Sent across all lands of The Grove, distributed into every village by Grove Wardens, and read aloud for all citizens to hear by officials and criers.
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Notice of Defense and Evacuation

Citizens of The Grove.

Our world is again brought to a time of terror and hardship, beset by dangers that we had thought gone. The Burning Legion is returned to Azeroth, and again they are decided upon the destruction of our world. These are threats we know can not be ignored. We must act swiftly in response to the news that has come from the Broken Shores and the reports of invasions across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdom. As the Grovekeeper I worry for my people, and must act to do all I can to insure your safety.

The invasions of the Burning Legion follow no pattern that we can discern, and we can not say when or if they will ever reach Quel’Thalas itself. While our magic may defend us we have learned before that it is not impregnable, and we would be foolish to act as such. All citizens of The Grove should begin to pack all their important belongings and be prepared for travel immediately. All people should vacate their homes in favor of the protection of the defensive structures found within all of the lands.
Those of Quel’Thalas may turn to the mountain fortresses hidden within Storm’s End and Mount Belore, and to the Flameborn ships of the Ashlands.
Those of Quel’Athillien should turn to the direction of her majesty, Rennali Sunwhisper, and do as she is instructing for the safety of her people.
Those of my people in Kalimdor and Pandaria, I urge you to seek the safety of our protections built near your lands, and follow the direction of your leaders as I have entrusted them.

Those capable of fighting are called to arms.
The Grove Wardens are called into service to protect the people and lands of The Grove, under direction of their Warden-Supreme.
The personal forces of my lands are to follow the direction of their entrusted leaders and families, but I expect my leaders to protect their people before themselves.
This is a time for trained fighters that are prepared for war, not a time for those inexperienced to thrust their life in danger when it is not warranted.

We shall fight back against the Burning Legion with all of our strength, but I must have my people remain strong as they wait. You must be ready to do all you can to stay safe, even if it means that you must flee your homes if we are not victorious.
We will do all we can to defeat the Burning Legion, on the field of war and in our hearts.

Serenity. Passion. Growth.
Alorinis Bloodarrow