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When you get a plague dragon you know you want to have the “plague” aesthetic, but you’re a picky ass who can’t find an accent she likes. 

Anyone want a cat in a pot leaf shirt!? My talented cousin just started printing my logo on shirts… So excited! Get it here —> or check out @laakra on Instagram for the link 🐱

Vans proudly announces the additionof 19-year-old amateur skateboarder Rowan Zorilla to the brand’s impressive skate footwear and growing apparel roster.

Rowan is among the most naturally well-rounded skateboarders to emerge on the scene in recent years with the ability to charge a bowl as hard as he can skate a 12-stair rail, switch and regular. In the past year RoZo has gone from relatively underground flow ripper to full Vans and Baker skateboards am by managing to bang out an upcoming video part for this spring’s highly anticipated Vans skateboarding video.

“I feel like Rowan is everyone’s favorite skater. Or soon to be after the Vans video comes out!”  —Kyle Walker