grove art

Second digital portrait turned out to be WAAAY HARDER  to paint than the first one. It took me three days and my nervous system died a painful death, so… please love me xD


Works in progress for ! A stitch witch spoon and a trad kitchen Witch spoon! 🥄 Each wand/spoon I have created with a specific intent or type of witch in mind. These are still a work in progress :)

These spoons are great to use as a magic wand, to focus and release your energy in spells, or can be used as a protection ward for your home, hearth, or magical area!

Some ideas on Warding -
When you walk the boundary of what you wish to protect, use your wand or magic spoon to draw an energy barrier. Ward as you would normally and then hang the spoon and use it as a “key” for your protections. Display it over your altar and activate - maybe by a motion or just by touching it. It will look like decoration but you will know that it it’s magic!


is that good enough for you? yes, sameen. that’s good enough for me.

poshtearex  asked:

Ask Cal if they feel like we should take a moment to rest

[GO]: [LEFT]
[Ask]: [Cal]: [”if they feel like we should take a moment to rest”]

After about an hour of walking through spare woods, you and Cal end up in a [Thick Swamp Grove Entrance]
The sun is beginning to set and the sky is a mix of dark blues with orange streaks. All around you [Glow-flies] begin emerge, appearing as small floating white orbs along your path.
The ground here is dotted with small [Puddles] that shouldn’t pose much of a threat thanks to you boots. But the wet ground could mean that your footing could get treacherous quickly.
As the treeline gets thicker, a small [Wooden Trail Marker] stand firmly in the wet ground.

You turn to see how Cal is faring on this trip. 

Cal is barely sweating despite their large pack and the distance you two have traveled. You on the other hand, are still sore from battle with the Junk Golem. Maybe Cal does have a point when they say that you are the one that needs to be careful. 


What Should We Do Now?