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Angry cop violates rights (by Jordan Mals)

Another case of police interfering with the right of the public to film them.

In this example, a Cook County deputy sheriff tries to intimidate a man filming him. The deputy lies and states that filming police in the performance of their duties is illegal.

He takes out his handcuffs and threatens to arrest the man for not turning off his camera, and also for giving his I.D., although the cop lacks reasonable suspicion of a crime to demand it.

This cop is either grossly ignorant of the law or he is just flat out lying. Probably the latter.

View the video above and please contact Cook County Sheriff Dart at (312) 603-6444

Urge him to investigate deputies who illegally order citizens to stop recording, and who threaten to arrest them. All deputies should be reminded, at the threat of loss of their jobs, that the rights of citizens to record them as fundamental.