grover x juniper

you’re my natural remedy, dearest;

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a grover x juniper fanmix for pjoshipweeks (week 3)

i. white nights - oh land | ii. hot air balloon - owl city | iii. kiss me - sixpence none the richer | iv. lucky - jason mraz and colbie caillat | v. home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes | vi. next to me - emili sande | vii. both of us - b.o.b ft taylor swift | viii. constellations - jack johnson | ix. little things - one direction

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zalemoonshadow  asked:

Hello are you part of any fandom and if so do you ship anybody? i'm in the sherlock fandom and i ship well everyone everybody deserves to be loved.

I am in many fandoms, my friend. 

Sherlock: John x Mary

Percy Jackson: Octachel, Percabeth, Grover x Juniper, Caleo, Jiper, and Tyson x Ella

Harry Potter: Fremione, Nuna, and all canon ships

Disney’s Descendants: Mal x Ben, Carlos x Jane, Jay x Harry Hook. Chad x Audrey, and Devie (Doug x Evie)

Hetalia: Uhh… PruHun, PruCan, SuFin, DenNor, FruK, AmeriPan, GerIta, and so many more

Monster High: Frankie x Jackson, Heath x Abbey, Draculara x Claud, and Holt x Claire

Glee: Artina, Finchel, and Quinn x Puck

Voltron: Klance

Orange: Kakeru x Naho, and Hagita x Azusa

Yuri!!! On Ice: VICTURI! 

Miss Peregrine’s: Enolive, Hugh x Fiona, and Millard x Horace

Be More Chill: Jeremy x Christine, Boyf riends, and RichJake

Newsies: Jack x Katherine, Specs x Skittery, Platonic Specs x Dutchy, and Race x Spot

Heathers: JD x Veronica, and Martha x Ram

Sanders Sides: Analogical, Royality, and Logince

Camp Camp: David x the adorable waitress

Ouran High School Host Club: Kyoya x Haruhi

Juniper is a very sweet wood nymph, and is very loving towards Grover. She is usually worried for Grover and is jealous of his liking of other wood nymphs. When Grover was in an enchanted sleep, she wondered why he was gone so long and is worried that "he might be with another tree" and that "he once had a crush on a blueberry bush." - Art by Viria

Nymphs, Grover thought, were the most infuriating creatures in existence. It was not his fault that the campers trampled on plants during capture the flag. Grover could do nothing about it, but that didn’t stop their complaints.

He sighed and settled down on his favorite rock. His reed pipes were no use. He’d played Since You Been Gone three times and the plants still looked downtrodden.

“You know,” came a voice from behind him, “I think they look better already.” A juniper tree wood nymph was smiling at him encouragingly.

Nymphs, Grover thought, were the most beautiful creatures in existence.