grow cabbage

Highlights from the email Cabbage wrote:

 “are you a alien?  human or alien or maybe another species.”

“do all humans get their skin cover hurt on their head? Or is it going explode? I hope the skin cage doesn’t explode”

“Bye I am going back to the cabbage patch where baby cabbages grow.”

and now shes gone

Bleach characters’ favorite toys as children

As requested by anon. :)

If Bleach characters played with common children’s toys as children, what would each of their favorites be?

1. Kensei: An Easy Bake Oven

He also had a tiny frilly apron. 

Tiny Kensei: I can’t wait until I’m old enough to use a REAL oven!

2. Hisagi: Pinwheels

At least until he accidentally let go of one and it hit him in the eye. Now he cries whenever he sees them.

Tiny Hisagi: P-pinwheels are EVIL!!

3. Halibel: Supersoakers

Although they are never as powerful as she wants them to be.

Tiny Halibel: “Super” is very misleading.

Tiny Halibel: At least until I connected mine to his powerful garden hose.

4. Matsumoto: Cabbage Patch Kids

She feels a certain kinship with them.

Tiny Matsumoto: They were born in the woods, just like me!

Tiny Gin: Do cabbage patches grow in the woods?

Tiny Matsumoto: Where else would they grow??

5. Dordoni: A spinning top

He likes to spin with them.

Tiny Dordoni: Whoever spins the longest, wins!

6. Cirucci: A yo-yo

Basically what her weapon will later be.

Tiny Cirucci: I like to use it to WHACK BOYS IN THE HEAD

7. N
el: Play-doh

She likes to eat it.

Tiny Nel: It tastes so much better than sand!!

8. Barragan: An Etch-a-Sketch

Although he seems to have a lot more fun erasing the drawings than making them.

Tiny Barragan: Nothing in this world lasts.

Tiny Barragan: Nothing.

9. Iba: Mr. Potato Head

Mostly he just likes to pin on the sunglasses.

Tiny Iba: Manliest Mr. Potato Head ever.

10. Rukia: Markers and paper

She just likes to scribble to her heart’s content.

Tiny Rukia: BUNNY!

Byakuya (not looking): Very good, Rukia.

11. Yoruichi: A cardboard box

There was a toy in it once. But kitten Yoruichi just really loves the box.

Kitten Yoruichi: [purring]

12. Yukio: An iPad

He stole it from his dad’s office.

Tiny Yukio: Because children’s toys…are for children.

Yukio’s Dad: You’re five.


13. Starrk: A BB Gun

It was his only friend.

Tiny Starrk: It never talks back to me, though.

Tiny Starrk: I don’t think it likes me very much.

14. Ichigo: Moon Shoes

For some reason, wearing them makes him feel more powerful.

Tiny Tatsuki: Those won’t help you fight, Ichigo!

Tiny Ichigo: I’m pretty sure they will!!

15. Kira: Slinky

He watches it slink down the stairs, over and over again.

Parental figure: Sure is fun, huh?

Tiny Kira: Yeah.

Tiny Kira: It is dragged down to the bottom by its own weight.

Tiny Kira: Guilty slinky is guilty.

Parental figure: …

16. Kurotsuchi: Chemistry Set

You know, like one of those’s kids’ chemistry sets?

Tiny Kurotsuchi: They didn’t have any good chemicals really.

Tiny Kurotsuchi: I had to get my own.


17. Ikkaku: An empty wrapping paper roll

He likes to whack people with it.

Tiny Ikkaku: It’s my sword!

18. Bazz-B: Matches

For those glorious ten minutes before his parent noticed.

Parental figure: WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!

Tiny Bazz-B: Fire is my friend!