s hand. She was hissing and screaming, trying to attack Tom. She was acting like a rabid animal.

“You don’t like her do you?” Tom asked, his ears dropped.

“Are you kidding me, Tom!?… I LOVE HER!” Marco cried, he bent down next to the little girl. “Hi there, sweetie! I’m Marco.” He introduced. The girl hissed and tried to bite Marco’s face. “She um… is a little feisty.” Marco pointed out.

“Yeah…” Tom nodded. “I just… I saw her all alone here and…” He started. Marco looked up at Tom.

“No, this is perfect. She’s perfect.” Marco assured.

“But we need approval. From the head of this dimension, they probably don’t even know she exists, but still, we can’t just kidnap her.” Tom said. Marco nodded.

“Of course.” He agreed.

“Well, I’ll take care of that.” Tom promised. “We’ve been trying to get relations with this dimension for a long time. And I think this little lady isn’t just perfect for us, but I think she might help our kingdoms get along.” Tom explained. Marco smiled and looked at the gecko-girl.

“You hear that, kid!? You’re a miracle baby!”


“How did everything go!?” Marco asked Tom excitedly. Tom hugged him.

“Perfectly! They happily allowed us to adopt her, and have never been happier to see a demon. I think this was the best idea ever! Not to mention we have a daughter now!” Tom exclaimed. Marco hugged Tom again excitedly.

“When is she getting here!?” Marco asked, nervously.

“They’re bringing her over soon but-”

“Soon!?” Marco cried. “I have to get everything together!” Marco ran around the house. “I put her room together, I hope she’ll like it but-”

“Marco. It’s fine.” Tom promised. Marco looked up at Tom.

“How do you know?”

“I just do. Okay?” Tom assured. Marco took a deep breath and nodded. There was a knock at the door.

“Oh my gosh! That’s them!” Marco jumped up and down. “Oh my gosh! Answer the door! No! I’ll do it! No! You do it!” Marco pushed Tom toward the door. Tom opened the door and a monster led the monster child into the house. She had a muzzle on.

“Good luck.” The monster said, and he left. Marco gasped.

“They put a MUZZLE on my baby!?” Marco cried. He ran forward to take it off.

“Marco no I wouldn’t-” Tom was cut off when the gecko child had the muzzle removed and she jumped on Marco. She began to bite him, she jumped off of Marco and began to claw up the furniture. Tom reached out to take the kid’s arm, as soon as he did, she hissed and bit through her arm. Chopping it off, freeing her from his grasp. Marco let out a horrified scream.

“Okay Marco you have to listen to me.” Tom insisted, he held the kid do she wouldn’t attack. “This is NOTHING like raising a human child. The muzzle is for her own safety.” He put it back on her. “Remember, she’s part gecko. Geckos can reanimate their limbs and disconnect them at will. But because she’s part humanoid, the only way to disconnect them is to physically chop through them.” Tom explained. Marco looked at the severed arm on the floor in horror.

“Y-you mean it’ll grow back?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“They put the muzzle on her so she wouldn’t bite her limb off. Do you get it now? They aren’t trying to be cruel, she seriously doesn’t know any better.” He explained, empathetically. Marco nodded.

“I didn’t know.” Marco claimed. Tom smiled.

“I know you didn’t.” Tom took the monster girl’s hands and made her look him in the eyes. “Hey, I know you can understand me.” He said. “I’ll take the muzzle off, but promise you won’t hurt yourself anymore okay? Nod if you understand me.” Tom told her. The monster nodded and Tom removed the muzzle. He smiled at her. “See? Isn’t that better? We just didn’t want you to get hurt okay?” He told her. She nodded again.

“What should we call her?” Marco asked, assuming she didn’t have a name. Tom shrugged.

“Lets see what she likes.” He knelt down next to her. “What name do go by?” Tom asked. She let out a raspy gurgle.

“I guess she can’t talk yet.” Marco assumed. He got an idea and put his hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Stop me when you hear a sound you like.” Marco then started singing the alphabet. The girl smiled really big and started gargling along. When Marco went through the alphabet once, he started again, only to be stopped immediately. “‘A’? You like the letter ‘A’?” Marco asked. She nodded. Tom smiled and caught onto what Marco was doing. He started listing ‘A’ names.

“Alyssa, Angie, Annabel… Marco help me out.” Tom said.

“Anna, Ariel, Annie-” Marco was cut off by the child’s squawk and his face lit up. “You like Annie!” He exclaimed. The girl started gargling the tune to the ‘A B C’s’ in joy. “Tom! She likes the name Annie!” Marco smiled in joy.

“Then I guess that’s her name now.” Tom told Marco. Annie sat on the floor, gurgling the tune to the song over and over again.

“She seems pretty happy.” Marco said. Tom nodded.

“She does, I think she feels safe here.” Tom agreed. “Annie?” He called. Their daughter looked up, showing she understood that was her name, showing she could tell what was going on. “Do you like it here? Do you want to stay here with us?” Tom asked. Annie smiled and squawked her ‘A B C’s’ again. She got up, walked forward and sat in between the couple, still making gurgling noises.

“Well first things first, I’m teaching her to speak.” Marco said. “One day this little girl is going to be queen, Tom!” He exclaimed. Annie played with a string she found on the floor.

“I’m so proud of her.” Tom almost cried.

“About being queen?” Marco asked.

“Not that! Look at her play with that string! She’s so coordinated!”