The Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd edition is the largest reference publication on American music ever published. With entries that range from brief definitions of musical terms to mid-length bios of important performers to longer examinations of larger subjects such as the history of jazz, this edition marks a huge expansion in American musical scholarship, and looks ahead to an even more wide-ranging and interdisciplinary approach to the study of music. And, while numbers can never tell the whole story, the numbers floating around the Grove project are too impressive not to share with you:

Grove by numbers

  • 7 senior editors
  • 8 volumes
  • 10 years
  • 25 contributing editors
  • 117 musical examples
  • 447 images
  • 1,436 contributors
  • 5,592 pages
  • 9,131 articles

Grove Music editor Anna-Lise Santella spoke with the Editor in Chief Charles Hiroshi Garrett about the daunting project on the OUPblog.

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DJ Course in Mumbai - Recover an Ascending Career Graph

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Congratulations to our music reference editors. They just finished the AmeriGrove page proofs – all 5,395 pages and 23.5 inches of them.

The Grove Dictionary of American Music, Second Edition (Editor-in-chief: Charles Hiroshi Garrett) provides extensive and detailed coverage of music and music-making in the United States, including both Americans and selected foreign musicians whose careers have had an impact on music in America, with special attention to Canadian and Latin American figures, as well as Americans working abroad. It’s really big too. Go Grove!

“He was in love with color and his palette in paint closely resembled the color of his music. Juxtaposition of greens, blues, sanguines, chromes, and grays, fascinated him,” recalled Merle Armitage. 

Olivia Mattis on George Gershwin: musician, painter, and modern art collector. He prized his Picasso, composed in front of a Chagall, caused a sensation with a Kandinsky, and proved a powerful advocate for artists like Modigliani, Weber, and Filiger.

Image credit: Portrait of George Gershwin. Carl Van Vechten Photographs. Library of Congress.

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Yo, I can’t even look at this picture haha. My heart has legit been in distress since I stepped into this theater. First of all, I’m sooooo not a fan of dolls. They scare the ish outta me. Even ones that are normal. They creep me the eff out. Met the gay bestie and homegirl at The Grove, we tried to see Dirty Grandpa but it was all sold out. I actually suggested The Boy, so I blame myself haha. I…

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One World
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It doesn’t matter how it stays here
If she keeps running running and running running, in steady pace for now.
It doesn’t matter how it stays here
If she keeps running running and running running, she’ll find her way out..

Instrument Spotlight: Cornet

First of all, which cornet?
(1) Valved brasswind instrument of contralto or soprano pitch, developed in the late 1820s or the early 1830s.
(2) Alternative English spelling for the earlier wooden or ivory cornett, as well as the English and French term for an organ stop imitating that instrument.

Let’s investigate…

So what’s your pitch?

Image credit: Germany. Königs Cornet-à-Piston Solisten Trio, 1916. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


I posted this before in a longer post about barrel organs, as this crazy contraption is technically like a barrel organ.  But I love this so much, I’m posting it again on its own.  

This a “pin-barrel harp” which was invented by a British sound engineer called Henry Dagg (and it can be powered variously including solar or also hand-cranked).  It makes a very cool backdrop to a great song sung beautifully by two lovely gals.

Gala in the Grove [Artist Spotlight] Flower Garden (Harrisburg, PA)

Few people have ever seen a Flower Garden set and claimed it to be not entirely original.
Based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania these guys have been playing everywhere between New York and Virginia over the past several years and have certainly built a reputation for never disappointing the crowd. The genres they float between are art rock, progressive rock, world, and funk. Now how can you hear that and expect to have any less than a fantastic time at one of the their shows? Impossible. 

Listen/Download their new album here.
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Fairport Convention - Matty Groves


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