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This was my last practice sesh in my living room before officially heading to d studio to practice for my upcoming purrformance. I really loved this practice.

My movements were strong, graceful and professional. I challenged myself a lot to refine my repertoire.

I’m proud of all I’ve the werk I’ve done training myself for years at home…and I am equally proud that I can finally delve into new resources to grow my Artistry. This is why I moved to L.A.

It has been a really long journey. Pole Dance has never really come easily to me. Access to class and studio space, resources, professional opportunities, spaces where I feel welcome etc. Have been a huge obstacle.

The closed doors have always opened me up to myself. As I’ve worked in obscurity, using whatever imperfect resources I had to create magick… I’ve had to answer to my unwavering visions and dreams. The limitless beauty and potential I’ve seem within myself.

I now understand that no one can give me the keys to what is already mine.

My role is to continuously step into my own excellence and be the undeniable force that I am. Space will be created for me as I move. Spaces that I birth and inspire into creation. 💓
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I'm conflicted about this era, tbh. On one hand, I wish their album & singles were more successful and that the label provided the support needed for that to happen. On the other hand, this era has given us the best quality vocals from all 4 girls and they seem mentally & physically healthier than ever. They seem to be booking just enough work to stay minimally relevant as a group while giving themselves some space to nurture their artistry and grow as human beings. Can't say I'm mad about that!

love the positivity of this post bb. 🙌🏼
- taylor


BLACKOUT: My First Semester, The Howard Experience

From the numerous concerts and parties to smoking trees each day with my GPA (cause that shit is high! ^_^😁) and growing my artistry through doing commissions and selling my paintings. My first semester at Howard university was paramount and I can’t wait to see how high I’ll soar these next semesters!

Can we talk about how sweet and appreciative he is when asked about 1d? I love it.

I’ve said a few times that he can be both ready to move on, to do his own thing and still appreciate and love everything they did as a band. It’s not like he has to hate it to want to grow to his own artistry. It’s nice to be proven right about this. He’s such a class act. I love him.❤️